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Needless to say, Jimmy was in heaven. Dana looked around and thought to herself that what shewas wearing was pretty conservative compared to the rest ofthe women here. She got more comfortable by the minute. They found a couple of lounge chairs and took off theirjackets and lay down to get a little sun. A few peoplepassed and spoke but no one really struck up a conversation. After awhile, it got pretty hot and Jimmy suggestedthey take a dip. They jumped in on the side of the pool andjust kind of stayed in the water holding onto the side ofthe pool. Jimmy was taking in all the women and was morethan a little surprised by the number of men wearing bikinistyle swim suits. He always wore the boxer style, but wasthinking maybe he would get a new suit since no one seemedto mind all the bulges around the pool. Dana said she was ready to leave after about an hourand they started gathering their towels and things. Acouple walked up and asked them if they were new. Jimmylooked up into the firmest set of tits he had ever seen. Dana couldn't help but notice that the guy was wearing avery small bikini suit that barely covered up what he had. Jimmy said that they were new and introduced themselves. Mike and Barbara were the other couple's names and they saidthey had moved there about a year ago. They asked Jimmy andDana if they would like to come over for drinks later andthey said they would like that.

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   Jimmy and Dana were glad tofinally meet someone since they had been spending all theirtime unpacking and getting the condo in shape. It was about6 and Mike said 8 would be a good time. Dana got out of the shower and was trying to decidewhat to wear. She figured she'd wear something fairlyconservative since she wanted to make a good impression withtheir first acquaintances. A pair of slacks and a blousewas what she decided on. In the back of her mind, though,she couldn't help thinking about the bulge in Mike's suit. Jimmy was the only man she had ever been with but the sizeof the bulge in Mike's suit definitely convinced her thatthere were cocks out there larger than Jimmy's. She triedto shove the sight out of her mind. Jimmy decided he'd just wear jeans and a pullovershirt. He kept thinking about Barbara's tits since he hadalways been a tit man. Her tits weren't huge, but theydefinitely were more than a mouthful and seemed to be thefirmest he had ever seen. Otherwise she was definitelyalright in Jimmy's book. About 5'4" tall, tan and slim. They were both trying to be nonchalant about tonightbut both were preoccupied with thoughts of lust since theyhad both been too tired to do anything in bed for about aweek. Meanwhile, Mike and Barbara had thoughts of their own.

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  Barbara was planning on wearing a halter top and some verytight jeans. Mike was trying to figure out what pair ofpants were tightest in the right area and which muscle shirtwould look best with them. They had discussed tonight andhad a few surprises for Jimmy and Dana when they got there. 8:00 came and Jimmy rang the bell. Barbara answeredthe door and Jimmy immediately began salivating. Dana was alittle surprised that Barbara would wear something soprovocative for their first visit. Then when she saw whatMike was wearing, she forgot about it. He had on a toosmall pair of sweatpants and obviously nothing under them. He also was wearing a see through muscle shirt that Danaimmediately liked. Barbara invited them to come in andasked what they'd like to drink. They all sat down in theliving room and chit-chatted for about an hour. Theydiscussed what they did for a living, their families andwhere they were, etc. Pretty boring stuff until Mike wentto get fresh drinks and asked Dana to help him. They wentinto the kitchen and left Jimmy and Barbara to chat. Barbara turned toward Jimmy and he thought her titswere going to fall out of the top.

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   He could tell easilythat her nipples were hard as rocks. Of course, somethingof his was getting hard, too. Barbara suggested that theygo help with the drinks. They started for the kitchen. As Jimmy turned to go into the kitchen, he froze inhis tracks. Dana was standing in front of the counter wherethe booze was with her hands on the counter and Mike wasbehind her with his hands around her massaging her titswhile he was grinding his groin against her ass. She hadher head thrown back and was grinding back against him. Shedefinitely was enjoying what he was doing and was obliviousthat anyone was watching. Jimmy couldn't move and wasspeechless. Barbara grabbed him by the arm and guided himback to the living room. They sat down on the sofa and she asked him if what hesaw bothered him. He said he was just totally shocked thatDana would go along with what Mike was doing. She hadalways been so straight-laced. Barbara reached over andrubbed Jimmy's cock through his pants and said that itappeared Dana was enjoying herself, so he should too. Jimmyjust sat there in shock for a second and realized that Mikeand Dana were still in the kitchen and things were veryquiet.

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   He reached over and put his hand on Barbara's breastand started pinching her nipple through the top. She movedover and proceeded to cram her tongue down his throat andunzip his pants. He managed to pull the halter topcompletely down and saw the most beautiful breasts he hadever seen outside of a magazine. Not large, but definitelyample, a slight droop and huge nipples that were standingalmost straight out. He immediately moved down to get ataste of them. By this time, Barbara had freed his cockfrom his pants and was rubbing it lightly with her longfingers. In the kitchen, Mike had unbuttoned Dana's blouse andunhooked her bra to reveal a luscious set that he wasfeverishly massaging. Dana had reached behind her with bothhands pulling Mike's hips into her while he was stillgrinding his cock into her ass. He put both hands down thefront of her pants and started trying to pull them down andthat's when Dana hesitated. She said she wasn't sure aboutthis and Mike suggested she peek into the living room andsee what was going on there. She walked over to the cornerand looked in. Her chin hit the floor when she saw Barbara and Jimmycompletely nude 69'ing on the couch. Barbara had her legsclamped around Jimmy's head and all she could see was hishead moving a little. She had his cock in her mouth and wasmoving back and forth from the shaft to his balls. His cockwas glistening in what little light there was.

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   Mike pulled her back into the kitchen and asked her ifshe wanted to join them. She just stood there speechless. She was trying to quickly analyze and make a decision. Then she thought, I'm always too analytical, this time I gowith my body and told Mike ok. They walked into the livingroom and Jimmy and Barbara both looked up to see themstanding there and of course noticed that Dana's blouse wasopen and her bra completely off her breasts. Jimmy jumpedup and opened his mouth to say something, but Dana put herfingers to his lips and said "If it's ok with you, it's okwith me". Barbara had gotten up and was standing next to Mike,who said that they should follow him. They walked down thehallway to the bedroom. It was a beautiful room with aking-size bed and thick plush carpet. It was a verycomfortable room. Mike reached for Dana and removed herblouse the rest of the way. She wrestled out of her bra anddropped it on the floor. Mike laid her on the bed and tookoff her shoes and pants to notice that that's all she hadon. Jimmy was a little surprised too, since she had alwaysworn underwear before. Barbara pulled Jimmy onto the bedand took up where she left off.

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   Mike was gently sucking onone of Dana's nipples and she was stretched out like a catenjoying every minute of it. She heard someone talking butwas sort of in a daze and she was so enjoying the lickingMike was giving her, she didn't pay any attention to whatwas said. She felt a tongue moving her lips apart to gentlysuck on her clit. It was the best feeling she ever had. Her chest had turned a deep shade of red as the feeling ofeuphoria rose in her. All this time she had her eyes closed and then feltsomething pushing on her mouth. She opened her eyes to findMike's cock in her face and she began to gently lick it. But wait, if this is Mike's cock, who is licking me? Shelooked down for a moment and saw that it was Barbara lickingher. She flinched a little and Mike touched her foreheadand said "Enjoy". It felt so good, she didn't argue. Jimmyhad performed oral sex on her several times, but it neverfelt this good. Barbara's mouth seemed to know exactlywhere to lick or probe and when. At the same time, she saw Jimmy on his knees behindBarbara holding his cock in his hand guiding it intoBarbara's cunt. She was enjoying Mike's cock since she hadnever seen one this big. It wasn't any longer than Jimmy's,but definitely much thicker.

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   She swirled her tongue aroundthe head a few times and then would gingerly suck on it. She couldn't come close to getting the whole thing in hermouth. She moved down to his balls and managed to get eachone in her mouth for a few seconds. Mike had wet hisfingers and was pinching and rubbing her nipples. Dana hadnever felt this good before and knew she'd come any minute. Jimmy was buried in Barbara's pussy and was fuckingher with very long, slow strokes. He was the one that had aview of everything going on and couldn't believe this washappening. All of a sudden, Dana let out a yell and startedshaking uncontrollably. She was trying to move away fromBarbara's mouth since the orgasm was so strong. She moanedand writhed for about 30 seconds and then slowly calmeddown. Mike moved over and Jimmy pulled out of Barbara andBarbara moved up Dana's body and kissed Dana deeply. It wasquite a sight for Jimmy. Barbara moved off of Dana andpulled Dana over to her. Dana instinctively moved down toBarbara's cunt and started licking her. Mike moved underDana and started licking her cunt while Jimmy positionedhimself so Barbara could finish what she had started in theliving room.

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   Dana stopped for a second and told Mike shewanted him to fuck her, not eat her. Jimmy almost fainted. He couldn't believe this was his conservative wife eatinganother women's pussy and telling a stranger to fuck her infront of her husband. Although he was enjoying it, he wasstill in a state of shock. Mike moved up behind her and with one shove, was inher all the way. She moaned a little and put her ass in theair for him. Barbara was really getting into Jimmy's cock. She had the whole thing in her mouth and Jimmy couldn'tfigure out why she wasn't choking. He could feel the headtouching the back of her throat and he knew he wouldn't lastlong. Dana was really sucking and licking now and Barbarawas starting to tremble slightly. Mike was pounding herpretty hard, but not hard enough to make her hurt Barbarawith her teeth. Jimmy felt his cum rising and Barbara couldfeel the spasms starting in his cock. She moved up on hiscock to where she only had about 3 inches of it in her mouthand started moving her tongue around the head very fastwhile sucking. Jimmy shot what felt like a quart into hermouth and she drank every drop. About the same time, Mike let out a yell and shot hisload into Dana's drenching cunt.

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   He collapsed onto her backand she lay down on the bed still working on Barbara. Barbara started moaning a little and was glad Dana couldconcentrate on her now. Dana was rapidly sucking onBarbara's clit and had two fingers in her cunt as well. Barbara started moving around and Dana had to almost followher around the bed. Of course, the guys were just sittingback watching now. Barbara started pitching and bucking andreached for Dana's head. She grabbed Dana's head and pulledit into her crotch and let out a scream. She shook forwhat seemed like a full minute. When she calmed down, Danapulled away and her mouth and chin were drenched. Shelicked her lips and said, "that was good!" Her face smelled of Barbara's muskiness and she laidback on the bed. They had both been in heaven or at leastso they had thought! Barbara couldn't tell which of the guys it was whosmeared K-Y jelly on her ass, but without opening her eyesshe pulled her knees to her chest and felt warm handscaressing her back door. Fingers played in and out of heruntil she could tell that what began slipping in was not afinger. Her muscle resisted and protested a little, butthen she relaxed again and gave into the insistent thrustinguntil she could feel his hips bouncing off of her cheeks. She first looked back to see that it was Jimmy giving it toher, and then over at Dana who was dreamily staring at thescene and licking her lips. Dana then moved her owntwitching cheeks closer to Barbara's wet mouth.

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   Even as Barbara's own ass was being rythmically pumpedshe tongued and fingered Dana's tight bung hole. Dana's ownfingers were down there also, working her clit to the beatBarbara was setting with her tongue, which she was moving insync to the reaming she was getting in the rear. Dana wasworking frantically with her fingers, and even helped greaseher own anus with the cunt juices, the taste of which onlydrove Barbara to lick and probe more heartily. And when the 3 of them thought that all the ass wastaken, Barbara sensed the only one left out, Mike, move upbehind Jimmy who was behind her. He knew that the 2 ladies'back ends were taken, so he took the only available derriereleft. Getting into the rhythm of the other 3 heamateurishly tried to just thrust on in, but after a quickfailure he too scooped the K-Y jelly, smeared it into Jim'sass, and rammed home! Aah! Spent, they all collapsed onthe large bed and fell fast asleep. Later that evening they awakened, dressed, and wentout to the dining room for that dinner Jimmy and Dana hadcome over for. They talked like old friends though they hadjust met. Their shared experience had brought them closertogether than a month of dinners alone could have. They made plans to meet at the pool the next day, andas they parted Mike winked at Jimmy and said they had asurprise for the two of them when next they met. .

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