I wasn’t too thrilled about going to Kristi’s family reunion picnic, especially since I would be missing the Yankee-Red Sox game that was going to be airing that afternoon. But Kristi didn’t give me much of an option, and the kids were excited that they were going to be able to spend the day in the pool. Hopefully there would be a television at the house that I would be able to watch the game.
It took us a few hours to get their house, especially since Kristi wasn’t sure how to get there (because it was the first time she’s seen this side of her family in over twenty years). By the time we got there, the radio was cutting out from the ball game since we were definitely way out of range to pick up the station, and to make matters worse, a few words with my brother-in-law, Lou, and I quickly found out that we were out of the Yankee’s network, and the house didn’t get the game televised.
On the upside of the day, the house was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the pool was unbelievable. After meeting most of Kristi’s relatives, I took the boys inside to get them changed into their bathing suits, and it was only a few minutes later we were jumping into the very large pool.
After cooling off for a while, Monty was heading off to play with his cousins while JR was jumping in and out of the pool, getting everybody wet with his cannonballs. This gave me an opportunity to seek out Kristi and some food. Fortunately I found Kristi in the vicinity of the food. With a towel over my shoulder I headed off to grab a plate and make myself something to eat.
When I got closer, I noticed that Kristi was talking to these two young girls that I hadn’t met yet. Wearing nothing but two piece bathing suits, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of anything but their beautiful bodies. When I finally stopped next to Kristi, she introduced me,
"Joe, this is my cousin Tina", Kristi said pointing to the taller of the two girls. I fumbled out something that sounded like a hello. "Tina and I grew up together as really close friends, but I haven’t seen her since my parents divorced.

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   Tina is the daughter of my Uncle Paul and Aunt Beth. This is their house. "
Pointing to the other girl she introduced me to Tina’s best friend Lisa. Immediately my mind began those insane thoughts of hot, insatiable sex between all three girls that were standing in my presence. Since Tina and Lisa were already half naked, the process of putting Kristi into my fantasy took little effort – and even though I was only standing in their presence for a few seconds, the fantasy played out like a movie –
"We used to play doctor together when we were kids" Kristi said, giving Tina a huge smile.
"Oh my – I used to love our family get togethers" Tina added. "Kristi and I would head up into my bedroom, lock the door, and I being the doctor, and Kristi being the patient, would spend the entire day playing with each other’s bodies".
"Are you kidding?" Lisa chimed in. "That sounds like fun. "
Kristi moved closer to Lisa and turning to Tina said "I’m not being the patient today… let’s let Lisa be the patient".
Tina moved closer to Lisa, and with the three of them giggling, she put her arm around her waist and untied the top to her bathing suit. Kristi moved herself closer to the two girls as well and put her hand on Lisa’s rear. The three girls giggled a little more, but before long, they were all down on the ground, naked and covering each other’s bodies with their tongues, fingers, and hands…
"Joe?" Kristi called out. "Joe? Are you listening? This is Lisa, Tina’s best friend".
I put my hand out to shake Lisa’s.

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   Thankfully, the towel that had been over my shoulder fell down my other arm and covered the bulge in my pants from the hard on that I couldn’t help from having. From the look in her eyes, I could tell that Kristi caught my dilemma before the towel had a chance to cover it up. Hopefully it was kept a secret from Tina and Lisa.
"It’s a pleasure to meet you two" I said. "You have a wonderful home, Tina. If you don’t mind, I am going to head over, grab a bite to eat and head back into the pool. " With that said I quickly left the three girls to their conversation and headed over to the food as quickly as I could. Because I couldn’t get the thought of the three of them naked on the ground out of my head, it wasn’t until I was back in the pool before I lost my hard-on.
About twenty minutes later, exhausted, I sat on the lounge chair at the edge of the pool. I saw JR, still with plenty of energy, continuing to make very large cannonballs into the pool. Monty was still playing with his cousins in the sandbox. So, I closed my eyes and soaked up the sun.
"So, what did you think of my cousin?" Kristi asked me as I slowly opened up my eyes to see who was sitting on the edge of my lounge chair.
"She seemed nice" I told her.
"Only nice? Come on… if it wasn’t for that towel covering up your hard-on, I could only imagine what you would have done to her on the spot, given the chance.

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"What are you talking about" I tried to say to cover up my blotched attempt at hiding the obvious.
"Are you serious?" Kristi asked me. "The way you were staring at their tits, I was amazed that you were even able to say hello to them at all. "
"Was it that obvious?"
"Thankfully the towel covered up how obvious it was before either of the two of them were able to tell what had happened. "
"Thank God. Well – do you mind watching the boys for a while? I need to head up to the bathroom. "
"Sure – no problem. Take your time" Kristi said as she quickly took my spot on the lounge chair.
The cold air from the house hit me like a brick wall as soon as I entered the door. I quickly made my way up the stairs to the bathroom so that I could get changed out of the wet clothes. The door to the bathroom was closed, but when I tried the handle, it wasn’t locked.
"Oh shit" I heard as soon as I opened the door.
"Fuck, I forgot to lock the door!" I heard, this time in another voice.
"I’m sorry," I yelled out. "I didn’t know anybody was in here.

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I quickly tried to turn around to leave the bathroom, but curiosity got the best of me, so I paused for just a second to see who I happened to walk in on. Sitting on the toilet was Tina, on the side of the bathtub was Lisa. Both were dressed, but the aroma of marijuana was evident the moment that I walked in.
"Oh, it’s you guys," I said in a more calmly manner. "I’m sorry. The door was unlocked, but I still should have knocked. "
"Fuck" Lisa said to Tina. "I can’t believe you didn’t lock the door. I thought you said it would be safe to smoke this joint up here without anybody finding out. Now this guy knows and he’s going to tell our parents. My parents told me that they were going to send me away if they caught me with this shit again!"
"Don’t worry…" I began to say to them, trying to comfort them in the fact that I wasn’t going to tell anyone. In fact, I was actually hoping that they might even offer me a hit or two.
"Yeah, don’t worry," Tina said as she interrupted me. "He’s not going to tell anyone. Are you Joe?"
"Well, it’s not like I condone this sort of thing" I joked.

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   Unfortunately, Tina and Lisa didn’t realize that I was a person who liked to joke a lot.
"What?" Lisa said. "Fuck – they are going to send me away!"
"No – he’s not going to tell anyone, are you Joe?"
"Well, that all depends" I told them. "Depends on what?" they both said at the same time.
"Depends on how well you can keep a secret. If you can keep a secret as well as I can, I think we can come up with some sort of arrangement. "
"Are you blackmailing us?" Tina asked me.
"It all depends on your definition of blackmail" I told her.
"Shit" Lisa chimed in. "Whatever the hell he wants, as long as he doesn’t tell our folks – I say we agree to whatever he wants. "
I could tell we had somewhat of a deal and motioned for them to come out of the bathroom. I headed over the window to check out towards the pool. Kristi was still lounging on the chair while the boys continued to play with their cousins.
"Is there a place we can be alone?" I asked Tina.
"Yes, my bedroom.

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  ""Well, lead the way. "
"The bedroom, why are we going to the bedroom" Lisa asked.
"Shush up" Tina told Lisa, and with a smile on her face told her "if he wants to take us to the bedroom, so be it. Anything is better than going back outside to spend time with my family. "
I could tell that at least Tina was going to be in for my little game play. By the time we entered her bedroom, I could also tell that Lisa had finally figured out what was transpiring and eventually had a smile on her face as well.
When I closed the door, I made sure that I locked it tight. "I want to make sure that we have no surprises – like you had in the bathroom. "
I could tell by the objects in her room that the girls were still in college. Young, beautiful, and willing to do whatever I was about to ask of them in fear of my telling their parents of their drug usage, the girls sat on the edge of the bed.
At first I tried to make some small conversation, unsure of how to even get this game started. But after a few questions, I could tell Tina was comfortable with this situation.
"What the hell is this" she asked me. "Twenty questions. I thought you were going to tell us how to get you to keep the fact that we were smoking pot from our parents.

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   We followed you into my bedroom. We told you that we would do whatever it would take for you to keep this secret. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t bring us in here to see what we were majoring in school this year. "
"Okay," I told her. "You’re right. I didn’t bring you in here to talk about your majors. "
I sat down on the chair, next to her desk. The lights were off, but the sunlight through the windows, even with the shades pulled down, brought in enough light to show off their beautiful bodies.
"Why don’t you two make yourselves a little more comfortable" I asked them.
"Comfortable?" Lisa asked. "What did you have in mind?"
"Well – those bathing suits look a little tight – why don’t you take them off. Maybe if we were all sitting comfortably, we could come up with an arrangement to keep your secret safe. "
Lisa began to reach behind her back to untie the top to her bikini, but Tina was much more into this game. "No, wait" she told Lisa. "Let me help you out with that.

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While keeping her eyes on me, and with a smile on her face, Tina reached behind Lisa and untied her bathing suit. Slowly bringing the strings to the bikini around front, she slowly let the top fall to the floor. Lisa quickly covered her breasts up with both of her hands.
"Would you mind helping me untie my bikini?" Tina asked Lisa.
"Umm… yeah" she said nervously.
At first, Lisa tried to untie the knot with one hand, while the other still covered her breasts, but realizing that it would take both hands to get through the tough knot, she removed her arm and reached behind Tina. Removing the cover from her front, I got my first sight of how wonderful her tits were. In just a moment, I had both girls naked from the waist up, and my hard-on was back – but this time I had forgotten the towel in the bathroom to cover my self up.
"Where is your towel?" Tina asked me. "Now you have nothing to cover yourself up with like you did outside. "
"I thought I was being slick outside" I told her. "I didn’t realize that it was that noticeable".
"Oh, it was noticeable, slick" Tina told me.
"I’m not sure I can go on with this" Lisa told Tina.
"Do you want me to tell your parents what you were doing in the bathroom?"
"No" she replied.

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"Good…" I told her. "Tina, why don’t you help Lisa become a little more comfortable? Hold her tight, comfort her. "
I sat back in the chair and watched as Tina moved closer on the side of the bed towards Lisa. I watched as she put her hand around Lisa’s shoulder, slowly moving in to give her a hug. When they were holding on to each other, I could hear Tina whisper into Lisa’s ear that everything was going to be okay. Then I noticed how Tina moved her lips down the side of Lisa’s ear and began to lick the bottom of her lobes. One of Tina’s hand that was behind Lisa’s back moved around to her shoulder as she began to move her hand down her arm and into the palm of her hand.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I never thought I would be able to blackmail anyone into doing this type of thing, and in just over a few minutes, I went from a jokester to the master of a dark, secretive game.
"Is this what you had in mind to help keep our secret safe?" Tina asked me as she moved her lips away from Lisa’s ear.
"It’s a start," I told her. "But, I’m a long way away from being satisfied enough to hold on to such a huge secret. "
"Well, let’s see if we can’t help persuade you from having to tell our parents. "
She moved her mouth back to Lisa’s neck and started to kiss it. Her hand moved out of Lisa’s palm and back up to her shoulder.

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   Her mouth, partly opened, and with her tongue partly out, began to move down her neck and under her chin. Lisa looked up towards the ceiling, and as soon as Tina’s hand moved under her breast and slowly up towards her nipple, I could see the smile back on Lisa’s face and I knew that she was getting back into the game.
Tina continued to lick her neck as her hands started massaging her nipples. Lisa’s breath became heavier as her nipples became more erect. Pretty soon, both of Tina’s hands were pulling, teasing, and rubbing both of Lisa’s nipples. Between kisses on her neck, Tina also moved her lips down towards Lisa’s nipples as well. Covering them in hot, wet saliva, Tina had a better time at massaging them between her fingers.
Before long, one of her hands moved away from Lisa’s wet tit and moved down her stomach to her waist. Slowly rubbing them between her tightly closed legs, she was able to brush them up against her inner thigh. Eventually, Lisa became more relaxed and allowed Tina to move her legs apart and slowly move her hand closer to the bottom part of her bikini.
"This is good" I told them. "I think that we are on the right track now. A little more, and I might just be persuaded into keeping our little secret to ourselves".
Tina looked over at me sitting in the chair, giving my hard on a deep long stare. At the same time, her hand moved deep into Lisa’s thighs and pushing the bikini to one side of her leg, she was able to give me an unobstructed view of Lisa’s pussy.


   The gleam from her juices was already obvious and it showed just how much she was into the game.
    As Tina moved her mouth away from Lisa’s breast and down her stomach, my hand moved into my lap, slowly creeping towards my hard cock. By the time Tina had her face buried between Lisa’s legs, my hand had already pulled my bathing suit to the side and I was rubbing my cock in full view of the two girls.
    Lisa was certainly enjoying the game as she grabbed a hold of Tina’s head. Tina got down on her knees in front of the bed so that she had a better opportunity of sticking her tongue deep inside of Lisa’s pussy. Lisa also continued to watch me pulling on my cock, but watching them, I could think of nothing better to do than massage it. Especially since I was now being watched by Lisa, it took all my strength to not come right there in the chair. When my excitement reached a certain peak I moved off the chair and sat myself on the bed next to Lisa. With Tina still between her legs, I was able to get a perfect view of her tongue licking her entire pussy, with juices from both girls running down Lisa’s leg. I shifted myself closer to Lisa and began to rub her breasts. Still wet from Tina’s saliva, I began rubbing her hard, erect nipples between my fingers. Before long, I took her entire nipple and put it deep into my mouth. Licking it with my tongue, I could feel her hot breath on the back of my neck. Shortly thereafter, I could feel Tina moving up besides me and taking the other breast deep into her mouth as well.
    My hand slowly moved away from my cock and down between Lisa’s legs.

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       My fingers began to rub the lips of her pussy finally driving deep inside of her. She was already hot and wet from the licking that Tina had already done, and she was pushing her thighs closer to my hands each time I drove them deeper inside of her. Eventually I felt Tina’s hand move close to mine and the two of us quickly finger fucked Lisa to a hard orgasm. With our faces covering her tits, our tongues and lips massaging her nipples, our hands deep inside of her wet pussy, and her arms on both of our shoulders, we could feel the orgasm race through her body as she let out a loud and audible scream.
    After we had brought Lisa to her orgasm it was Tina’s turn. This time, I started massaging her pussy as Lisa began to lick her nipples. Before long, both Lisa and I were doing to Tina the very same things that Tina and I were doing to Lisa. With both of us sucking on Tina’s tits, and our hand deep inside of her pussy, it didn’t take long for Tina to orgasm.
    Finally, Tina pushed me down onto the bed. She got between my legs and pulling my bathing trunks off, began sucking my cock. Lisa soon joined her and the two of them were taking turns sticking my cock deep inside of their mouths. The feeling of the two mouths was taking my breath away, and when they finally decided to share my cock, both licking it on each side, it took everything for me to hold back shooting my load across their faces, no matter how tempting it was. When Tina moved her tongue down my cock and towards my balls, Lisa stuck her mouth over the tip of my penis – both licking it with her tongue and sucking it deep into her mouth.
    Eventually Tina moved her mouth back up my penis and Lisa shifted up the bed and began licking my nipples. With one hand she pulled on one nipple, while she licked and nibbled on the other.

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       Before long, my breathing was just as heavy as the girls during their turns being taken control of.
    Finally, Tina took her last lick of my pussy and straddling my thighs, put my hard cock deep inside of her pussy. Lisa took one last lick of my nipple and did the same, straddling my face, putting her wet, hot pussy right down onto my mouth. While Tina rode my cock, Lisa rode my tongue. The harder Tina shoved her pussy onto my cock, the harder I shot my tongue into Lisa.
    I looked up and saw that Tina had her hands on Lisa’s tits – playing with her nipples. Pulling them harder and harder while the two of them continued to ride me. Eventually, Lisa turned her head around and they locked faces – tongues deep in each others mouths. Finally, I could contain my excitement no longer and moaning deep into Lisa’s thighs, I shot my load deep inside of Tina. Tina screamed out loud as she pushed her pussy hard onto my cock. Lisa, experiencing an orgasm at the same time, dripped her juices down my face and into my mouth. We continued fucking until I was completely drained, Tina was satisfied and Lisa was sucked dry. We rolled over and lied down on the bed, exhausted.
    In between breaths, I was able to tell them "you’re secret… is… safe with… me".
    After a few minutes we climbed off the bed and got dressed.

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       I went to the door, unlocked it, and mentioned that we should probably leave the house separately so that nobody would get suspicious. They agreed.
    I left the bedroom and entered the cool hallway. Once I closed the door, I noticed that somebody was leaving the bathroom, which was the next door down the hallway. It was Kristi. Before she saw me, she too snuck out of the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.
    We stood there in the hallway – just staring at each other, both with smiles across our faces. We stood there in silence for what seemed like an eternity, yet it was only a matter of seconds when the bedroom door opened up. Tina and Lisa left the bedroom.
    "Oh shit…" Tina said. "Kristi, what are you doing here?"
    "Hello Tina" Kristi said. "Just coming out of the bathroom. "
    She didn’t ask what was going on in the bedroom, she just moved out of the way while Tina and Lisa quickly made their way down the stairs and back out to the party. Kristi just continued to stare at me, all the time with a smile on her face.
    Before I could say anything, the bathroom door opened up and out came Scott, one of Kristi’s distant relatives son.

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    "Oh shit…" Scott said. "Joe, what are you doing here?"
    "Hello Scott" I replied. "Just coming out of the bedroom"
    I too didn’t inquire what had happened in the bathroom. I moved to the side of the hallway while Scott too went down the stairs and back out to the party.
    Finally, Kristi broke the silence.
    "I came up to the bathroom to look for you… you were gone from the party for a while. When I got to the top of the stairs, I heard moaning coming out of Tina’s bedroom. I thought maybe Tina was in her room with somebody, and I thought you might be in the bathroom trying to listen in, so I thought I would sneak in and see if we too could have some fun. What surprised me the most was that I walked into the bathroom and caught Scott masturbating. He was extremely nervous that I might tell somebody what I had caught him doing. He didn’t want Tina to find out that he was jerking off to the sounds of her getting fucked. "
    "So… what did you do?" I asked Kristi.
    "To be honest – I blackmailed him into fucking me against the wall. I told him that if he didn’t want Tina to know what he was doing, he was going to have to fuck me right there and then since I was already turned on thinking it might have been you in the bathroom that I would catch jerking off. "
    "Holy shit…" I said.

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       "You’re not going to believe this, but I caught Tina and Lisa in the bathroom smoking pot and I blackmailed them into having sex with me in order for me to keep my mouth shut and not tell their parents. "
    "Why don’t we get the kids ready and head home" she said to me. "We have a lot to tell each other tonight. I want to hear everything about your blackmailing of my cousin!"
    "Only if you’ll tell me your blackmailing of Scott!"
    We agreed, headed out to the backyard, packed the kids up, and headed home.
    We were only about an hour away when I was able to get reception on the radio again of the Yankee game. Fortunately it went into extra innings and I was able to hear Bernie’s at bat – where he hit the game winning ball. This didn’t turn out to be such a bad day after all.

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