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Mr. Lester groped for his pocket book and handed Jeremy the extra fifty, while his free hand roamed all over the young man's hot panty covered pecker!!! "Okay, Mr. Lester," Jeremy ordered, "I've got a lot of stops to make, so show me what a good little cock sucker you can be!!!" Mr. Lester slid his hand inside of the silky material and carefully extracted the huge erection that pointed menacingly at his mouth and said softly, "You have such a beautiful hardon, young man, I just never get tired of sucking on it!!!" Jeremy closed his eyes as the head of his dick slid into the warm wet mouth of the middle aged cock sucker, and he had to admit, that the old guy knew a thing or two about giving head!!! "Mmmm," Jeremy sighed, "You have such a nice mouth, suck my big cock off and let it shoot in your mouth, you old queen!!!" Just hearing the young man praising his oral technique drove him to suck even harder and faster, which of course, resulted in Jeremy spilling his hot seed like a fire hose into Mr. Lester's needy mouth!!!When he was done shooting, Jeremy slipped off the blue panties and wiped his dick clean with them, and then shoved them into the grateful old man's mouth and said, "Now, you cock sucking bitch, how does that taste, pretty good, huh!?!" He quickly donned a fresh pair of panties and was out the door in a flash, leaving Mr. Lester kneeling on the floor, beating his meat with the blue cum stained panties in his mouth and the image of Jeremy's thick pecker fresh in his mind!!!"Pizza man," Jeremy yelled while knocking on the door of his next stop!!! "A cute little blonde answered the door and led him into the living room as she fished the money out of her purse! She handed him a twenty and asked in a hushed voice, "I heard that you offer, uh, special services, and I was wondering, well, if you could maybe do something for me!?!" "And what would that be ma'am," he replied, "you'll have to be more specific!!!" "Well uh, I don't know exactly where to start," he said haltingly, "you see my husband's in the bedroom and we were wondering if, you know, if you could maybe come in with me and . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . " He let her question hang in the air for a moment and then asked, "You want me to go in your bedroom and fuck you in front of your husband, is that right!?!" "Yes," she replied in a husky voice, "and he wants to suck your penis if that's all right with you!!!" "Kind of a husband and wife thing," he said with a chuckle, "that'll be two hundred dollars, let's go!!!""So, you two would like to suck a little cock, is that right," asked Jeremy while he plopped down on the edge of the bed!?!" "Uh, not exactly," the blonde's husband replied, "I want to watch you fuck Debbie and then just before you blow, let me suck you off!!!" "Mmmm, that sounds yummy," Jeremy replied, "so why don't we get more comfortable!?!" All three of them eyed each other expectantly as they removed their clothing, and the young couple both groaned a little when they saw that Jeremy was wearing a pair of women's panties!!! "You like my undies," Jeremy asked softly while giving the two of them and eyeful of his panty clad cock and ass!?!" "Oh my, David, he looks sooooooo sexy," Debbie gushed, "he's already hard as a rock and I'm absolutely dripping!!!" She gave her husband a long hard kiss while fondling his rapidly expanding erection before turning her attention to the panty clad delivery man!!! She came eagerly to Jeremy, kissing him deeply and then whispering in his ear, "I hope you'll enjoy fucking me, I keep my pussy shaved smooth and it's really sensitive!!!" While he usually preferred fucking and sucking men, Jeremy had to admit that this little blonde wench was an incredible turn on, so he threw her down on the bed, ripped off his panties, and quickly mounted and entered her!!! As his first stroke plunged deep into her vagina, she moaned loud and long before offering, "Oh, yeah, you cock sucker, fuck me with your hot pecker, isn't it nice to fuck a girl once in a while panty boy!?!" "Christ she was hot, and that mouth, she swore like a truck driver and looked like an innocent little girl, what a combination, and even better than that, she fucked like a French whore!!!As he pounded away on her, and her little potty mouth spewed on at a mile a minute, Jeremy looked over at David who was furiously fisting his big cock and said, "Your wife is a cock loving slut who fucks like a whore!!!"Jeremy lost count of how many orgasms the little bitch had, but it was at least five and probably a lot more, but they all ran together as her pussy spasmed completely out of control as it attempted desperately to grip on to the huge invading male member that was literally fucking the living hell out of it!!! It was a damn lucky thing that he had just been sucked off by Mr. Lester, or he himself would have blown his nut a long time ago!!! After giving her one last shattering climax, Jeremy jerked his aching pecker from the tight little pussy and offered the glistening member to her now delirious husband!!! "Have you ever sucked a cock before," Jeremy asked while his meat bobbed up and down in front of the transfixed young man!?!" "N-no, never," he mumbled while staring at the huge hammer, "I-I don't know if I can do it!!!" From behind him, the well fucked Debbie offered, "You gotta suck it, honey, he has an incredible penis, I guarantee you'll love it!!!""Listen to her, Dave," Jeremy urged, "you want to find out what a real pecker tastes like, you've always wondered if you'd love it, and now you're afraid to find out that you might!!!" Now deciding to take the bull by the horns as it were, Jeremy stepped a little closer and with one hand pulled David's head forward, and with the other guided his cock into his warm mouth!!! "Upon contact Jeremy threw his head back and groaned, "My god, Dave, you suck like a little bitch, it feels so fucking good on my pecker, do it baby, suck my prick!!!" "Oh, David," Debbie moaned while furiously rubbing her hot clit, "listen to him, baby, he says your a fabulous cock sucker, just think about that, honey, your a real cock sucker now, you've always felt it, and now you know, you need to suck cock just like I do, we can be cock suckers together!!!""Holy shit," Jeremy thought, "that little slut has the hottest fucking mouth he'd ever heard, and thanks to her mouth, and her husbands, he was about to unload a gigantic gusher into David's virgin mouth!!! "I can tell, baby," Debbie moaned, "he's gonna shoot it, his nut bag just got really tight, get ready cuz your mouth is gonna get filled with a hot sperm shooter!!!" "Damn her," Jeremy groaned, "her potty mouth and your tongue, I'm fucking cumming, right now into your hot fucking mouth!!!" And he did too, blast after hot blast of cum spewed from the slit at the end of his pecker, nearly choking David with the sheer volume of spunk that filled his throat!!! With his mouth still full of cum, David race over to the bed and hopped on top of his wife, shoved his cock into her, and the kissed her hard, at the same time letting the cum in his mouth flow into hers!!! Jeremy had since slumped into David's chair and watched as the two of them fucked like a couple animals, totally oblivious to his presence!!! He quickly dressed an slipped out of room and was just about to open the front door and leave when he heard Debbie order her husband, "Okay you cock sucking little asshole, fuck Debbie's little pussy nice and hard, make her cum like the slut that she is!!! Jeremy just shook his head and smiled as he headed off to his next stop!!!THE END.

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