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Hey lovers, Well, today I got out of the shower and checked the wine and stuff for he weekend. I was already looking forward to fun at the farm again and was so wet already. I put on a body suit, black and a tube top for a skirt and got into the car. Now it has been raining all day her in Athens so went to the Kangarro down from us on 441 and went in. I walked in the pouring rain enough to make sure the body suit top was soaking wet along with my hair. It is a very thin, loose flower patteren and so, my dark nipples showed thru really great. The tube top/mini skirt was soaked too. Jane behind the counter said "Hey, look who is on the prowl already today" and laughed. "That's right hun, you available?" I laughed back and the people around the counter looked at us. Jane is les and tom boyish and really cute and we have had some times in the bed together but not lately. I went to get coolers and beer and went to the counter after pulling the top down to tease Jane and there were now several guys there all checking me out. "You looking?" Jane said. "Of course dear, I am always looking. " Three guys behind me were looking too and I leaned over to let them see my ass since my skirt was slipping up with my help. Jane smiled and I looked over my shoulder as I leaned over and sure enough at least one had a bulge growing. The three were close to me and I joked and said, "Careful guys, no tailgating now, don't want to rear end me do you?" One guy said, "Well, I had thought of it.

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  " Jane leaned over the counter and kissed me and they all moaned and thought that maybe I was not into them. The a girl came in that was with them and said, "Hey guys, anytime now, we are waiting in the van. " Our eyes met and I had seen her at the clubs a few times and danced with her once but nothing ever happened. "Hey hun!" I said like I had found a long lost friend. I went to her and hugged her and made sure to do it nice and close. "I always wanted to see you again after he dance. " I said and she looked at me then recognized me, "Tess right?" she said. "Yeh, Tracie?" I said and she said yeh. One guy came over and said, "I guess you know each other. " I looked at him, "Well, we dance once together and I was always wanting to know her. " and She turned red. The other guy came in and started to speak and then saw me and said, "Damn, fucking nice tits. " "Thanks. " I said. We walked out and I walked next to her close.

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   "So, lady, you always cover up so much. " one guy said. We were now next to the van facing away from 441 and the side door was open to show it was a nice luxuray van, seats made a bed and all. I put the bags down and reached to my shoulders and slowly moved the body suit down till just below my nipples and stopped. Tracie had her eyes glued to what I was doing and was licking her lips. I looked at her, "Hun, will you hold them for me?" I said. She moved to me and moved the top down and my breasts were in her hands. I moaned. "Oh yes" I said and let my eyes close. I took her fae and kissed her and my body suit came to my waist. I reached down and unsnapped the crotch and put her hand there and she gasped, "Fuck you are soaking wet. " "Yes Hun, all because of you. " I said and got in the van. "This makes a bed right guys?" I said and they got in and soon there was a nice bed there for me. They closed the doors and I laid ther and slipped off my skirt and body suit and gave them to one of the guys.

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   I grabbed her and began kissing her and pulled her to me and sudddenly she got wild and was grabing and kissing me all over and then she was beteen my legs eating me. Her clothes came off and we were naked going nuts in the van. The guys had hard cocks out massaging them. MY orgasm sprayed her face and hair and then she pushed her hand inside me and I moaned louder and said, Oh yes, yes, need that too hun. " I reached over for a cock and son was sucking it. "Hey guys, she is bi. " he said. "damn right I am. " I said and they all got closer and began offering cocks to me. She stayed eating me and I went thru orgasms as I sucked cocks and she ate me over and over again. She finaly laid back for me to eat and then the guys got behind me and slipped in one cock afte ranother and filed up pussy and ass with hard cocks and hot cum. After a couple hours they said they had to go. I gave her my address and number to call. They are all coming to the party tonhight. I got home and my cell went off, it was her.

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   "Can I bring some of the girls tonight that have wanted to see you naked?" "Sure hun, if they will also play. " she said something to someone and then came back, "Okay, 5 of the girls. " I told her to come ready to be naked, no clothes allowed. She said they would and maybe bring exra guys too. Well, ready for the fun already and it is still raining. Perfect for fucking. lovetess. .
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