Fuck Fest


I went over there sucking down my drink and saying hi to all his fine brothers. I was trying hard not to let on my horniness. But you know college guys, they're like bloodhounds when it comes to a hot wet pussy. Jason started rubbing his hand on my leg under the table, I got so excited I think I had an orgasm right there. He saw how excited I was and asked me if I wanted to dance. I really just wanted to take him home and fuck him, but I love to dance. We got up on the dance floor and we started grinding against one another. His hands moving up and down my entire body. I started caressing my own body, and running my fingers through my hair. I moved my hands down to my breasts and gently rubbed them as I moved my hips around. I wanted to fuck him right then and there. I turned around and had my ass rubbing his cock through his pants. I could feel him getting hard. Gawd it felt so big. I turned around, looked at him and he said, "Let's get outta here. " I readily agreed.

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   I did not bother telling my friends bye, since we were used to getting split up at the club. I always kept the key to our place in my bra or on my necklace since I never had pockets. He opened the door to his car for me, as I clumsily got in his little 3000gt. Oh I wanted him inside me so bad. My panties were totally soaked. We started to drive to his place and I started rubbing his cock through his pants. He just sighed, so I decided to pull it out and start sucking on it. I was doing the best job I possibly could, licking up and down his shaft, and swirling my tongue around his throbbing head. I plunged my head to the very bottom of his cock, almost gagging with his huge prick in my mouth. It was the biggest, most beautiful cock I had ever seen, which made me want to suck it more. I started moving my head up and down; faster & faster, as he grabbed my head and made me trust down on his cock all the way. All I could do was just open my mouth and let his cock slide in and out. It was so delicious I couldn't stop licking and sucking it, the skin on it was so soft. We got to his place and I got out, I had a good buzz going on, I guess I was really pretty drunk. As we started walking up stairs to his apartment he was rubbing his hands on my ass.

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   When we got to the door, he came up from behind and grabbed my left breast and pussy at the same time. I was so excited. He looked at me & then he unlocked the door. He started showing me around the apartment & when we got to his room he threw me up against the wall, grabbed my pussy and thrust his fingers inside me. I was surprised and excited at the same time, I loved it. I was so wet. He started fingering my pussy hard, I was moaning loud still in a daze from being thrown. I can hardly describe the feeling of his long fingers probing my wet cunt. He abruptly took his fingers out and started ripping my clothes off. He grabbed me by the hair and walked me over to the bed and bent me over. He said, "This is how you like it, isn't it you little whore?" Oh I was so hot and wet as I screamed out yes. He spanked my ass hard and thrust his fingers in to me again. Fingering me hard, as he grabbed my hair with his other hand. I burst into orgasm. He took his fingers out and roughly grabbed my breast as he licked my neck.

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   I pleaded for him to stick his huge cock inside me. You want my cock, don't you bitch? He asked me, I screamed out, YES!!!!!! He thrust that huge cock inside me. It hurt so bad, but I loved it. He started pounding my pussy as he grabbed my hair at the same time. He was fucking me so hard my breasts were bouncing back and forth. I yelled out, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!! He pulled my hair tighter and started pounding as fast as he could. I was moaning so loud that I was sure everyone could hear. I could feel his balls slapping my ass, this was the best fuck I ever had. I started to orgasm, one after another it was so good. He stopped and rolled me over. He put is hand over my mouth as he shoved his cock back inside me. It was almost like he was rapeing me, but I loved it. He knew exactly what I liked and what my fantasies were. I loved being fucked like that. He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders so he could go deeper into my pussy.

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   I looked down to see his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, which made me even more excited. I then focused on him, I'll never forget the look on his face, the look of pain but so much pleasure. Damn he felt so good inside me. He was fucking me so hard at this point, all I could do was moan, and clench the sheets in my hand as I started to orgasm again. He took his cock out and came all over my tits and stomach. He collapsed to the other side of the bed and commanded me to lick him clean. I was so tired and drenched in sweat, I didn't really want to. He looked at me and pulled my head toward his cock. I just opened my mouth and started moving my head up and down. I could taste my orgasms on his cock, and I liked it. I licked it clean and cleaned myself up. I laid back down beside him and he pulled me close. He whispered to me, "We're gonna have to make this an everyday thing. " That we did. We became fuck buddies and friends too.

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   Our next mission was to throw another girl into the mix. I told him how I loved women and he was eager to have a threesome. I knew it wouldn't be something we could plan, it would just have to happen. A few weeks went by, it was Saturday night & my friends and I were getting ready to go out. We had a few guys over & we were playing drinking games. None of them knew about my bisexuality, and I wanted to keep it that way. My roommates were very beautiful, but I wasn't interested in any of them and I didn't want them thinking I could be. By the time we got to the club I was wasted. I looked around and saw Jason. I didn't go up to him though. I saw a friend of mine, Jessica. I went to talk to her, actually we had only met a few times before. We were making small talk and then all the sudden she started kissing me. I was shocked, but I loved it and went back for more. She was an incredible kisser.

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   She was running her hands through my hair as she plunged her tongue in to my mouth. It was the best kiss I ever had. I was getting so wet, I couldn't stop kissing her. I'm sure the whole club saw us kissing, at the time I didn't care. I was too wrapped up in the moment. Both of us were pretty drunk & we got kicked out of the club. We were walking out and I was wondering how I was going to get home. I guess Jason saw what happened and he jumped at the opportunity. He offered us a ride home, I told Jessica it was ok, I knew who he was. She was just gazing into my eyes as Jason went to get the car. I couldn't keep my hands off her beautiful body. The both of us got into the back seat as we started kissing each other again. Jason asked where we wanted him to take us. I whispered to Jessica, "Do you want to have a threesome? Jason is really good in bed. " She shook her head yes as I told Jason to go to his place.

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   I started rubbing on her pussy through her panties. She was soaked. I moved her panties aside and slowly moved two of my fingers inside her. She moaned lightly. Jason, looking through the rear view mirror said, "Hey! Save that for when we get to the apartment!" I hesitantly stopped and we just commenced to kissing passionately. No man can kiss like a woman. It was wonderful. Her soft body pressed against mine, the warmth of her pussy coming through her panties, I wanted her so bad. She was so beautiful. We got to his apartment and got out. We went inside and Jason told us to get on the bed. As I started walking toward the bed he slapped my ass. I started undressing Jessica; she had such a beautiful petite little body. She had such a nice ass, and surprisingly great tits. Jason and I just looked at her for a moment.

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   Jason took off all my clothes and told me to get on the bed with Jessica. We were on our knees as we started kissing again. She grabbed me by my hair as she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I cupped her breasts in one of my hands and I again started out for her juicy mound. I noticed she was shaved completely, like me. I love bald pussy. I dove my fingers inside her as she ran her hands through my hair. I don't know why, but I love women. Her body was so perfect and beautiful, I wanted to lick every bit of it. Her hips started moving back and forth begging for more. I laid Jessica down and started sucking on her breasts. I had my ass straight up in the air so Jason could fuck me with the vibrator. I moved down to Jessica's sweet, little pussy. As I licked her clit I could feel her body tingle. I fingered her while my tongue played with her clit.

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   It was hard for me to concentrate as I was being fucked hard with the vibrator, my pussy was soaked. It felt so good, to be pleasing and being pleased at the same time. I moved my tongue down to her hole and drove my tongue inside her. She moaned loudly and Jason started fucking me harder, like I was being rewarded. I looked back at Jason and he was stroking his cock, damn that turns me on. I went back to licking her shaved, tight, little pussy. I felt her orgasm on my tongue as she moaned louder. My hands were rubbing her body as I felt her quiver. She looked up at me and said, "I want to taste you. " I eagerly got up and rolled over on my back to the other side of the bed, with my legs spread wide open. Jessica was going down when Jason stopped her. I want you to lick her juices off this vibrator first. She hesitantly swirled her tongue around it as Jason plunged his fingers inside her. She moaned loudly. He was fingering her as I was trying to watch Jessica clean my juices off the vibrator.

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   When she finished, she started out for my pussy again. Jessica went to work on my clit. It was amazing, I've never had it that good before. She was sucking on my clit and driving her fingers into me at the same time. I was almost screaming with pleasure. My body was trembling as I pulled her head towards my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building up, I almost couldn't stand it. I started moving my hips back and forth as Jessica drove her tongue into my throbbing pussy. I came like I had never come before, it was dripping out of my pussy and rolling down my leg to the crack in my ass. I grabbed Jessica and the vibrator from Jason. I bent her over and started fucking her with it. With that Jason thrust his huge cock inside me and started pounding my pussy. It was hard for me to concentrate on Jessica while I was being fucked so hard. But all of us were being pleased. Moans and screams coming from everyone.


   I loved it. Jason decided we should blindfold and tie up Jessica. He had all kinds of toys. She agreed, looking very excited. I started tying her hands as Jason put on the blind fold. We had her all bound up and I started kissing her breasts. Then Jason rolled her over and started pounding away. I actually liked watching her little body being jolted back and forth by Jason's huge cock. I couldn't help but to start playing with myself as I starred at them. After a few minutes of watching her get fucked, Jason looked over at me and decided I need to be blindfolded and tied up too. I agreed, just as he finished I heard someone pounding on the door and some other men's voices. With that I was grabbed by someone, not Jason. I felt two sets of hands all over my body. I could hear that Jessica was getting fucked, she was moaning with pleasure. I felt someone's fingers go into my pussy, pounding it hard.

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   I was a little scared, but excited at the same time. I loved it, I didn't know who it was, but it was great. The other guy was playing with my tits. Finally one of them shoved their cock inside me and started pounding away. It wasn't as big as Jason's, but it was just as good. Suddenly I felt a hard cock in my face, it wasn't Jason's either, I was sure he was still giving it to Jessica. I opened my mouth anyway and received the cock in my mouth. The other guy started pounding my pussy harder and then I felt cum being shot all over my back. The two then switched and I felt the biggest cock I ever had being shoved into my pussy. I screamed with pain, but mostly with pleasure. He was fucking the hell outta me. I thought he was gonna fuck me unconscious. Then the other one stuck his cock in my mouth. It was hard for me to suck, all I could do was moan and scream. Gawd, he was fucking me so good.

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   He grabbed my hair and called me a little slut. I love it when guys do that. He said you like my cock inside you, don't you, you little whore? He took it out and said, beg for it. I didn't care, I just said please fuck me, please stick your cock back inside me. I heard the guys laugh as he drove his cock back inside me. I guess Jason was done with Jessica because she said, "Damn Nicole, I want some of what your getting!" The guy answered her, "Don't worry bitch, you'll get it. " With that, the guys whose cock I was sucking took it out and I heard Jessica moan. Mr. Giant Cock was still fucking me hard and slapping my ass. My pussy was getting sore, but I liked it like that. I felt Jason's cock in my mouth and I could taste Jessica's juices all over it. They were so sweet. Mr. Giant Cock finally came all over me and Jason got a towel and cleaned me off. He started untying me and took my blindfold off.

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   I looked over at Jessica. She was getting fucked and sucking Mr. Giant Cock's dick, which I could now see was Adam, one of Jason's fraternity brothers. The one fucking Jessica was Chad, of coarse another fraternity brother. They were both good looking and I didn't mind that I had just fucked both of them. Jason then grabbed me by the hair and wanted me to get his dick hard so he could fuck me. I started sucking it again, it didn't take long to get hard. He bent me over the bed and started pounding away at my pussy. I had no idea what a fuck fest this night would turn out to be. My pussy was so sore, but I fucked him anyway. I just pretended I didn't have a choice. He started calling me his little slut as he took his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my ass. I screamed and the other guys started laughing. By now Adam's giant cock was fucking Jessica, she was practically screaming herself. I had turned my head to watch while I was getting fucked up the ass.

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   It was exciting seeing Jessica's little pussy being pounded hard and watching her whole body being jolted with every thrust. I came so hard as I felt cum gushing into my ass. As Jason pulled his now limp cock out of me I could feel his cum rolling down my leg. What a night. I'd never been fucked so good and Jessica was still getting it. I laid on Jason's bed and watched Adam fuck Jessica. I couldn't help fingering my clit while I watched him finish with her. She was untied and they all got dressed, Jessica decided to go with Mr. Giant Cock. Hell I don't blame her. Everyone left and it was just Jason and I. He brought me some water and asked, "You like being my little whore don't you?" With that I got horny all over again, and with a piece of ice in my mouth I started licking his cock. . . .

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  . . . .

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