Guy at the Door Part 1


its late and you come in the house after work and you don’t bother to change. . . me and you sit down to watch a dvd you rented. . . its about 930 at night. . . I kinda keep pokin ya in the side and tickling ya . . . and you keep sayin" knock it off "while your laughing and smiling with that hot sexy smile you have and i keep buggin ya. . . like always.

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  . . you then grab my cock and balls with your hand and say in a silly way "i told ya to knock it off, if you dont knock it off youll be sorry". . . and i say silly "oh yes baby make me sorry". . . then we go back to watchin the dvd. . . i reach over and pinch your nipple nicely. . . and say "why dont ya take off your shirt".

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  . . so you do. . . its one of your thinner work shirts. . . and i think your were horny today or feeling naughty or something cause you wore your frontless bra to work and no jacket i could see your beautiful hard nipples and your dark rings around them right thru your shirt. . . and i say "honey whats this i love it you never wear this kind of outfit when your with me and you went to work like that?" and you say" hey the rules say i must wear a bra and this is a bra, you should have seen all the people lookin, it was getting me excited so shut up ill wear what i want". . . im kinda likin how your talkin to me being rude and mean.

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  . . . my cock just got hard when you said that!. . . your shirt is now off and i say "leave your bra on. . . i love how your tits poke thru that bra". . . i lean over and give each of you nipples a little kiss and suck on each one for a second. . and you give a little moan.

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  . . now your nipples are about as hard as my cock. . . you say "take your pants off" and i say "but i dont have any underwear on" you say" why dont you have any on" i say" cause i took a shower and shaved my cock and balls and got horny so i didnt put any on" you say "well take your pants off anyway". . . so i do. . . i didnt know it but my cock has been leaking for a while and its covered in clear cum. . . you say"whats this all about,have your been playin today or what,why is all this all over your cock

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  . . please read part 2 you will never guess what happens
(as you touch my cock your fingers slide all around and you give me 4 quick jerks and lean over and give the tip of my cock a quick lick). . . and i say "dont know whats up with that" you say" humm that wasnt bad,i want you to clean your cock off" so i get up and go to get a towel and you say "get the fuck back over here and sit down" and im like what!. . . you say"today your going to do EVERYTHING i tell you to do, EVERYTHING and exactly what i say and no questions" i say" ok" i am really likin this your getting ruder and ruder. . . now take your finger and wipe your cock and lick it off untill your cock is clean. . i take my finger and rub it on my cock then lick my finger. .

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  . i keep doing that till my cock is all cleaned off. . . then you say" im gunna get more relaxed and take my pants off" you take your pants off and what do i see. . . matching panties to your bra. . . i say "when did you get those" you say "dont worry about it" and you sit down. . . now you have your opentip bra on and panties and i just have a shirt on. .

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  . you tell me go get me a pillow so i do and you laydown and put your legs on me and my cock is pokin them you laugh. . . as your layin there you take your one leg and put it up on top of the couch behind my head getting more relaxed. . . not really foolin around anymore just watchin the dvd and my cock starts to get a little soft and starts leakin again and it gets all over your leg.
    . . and you say whats with your cock lick that off my leg now. . . so i start lickin your leg and as i turn my head looking toward your cunt what do i see those new panties you got to match are crotchless!!!! i say what the fuck are those? why do you have crotchless panties?you say shut up and lick my leg off and dont talk. .

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      . my cock instantly goes super hard. . . i try to touch your cunt as i am lickin. . . you say no not yet. . . after i finish with your leg you say get over here and lick my cunt. . . so i lean over and start licking your cunt. .

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      . i take my tounge and seperate your cunt lips and lick your clit. . . you say ok thats enough take your shirt off and go lay on the floor. . . i get off the couch take my shirt off and lay on the floor my cock is so hard its standing streight up. . . you come over and kneel right over my face and you say now lick me. . . i start licking you and you start squirmming around and then all at once you lean over and start sucking my cock. .

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      . i am like WOW you havent done that in forever. . . you say shut up and lick and i said no talking !!! now your suckin so hard and slidin up and down on my cock its so intense. . . i say honey not so intense your gunna make me pee. . . you say SHUT UP NO TALKING. . . i say im just warning ya. .


      . you say i said SHUT UP. . . ok just warnnin ya i wont say another word. . . and i go back to licking. . . and your suckin just as hard as you were. . . the pee feeling is getting more and more intense. .

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      . and then all of a sudden. . . . .
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