(Harper) Valley Girl: Return of the Prodigal


     Ok I admit it, I'm weak as all hell, but I'd like to see any of you people trying to put up with the kind of pressure I was under that week!
     I told you that Sally wouldn't let up - not once she knew about that upcoming party, especially now she had a taste for the communally erotic let's say, following that unhinged afternoon at Jerry's place a fortnight back.
    "But I'll never have another chance," she pleaded, kneeling on her bed provocatively and fully aware you can be sure, that her breasts at that angle were spilling out of that tight little bra of hers. The master strategist after all, uses each and every tool at his or her disposal.
     I had given up trying to be chivalrous - damn it, if she wanted to display her wares like that, who was I to disappoint her? Staring deep down her cleavage, I marshalled my thought-processes.
    "OK, OK," I grunted. "I'll take you - anything to end this draining harangue.
     Flinging her arms round my neck, she just about wrenched my thoracic vertebrae loose in a show of unbridled gratitude. "Oh God, what am I going to wear?" she began moaning.
     "Jesus Christ," I was thinking to myself, All I've done is swap one set of verbose whinges for another.
     My real problem of course loomed forbiddingly. How not to let on to the other three where I was going that Saturday. They're like Rotweillers - one sniff of their quarry and they'd never let go! I discussed this with Sal and made her promise under threat of her life, that she would say nothing to any of them. The cover story would be that as she was due to fly home the following Tuesday morning, we would be taking the opportunity to drive down to Canberra, so that she might see the National Capital before she left. I knew they wouldn't be interested. . .

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  . it being only a month or so since we were all down there ourselves and it is a long boring drive for the most part.
     Fortunately on the big day itself, most everyone had taken themselves off to various social venues which made my task of shepherding Miss Young from the upper floors to the internal garage, way easier. Given how she was dressed however, I don't know how I summoned up the presence of mind to ever leave the garage.
     Some outfits might be described as sexy. . . . some provocative, others possibly 'inviting trouble,' but be assured what Sally had done with herself that day, would fully invalidate any rape charge on the planet - the judge even would be asking for her cell-phone number!
     Probably best described as a country and western outing, at its heart it was a rather pretty little cotton-print lightly chequered dress. On a ten-year old it would have looked cute - on Sally, you're talking a likely major gang-bang. Low cut to the extent that her nipples must have been but two millimetres short of doing a Janet Jackson and whatever illegally under-wired bra that was, it could be putting implants out of business any day.
     The hemline was that far above her knees, sitting down in a coffee shop would get you arrested. Gathered at the waist, the designers obviously had in mind to go for broke so far as figure-hugging was concerned and as if this wasn't enough, the back was scalloped so low, who would care how boring the party was? all anyone would be doing anyway is figuring out how to unhook that sexy little bra strap without getting a five fingered salute across your face. She couldn't even leave it at that!
     Sexy high-heels, hair all teased-up like Deborah Harry on a bad day, and just seventeen for God's sake! Bangles-style eye make-up completed the picture with enough lip gloss to slip-slide your way to heaven. I figured she'd be pregnant before she made it past the kitchen at the host's residence.

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   She almost was walking past ours!
    "Sure you want to go with that particular look Sal?" I teased, trying desperately to keep a grip solely round her waist.
    "Don't you like how I look?" she asked, sounding almost hurt!
   "It's not that sweetheart," I assured her, "You look er. .   stunning actually - almost too stunning, that's the problem. "
    "What do you mean?" she giggled.
    "Well let me put it this way princess," I replied, "Right now, all I want to do is take you back upstairs and rape you stupid for the rest of the afternoon!"
    "Oh can we??? just quickly?" she begged, pulling at my arm.
   "That's the whole trouble Sal," I grinned, "It wouldn't be "quickly" would it?. . . I doubt we'd even make the party!"
    By now we were in the garage, so rather than pursue this line of pointless discussion, I just opened the door and bundled her into the front seat. That in itself was an eye-opening turn - watching that dress ride up her thighs, not to mention those hot little breasts jiggling right there in front of me. God, how I wanted to get them out and suckle her right then and there. How easy would it have been?
     As it eventuated, the party was at Steve's place - which I had never been to, although like all the rest of us pretty much, it was within a three kilometre radius of the girls' High School (Kindly forgive my non-disclosure here).
    "I'm soo nervous about this," Sally whispered as we pulled into Steve's driveway. "Do you think they'll like me?"
     I glanced at her beautiful face, ultimately sexy profile and radiating teenage desirability.

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    "Oh yeah Sal," I replied, "They're definitely gonna like you. "
     I suppose the tone of the afternoon was set the instant we set foot on the porch.
    "Fuck me!" said Steve, holding on to the door for support, then realising his somewhat less than courteous greeting. "Oh, I'm so sorry Noel. "
    "Don't apologise to me pal," I said to him, "Sal's the one you should be saying sorry to. "
     Fact is, she was revelling in his tongue-tied predicament and smiled the sexiest smile at him as he babbled some excuse for his inappropriate language. We were then escorted into the lounge-room where Sally's introduction fully stole the show.
     You could see every girl there thinking "What a slut," as they enviously appraised Sal's body from cleavage to hemline. As for the male contingency, rows of open mouths betrayed their thoughts on the instant. I imagine most would have forgotten the name of the girl they were talking to right that moment.
    "Welcome Sally, this is your first time isn't it?" The speaker was a rampantly attractive young woman in her late twenties, to judge by her make-up and skin-tone. I wasn't unimpressed!
    "I'm Toni - Steve's partner," she confided, I shook her hand, finding that a totally inadequate gesture, making the immediate resolution that if given the opportunity, I would upgrade our introduction to something far more intimate.
    "Sally was then dragged off by Steve to another group the far side of the room which contained Brad, Connor, Michelle, Nadia and several others I knew well. I figured I wouldn't be seeing too much of her for the rest of the afternoon.
    "Hello Mr Baker, I didn't think you would ever be coming back!" I looked down at the pretty little blonde that had taken a hold of my hand.

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    "Heavens Chloe," I replied, "Haven't you grown since last I saw you?" I used the word "grown" for fully diplomatic reasons, hardly being able to express my surprise at what almost a year had done to that wonderfully sexy little body. Breasts way more prominent, hips flared out slightly and every feminine curve infinitely curvier. During "Harpers Afloat" she had been a pretty little girl, now she was a hot young woman. . . . and in so short a time.
    "How old are you now Chloe?" I asked her.
    "Fifteen," she replied proudly, "And Kirsten is nearly twelve now - that's her over there. " Following her indicated position, I almost collapsed. What happened to that shy little pre-teen that clung to her sister's hand or her father's trouser legs last time I saw her? The hot little brunette I could see in short skirt and nice lacy top, chatting confidently to Warwick, Brianna and several others, even had noticeably developed breasts now. Surely I thought, these two had not been fucking the hordes all this time. Then I realised sadly - "well of course they must have!" It made me shiver momentarily.
     Just then Brianna saw me and came running over. Throwing her arms around my neck she clung to me.

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   "Oh Noel, never thought you'd be back - don't suppose the girls are coming, are they?"
    "No sweetheart," I answered, "Nor are they ever to know I'm here today Brianna, OK?" she nodded solemnly. "Just came here, so that Sally could attend this one party before she flies back to England this week. "
    "She's very pretty," Chloe added, still holding my hand tightly.
    "Come over and meet everyone," said Brianna, grabbing my other arm and propelling me towards the group.
    "Well g'day," smiled Warwick, shaking hands, "So, you brought that sexy little guest of yours over for the afternoon?"
    "Yeah, but God knows where she is," I responded, looking around for some sign of her.
    "Think Steve took her into the next room to meet some people,' he replied. "She'll be Ok,"
    "Yeah, but will Steve?" I added. That cracked them up.
     Turning away from Warwick, who would find it hard to hold my attention at the best of times, I found something way more interesting.
    "Well hello Kirsten," I said, getting an immediate hug from Chloe's radically upgraded little sister, those newly come-by swellings on her chest readily evident. "Wonderful to see you, Chloe tells me you're almost twelve now?"
     "Yep," she said, "I start High School soon. "
    "Unreal," I was thinking, "Probably the only one in her grade will have been fucking her pretty little tits off, since attending Primary school. " Graham had a lot to answer for.
    "And where is your dad girls?' I asked them.
    "Oh, he's just in the next room," Chloe put in, "Probably talking to that girl you brought," she added cheekily - though rather perceptively, I thought.

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   I figured she must know nothing about everyone's earlier dalliance with Sally and decided it best stay that way.
     Connor, Brad, Mal, Chris, Louise, Susie even sexy Brittany, to name but seven, all drifted over to say Hello. Well to be absolutely truthful - the men said 'Hello'. . the girls were all making "bookings. " I was definitely needing to conserve my energies if I was to spread myself around, as it were. Louise especially in those ultra tight hotpants left no room for doubt as to her meaning when she said "Catch you upstairs later Mr Baker. " I don't think she was suggesting they had a few loose roof tiles that needed fixing!
     Figured it was time I went in search of Sally, so made my apologies to the group and lit out for the dining area. Not one undressed or even partially fondled girl anywhere to be seen at this juncture.
     Such could not be said to be the case in the next room however. They must have been operating under a different time-zone. Not two metres inside the doorway and I come across this mega-cute blonde poppet, one that I have never had the prior pleasure of meeting, secured fast to some guy's lap and letting him kiss her fervently while not only was his hand way up beneath her skirt playing with something they both seemed to be enjoying, but another guy's palm was midway down her top groping the life out of both her quite small breasts. As an aperitif, I found the scene wholly enjoyable. All the more so when both her breasts were suddenly popped free of her shirt and looking up at the instigator of such indecent exposure she giggled "That's naughty dad!" making no move however to prevent his leaning forward and sucking both her nipples one after the other.
     God, how had I let all this slip for so long I was thinking!
    "Kristy"as the little blonde was called evidently, was definitely no first-timer.

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   Fully accepting of a third man's intercession, she just wriggled her hips sexily on the guy's lap while the newcomer knelt by the chair and with limited finesse but undoubted zeal, pulled her bright yellow cotton panties right down. With her skirt scrunched up around her hips now, her entire vaginal area was exposed and if there is anything hotter than a teenage girl's curly pubic sentinels. . . then I would like to be thus advised. "Daddy" must have shared my view of things as he swiftly pulled his daughter's legs apart and even as she gasped in fake shock, buried something between them that was definitely not a box of crayons. The man holding her round the waist, propelled the girl forward until she was on the very edge of his lap ensuring that her father had full and deep access to that sexy little pussy that even now he was thrusting hard up into. If ever I felt like 'taking a number,' this was it!
    "Mr Baker," rang out a familiar voice. Turning obliquely to my left, who should be standing there but little Chantelle, albeit in a nice fitting pair of jeans and crisp white top.
    "There was a rumor going around you might be here today,' she giggled, a flush of color suddenly in her cheeks as she caught a side-on view of what Kristy's dad was doing to his daughter. There was a spare chair nearby so I sat down and pulled Chantelle on to my lap. I'd almost forgotten the feeling!
    "Your dad around?" I asked her.
    "He's in some other room with Virginia I think," she replied.
    "Good," I said, kissing her hard on the lips. "Just like riding a bicycle" I thought to myself, availing myself simultaneously of a handful of her obviously bra-less mounds.

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   Besides, if it was Virginia he was with, we wouldn't be hearing a peep out of him for the duration, if I knew that little siren half as well as I thought I did.
     Chantelle melted into me, "I've missed you," she whispered. "You always were the gentlest man at these parties - all the girls loved being with you. "
    "Gentle you say?" I teased her, "I'd better not be doing this then," I said, placing my hand firmly up between her legs and rubbing her pussy firmly through the denim. I'd swear she thrust her hips up to further the contact.
    "You can do that all you like," she giggled. I had more practical ideas though, finding that elusive little zip and tugging it down. Still rubbing her breasts with my other hand she was wriggling all over my lap, which was rendering unto Caesar a monumentally pleasant service at sub-boxer level. She knew full well what she was doing too.
     Slipping my hand into the gap I had created, I found the front of her panties instantly and applied pressure the length of her hot teenage slit.
    "Mmmmmm" she purred, even as I introduced a finger beneath her knickers and worked my way inland until I sank into a chasm of such warmth and arousing tactility, that she gasped with unforced pleasure.
    "That feels so sexy,' she whispered in my ear. The absolute right words at the right time. Using two fingers, I pushed-in deeply feeling the moisture, and knowing full well how squirrelly it was making her. What it was doing to me, I figure you can work out for yourself.

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     As I began to settle into a rhythm in the immediate vicinity of her clitoral hood, enjoying immensely the sensation of contact with that moist yet firm little nub, I could see the flow-on effect of my ministrations in the young girl's eyes. Beginning to glaze with uninhibited pleasure, she was raising her hips with each downstroke, to further her sensory cause and starting to moan now softly.
     Kissing those full and wanting lips was no hardship to be endured either. . . . it also kept the noise in check. Second only to seminal release is bringing a girl to orgasm digitally. Not having to worry about your own physical trigger-head, one is free to concentrate purely on the girl's well-being. In Chantelle's case I felt her body stiffening in readiness for that last wave and kissing her as passionately as I knew how, I increased the pressure but momentarily on her now drenched little detonator.
     Clinging to me and quite beyond the reaches of calm indifference, the girl shivered with the onset of her spasming pussy. I felt the drawbridge flooding as she let herself be washed over the levees, floating ultimately in a magical lake all of my own creation - even if I do say so myself.
     She opened her pretty eyes and hugged me. "That was incredible," she giggled, one hand held quite subconsciously close up against her right breast. I held mine against the other.

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   "How do you do that?" she asked.
    "I don't," I answered "You do it sweetheart, I'm just watching and cheering from the sidelines. " Those wonderfully full little lips just had to be kissed for a few more moments. Their softness and taste fully intoxicating.
    "Much as I hate to leave you sweetheart," I whispered, "I have to go and find Sally - that's the girl I brought here," I added, seeing as her inquiring expression was evidence she had no idea who I was talking about. I quickly filled in the gaps for her. Kissing me sweetly, she vacated my lap, demanding I come back to her as soon as I could. She had my assurance.
     I didn't have far to look Whenever a largish throng forms at a Harper's gathering, you can be sure something of vital interest is underway at its center. Sally was definitely of vital interest.
     It was the dress I recognised first, displaced though it was at almost every extremity. Seated full length on Steve himself, two other men - both unknown to me, were taking turns kissing Sally with a passion born of seeming desperation. Both had a hand down her top, well inside that hot little bra and rifling through its contents with unchecked pleasure. Hot as all that was to observe, it was the lower abdominal activities that riveted one's attention. Her legs being held indecently wide by Steve himself, Sally's hotter than hot, pink cotton briefs were fully on show courtesy of her dress' hemline now residing at waist level.


     It wasn't so much seeing hands at play inside a girl's panties that was any unusual a sight at Harpers - merely that these belonged to another girl. It was Tori herself, kneeling there between the teenager's legs, her right hand inside Sally's knickers, clearly masturbating the girl expertly, utilising the knowledge that comes with being female yourself. Sally was wriggling about on Steve's lap way past caring as to her exposed condition, letting out between kisses, cries of extreme pleasure in response to the applied stimulation being afforded her young body from neck to knee.
     Other hands were attempting to fondle Tori's breasts meanwhile, but their owners were shown short-thrift as she deflected each and every aspirant with a curt "leave me alone," preferring to concentrate her efforts on getting Sally to the promised land.
     At the point Tori slipped her fingers inside those hot little pink briefs and gently held them to one side, exposing some extremely naughty female architecture to all and sundry - a collective gasp was heard. Still being passionately kissed by several willing partners, I rather doubt she was expecting a girl's tongue to infiltrate those cute labial sentries of hers. As it was, Tori, obviously no stranger to oral hi-jinks with those of her own sex, began licking the young girl, whilst forcing her legs still wider.
     Sally began to buck against the incoming tide and was starting to permeate the airwaves with little cries of pleasure. Tori definitely knew her way around here - I wondered if her own lower extremities were frequently a target for similar action. sequences. As Tori really began to apply herself to the task at hand, the men stopped kissing her - even withdrawing their hands from her bra - much to my chagrin I have to say. Thrusting upwards with her own hips now, Sal's eyes were closed as she murmured her own litany of prayers for the faithful.
     It was always going to be a doozy, so when neither her clitoris or that emotional hair-trigger of hers could take any more pressure, she imploded and holding the back of Tori's head, forced her mouth into even closer proximity with her quite obviously spasming pussy. I would imagine Tori's face had need of several dry serviettes at that stage, not that she seemed interested in pulling away right then.
     Her task at an end - Tori had no qualms now about letting some of the others take their pleasures with her - Steve had no qualms either apparently! Connor, who had materialised from somewhere began kissing her while taking extreme liberties with her rather magnificently proportioned breasts which he was fondling at will.

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   The other two men had closed ranks around Sally and while one was busying himself unhooking her bra at the back even as she sat there on Steve's lap, the other had positioned himself between her legs and was in the process of extricating with one hand, what appeared to be eight or nine inches of phallic trouble while with the other hand, he was spreading Sal's panties even wider,
     Still post-orgasmic, I don't think the teenager had much idea of what was imminently about to happen to her. As seeing confirmation of this statement, she let out a cry of surprise as the man penetrated her deeply from front-on. "No more," she cried out hopefully, but was sadly ignored as the would-be rapist progressed.
     If Tori's tongue had transported her to Utopia and back, this man's cock was a ride on the Orient Express itself.
    "That's it Fraser, fuck the young girl's lights out," muttered the man's cohort, coming to grips with his own needs even as he spoke. Fraser it seems, was, if nothing else - compliant, and he literally drove it deeper and deeper into Sally's pussy, until she was literally sobbing in pleasured anguish.
     Steve and his associate had by now freed up that pesky little clasp and their determined fumblings had worked Sal's skimpy bra-straps down her arms, allowing its swift removal. Glancing downwards in what might be described as 'flushed disarray,' she was privy to seeing her breasts lifted clear of her dress, although the rude assault between her legs was taking up the greater part of her concentration.
    "That's what I call a hot sexy pair of tits," muttered one of the onlookers, leaning forward to knead one of her very erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Other hands sought her right breast. Sally let out a small gasp, but this may have been equally attributable to Fraser's now frenetic intrusion upon her womb.
    "What a hot little fuck," he managed to enunciate before shedding all that he had within her whilst the audience crowded in further to watch the carnal spectacle unfold. Just for a moment, Sally looked up and saw me. Almost dreamily she smiled. This is what she had wanted after all!
     My attention was distracted by an event of significant visual appeal just behind me.

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   Having tongued her way to Olympic honors within Sally's delicate little enclave, Tori was herself now being physically restrained by a foursome of admirers - including Warwick I noted, who had managed to ground her on the carpet just to our left and who in the interim, had divested Steve's sexy partner of not only her tight-fitting dress, but also whatever bra she had on. As a consequence she was spreadeagled now on her back, being kissed by one guy, fondled stupid by Warwick and Connor, whilst the fourth man was in the process of tugging her frilly little cotton briefs down. I figured it was well worth waiting to see her fully naked!
    "Least I can do is offer you some compensation Noel," Steve called out to me from around Sally's shoulders. "Given the pleasures your three have afforded me all those weeks," he added, grinning. "Let Tori enjoy the benefits of your wide experience why don't you?"
     Not sure whether he was waxing a tad satirical there, but no denying, that now exposed pussy of hers, nicely trimmed but not shaved, was exerting a major tug to my nether regions. I glanced at Sally who just silently mouthed the words. . . . "Fuck her Noel. "
     Brushing aside he who had just denuded her fully, I crouched between Tori's legs, aided in my quest by Mal and another other guy, who having a hold of a leg each, had opened up the pearly gates as it were. Tori was still kissing the man passionately as I penetrated her warm and supremely inviting recess. She broke off from kissing and looked up at me - such an expression of lustful pleasure, I could only enjoy it all the more.
     Seated on Steve's lap still and just cupping her own pussy to prevent more cum running out of her, Sally was watching minutely. Almost side-on to her, she would have had a clearer than clear view of Tori's inter-coital activity and was doubtless finding the spectacle voyeuristically to her liking.

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     I was finding much to like myself - including Warwick and Connor's brusque treatment of those superbly sculptured breasts. Fondling one breast while Connor drew done on the other nipple, was meeting deeply with their owner's approval to judge by her wriggling and up-thrusting hips.
     No way was this ever going the distance and barely had the referee called 'time-out' to the seconds, than I negotiated my way through her defenses and landed a really low blow. Gasping - not with pain, but ecstasy, she lay there as I let fly with the remainder of my practised moves. Talk about 'rope-a-dope' - I had her number cold. In the upshot, it was one of my fastest completion-times and I definitely planned on a return bout whenever that might be arranged.
     Getting to my feet long before the enforced ten-count, I retrieved both Sally and her bra. Threading our way between the madding crowd we found a spare armchair and seating myself in it, I pulled hot little Sally on to my lap.
    "Are you going to fuck me now?" she giggled. I handed her the bra in answer. "What say we have a rest sweetheart?" I said, "Put this back on and let's just behave ourselves for a while huh?' She took the thing and was wriggling back into it when several men approached us.
    "Going to favor us now with what you keep between those sexy little legs sweetie?" asked one. A second man was kneeling alongside the chair arm and experimentally groping her left breast.
    "Give it a rest guys," I said, "Plenty of other hot young girls here today, Sally will be around all afternoon. .

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  . . just give us a short break OK?"
    "They sounded a reluctant retreat and if I didn't know better, Sally looked real disappointed!"
    "What?"I said, looking at her cheeky expression. "You've just been vaginally penetrated three-quarters to death, within twenty-five minutes of getting here. I'm just looking out for your well-being sweetheart. "
    "It was sooo sexy," she whispered, "Being fucked with all those people watching. Even hotter than I imagined. Gosh, it must have been incredible seeing Jenna, Kylie and Natalie having it done to them "
    I was silent for a second - just remembering those images. I almost regretted our subsequent cessation from the group. "Yeah Sal," I replied, "It was something you don't forget too easily!"
    Connor I noticed. . . . . well, I'm sure Sally noticed too, had replaced me at the business end of Tori's prostrate body and was rendering the young girl a lively and passionate work-out, to complement my former indulgence.

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   Steve, no longer with the benefit of a sexy young bottom cradled in his lap, was encouraging of his partner's fully indecent servicing and could be heard egging Connor on. to yet greater daring.
     Quite unexpectedly, a pretty little face bobbed-up in my direct line of vision. Kirsten of all unannounced angels. I shuffled Sally over to one said and had her take up residence on my left knee. I introduced each to the other and could see Sally thinking, "God she's young!"
     Kirsten I sensed, had come over specifically to check Sally out! The radically increased poise and confidence was incredible. Impossible to believe this kid was just eleven still. Amazing what communal fucking can achieve I guess.
    "How old are you Kirsten?" Sally asked. It was driving her mad with curiosity.
    "I'll be twelve in two weeks," Kirsten replied breezily.
    "What??? Y-your only eleven still?" Sally just about choked. "Oh my God. . .

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  you look young but not that young. I thought you were thirteen or fourteen maybe?'
    "My dad used to teach Kylie and Jenna at High School," she said, effortlessly changing the subject. I was going to add that he had 'taught them a hell of a lot more since then' but thought better of it.
    "Really?" Sal replied, "most interested in that line of possibility, "Where is he Kirsten?' she asked.
    "Oh, just in the next room - busy with one of the other girls," she giggled.
    Right about then I was unashamedly I admit, finding the young girl's proximity to my own body very pleasurable. Unlike in months past when any potential pre-teen indulgence seemed way outside my comfort zone, I was fully aware that this was no longer an inexperienced young sweetie and that she was more than likely wanting something more than a pat on the bottom. . . . and yes. . . that was another area I most assuredly wanted to have some contact with.
    Whether or not it was her expression, the imminency of her sweet lips or the fact I am so entrenched a paedophilic adherent - I don't know, but I had to kiss her.

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   Sally I knew would be anything but caring - enjoying every sexual deviation that came her way I figured.
    Not that kissing Kirsten was in any way a deviate act. It was the most beautiful of experiences to be honest. Perhaps the renewal of so wonderful a contact-experience with a girl of such breathtaking youth. She melted in to me, and for a fleeting moment, my childhood clicked past in an edited slide-show. I had always known Kirsten - from eight onwards. She was the quiet one at the back of the class I couldn't summon up the courage to talk to. The shy new girl our teacher introduced to the grade in Year six. The beautiful little daughter of the family that moved in to the house next door when I was thirteen.
    And now, God had softened his heart and had brought her to my knee. His own wondrous creation. He wanted my approval, desired my emotional intimacy, needed my guardianship of his own personnified innocence here on Earth. I may yet serve out a jail sentence for socially outlawed behavior, sexually 'reprehensible' dealings with a minor. . .

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  but I can live with that. God knows and understands my motivation and awareness - he bequeathed both to me when all is said and done.
    I wasn't kissing an easily-led and impressionable pre-adolescent. This was a female who knew and sensed everything. Eleven, her birth certificate may have said. Timeless however, her birthright, with the reincarnated knowledge of many lives. I could taste her understanding, embrace her affection and kneel before her captivating presence. It is I was the student - she, my Sensei.
    Kissing those hot and willing lips was one thing. To see Sally sliding her hand along Kirsten's bare leg, then up under her skirt - was truly, something else. The youngster merely smiled at her, wriggling-in to me and parting her legs quite obviously to facilitate whatever incremental deeds Sally had in mind. Never having seen the slightest girl on girl inclination from Sal's prior behavior patterns, this was to be a most pleasant learning curve. I figured the very least I could do was to gently take hold of her developing breasts and manipulate them in time-honored lust. 'Developing;' they may have been, but what difference a year makes! Not much smaller than her sister's had been that day Graham brought his two young daughters to their first Harper gathering, they now presented the most accommodating of soft handfuls.
    Kirsten squirmed with obvious pleasure as I continued fondling her, although this must inevitably have been heightened by whatever contact Sally's fingers had made at sub-vaginal level.

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   How I wanted to slip my own fingers into that moist bear-trap, sensing however that three participants in the general vicinity, might definitely be construed as a 'crowd' under the circumstances. Ultimately though, we had her teetering on the edge of blissful indulgence - me on nipple duty and Sally's clitoral-orientated caresses finding their mark as it were. No sooner had Kirsten shivered her way to orgasmic finality than a familiar voice announced its presence.
    "Afternoon Noel, seems like my youngest daughter just can't be trusted to behave properly!
    "On the contrary Graham," I smiled, "Your youngest daughter has impeccable manners. Her beautiful sister welcomed me back a little earlier too. You have taught them well. "
    Graham was watching intently I noticed, as Sally withdrew her hand from beneath Kirsten's short skirt. His expression was one of unwavering approval. "This is Sally of course, as I'm sure you remember Graham?" I added.
    "Could hardly forget," he replied. Sally just blushed. When I came to think about their last time spent together at Jerry's place just the other week- it was little wonder I realised.
    "Might I escort the young lady to the bar for a few minutes?" he asked, eyes never once leaving her pretty face.
    "I think that might be in order," I replied, assisting Sally from my lap and having some idea of what fate might shortly befall her - the very fate she was doubtless hoping would befall her, with some regularity - if the truth be known. I wanted time with Kirsten alone anyway!
     Meanwhile I was afforded the pleasurable sight of Sally's pert little bottom as it receded into the distance, Graham's hand dropping further and further below her waistline until it was resting improperly but somewhat meaningfully across her rear-end itself.

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   As they sat down at the bar, Steve joined them, taking up the left-hand stool. Sal was in good hands - of that I could be sure.
    "Do you still do it with your daughters Mr Baker?" fully brought me back to reality. Looking down at that pretty little snub nose and enquiring expression, I kissed her softly.
    "No sweetheart," I replied, "We all made the decision to cut that out months and months ago. " I paused for a moment. "What made you ask?" She looked almost uncomfortable. . . . "Oh, nothing really," she replied, "It's just that dad still does things with Chloe and I. . . well, more Chloe," she giggled, "so I was just wondering, I suppose. "
    "What are saying about me Kirsten?" suddenly interrupted my concentration.


   as none other than little Chloe segregated herself from the crowd to our left. and with the least prompting, hopped up on my knee to join her sister. Two soft and yielding little bottoms offered the most pleasant of external stimuli. Putting an arm around my neck, Chloe whispered "I know somewhere private we could all go?" She had my vote!
     Might have been a smallish guest-room on the first floor but it served our purpose. Looking back now, everything unfolded almost to a pre-planned matrix. By the time I had closed the door even, the two girls were kneeling on the quilt, tigerish and in full control of their immediate destinies. Those expressions invited both my impending physical and emotional involvement. I couldn't even think of them as a fourteen and eleven-year old - simply two desirable and desirous young women who exuded needs just as real as my own.
     Being dressed each in skirts and tops was not only exceptionally easy on the eyes but highly conducive to digital progress, irrespective of the point of entry. Kissing Chloe first - only because she was nearest, I slipped a hand up beneath her hemline and laid my hand against the inside of her thigh. It was like heated silk there. She murmured softly and wriggled her encouragement for me to take a more daring approach to my task. That I took to mean a slight northerly shuffle which brought my fingers into direct contact with her tight little panties. "Mmmmm" issued from her lips mid kiss. I began to rub her softly.

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    "What about me," pouted the little angel on my right. Hell, my right hand was free anyway. Switching lips, I located her central control unit without once slackening off the contact between her sister's legs. At this juncture, both girls were kneeling either side of me and using their hips to maximum advantage to ensure the applied vaginal pressure remained constant. Both girls had their chests provocatively thrust outwards - I ask you, at what age does sexual tease actually kick in? More and more I'm thinking young girls know exactly what they're doing from probably eight or nine upwards - maybe even less. Sure they have no experience or blueprint to follow necessarily, but auto-pilot is fully functional. Either way, Kirsten was as knowledgeable now, as was Marilyn Monroe when she crooned "Happy Birthday Dear President. "
     Speaking of my needs, which we weren't I know - but lets now do so! I was a hair-trigger with the safety-catch off, a tube of toothpaste someone just stood on - Sonny without Cher! At the point I slipped my fingers beneath both their panties, feeling my way anything but cautiously, through the long grasses of the veldt and towards their hot and humid little receptacles, my own four or five inches of normality was now six or seven inches of desperation. Make that, eight inches of psychotic craving.
     Both girls allowed themselves to be pushed on to their backs and giggled as I hurriedly divested them of their (as it happened) matching blue knickers. Having no particular wish to strip them first - more than likely on account of the time factor, simply the sight of them wriggling there on the bed, legs spread compliantly with their skirts pushed up around their hips, those sexy little ingresses open to my inspection both visually and digitally, was more than enough of an 'arousal factor. ' As I knelt between Chloe's thighs, preparing for re-entry (well, from an earlier flight at least) Kirsten frowned like a spoilt little brat. "You like her best don't you?" she pouted.
     I reached across and inserted a finger in her pussy up to the knuckle. She gasped.

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  . . but at least that brought a smile. "I'll show you who I like best sexy puss, in just a few minutes," I teased. More giggling.
     Concentrating now on the task at hand - and what a task that was - I penetrated her to a not inconsiderable depth. Chloe knew exactly how to accommodate such treatment and thrust her hips up to meet me. She was so slight and delicate and yet somehow she made me feel the one with "L" Plates. I placed my hands on her breasts and fondled them through her top as I continued to pump her steadily. Once that rhythm is established, nothing short of a twelve-gauge shotgun is going to break the cycle.
     Chloe wanted it just as much as I did and began moaning softly, oblivious I think to her little sister's presence - certainly to the fact that she was now beginning to finger herself, watching me fuck her older sibling. It's a funny thing - even mindful of the fact that one needs to preserve one's procreational stocks for a follow-up performance, it is quite impossible to observe such restraint. Indeed, as I felt the deadline approaching, all I could detect was a blinding need to fill her to the brim and this I managed to achieve. Chloe was so spread at that moment her left leg was lying clear across her sister's right. Damn that was so hot!
     As all girls tend to do the moment following penile withdrawal, Chloe's hands slipped between her legs, clutching at her vaginal opening protectively.

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   It is partially a reflex action as momentarily the senses are overloaded and they cannot bear any further stimulus. I had other stimulation right then to attend to myself.
     I hadn't even noticed whether or not Kirsten had gotten to first base herself during this interlude. I suspect not as she was more than happy to have me penetrate her immediately. Despite quite obviously having been an active participant at these parties ever since we all pulled out, she was still just so tight an entry proposition. . . . an in-arguable legacy of her tender years. A combination I suppose of her youth, sexy body and willing participation, but my full-time erection was restored in seconds and it seemed the most natural thing then to be taking her down the same road just traversed by her sister. So confident was she of her own sexuality, she even manouevered my hands until they were resting across her own sexy little mounds.
     She had no need to further encourage me. Fumbling with her skimpy little bra as I thrust in ever deeper, I managed to extricate both breasts which I worked free of her top, until those erect little nipples were fully exposed. At the point Chloe then actually leaned across and began fondling her sister's right breast right in front of me. I knew for sure that whatever I had left within the storeroom was shortly to be sent out special delivery.

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    "Fuck her harder," assailed my left ear.
     I don't know - kids today. . . . just no respect! The advice though I followed and Kirsten was actually crying out in pleasure as I careered past the finishing line. I think there was a firework display somewhere!
    Two full and very satisfied little pussies on site. I was still lying on the bed cuddling both girls - one either side of me, when a knock came at the door. Tugging their skirts down, I enquired as to the caller's identity.
    "That you Noel?" came Jer's voice. "May I come in for a moment?" I thus acquiesced!
    "We were just wondering," he paused reflectively, staring at me from the doorway, "Well, the fact is - the guys want to know if Sally would consider being selected for . . . you know, the six-aside session after the break?"
    "Consider it?" I was thinking, I figured she'd probably sue management if she wasn't asked!
     There was obviously to be so much more to this afternoon!
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