House Calls 4


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It had been a great day for Carrie again. The only thing she didn’t like about it was that she had to work a spilt shift, which was how she’d managed to find time to teach Jackie and Sue how to masturbate. It had happened during the two-hour gap between shifts.
When she was done with the lesson, she went back to work and spent the rest of her night at the hospital with patients. She loved her job, but all the sex that she’d gotten over the last two days had her wanting more.
She went straight home when her shift ended. Her boyfriend, Sam, was lying in her bed watching TV. As soon as she saw him, she knew something was wrong.
His eyes usually lit up when he saw her. This time they narrowed. He picked up the remote and turned the TV off.
Carrie didn’t say anything. After years of being with Sam, she learned that it was best to let him volunteer the information if something was bothering him. Otherwise, he’d say he didn’t want to talk about it and she’d spend the next hour trying to pry it from him.

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She acted like she didn’t notice anything was wrong even though Sam was making it really obvious with his body language and facial expressions. She started taking her uniform off. She’d gotten no further than the third button before he started talking.
“We don’t get to spend as much time together as we used to,” Sam said. “I really do miss you. ”
“Oh, honey, I miss you too. It’s just my job. ”
“Maybe you should take some time off. I mean, am I still your man or what?”
“Of course, you are. It’s just my job. I swear I’m thinking of nothing but you,” she said.
Carrie was getting a little irritated. The only thing that could make her as happy as Sam did was her job. She considered herself the luckiest woman in the world to have stumbled into a career like that.
She loved her job and she loved Sam, but there was no way she was going to give up her career for him.

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   She made too much money and she honestly enjoyed having a variety of people to have sex with.
She took the skirt off and let it fall to her sides, which left her in her white bra and panties and the nurse hat. Sam looked her up and down.
Mmmm, she looks so damn sexy, he thought just before he said, “Yeah, well, sometimes I just get jealous. That’s all. ”
Carrie smiled. She saw the look on his face when she took off the skirt. She knew what the problem was. The only reason he was jealous was because he was horny.
Carrie suddenly realized she hadn’t had sex with him in over a month. She was getting so much ass at work that she didn’t realize it until now.
She tossed the skirt on the bed, sat in the chair next to the bed, and started taking her shoes off. When they were off, she leaned towards him and touched his hand.
She said, “Honey, there’s no need to be jealous. I’m doing something that’s helping someone else.


   Isn’t that positive?”
He nodded, said, “Well, yeah. ”
“And you know what?” she continued. “It just makes me horny for you. ”
“Well, I just don’t like sharing you with anybody—men or women. ”
“Honey, no matter what happens, I swear…” she lowered her voice to just a shade above a whisper, smiled seductively at him, and continued, “…I’ll always save that little something special for you. ” She stood up and kissed him tenderly.
Sam felt the effects immediately. Being kissed after being dry for so long had tingles racing through his body.
Their lips separated with a smack. Then Carrie leaned across his lap and arched her back. Her ass was right there in Sam’s face with the strap of her panties pulled deep between the cheeks.
Sam’s heart was racing as he slid his hand across the thin material. He was smiling for the first time in weeks, Carrie noticed.
Poor guy, thought Carrie.
She didn’t mean to neglect him.

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   She was going to give him the fucking of his life tonight.
“Here, Tiger,” she said as she moved a little further forward, putting her rump in better position for his mouth.
Sam let out a low moan as his lips touched the flesh of her soft ass. He was kissing it, sucking it, and sliding his tongue all over it as he squeezed her supple ass.
The panties were soon to come down. The beautiful scent of hot cunt met Sam’s nose.
He stuck his tongue in her pussy. He was surprised by how wet she already was, but then he remembered that she’d just finished giving a lesson in masturbation, so of course it would be. There was so much pussy juice that a lot of it had spread to her outer ass cheeks.
He started lapping at the juices. It had been a long time since he’d taste Carrie’s sweet flavor, so long since he’d had a close-up view of the ridges in her ass, so long since he’d seen her bald cunt seeping fluids a few inches from his face, so long since he’d swallowed her nectar and felt it sitting heavily in his stomach.
He loved every moment of it, but then Carrie rolled over and sat up on her knees. She motioned for Sam to stand on the bed.
“Let me show you how much I missed you,” Carrie said.
Sam still had his robe on, so Carrie had the pleasure of lifting the lower half out of the way as if she was unveiling a prize.

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   His cock slipped easily through the opening in his boxers.
Sam was trying to undo the knot that he’d tied in his robe, but he shuddered and lost control of his fingers when he felt the heat from Carrie’s mouth consume his prick. His legs even shook, but he regained his balance and took the robe all the way off.
If there would have been a fly on the wall, it would’ve been amused by all the funny faces Sam was making. Carrie was taking him almost the full length of his eight-inch cock and she was using her hand to stroke what little bit she couldn’t fit in her mouth.
Sometimes she’d pull the whole thing out, spit on it, and watch the saliva drip everywhere. Then she’d swallow the whole thing back down as she used her tongue to massage the bottom.
“Whoa, yeah! Oh, yeah, yeah!” moaned Sam.
Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He dropped to her level and started kissing her. He was happy again. He wanted more, but Carrie was sucking all the strength from his legs. He needed to lie down if they were going to continue.
“Oh, fuck yes,” he hissed.
Now that he was lying, Carrie could work a lot more of her naughty tricks on him.

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   She managed to touch him in every spot on his body that turned him on while she continued taking in big gulps of hard cock, and that was with just one hand because the other was still being used to stroke his shaft.
She finally pulled Sam’s cock from her mouth and switched places with him. As soon as her back hit the bed, her legs hit the air and Sam was deep inside her fucking her like the slut she was.
“Oh, yeah, fuck my pussy!” she screamed. “That’s it; come on! Mmmm! I’m gonna cum all over your cock!”
“Take that fucking dick!” said Sam. He was thrusting into her harder.
“Give it to me! Come on! Yeah! Mmmm! Make me cum!”
Sam snatched her off the bed and flipped her on her hands and knees. Every muscle was bulging as he thrust deeply into her.

    She was just as horny. She was ramming her ass backwards to meet his thrusts.
    “Oh, yeah, god! Fuck me!” Carrie yelled.
    There was a pause in the action. Carrie felt his cock slipping from her pussy. She thought Sam must be about to have an orgasm, but then she felt the head pushing at her asshole.
    “Ohhhh,” she moaned as she closed her eyes, arched her back some more, and pushed her ass higher towards his cock.

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    It was a really tight fit. Carrie never had anal sex with her clients, and since it had been longer than a mouth with Sam, nothing had been up her ass for a long time.
    It was like he was trying to put his dick through the small crack under the door. Carrie was in a lot of pain, but she remained still and cried out like Sam was killing her. It took a lot of easing it in and out until it fit, but he eventually got his fat cock all the way inside.
    It was worth the wait too. They were both crying out in ecstasy.
    “If you stop making those house calls, this’ll be your reward,” joked Sam.
    Carrie didn’t reply. She just kept moaning and said, “Fuck my ass! Ohh! Yeah! Fuck, yeah!”
    Sam noticed she didn’t reply to his statement. If she wasn’t going to stop making house calls, he was sure as hell going to let her know whose pussy and ass it really belonged to. He braced his legs and started drilling her tender asshole with might.
    “Oh, fuck yeah!” screamed Carrie, her face buried in the bed. “Oh, yeah, that’s it. Make it tingle! You like to stick it in my ass, don’t you?”
    “Yeah,” moaned Sam.

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    She was really talking dirty to him. He could feel an orgasm getting closer. When he pulled up on his thrusts, her ass gave him a distinct pull unlike her pussy. It felt really good. It had his balls burning with creamy jizz within minutes.
    He pulled out and started stroking his meat. “Oh, yeah, baby,” he grunted waves of cum squirt free of eager prick.
    Carrie’s face was still buried in the bed, so she had to rely on her sense of touch to know what was going on. She moaned her approval as she felt her ass and back being watered by his cock, but there came a time when she thought it would stop.
    It didn’t.
    She’d never experienced so much cum in her life. Now she could tell it had been too long since she’d last fucked him dry. He was giving it all to her now. One after another, he covered her in a shower of hot cum shots.
    “Oh, god!” she said out of surprise.

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    When he was done, she partially giggled. She found it comical that her ass and back felt like he’d dumped a bucket of water on her and all they’d done was have sex.
    She reached around and rubbed a little into her skin. Then she brought that hand back around, looked her man deep in his eye, smiled at him, and licked his seed off her fingertips.
    He lay on top of her and said, “Baby, no more house calls…unless of course, it’s to this house. ”
    Carrie said, “I love you,” and they began kissing.
    They both knew there was no way she was going to stop making house calls, but her man was definitely her one and only true king.
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