I Was Just Hungry


This weekend has begun really great. Steve and I went to Alabama Friday moring and so, after a long day drove back last night (Friday, July 31, 2009). We stopped for Supper around the Alabama/Georgia state line on I-20 and it was okay but I was really in a weird mood and was really hungry for something else. Something filled with cream, or as Steve says, "Something filled with cum. " "Is that what mood you are in Dear?" he asked me. "Yes, I am starving. " I told him and my nipples got hard as soon as I let myself say it. "Okay, wel there are lots of good places on the way I am sure. " he said. We got to the car and he leaned back, "May as well have the first serving. " and I took his cock out and after about a half hour he filled my throat with his hot cum. I had some special panties which I wore when I was this way, They had a little suction cup that sucked the clit into it and held it there then 8 inches of dildo that went inside. It is all on a battery that Steve has the remote to so I can get really going while I suck cock.
Well, We pulled into the first likely looking gas station/convience store. I had already changed into a small tank top and mini-skirt with the special panties. We went in and there were a few people there.

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   Most looked at me and smiled and a couple began whispering. The tank top comes down to just below my tits when the bra is not holding them in and so all I need do is to lean over, raise my arms or any movement at all shows off the nipples which were hard as rocks. Ther ewere two guys working there and one came back to ask if he could help me with anything. I was on the snack isle and looking at the suckers and stuff and had on in my hand when he came up. "Anything we can help you with?" he asked me and he was nervous obviously. I turned to him and at that moment Steve turned on the vibrator and my body began to go into overdrive. "Well, I need something to suck on. " I said looking him up and down. His bulge was growing. "Well, we have a lot of good snacks. . . " he began. "You either don't understand or you do and are being hard to get. " I said.

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   "I need something long and hard to suck on that will fill my throat with cum. " I said and my body was shivering and so I carressed my tits under my shirt. "You have it right here. " I said and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. "Bob, gotta take a break. " he said to the other guy and said, "Well, come with me and we will see. " I followed him to a back room and he closed the door. I got on my knes and took his nice swelling cock out. It was about 8 inches and a nice head that was dripping with pre-cum. "Oh, this is perfect. " I said and buried it in my throat. He was really loaded up and he said he had not had any in a couple weeks. "I wil drain it for you. " I told him and soon he filled my throat. It was still semi-hard and so I took off the shirt and put my titties to work on it and it swelled up again and my vibrator went on to full power.

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   Steve knew I was in need so he turned it all the way up. I almost ate the cock off this guy and soon he filled my throat again.
He sat down for a second and I looked at him, "Go tell the other guy to come back. " and he walked out. Soon his friend came back and he unzipped and stepping right up. He was small but a cock is a cock and I did not care. He did not even fill my mouth but I sucked him slowly making him moan and soon he filled my throat. It did not get hard again and so I put my short back on and licked my lips and left. Steve waited for me at the counter talking to the first guy and we walked out with a free full tank of gas.
We got to the car and Steve asked me, "did that help at all?" I said that it did not even begin. We came to a truck stop and went in. The lounge area had a few men there and so Steve went in with me and we held hands. We stepped in front of a wide screen TV and Steve said, "Guys, if one of yopu will rent a shower my wife here is hungry. She needs to suck cock and so, to be blunt, she is available for you. She loves to suck and swallow and we can take the dildo out if you want anything else.

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   All free, just that she is starving. " A guy got up and said, I can handle that" and got a bath stall/shower. I went in and he followed and Steve sat out in the lounge to kind of guide them in. I opened to door and motioned down the hall, "I really can handle 3 at a time. " and so two more men got up and soon all of us were naked and three holes were full of cock. One in my ass, one in puss and one in my starving mouth. I made sure that each filled at least two holes and most times they filled all three taking turns as they fucked me. Steve said 12 or so guy did me there and after I dressed, not cleaning the cum out cause I love to finger myself and lick my fingers later and to feel it going down my legs makes me hotter.
We left there and I told Steve to pull into the rest area and he did. There were several guys waiting around the rest room waiting for blow jobs from other guys and I only could talk two of them into letting me take care of them. We drove on from there and another truck stop came up and we pulled in and did the same thing in the lounge area. Again I had some takers and so another 5 or 6 men filled me in the shower. We went to the car and left and a ways down the road I was flashing truckers and was totally naked. Suddenly blue lights went on behind us and Steve said, "Oh shit. " and pulled over.

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   He had already told me not to get dressed  and see what happened. The oficer was a county cop and never said anything about me being naked and he did keep looking at me. I played with myself when he did. "Mr. Cain, are you aware that you were speeding?" he said looking at me all the time. "No sir, I am sorry, my wife and I were talking and sometimes I do need to watch it. I was just getting off at this exit for a second to finish our conversation. " steve said letting the cop know that I was available. "Okay sir, please be careful. " he said "You were just a little over the limit so I will let it go. " "Thanks officer. " steve said and we pulled away and at the next exit (which was in the sticks) Steve pulled off. The cop was behind us and as Steve slowed he got even and motioned to follow him. We did and soon we were just off the road and the deputy was on my side of the car opening the door. I was still totally naked, "How can I serve thoe one that takes care of us.

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  " I said in my southern bell voice. "Oh, here you go lady. " he said and huge snake came out of his pants. "Oh my god, yes. " I said and tunred to him sucking him in inch by inch slowly. He was about 10 inches and finally it went down my throat. I began giving him one of my best blow jobs and after a half hour or so he pushed my head down on it and held it, "Here it comes, don't spill any on the uniform. " he said and a huge load filled my throat. I had an orgasm as he did and felt my whole body convulse as he swelled and filled my troat with his cum. I looked at Steve abd he gave him our phone number, "Feel free to stop in and visit. " I said. He smiled and said he would. We still had about a hundred miles to go and I was still starving. The best was yet to cum, oh, did I say that. .

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  . LOL.
Talk to ya later.

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