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My name is Johnny. I am going to tell you a true story from when I was only 30 years old. I had just gotten out of the office. I am a lawyer and was a lawyer. That day, I had closed some very important deals and trades. I lived in New York at the time. I was walking into my building when my doorman winked at me. Reflexively, I winked back. But I wondered why he had winked. I was about to find out. I walked into the elevator and pressed 11. Up the elevator went. I watched as the floor numbers rose higher and higher. When we had reached floor 11, I got off and walked down to apartment B. I forgot to put my keys in the lock, and turned the knob. It opened.

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   'That's strange,' I thought. 'I remember locking it this morning!' I walked into the apartment, and put my breifcase on the table. Then I walked into my bedroom. Sitting on my bed were two young girls, probably 23 or 24. One was a blonde with tan skin. She was wearing a pink thong and pink high heels. She wasn't wearing anything on top except her DD's. The other one was black, and was wearing a white knee-stockings and high heels. Nothing was covering her pussy or her DD's. "Hello Johnny," the blonde said. "Feel like some. . . pleasure. .

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  . after a long day at work?" She walked over to me and removed my blazer. I was to stunned to move. The african-american girl unbuttoned me shirt slowly, and then she relieved me of that too. She then placed her hand down where my penis was having an erection. "Let me help you with that," she said. She then unzipped my pants, pulled them down far enough for my penis to be sticking out at a ninety degree angle, and began to give me a blow job. She sucked and licked like it would be her last. The blonde came around to my front. She stood just behind the african-american. She took both my hands, placing one on her breast, and the second on her pussy. I began to rub her breast, but it was not as good as her pussy, which was seeping wet. Eventually, the african american fiinished the blow-job and pulled the blonde away from me. Then, they did what I had always wanted to see: the two girls made out and fingered each other. First they locked lips, then the blonde placed her hand on the black's vagina and the black placed her hands on the blonde's breasts.

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       She began to massage and lick and touch and feel. I could stand it no longer. I was going to cum any second now. I jumped inbetween the two and got on my knee's. I then started to lick the blonde's pussy. I licked up her hole as deep as my tongue could get, and I licked around her hole as far as my tongue could go. She moaned and groaned with pleasure. After this, I positioned my penis at her vagina hole, and stuck my 9 inch up as far as it could go. I finally began to pump with a steady rythm, and she set loose an orgasm. As soon as the cum began to leak out of the blonde's vagina, the black approached us and began to lick all the cum. I then took my penis out of the blonde's vagina and stuck it in the black's. She moaned so much! Eventually she cummed too, but I got to eat all that. I was the last to cum. I sprayed it all over the girls' chests and pussies, so they licked all the cum off each other. It was a site to see.

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