Mardi Gras and Jail Last Year


I was making plans for Mardi Gras this year and Diane and I were talking about last year. Last year Diane and I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. She had to go back early ans so I took her to the airport and she flew back. She still uses the trigger word sometimes and so we were kissing bye in the airport she said, "Teresa, come dance with me. " I felt that tingle come all over that I always did and said "Okay. " She kissed me again. "I will give you a different command this time. " "What?" I said. "Do anything that you want to do that gives you pleasure Dear. " she said and kissed me and got on the plane. I left and my mnd was all absorbed with "what I wanted to do" without her.
I got back to the hotel and put on the outfit she made for me. It was sheer material, see through. The top was a kind of halter that tied behind my neck. The halter top, one layer of multi-color seer material hid nothing, especially of my dark large nipples. My 44EEE tits hung nicely in the material that was never intended to hide or support my breasts.


   The skirt was of the same material only it was two layers and still sheer and see through. I put on my sandals and went out into the night. I ate dinner at a resturant and got all the attention I could desire and thought how nice it was to be looked at so much. After dinner and a couple glasses of wine I went to a few clubs and had some offers but did not really accept them. For some reason I just did not feel like playing with Diane gone even though I was offered money for my services more than once. By midnight I had decided to leave and begin my drive back to Athens Georgia. I went to the room and packed and did not change but stayed in the sheer outfit that Diane had made for me.
I took I-10 to Mobile and then went north. I had filled up the car at Biloxi and kept driving. I stopped a couple times to pee and got lots of attention in the store I stopped at. A few people were there and the men all called out and the women called me a slut but I did not care and got in the car and left. Driving north I was enjoying the night air and the windows down, my nipples were pleased with the feel of the air. I had on a string thong under the skirt so I was really all but naked. I was out in the middle of nowhere and then blue lights went on behind me. I looked and was doing 70 and thought I was good on the speed limit.

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   I pulled over and waited. I had my lisense, insurence and registration out and two officers got out. One to the back of my car and the other to the window. I did not try to hide myself. Before he asked I handed him the things I had waiting. He looked at them and said, "Step out of the car please. " I did and he was obviously looking at all I had to show. "You always dress that way. . ah, Mrs Cain?" "Well, I just left Mardi Gras in New Orleans and did not change. " I said. "I see, wait here please. " he said and went to the car. The other officer stood at the rear of my car and watched me, and I suppose he was really not looking at my face, my nipples were hard as rocks and I was getting wet.
He came back and said, Mrs.

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   Cain, we are charging you with indecent exposure and speeding. " "Speeding?" I said. "I was only doing 70. " "Yes, but the limit is 55 back there where we clocked you. " he said. I thought he was going to write me two tickets and let me go on but he told me to lean against the car and spread my legs. I was obviously not in pocession of anything but he felt me up really good, making me hotter still. "My officer is going to drive your car back to the station with us and I will be taking you to the Magistrate Judge so she can try your case. " he said. "Now, tonight?" I said. "Yes, now. " he said and I got in the back seat. The other then searched my car and found nothing and we drove back to the station. It was out in the country and there was a small town there. I was not handcuffed at least as we went into the station.

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   Several people looked me over and smiled.
"Damn man, good one. " and officer said as we walked in. "Thanks," I said to him. "I meant to the officer that got you. " he said. I was feeling like being bad now and said, "Well, technically, he hasn't 'Gotten me. '" I said laughing. "He has only arrested me. " "That may change" said the one toat arrested me. We went to arrest and booking room and he fingerprinted me and told me to stand by the wall to take my picture. I lowered the thing they give you with a number on it to below my chest and smiled as he took to pic. "Raise it up please," he said and I did. Another pic was taken then a profile. I sat in a waiting room alone and then was taken into a room with a dozen people in it and a woman in judges robes sitting behind a large desk.

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   She looked at me and told me to sit down. I did and the officer told her how he had stopped me what I had said.
"Do you think this is a joke?" she said. "No your honor, it is just late and I woke up early this morning. Sorry. " I said "You are charged with indecent exposure. We had several calls from the store you stopped at and that is why we were looking for you. You obviously need more clothes on don't you think?" she said. "Well, not really," I said. "Very well, $2000. 00 is the fine. " she said. "I don't have that kind of money. " I said and said "that I guess I would have to go to jail. " "Very well, jail it is then.

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   Bring her to my office' She said and she left through a door. Two officers, one male and one female took me in. They stood me in front of her desk. "You sure you want to go to jail lady? Dressed like that you will be very open to attack and rape. " "Oh I hope so. " I said. Do you? Was she searched well before she came in?" she asked the officers. "No your Honor. " he said. "Very well, search her here in my office. " I was led to the side and told to disrobe. I did so slowly and knew they were watching me. Finally I stood naked in front of the three of them and my pussy was soaking wet.
"Cavity search her' the judge said. I was bent over and told to spread my legs wide.

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   I did and suddenly gloved fingers were in my pussy and I moaned. Stil deeper and I moaned again. Then suddenly the hand went inside me and I sprayed an orgasm all over the hand. "damn, fucking bitch. " the woman said doing the search and slapped my ass hard. Her hand was still inside me and she made it as painful as she could but it still made me hot. "Nothing there your honor. " she said pulling her hand out. "Now the other" she said meaning my ass. I relaxed as much as I could and she began fingering my ass feeling around as much as possible. The judge spoke, "Officer James, use your probe. " The male answered and I heard his pants unzip. He stepped behind me and spread my ass cheeks and then his cock, his huge cock, slipped inside me. I moaned again and pushed against him. "Oh yes, search me deep.

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  " I said. He did and began moving in and out and soon filled my ass with cum. I moved against him and did not want him to leave but he pulled it out and his cum dripped down my legs.
"Put her clothes back on and send her the Joans cell. After three hours put her in with the men. " she said. "First come over here Mrs. Cain. " she said. I came to the side of her desk and she moved her robes open and showed she was naked under them, "Eat me. " she said and I did till she gave me a nice sweet orgasm wetting my face. I was taked to a cell and Joan looked at me, "Here is a little cell mate for you Joan. " said the man that took me there. I stepped in and the told me, "Strip bitch. " and I did.

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   She came over and kissed me hard, her breath tasted of stale cigarretts. She grabbed my hair and moved me to my knees and she laid on the cot, "Eat it till I say stop. " she told me. She had a totally unshaved pussy and it was sour. She was really a dyke and told me to do it. Three hours passed but I did everything she told me. She was gross and needed a bath and I was not hot at all when I was told to get my clothes and follwo he officer. I did and she took me to a shower and I bathed.
Next she gave me a towel that wrapped around me but was short and showed my shaved pussy. We walked into a public area that had maybe 10 or so men there, all kinds, white, black, hispanic, asian. One tossed an exercise mat to the floor in the middle of the room. "Enjoy men. " the guard said and I was in the cell block of sorts I guess. They all began touching me and playing with my nipples and ass. A black guy came over his cock hanging out of his jump suit and said, "On your knees baby and it will go okay with you, resist and it will hurt, may as well as enjoy what we are onna do.

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  " I got down and took his cock and began sucking it, "Oh I hope I enjoy it, I need a good orgy tonight. " and took him deep. He began moaning and the guys all watched and stroked their cocks. Soon he filled my throat and told me how good it was. "Okay guys, be good to her. " I was laid down and kissed, licked and massaged all over and it was not painful as I had expected but like all these men just making love, not raping me. Finally I said, "Hey guys, I do like it a little rough, make it hurt real good. " I said and they all laughed. ONe took his hard cock and said okay lady, and into my ass it went. "Oh yes, oh fuck, yes. " I said over and over. Next they took me two in my pussy, Two good sized me both in my pussy at once streached me. MY pussy convulsed and wet them both then they filled my pussy.
"Let me fuck that face again. " the first said and his huge cock filled my mouth and now he was rough.


   Over and over I was fucked and finally I woke up in a cot, naked and covered with cum. IT was noon the next day and the jailer came and said. "Anytime you are ready to leave, shower and out these on. " she handed me some jeans and a shirt.
I dressed and drove home and fell asleep again. What a good time it was, I found out the county I was in and will not drive back through there unless I need a good fucking.

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