Me Amanda & Sarah!


I had been friends with both Amanda and Sarah for quite along time, they used to come round every Friday and stay till about 11pm then go home - I always used to favor Amanda really she was short but new how to use herself she had an un-blemished and beautiful face.
me and Sarah used to have allot of fun together just kissing and feeling on top of cloths, stroking here and there.
until one day Sarah and Amanda came round for there usual get together on a Friday night, and i started kissing Sarah as feeling her sopping wet lips through her jeans. I gradually stroked her nipple with my finger whilst feeling her pussy with the other hand, on this occasion Amanda was in the room when we did this. i found it really horny to be stroking a girls pussy whilst another girl was in the room, completely oblivious to what we were so secretly doing. . .
this carried on for some 10 minutes, before Sarah moved round on the bed and made sure the duvet was covering her, she slowly un-buttoned her trousers letting me watch in awe as I saw her unbuttoning her jeans and slowly pulling them down past her ankles and then off. . . .
i had seen girls pussy's before and had fingered quite a few girls but to finally see the most sexy girl on this earth take off her jeans freely made my dick pump in my hand i felt like Cumming there and then but i guessed I might need it for a while so I took my hand off my rock hard dick, and eased her legs apart with my left hand whilst sucking on her pink nipple - drawing circles around it with my tongue. . .
i slowly began to massage her clit very softly at first wanting to savor the moment, but then i slowly began to move faster and faster until she let out a little gasp not of her orgasm but of joy - suddenly and seemingly on cue Amanda whipped off the covers to find her best friend’s legs akimbo with me fingering her. Her immediate reaction was to look away, she just sat on the end of the bed and looked at the floor whilst i was still fingering Sarah, Sarah was getting very hot now, her lips were getting puffy and i could feel the orgasm welling up inside her, so i quickly shuffled down my bed until my mouth was about level with her pussy, I began to lap up the juices now freely poring down her pussy and down her ass crack.

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   I rubbed my thumb on her push button until she was nearing an orgasm and then to my very great surprise Amanda was there stroking my rock hard dick with her hand she was obviously fairly inexperienced, but she soon got the hand and began pounding my dick up and down with her right hand whilst ( under my instruction ) cupping my balls with the left, in all the joy I had forgotten about Sarah, but her quick throat clearing brought be back to my senses, I took Amanda’s hand off my pumping dick and laid her next to Sarah on the bed and stripped her slowly like I used to think about in my dreams. She was very up for the part and played along with it, then when she was completely naked, I told her to finger herself “how?” she said I told her to play with her pussy for a while until she found something that felt nice ( at this time I had more pressing things to think about thank teaching a girl how to finger herself. )
I then practically sprinted into my mum and dad’s bedroom and completely naked started rooting thorough the draws looking for… YES I had found it a long string of jonny’s that my dad had never used. I walked back into my room, making sure to close and bolt the door as I went in, then I took the condom out of the packet and with a well practiced sex-education skill I rolled it down my cock until it got the end.
The girls had been watching and were both lying there Sarah looking faintly ruffled that she had not yet achieved an orgasm! I waked over to the bed and asked both Amanda and Sarah if they were ready because I didn’t want to do it Sarah said “Hell Yeah!!” where as Amanda said she would watch…
I agreed and laid Sarah on her back. Then slowly but surely guided my dick into her gloriously wet pussy… as it first went in I herd her utter a little faint scream and I knew that was her cherry popping, then I began to rhythmically began to pump into her I wanted to explode right there and now, because of the tightness of her soft pussy I began to move faster and faster taking my dick almost fully out then plunging it back into her suddenly her legs tightened around me and she a very powerful orgasm pumping herself back and forth into me…
I with drew and saw Amanda sitting there gob smacked but apparently totally turned on, so I whipped the condom off and she held my meat in her hand for a second before beginning to toss me off each time getting very slowly faster, I could feel an orgasm deep inside my dick my balls contracted and pumped as a shot my load all over her lovely face…
We all collapsed onto the bed all very tired occasionally kissing and feeling until it was 11:00 and Amanda’s parents rang and said she needed to be home soon.
Me Amanda and Sarah over later months and had our fun, but we never had as much fun as we did that night.
Story by Thomas Gray
(Copyright 9/18/2005)
( please leave any feed back you want tell me what i could improve on! )
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