Mixing the Paint


I just got off of work when my co worker Dave asked me if I wanted to go shoot some hoops with him, I said sure and we headed to the elevator Dave was a tall black guy that was in good shape still in his late 20s.   I myself am 38 and 6 ft tall but Dave was still about 8 inches taller than me.   We made it to the court and shot around for a bit.   Dave said lets do it!.   We played a hard ass 1 on 1 game.   Dave was killing me, he said I play like a white guy and threw me th ball.   I was behind the 3 point range  and said that's because I am white. Lets make this interesting.   If I make it I get to fuck your wife.   and if I miss she gets to fuck me.   Yeah funny, you miss I get your wife.   Was only joking when I said it until I took the shot and "swish" nothing but net.   Dave goes "Hows Saturday sound?"  Uh huh like your wife will like that.   That's when he told me that they have had an open relationship and sometimes go to swing clubs.   This suprised me because I would of never guessed it.   Dave and Pam have been married for 8 years and still going.

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    OK  Saturday sounds great for me because I made the shot.   We left and went to our cars.   While I was driving it hit me how was I going to hide this from Kate.   And. . . what if I missed the basket. . . would Dave take it serious. . .   but doesnt matter cause I made it.  
Saturday came around and I drove over to Dave's house I told Kate I had work to do, good thing I remembered to forward my office phone to my cell phone to cover my tracks.   When I arrived at zDave's house Pam answered the door wearing a robe that went only went far enough down to cover her bush.

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    She gave me a kiss on the lips and said that she heard she was the prize that I won at basket ball.   I smiled and checked her over.   Pam was about 5'5 120 lbs with nice D size breast a prize for any man black or white.   Dave told me to come in and sit at the couch.   I sat down then Pam came over and knelt down at my feet.   told me that I need to get my clothes off so she can get me comfortable.   I did what she asked and pulled my clothes off she stood up and pulled off her robe and asked if I liked what I see?  Dave  looked at me and said it sure looks like he does from here. Pam looked at my throbing hard cock and said mmm I haven't had white dick in years.   I told her that I never had a black woman either.   This turned her on, she spread her legs and used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart.   This was the pinkest cunt that I ever saw.   I mean it's different from white pussy Iguess it because it looks brighter.   She saw that I was happy with her action.   Started fingering herself and moaning I remembered where I was and looked over at dave to see that his prick was out and he was stroking it.   His cock was about the same length as mine that made me feel good.

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    My attention quickly turned back to Pam when she put her tongue and lips on my swollen member.   She started slurping and bobbing her head up and down.   Pams ass was up in the air so I told dave to help out.   This is your prize bro.   Go on man its yours too.   Figuring if it was my wife I better get some action.   He came over and I realized that even if it was the same length his dick was much wider.   Looked like a 3rd arm sticking out of him.   He grabbed a bottle of lube that was on the end table and placed it on his fingers and started to probe his wife's puckered hole.   She started to moan with my cock deep in her throat.   That was hot She kept sucking me  then I saw Dave squirting Lube on the head of his cock and press it up against Pams hole.   He pushed it in and I heard a pop noise Pam let out a little squeal he pushed in a little at a time, until Pam was relaxed enough.   He then started pounding hard into Pam.   She was enjoying having a dick from both ends moaning with every thrust and not slowing down with the blow job.   I told her that I was going to cum soon asked here where she wants it?  She said I was the winner and its up to me.

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        I want to cum in your mouth, is that ok she nodded never losing pace.   I started to cum and Pam kept going trying not to gag and swollowed all of it.   Damn she gives great head.   Dave kept pounding his ass monster in her then slowed down and pulled out and started squirting cum all over her back.   This was the first time I ever saw another man cum before, except in movies.   This got me hard again, so we changed positions.   I got behind of Pam and stuck my hard cock in her pussy.   It was so hot I thought that I was going to start a fire.   I fucked her pussy and was playing with her ass at the same time.   She told Dave to get back there and fuck her ass at the same time.   He was up to it by then and did just that.   He put it in and we were fucking her at the same time.   I could feal his dick through her inner walls.   This was all enough to get me cumming again so I started pounding her harder and harder and Pam started moaning and squealing she yelled oooooooooo GOD Dont STOpppppppppppp. .

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      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . her ass and pussy tightened around our cocks.   I started cumming in her pussy while Dave shot his load in her tight little hole.   We fell on the couch and laid there for about 15 minutes before I heard my cell phone ringing.   "Hello", Hi Honey I was just finishing up and about ready to leave.   She asked what I wanted for dinner?  I told her that I will pick up take out and bring it home.  She said sounds good to her.   I asked Dave if I could jump in the shower before I left he said go ahead you smell like sex anyways.   and laughed.

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        After I showered I left and later on had "HOT" sex with my wife.   That wasn't the only visit I had at Dave's house made it a regular thing even was able to get Kate in on the action, She Loves Dave's little monster.   This Is the Best Friend Ever.   
    The end   
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