New Year in Alaska


I love living in Alaska! The air is so clear and fresh, you can see for miles from the window in my house. I live in a spooky, two-story home, the only one at the top of Foxfire Hill. There's a long winding drive up past the house and during rush hour traffic, the roadway is quite busy. The only thing I don't like about Alaska is the length of the winter season. It seems to go on forever, and since it's dark twenty-one hours a day, things can get really boring. On New Year's Eve last year, I did my part to bring a little sunshine! I was sitting in my bedroom, primping at my vanity table purely out of boredom. I could see the headlights of all those cars climbing the hill as the commuters headed home after a weary workday, and I felt sorry for them. It was five-thirty and already dark. They drove the same route, repeated the same old routine every dreary day. I've got really large tits and as they bounced free from my bra, I looked up into the mirror and realized all those men driving home could see me clear as day. The idea really turned me on, and I decided right then and there to make a ritual of it. No longer would their drive up the hill be dull and boring! I leaned toward the mirror, hefting my jiggling jugs like a pair of weighty pillows, but I was disappointed when I didn't hear any screeching tires or at least a horn or two honking. It didn't make sense. I figured I must not have been close enough to the window. I got to my feet and gave the drivers a generous view by turning directly toward them. Slowly, Peeling off my red lace panties revealed a layer of froth on the cotton lining of the crotch.


   I removed the pins from my dark auburn hair and let it fall loosely to my waist. I brushed through my satiny locks slowly, sensually, until it was soft as a cloud, hanging like feathers down my back and over my shoulders. I flipped it all behind me because I wanted to give the drivers an unobstructed view of my tits. I wondered how many guys were already jacking off. I hoped there weren't any cops around, but if they came to the house, I'd used the same technique I'd been using to dodge traffic tickets and just fuck them blind. I turned on the reading lamp beside my bed to use as a spotlight. Then I opened the window just a crack to let some really cold air into the room. In moments, my nipples were as hard as fresh, pink pencil erasers. I maneuvered over to the stereo, put on some sexy music and slithered like a charmed asp to the sensual beat. I made sure I did plenty of bumps and grinds, sliding my fingers in my snatch, running over my clit and into my tight hole on the upbeat. I was so horny I wished one of those drivers would pull over long enough to fuck me. I opened a bottle of baby oil and poured it over my luscious boobs, shivering slightly as the oil lapped against my skin, forming a huge drop over each nipple. I needed someone to suck them, desperately. I gave each nipple a silly, little pinch while I smiled into the traffic, but the joke was on me! The sensation sent a zing right to my crotch that screamed "fuck me!" Now what was I going to do? I guess I could masturbate, but that would have put an end to my performance and I was having too much fun to stop. I poured more oil into my hand and splashed it onto my belly, kneading it into my flesh in time with the music.

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   I pulled the vanity stool closer to the window so my audience wouldn't miss a thing. Luckily, the window was long, going nearly to the floor and perfect for putting on a real good show. I ran back to the bed and adjusted the spotlight so it would shine right up my snatch. Positioning myself in front of the window, I put one leg on the stool and stretched the other one back. I rocked as if I were doing leg stretches and pulled one side of my cunt open, sliding my fingers around my clit and up the sides until I got them good and juicy. The feeling was electric. I looked right out the window and stuck my fingers in my mouth, licking and sucking them off while I stared at the traffic. My box was tingling and my whole body felt like a swath of exposed nerves needing the touch of another. I was so ready to come that I didn't dare touch my clit. I nearly screamed when I heard a knock at the door. What if I was arrested for indecent exposure? I turned down the stereo, threw on a silk robe and hurried down the stairs thinking Oh, God, what if it is the cops? I was relieved when I opened the door to find five military types shivering on the porch. Two of them wore plaid hunting jackets and caps, one wore a parka, and the other two were in army fatigues. One was a sergeant, the other, a private. I wondered, bemused, if the sergeant could command the private's dick to stand at attention. Well, if he wouldn't, then I certainly would! I gave them my most sensual smile and asked how I could help them.

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   Evidently, they'd been out hunting elk but had gotten too drunk safely use their weapons. They weren't due home until the next day and they asked to use my phone for a minute. They wanted to tell their wives that they'd be coming home early. They were all so cute and I consented but explained that the phone was upstairs in my bedroom. I swear I heard them all gulp at once and at that moment I knew exactly what I was going to do: swallow all of them, one at a time, in front of my window. On the walk up the flight of stairs I felt a hand reach under the curve of my ass. The more stairs I climbed the more the tie on my robe came loose. Now it was barely holding together. One shrug and the front would fall all the way open. I turned at the top of the stairs and posed, smiling down at them. When I saw all those eyes on me, I felt my snatch bubble. As I reached for the railing, the robe flew open and a tit fell out. My nipple strained toward then, begging to be sucked. The guy in the parka stepped forward and slid open the other side of my robe so both boobs were revealed. They were still shiny with oil and he traced the nipples with his fingers.

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   He asked if they could all come inside my bedroom. I said they could if they were able. That got them to laughing and as they followed me inside I heard them tearing off their clothes, tripping and hopping after me. I stopped in front of the window and when I turned around I saw five stiff cocks pointing at me like five batons leading an orchestra. Let the music begin! I crossed the room and cranked up the stereo. Then I threw off my robe and began to dance. The sergeant crawled toward me on his knees, and I pulled his face into my snatch. His tongue kept time with the music and I smiled as I looked over my shoulder at the cars slowly climbing the hill. I slid my hands down my widespread legs and leaned backwards until the traffic seemed upside down. Two of them handled my boobs, sucking them gregariously, while the private squeezed my ass, shoving it forward in time to the jungle beat like a good little soldier. I stood and turned to face the window and noticed that the private was indeed standing at attention quite stiffly. Being very patriotic, I saluted his loyalty by milking him in time to the tune. He groaned, filling my hand with steamy cum which I slathered all over my breasts in front of the window. I felt a finger go up my twat from behind and I squatted down to suck one of their big dicks. I slid up his body and French kissed him so he could taste his own juice.

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   He kneaded my tits and the slippery feeling of the oil drove me wild. I tasted beer and cigarettes on his tongue and it turned me on more than ever. I laid on the dresser and let each of them fuck me while the others watched. Because we were fucking in front of a mirror, the commuters outside got a double feature. We fucked ourselves stupid, and some of the guys even got into the act for the commuters by clowning around in front of the window. One of them retrieved his pants from the floor and took a Polaroid camera from his pocket. I swear, each time I heard the camera spit out a picture, someone groaned. I could have put up new wallpaper with all the cum glue those guys were squirting all over my carpet. At last, it was the sarge's turn. My clit was swollen and throbbing with desire. He rubbed it and stroked it until I came and it felt like the stars outside the window flew right into my snatch and made it sparkle. What an orgasm. . . the black hole! Quickly I pulled him closer and put one leg up on the stool, turning so the drivers outside would get the best view.

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   My pussy was still clenching from the violent orgasm I had just experienced and I was panting to get his dick inside of me. I grabbed it and drove it home! Just as I had promised, I was tight as a nun. The sergeant wasted no time. Oh man, could he fuck! Quickly I pulled him closer and put one leg up on the stool, turning so the drivers outside would get the best view. My pussy was still clenching from the violent orgasm I had just experienced and I was panting to get his dick inside of me. I grabbed it and drove it home! Just as I had promised, I was tight as a nun. The sergeant wasted no time. Oh man, could he fuck! This guy was a real firecracker. I turned toward the window and had him fuck me from behind for a while so the commuters could watch my face. I blew on my tits and had another orgasm just thinking about everybody watching me from their cars. There had to be at least twenty guys jacking off as they drove up the hill! I wriggled and groaned, gazing at our reflections in the window as his thick rope of a dick slid in and out of my smouldering hole. I could tell he was about ready to come, but I wanted to feel him explode in my mouth. After all, what a great scene, right? I thought of all those horny drivers fucking themselves, watching us as they drove along, and I mean. . .

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  shit! What a turn on. I turned the sarge sideways so they could see me sucking him. He was hot and slick. I smiled at him and realized he'd gone into orbit. He was so far gone, his eyes were glazed over. I flicked my tongue up and down his dick until I found his little hot spot, flattened my tongue and rolled the skin up and down. He groaned and gripped my hair as I increased the speed of my sucking. I grabbed his ass when he came and let his cum trickle of my mouth and onto his dick so the commuters could see every creamy drop. Before the guys hit the road, they promised to return after their next hunting trip, which would be in a couple of months. I waited until they drove off to grab my car keys. I needed to stock up on window cleaner. I'd not only found a new way to pass those long Alaskan winters. . . I was providing a community service!

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