Our Senior Trip


     This is the story of eight teenagers on their senior trip. They decided to make their senior trip to James’s house in Pittsburg. The eight of them (James, Stephanie, Don, Paige, Mallory, John, Laura, and Clay) packed up for the weekend and drove to the house. The four couples quickly settled into the four bedrooms. James and Stephanie took the master, Don and Paige took the first downstairs bedroom, John and Mallory took the second master bedroom, and Clay and Laura took the upstairs loft. As the teens ate dinner, James asked, “So what are we doing tonight? Truth or dare? The Star Wars drinking game? What?”Everyone talked about it and decided to go with Truth or Dare. Once everyone was settled into a circle, they started. James went first and dared Mallory and Laura to make out for five minutes. They quickly did and the game went on. After four rounds, the game got sexual and all couples restrictions were forgotten. Mallory said, “Dominic, I dare you to suck on Laura’s tits for two minutes. ” John looked at Laura and she nodded. He crawled over and quickly lifted her shirt and bra. He started in on her left nipple, slowly biting and licking it till they became long and hard. Then he started in on her right nipple, slowly doing the same. After they were hard, he started biting and sucking harder making her nipples red and hard.

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   As his two minutes approached, he brought her breast together and sucked both nipples hard and brought her to a quick climax. As Laura regained her breath John took his seat back and spun the bottle to start his next turn.      As the bottle slowed down it landed on Don. Dominic laughed and asked, “Truth or Dare, Don?”   Don laughed and replied, “Dare. ” John thought a second and said, “I dare you to pull your dick out here and masturbate until you come while the game goes on. When you are cuming, cum on whoever is being asked at that point. I don’t care if they are a guy or girl. ”Don whipped out his seven inch dick and started at it while he spun the bottle. It landed on Mallory. He asked truth or dare and she choose dare.      He said, “I dare you eat out Stephanie. ”     Stephanie laughed and pulled her jeans off as Mallory crawled in between her legs and started to slowly lick her clit. As Mallory took her time, Stephanie went through several small climaxes building toward her earth-shattering squirt. As Stephanie was almost there, Don felt that he needed to cum and moved over to her face. Stephanie immediately opened her mouth and as Don came in her mouth, she climaxed, squirting Mallory in the face.

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    Mallory stood up with her face soaked. Stephanie leaned down and shared the cum with her, licking her own juices off of Mallory’s face also. As they finished cleaning up, Mallory moved back to her seat and spun the bottle. It landed on James. James choose dare. Mallory said, “ I dare you to fuck Paige’s tits. ”     James looked at Paige and she laughed and agreed. Don seemed a little put off, but he knew that was the game and he had just cum on James’s girlfriend. James straddled Paige’s 34C tits and slid his eight-inch dick in between slowly. He pushed her tits together, while playing with her nipples and started to fuck back and forth. As he slid his cock forward it bumped Paige’s chin. Mallory said, “Come on Paige, suck his dick when he comes up. Pop that head in and out!”     Paige took the three inches of cock that reached into her mouth and sucked on it as it went in and out. As James fucked her tits faster and faster he was almost to his climax. He stood and just shoved his whole cock into Paige’s mouth, having her deep throat him.


   She took him into her throat as he came deep in her throat. She chocked a little on the volume and a little squirted out of her mouth. She took the rest like a champ and cleaned James’s cock even as he pulled out. James sat back down and spun the bottle. It landed on Clay. James looked at him and got an immediate, “Dare. ” James smiled and said, “You always brag about sucking yourself off. I dare you to to do it right now. ”     Clay laughed and pulled his pants off, showing his hard 6-inch dick off.   He leaned up against the wall and bent himself in to position. He swallowed four inches of his dick and sucked on it until he came, while being applauded and cheered on by everyone. When he came, Laura swapped cum with him and swallowed his load. She piped up, “Umm, yummy. ”Everyone laughed and Clay spun the bottle.      It landed on Stephanie.

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   He asked truth or dare and got a dare as normal. He said, “I dare you to take it up the ass right now from James. You always say you want to try so here is your chance. ”     Stephanie looked scared at the thought and only agreed after some coercing and promises to stop if it got too bad. Mallory pulled KY out of her bag and started spreading it on Stephanie’s asshole, prepping her to get fucked. Mallory started fingering her asshole spreading it open. Everyone waited while Mallory got Stephanie ready, as Mallory loved anal and had already helped Paige and Laura take it up the ass from their boyfriends.      As Mallory got three fingers in, Stephanie said, “Okay, I’m ready to go. Fuck me James!” James got behind her and slowly started to push his dick against her asshole. She groaned slightly and pushed back, popping the head in. As he pushed forward more, he reached around and start rubbing her clit to take away some of the awareness of the pain. As he reached the halfway point, Stephanie was getting used to it and just shoved her hips back all the way, taking his cock to the base.      As James started fucking her, Laura reached over and started to suck Don’s dick as it was hard and waiting. Paige looked surprised but then she sat on Don’s face and started to get eaten out. Mallory and Dominic got in position and started fucking, when Clay’s dick got hard again and he slipped into Mallory’s ass to double penetrate her.

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   As everyone got their rhythm going, James came to his climax and pulled out. He aimed and came all over Stephanie and Laura next to her. Stephanie sucked a little on his dick to get the rest as Laura stopped sucking Don’s cock to lick up the cum on Stephanie.  Once Laura finished cleaning up Stephanie, she went back to Don’s dick, but instead she straddled him and took him all the way to the base. As Paige climaxed on Don’s face he started cumming in Laura’s pussy as she squirted. Meanwhile, Clay and Dominic were tag-teaming Mallory, who had already had multiple orgasms and was ready to pass out from the pleasure. As Mallory climaxed for the sixth time, Dominic felt his orgasm about to blow.      Dominic said, “Hey Clay I’m about to cum. I’m gunna fuck her face. ”     Clay replied, “No dude. I’m about to also. Let’s cum on her face. ” Dominic nodded and they proceeded to jack off quickly while Mallory opened her mouth and waited for them. When they took a little to long, she started sucking on Clay’s cock. As Clay ejaculated in her mouth, Dominic blew his load on her face, with a little getting on Clay’s cock.

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        As everyone relaxed after cumming so hard, the idea was proposed of a game of Sphere. Everyone agreed and the girls laid down in a square with their heads all near each other. The idea of the game is that the guys start with their girlfriends and start fucking them. They have one minute, then they move to the next girl. The first guy to cum has to clean up the rest of the guy’s cum from all the girls. The guy that last the longest gets control over everyone for an hour. If one girl gets two guys to come for her, she get everyone for half an hour. If she gets three guys, she gets 45 minutes. If she gets all the guys, she gets an hour also.  As the girls laid down, the guys joined their girlfriends and got down on their knees, ready to start. (We are going to go through this game in James’s head so just follow along. ) Stephanie laid down and to her right was Mallory, to her left was Laura, and opposite of her was Paige. Mallory grabbed her watch and said. “Okay, you have one minute with each girl. I’ll keep track of time.

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   After your minute is done, you have ten seconds to get to the next girl.   Remember, first to cum has to clean up everyone. ”  The guys nodded and Mallory said, “Go. ” As James slid his dick into Stephanie, he felt her ever-tight cunt grasping harder than normal. He knew he could fuck her for hours but her tight cunt should get Don off pretty fast, as he was new to fucking Paige. All he had to do was outlast Don. As the same thought of outlasting Don ran through John and Clay, time ended and they had to move. James moved on to fucking Mallory. As he slid into her pussy, his big dick caused Mallory to jump. She leaned up and started to make out with him. As James was slamming Mallory pretty hard, she was watching as Don was starting to look a little strained. He was slowing his strokes down, to Laura’s disappointment. As time ended, James slid his dick out from Mallory with a pop. She looked a little disappointed as Clay slid his smaller prick in.  James meanwhile has come over to Paige, his best friend for years.

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   He looked at her to make sure it was okay, but all Paige wanted was his thick cock. She grabbed it and slammed James’s hips down, sliding almost all 8 inches in. James was a little surprised but, took over and started ramming his dick into her hard. He knew that it wouldn’t make him cum but it was really nice, Paige was pretty tight and she cam every time he slammed into her cervix.  Meanwhile, Don couldn’t take Stephanie’s extremely tight pussy and asked, “Where do I cum?” Everyone replied, “On her face!” Don immediately pulled out and came all over Stephanie’s face, shooting a huge load.  Everyone laughed that Don had came and he was out. Mallory said, “Okay Don’s out. Whoever he was supposed to fuck can just masturbate. Now time’s up switch. “ As James moved onto Laura, John had started fucking Stephanie’s tight cunt and was barely able to get his thick 7 inches in.  He groaned, “Damn Stephanie. That’s gotta be the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked. ”  Stephanie laughed and just started squeezing his dick, pushing him to the edge. Mallory meanwhile was laughing at the strain her boyfriend was going through. As the clock approached 45 seconds, Dom couldn’t take it any longer and before he could pull out, he blew his entire load into Stephanie’s pussy.

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   Stephanie was a little surprised, and came when the hot sperm hit her cervix. She squirted a little and shocked Don some more.  Mallory complained, “Stephanie you keep making them all cum. I need some dick over her. ” As everyone laughed, the timer beeped and James pulled out of Laura, coming back over to Stephanie, while Clay climbed back over to fuck Laura.  As James slid in he whispered to his girlfriend, “I bet you enjoy fucking all these guys don’t you? Having four dick in you must really make your day. ” Stephanie whimpered as his big dick slid deep into her pussy. James really enjoyed slamming his dick deep into her and feeling Don’s load squish about in there.      As James started to feel an orgasm, time expired and he moved on, but not before kissing Stephanie. As James moved over to Mallory, he stroked his dick a little and started to tease Mallory. She finally got mad after not hving her turn and just jumped on him, pushing him on to his back. Don cracked up as she started to ride James’s cock. As James slammed his dick deep inside Mallory, Clay was having a tought time not popping. As time slowly counted down, he finally had to pop and he did so on Stephanie’s tits, seconds before the time switch.  As time ended, James said, “Haha, looks like I win, but I still haven’t blown my load.

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   So I’m going to keep going, (with all the girls nodding, as they loved his long thick dick. ) Yall can fuck if yall want. Just when time’s up for me, let me move on. ” The guys immediately grabbed the nearest girl and started fucking her. James slid deep into Paige’s pussy and started fucking. Stephanie meanwhile had Don deep in her ass as Don fucked Laura and Clay titty fucked Mallory. As time reached thirty seconds, James proclaimed he was gunna come. He said, “Guys, get off. I’m gunna come on all four of them. ”  As the girls moved in front of them, Mallory started kissing Laura as Paige fondled James’s balls and Stephanie started to tease the head of his cock. As he started to cum, he blew his first huge shot on Stephanie’s face, then the second shot on Paige’s tits. Then for the last shots, he came on Mallory and Laura as they made out. He finally wiped his dick on Laura’s tits to clean it off.  As he did, the guys applauded.  .


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