Pary time!


It was a Friday night and she knew a friend of hers was throwing a big party, so after a long, stressful week at work she finally decided she would go and check it out, especially since the party was within walking distance from her house. She ate a lite supper and started getting showered and dressed for the party. Whilst doing so, she remembered she had a couple bottles of beer in her own fridge and figured she'd get a little jump start on the night ahead. By the time she'd got ready she could actually hear the music from around the corner at the party and figured it was time she to head on over. She locked her door and hid her key, as she planned on having a really good time at the party and didn't want the risk of loosing her purse or her keys. In fact she figured she'd just be sleeping at her friends house afterwards.

As she walked down the street under the dark of the night sky, just the street lights and starts high above lighting up the night, she heard a car pulling up behind her. “Hey sexy hop in; we'll give you a ride”

She turned to see a convertible with its top down and a few colleagues she knew from work. Even though it was just a mile or so walk, she figured this was more fun, so, seeing that there was no actual seats left, she giggled and hopped into the back seat onto one guy's lap and laid her legs across the other guy's. As the car got on the move again she took the beer form the guy she was actually sitting on, an before he had chance to say anything she planted a big kiss on his lips and said, “Thanks. ”

He just shrugged his shoulders with a smile and said, ”Ok. ” There was only half a bottle left and she downed that in no time. By now the car was pulling into the drive way, so she hopped out and headed towards the house. The two guys whom she had been sitting on in the back hurried to catch up with her. The one who's lap she'd been sitting on said, “Wait for us, we'll get you another drink. ”

Liking the sounds of this, she moved her arms and put them around their backs, hooking her hands into their back pockets for grip as she did so.

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   Once she got inside she removed her hands and let them go get her a drink as she found her friend that was throwing the party. She spoke with her until the guys came back over and passed her a nice cold beer from the keg. She kissed them both in return. The four of them talked a while before the friend throwing the party went off and mingled. Down to just the three of them together now, she felt like she had two body guards as they moved on each side of her. She didn't mind it at all. In fact she was having great fun laughing dancing and flirting with them. They kept the drinks coming, and whomever filled it up got a kiss in return.

After a couple hours at the party, a poker game had broken out. The two guys she was with asked, “Do you want to come over with us and join the game?”

Thinking for a second she replied, “No, I have a better idea. ” They both looked at her with a little confusion in their eyes and before either could ask her idea she stood up grabbed both their hands and walked off towards another room. They passed the existing poker game on the way and she took the spare set of cards off the table. She led them into the room and closed the door. This room was the enclosed patio area, all walls but the one joining the house were glass so they were overlooking the yard in the dark of the night. They all took a seat around the patio table and she dealt out the cards.

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“OK, so what's the game,” one guy asked.

“Strip poker of course,” she replied with a giggle

“Awesome, lets get this game going,” the other guy said.

So the game started, and little by little clothes were strewn over the floor and backs of chairs.  Before too many clothes were lost, both guys went and got a pitcher of beer from the keg to keep them going through the game. As the time passed more skin was beginning to show, until both guys were down to just boxers and all she had was her panties.

“Shall we call it a draw and rejoin the party?” one guy asked

“We'll call it a draw, but loose the rest of our clothes and have more fun in here,” she replied as she stood up and removed her thong. Both guys were overcome with a big smile and instantly stood up removing their boxers. She moved towards them, first kissing one, pressing her naked body close against his as she ran her hand down his stomach to grab his cock, giving it a little squeeze.  Then, she stepped to the side and did the same to the other guy. This time she stepped back a little then dropped onto her knees whilst grabbing his cock in her left hand. She then started running her tongue around the head, as she slid her lips over it, her right hand reached for the other guys cock to squeeze and caress his while she massaged the other with her tongue and lips. Feeling both of them getting hard with pleasure, she moved her head to the other guy, gently running her tongue around the tip before sliding it into her mouth.

After a while of that she could feel that both of them were hard and pulsing, but she didn't want to make either of then cum so soon.
    So, she laid herself down spread her legs and started fingering herself, grinding her hips up and down as she did. Loving this sight the guys dropped to the floor with her.

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       One started caressing and kissing her breasts, nibbling on the nipples as they got harder. The other guy moved her hand from her pussy and slid his tongue deep inside, sucking up her already flowing juices and nibbling on her clit and pussy lips. Enjoying it, she started groaning quietly and reached down to the guy kissing her breasts, grabbing his cock and moving it up towards her mouth. Sliding it between her warm moist lips, she ran her tongue up and down the shaft as she moved her mouth over it. She startd squeasing him tighter as her pleasure from being eaten increased, her groans getting louder and her body more tense as she pushed hard onto the tongue working on her clit. Her grip on the guys cock got tighter as he throbbed in her mouth. As she started to cum, her tongue and lips worked harder on the cock that's filling her mouth.  When he cums in her mouth, she also cums over the other guy's tongue, so sweet and warm.
    Then she moved onto all fours, telling the guys to switch places. The guy who got the blow job moved around to her pussy, getting onto all fours himself, thus enabling him to bury his face and tongue in her hot, juicy pussy. Meanwhile, she wrapped her tongue and lips around the other guy's cock, feeling him getting harder in her mouth, throbbing with pleasure. She slid her mouth away for a second and said to the other guy, “Fuck me! Make me cum!”

    Quickly, he moved himself up to slide his cock into her throbbing pussy, pounding away deeper and harder as she tightened up around him.  Her lips were getting tighter on the other guys cock as her tongue massaged harder. His throbbing turned to an explosion.  She joined him in the release of pleasure, his cum filling her mouth as her cum surrounded the other guys cock.

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       Seconds later, she felt her pussy filling with cum as he, too, exploded inside her. They collapsed in a heap to regain their breath before getting dressed. Once they were all presentable again, they re joined the party.
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