Ruby's Best Birthday


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It’s the last thing a man wants to hear from his wife and she’d actually went and said it.
“Our sex life’s been kind of boring and I just need something to spice it up, honey. ”
Frank was sitting on the couch next to his wife, Ruby. She was a woman who could be called MILF (Mom I’d Like to Fuck).
She was of average height; her hair was dark red and shoulder-length. She had a small frame that was shaped like a beautiful hourglass. Her ass was firm, but had plenty of yield in it. Her tits, likewise, weren’t that big, but had a sexy shape and a high lift to them.
Frank was six years younger but he couldn’t compare. He was handsome and had a descent build, but the years were taking their toll on him. He couldn’t defy the laws of nature the way Ruby did.
Now they were sitting on the couch. It was Ruby’s 38th birthday. They’d had a nice time up to that point.

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   Frank had taken her out to eat, bought her a new paper shredder, and taken her to a movie. It was getting close to nightfall. They usually finished her birthdays by having sex, and that was what had brought up the subject of boring sex.
They’d followed the same routine for both of their last three birthdays—dinner, a movie, and a gift that would probably never be used after the first month. She could handle that. A boring sex life, hell no!
Little did she know, Frank had a surprise for her. He already knew how she felt and he had made plans for something special tonight. He was going to surprise the hell out of her, but first he had to continue acting like she was saying something that upset him.
He grunted and grabbed his face as if frustrated. He was slouching on the couch with his head tilted back and his eyes closed and teeth gritted as if pondering some kind of tough decision. In actuality, the gritted teeth were just his way of concealing a smile.
“Does it really mean that much to you?” he blurted.
“You know it does,” she replied.
“Well, I’ll tell you what. ” He paused and took a deep breath.


   “Today is your birthday. I promised you a big surprise for your birthday. ”
“Yeah, you did. ”
“And I don’t think I can outdo this surprise for quite a long while. You know what I got you?”
Ruby smiled. She was getting excited wondering what it was. She knew it had to be something sexual because that’s what she had just been talking about. She said, “What, dear?”
“Well, I’ve been hearing you whining about what you just told me and I thought, ‘Well, I gotta get something unique. ’ What I got is a South American soccer player. ”
Ruby’s eyes narrowed as she stared into his. She felt a hint of anger trying to surface, but she forced it to stay down. Maybe there was more to what Frank was telling her, but right now it seemed like he had gotten her hopes up for the purpose of making some kind of stupid joke.
“A soccer player?” she asked. “A South American soccer player?”
“You said you were watching soccer on TV and it turned you on or something. What do I know? So, I found this guy just hanging out and I made him a deal.

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Ruby’s eyes spread as wide as saucers. Her mouth dropped to the floor. The anger was gone and replaced by the euphoria that a child feels on Christmas day when he opens a gift and finds the toy that he’s been dying to get all year.
“Really?” she said.
“Yeah. In fact, he’s right over there,” said Frank as he pointed to the hallway.
Ruby looked over her shoulder. A young, Hispanic man with slick, dark hair walked in. He was wearing a T-shirt with his country’s colors decorating the front. His shorts had number 27 stamped on the lower leg portion. He was in great shape. He was thin, but well-developed.
“Oh, look at you!” said Ruby as she felt all over his chest and rock-hard abs. “He’s so young and…and…”
“He’s all yours,” Frank said.
“Thank you,” she said.

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   Then she turned her attention to the soccer player who was squeezing in next to her on the couch. “Boy, I’m gonna devour you. ”
“I’m ready,” said Enrique.
She was disappointed that he didn’t have an accent, but his looks more than made up for it. “You’re a cute little stud. ”
She kissed his cheek and then started taking his clothes off. She helped lift his shirt over his head.
“I love Latin men,” said Ruby as she looked over his pecs and flat stomach. “Let’s see what’s under those shorts. ”
He wasn’t shy. That’s for sure. Without hesitation he stood, hooked his thumbs into his shorts, and slid them off his hips. He sat back down when he was done getting everything off.
Ruby stood, said, “I’m gonna go to town on this. ”
She stepped in front of him.

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   She was really sexy in her skin-tight, see-through outfit. It was hard for Enrique to tell if it was supposed to be sexy underwear or a dress. Either way, she looked good in it, and she was looking better by the second because she was slowly removing it from her body.
Enrique felt his cock stiffening when her tits jumped out. Being a leg and ass man, he could also appreciate the thickness in her hips. He knew there had to be a nice, plump ass behind her and he couldn’t wait to see it.
Ruby said, “I’m gonna have so much fun. I’m gonna fuck your brain out. ”
She dropped to her knees, leaned forward, and licked Enrique from his balls to the tip of his penis. She did it again, this time slower and with her warm breath blowing over it. Then she grabbed it and took him deep in her mouth.
She relished the feel of a new cock sliding across her tongue. She pulled it out, and as she fondled Enrique’s nipples, she asked, “Do you like older women?”
“Oh, yeah. They’re the best. ”
“Good because I love to suck young cocks.

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“Then go for it, baby. ”
Frank wasn’t really looking, but he knew what was happening. He could hear the slurping noises that his wife was making as she inhaled a huge mouthful. From the corner of his eye, he could see her head moving up and down, in and out, and twisting in different directions.
She was talking really dirty to him. She was commenting on how good his cock tasted, how much she loved having it in her mouth, and how cute Enrique was.
And now that Ruby mentioned it, Enrique was kind of cute. Even Frank could see that. He reminded him a lot of the prize fighter, Oscar Delahoya.
But this wasn’t a good time to be thinking about how cute the man fucking his wife was. He had other things on his mind. For instance, Ruby was bending over as she sucked his cock. Frank had long left the couch to give them more room to work. He had a great view of Ruby’s bobbing head and her juicy ass and the fat pussy lips between the cheeks. His throbbing cock was on his mind now.

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No one noticed him getting naked, but Ruby was the first to find out when she felt the head of his cock pushing into her. She moaned from shock and excitement. It had been a long time since she’d had sex with two men at the same time.
“Does it feel good?” said Frank.
Ruby moaned her approval and kept sucking. Her slurping was getting louder and more exaggerated. Enrique had grabbed hold of her head. He was force guiding it up and down on his cock.
“Oh, I’m in heaven. One cock in my mouth and another one in my pussy. I just love cock. ”
“Well, I hope you remember this because you got no idea what I’m gonna want on my birthday. ”
They both chuckled and so did Enrique. The laughs faded fast and Ruby went back to sucking hard on his cock.
“Does that feel good, baby?”
“Oh, yeah,” she moaned.

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   There was a slight pause, then she said, “I’m curious to see how this cock feels in my pussy. ”
Frank pulled out and sat beside Enrique. “Well, why don’t we just switch?” he said.
Ruby wanted to go to the bed. She got up and hopped on it. Two erect cocks were following very close behind her. Now Enrique could get a good look at her ass. Like he expected, it was nice and ripe.
Frank lay on his back. Ruby was also on her back except her upper body was lying across Frank’s stomach so she’d be face level with his cock.
She slipped it in her mouth as Enrique grabbed her ankles and used them to raise and spread her legs. He felt a rush of tingles as he was entering her for the first time. For an older woman, Ruby had some tight snatch.
“Mmmm, I can taste my pussy juice all over your cock,” she said to Frank.
Enrique started fucking her.

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   It was slow at first. It picked up pace as time went on. After a while he had her screaming like a banshee. He was holding her by her legs ramming into her.
She was screaming too much to suck Frank’s cock. The only thing she could do was hold onto it and try to stroke it enough to keep it from going limp.
Frank didn’t seem to mind. He was glad to see his wife was enjoying the fucking she was getting, and she was definitely getting a good fuck.
Frank popped it in her mouth, grabbed her head and slowly started humping her. He’d slide his cock a little deeper time.
“Yeah, swallow that cock. I’m feeding your face while he fucks you. You like that, honey? You like him fucking your pussy, baby, while I feed your face with my cock? You like that? A face full of cock and a pussy full of cock?”
Ruby was too horny to answer, plus her mouth was stuffed to capacity. Her answers were a bunch of loud moans that caused a vibration on her husband’s cock, which felt really good. That’s why he kept asking so many questions.

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   Plus the dirty talk seemed to be making Ruby hornier. By the time the boys got up to switch positions again, she had already had two orgasms.
“You know what I’d really like?” asked Ruby. “I want to have both your cocks in me at the same time. One cock in my pussy and one in my asshole. ”
Frank had a better idea. “How about two in your pussy, and then one in your pussy and one in your asshole?”
She agreed. It sounded good to her. She’d never had two in her pussy at the same time, so she was curious to know if they’d both fit.
They did. “Wow, two cocks in my pussy at once,” she moaned when she felt Enrique slip inside her.
Frank was lying on the bed with Ruby straddling him. Enrique had climbed in behind her and started stuffing her.
“Oh, wow, I’m so full. I feel so good.


   Oh, yeeeah!!”
Ruby was going ape shit. The guys were fucking her hard and rough. They were biting her nipples and pulling her hair. They were talking nasty to her. They even choked her while they gangbanged. They did the same when they ate her pussy and gave her a DP.
By the end of the night, everyone was exhausted. They had been going at it for hours. The guys barely had any leg strength at all, but they continued to thrust mightily into Ruby.
Frank was in her asshole; Enrique, on bottom, in her pussy. Ruby had been screaming for so long and so loud that it was a wonder how she still had her voice.
Ruby could sense that both of them were nearing orgasms. She said, “I want to feel your hot cum squirt all over my ass because it makes me feel so nasty.
“Oh, it does?”
“Yeah. Cum right in my gaping asshole.

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She was bent over in the bed. She was lost in herself. She was almost growling from the anticipation.
The thought of cum in her ass was driving her insane. She rocked back and forth as she swirled her ass in huge circled, almost pleading with the guys to hurry up and nut in her rump.
One after the other, they took turns fucking her and cumming in her ass. There was so much that it started spilling out and dripping down her legs.
She scooped it out with her hands and started eating it straight from her asshole.
The guys were transfixed. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Neither had ever seen a woman this out of control. It was the things that see was saying, the way she said them, the way she moved, and the way she looked so happy doing the dirtiest things.
The exact same thought was running through both of their heads. They wanted to keep fucking. The only problem was their cocks were going limp and their legs couldn’t take anymore.


This woman was a super slut.
Once it was over, frank and Ruby thanked Enrique for coming over. Frank even let her take a shower with him.
Frank slipped him and envelope as he was leaving. It was full of money and there was a note inviting him back in five months for Frank’s birthday.
A soccer championship, good money, and a man who paid him to do what he would’ve happily done for free. Yes, life was good for Enrique.
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