Senatorial Misconduct


"You know Damn well what I mean. Your a registered democrat and I don't even know how to vote. Why in hell are we working for a republican senator?" Gary asked. "Because it's a good career move. If you can put on your resume that you worked in a senator's office no one cares which party. It'll give us a leg up when we graduate. Think abou the future. " Bob tuned out the diatribe he knew was coming. Gary was his best friend and had been since childhood but, well, asshole was the best word he could think of. ". . . . . and she's supposed to be a real tight assed bitch. " Gary finished and took several deep breaths like he had just finish a run.

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   He somtimes forgot to breath when he ranted. "Just eat so we can get back to work. " Bob said shaking his head. In the inner office senator Cochran was frantic. She dug through her tote bag for the third time then checked all the drawers in her desk again. "Where the hell is it?" The flight had been terrible, then a speech this morning and meeting after meeting, she needed relief and fingers simply were not going to cut it. She needed her vibrator. Vick has probably got it she thought, using it on one of his sluts. She bristled at the thought of her husband half a continent away shoving her vibrator in a skank younger than his own daughter. Maybe it was in her briefcase in the outer office. "Senator. . . !" Bob started to jump to his feet when she walked in, but remembered the food on his lap in time. "Hello gentlemen.

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   Did you see my briefcase out here?" she asked. "Uh. . No ma'am. Would you like us to find it for you?" He knew he was being a real brown nose and would take alot of shit from Gary later, but the senator was pretty hot for a woman her age. Bob had a bad weakness for sexy older women. Gary had teased him for years that he should just fuck his mom and get it over with. "No no. " she said "That's ok. " and smiled at his eagerness. If Bob had been standing his knees may have given way. This was the real reason he jumped at this job when he saw the ad. After seeing the senator on TV he was in L. U. S.

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  T. love. "But, if it's not an imposition, would you guys have another burger or something? I haven't eaten all day with everything that's been going on. " she asked with another sweet smile. Bob was afraid his cock was going to leap out of his pants and scream "Here, eat me!!!"Gary saved the day. "We got a side salad. We even have choice of dressing. French or oil and vineger. " he said extending the salad and both packets of dressing. She accepted them, chuckling and grinning broadly. "Why don't you come into my office? There's plenty of room on my desk. You won't have to do your balancing act. "Once they were resettled around her desk the three chatted about nothing and the boys finished their burgers. Senator Cochran wasn't eating much. Mostly what she was doing was dipping her finger into the salad bowl and seductively licking french dressing off of it.

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   She steered the conversation toward college, she assumed they were students, then to promiscuity, wild sex parties and then on to group sex. Gary couldn't believe it. Here was this sexy woman, talking sex and staring longingly into Bobby's eyes and all he could do was knod and drool like an idiot. She was a little old for Gary's taste, almost fifty, but long legs and big boobs made up for that. She was just what Bobby was always babbling about, yet he hadn't gotten the hint. It was up to him to save the day. When her finger made another swipe in the bowl and was again headed for those luscious lips Gary intercepted it and licked it clean himself. The senator beamed an angelic smile, then leaned in to kiss him deeply. He slid his hand up her thigh and under her skirt to stroke the crotch of her panties. Finally she thought I was running out of bullshit. Some guys their age get turned off if a woman is too direct. Her cunt was starting to juice up as he stroked her crotch. Pulling her mouth away from him Senator Cochran put her hand on Bobby's cock and pushed her tongue into his mouth to make sure he knew that he was included in this too. Bobby was the one she wanted, but she had no problem doing his friend as well. Bobby may have been slow on the uptake, but once he got it, he got it.

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   He had her blouse off in no time and flung it away. It was followed by her bra. Bobby took a breast in each hand and alternately sucking and flicking his tongue across each nipple as he gently squeezed the beautiful orbs. "God these are great tits. " he said. They must be 38 C's at least he thought. With her still sitting in the chair Gary was having trouble getting her panties off. "Hey Bobby, lets get her up on the desk. " Both boys swept what was left of their dinner onto the floor and lifted the woman to the desk top. Rolling onto her stomach the conservative republican senator undid Bob's pants as Gary stripped her of her under pants. As soon as Bob's six inches of maleness showed itself she gobbled it down greedily. "Oh God yes. " Bobby moaned. "That's the way senator. Suck that dick.

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  "Gary was managing to keep himself entertained at the southern end of things. He fluttered his tongue on her little love bud, licked the full length of her slit and across no man's land to her asshole. She moaned around Bobby's cock as he retraced his steps and got down to some serious licking. Yes, this was just what she needed. A tongue in her cunt and a dick in her mouth. She took Bob all the way down, burying her nose in his pubes. Gary was a masterful licker and it wouldn't be long. As Gary's mouth worked its magic on her down below Bob put his hand on top of her head and took control of the blowjob. Like all powerful people she liked to relax and let someone else have the reins some times. Bob alternated between fucking her mouth and pumping her head. When she thought she had his pattern down he would stop and change it. She wanted to tell him to grab her hair, but that would mean letting his sweet meat pole go out of her mouth. She wouldn't do that even for a second. Gary was using his tongue, lips and teeth on the woman's swollen little clit. He stroked his own cock as she began to pump her hips up and down.

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   Bobby's dick muffled her crys as a torrent of juice flowed from her. Yeah, you got yours he thought. Now it's my turn. He again licked the length of her pussy slit and ended by swirling his tongue around the tight pucker between her ass cheeks. He tryed to push his tongue into her asshole, but it was too tight. She obviously didn't get much backdoor action. Gary licked and massaged the senator's sphincter until she relaxed a little and he was able to push a pinky inside. That would have to be good enough. He was too horny to wait any longer. As he stood and lined up his eight inches of cock meat with her brown eye he spyed the unused packet of oil and vineger dressing. It has oil in it he thought, it will work. He tore the packet open with his teeth and squirted the chilled condiment on her butthole and smeared it around with his cock head. As the young man behind her enter her ass she faught the instinctive urge to clinch her teeth. Wouldn't want to hurt the beautiful prick working in her mouth. Thank goodness he lubed her.

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   She hadn't been butt fucked since college and didn't think she could have taken it dry. That first cum had been great, but she needed another bad. The big boner pumping in her butt was giving her fits. The pole in her mouth was working in a totally different rythme from the one in her ass. They were using her for their pleasure. Oblivious to what she might want and that was alright with her. "Oh yeah. What an ass. Oh man it's so fucking good! Yeah, yeah, hear it comes. Oh take it yeah, I'm cumming in your sweet ass, yeah. . !!" Gary had been vocalizing the whole time. Telling her how great her asshole was. Now he was shooting gobs and gobs of hot jizm into it. "Let me at that pussy.

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   Bob said and Gary reluctantly pulled his limp member out of the woman's body. They rolled her onto her back and spun her around 180 degrees. Bob was now between her legs and her head hung over the other side of the desk with Gary's balls bouncing in her face as he stroked himself trying to get hard again. It was obvious to her that to these two she was just a collection of holes to be fucked. What a turn on. The senator was aware that she was far from young and having two hot college boys see her as a sex object blew her mind. Gary stuffed his half erect tool into her mouth and began pumping his hips. Bouncing his balls off her nose. Bob went down and gave her snatch a few laps and realized that he had no work to do there. This sopping wet cunt was ready to be fucked. He slid in easily. The senator giggled like a little girl as Gary's wand grew in her mouth. He tasted like oil and vineger dressing. Gary fucked her mouth with wild abandon while Bobby's assault on her pussy brought her to another earth shaking orgasm. Bobby didn't let up on this sexy woman, old enough to be his mother and her body was quivering and quaking with another violent climax as he sprayed cock juice deep inside her love tunnel.

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  The vibrations of her wet mouth were more than Gary could take. His orgasm wasn't enough to properly call a load, but she drank it down with relish. Both boys pulled their limp dicks out of her and collapsed in chairs on either side of the desk. Oh wow, guys that was great. " said senator Cochran. "Well Gary, is it true?""Uh, is what true?""Am I a tight assed bitch?" she asked and smirked. "The tightest I've ever had. " he answered and they all laughed. She kissed each of them on the forhead and headed toward the office bathroom to clean up. Her skirt was still around her waste and she wiggled her hips far more than was necessary. "Oh, by the way guys. " she paused at the door. "If anyone finds out about this I'll have to deny it. . .


  , and ruin the lives and careers of you and anyone who might vouch for your honesty. So I would suggest that you deny it too. Nothing personal you understand. " She blew them both kisses and disappeared into the bathroom. The boys stared at each other for a moment, then franticly did up their pants, cleaned up their dinner leavings and rush back to the outer office to finish their filing. .