Summer Teen House Party!


It had been really hot all summer and so it gave a group of friends a good chance to spend a lot of time with eachother, as their parents did not mind them staying out till late. It was nearing the end of the summer holidays and all the friends felt like there was something missing, a big party where everyone could let loose and get completely drunk!
Here are some small details about the group of friends: -
Dan 18 – 6ft tall, medium build, white, short blonde hair with a lovely smile.
Scott 15 – 5’6”, quite well built through time at the gym, white, longish spiky black hair.
Joe 17 – 6’2”, average build, black, braided hair, and believed to possess a huge cock.
Melissa 17 – 5’10”, white, long blonde hair, average sized tits and eyes that could attract the attention of anyone.
Sarah 17 – 5’8”, red hair, half-caste, large breasts and an ass that could probably turn straight girls lesbian.
Kate 16 – 5’4”, black hair, slightly gothic looking, white, smallish but sweet breasts and often caught masturbating by her friends when she thought they could not see.
Sammy 18 – 6ft tall, pig-tailed dark brown hair, white, extremely long legs and often wore stockings that you could see the top of.
One day, when everyone came out at about 7pm, Sarah announced to all her friends that her parents were going away for the weekend, as it was their wedding anniversary. All of their friends were ecstatic and they readily began to plan the party. Dan was to get the alcohol and all the girls were planning what to wear (even though the friends had seen eachother in all sorts of clothes, girls being girls they had to plan).
On Saturday night, Sarah made the house tidy so that there would be space in every room for all of the friends to fit in. Scott and Melissa had been out to rent a DVD when they eventually got back to Sarah’s house when everyone was there. They all went into the main room, which had a huge TV and put the DVD on. After watching the movie and eventually stopped laughing at the teenager antics that had been displayed through the whole movie, they eventually calmed down and carried on drinking. There were all sorts of drink, from beer to vodka and shots.

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   After finishing a bottle, Kate suggested that they should use the bottle for a game. The bottle would be spun selected two people, and a card would be turned over to show an action that the two people should perform.
          The first two to be selected were Scott and Sarah, their action would be for the male to continuously slap the females ass for 20 seconds. Scott was immediately turned on by this, given the amazing ass that Sarah had. Sarah bent over Scott’s lap and he slapped her harder each time, eventually gaining some squeals of pain (or maybe pleasure) from Sarah. The next two were Dan and Melissa and their action would be to caress and kiss eachother for a minute. Melissa was really shy, but looked over to Dan with her gorgeous eyes and he went over to her and kissed her gently, whilst placing his hands on her tits and ass. The next two were Joe and Sammy, this time the action was to be slightly different as they were ordered to pick another person to openly masturbate in front of all the other people whilst Joe and Sammy performed an action of that person’s choice. Seeing as Kate had often been caught, they decided to choose her. Kate told Joe and Sammy that they should fully strip and masturbate along with her. It really got hot and steamy from that point and everyone gasped when they saw the size of Joe’s cock. It must have been at least 8 inches long with great width. The masturbation started and eventually everyone was feeling turned on. Everyone then agreed to have another go of the bottle and the two selected were Sarah and Sammy and their action was to perform oral sex on eachother. The guys had never looked so happy before and even the other girls were slightly aroused by what they were going to see.

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   Sarah and Sammy reluctantly agreed to it and stripped themselves of their clothes. Everyone watched in awe as the licked eachother out, groaning and you could see the juices all over their faces. This suddenly became too much for everyone and so all of them took their clothes off. Dan and Melissa picked up where they left off and Dan began pounding Melissa in the ass. Melissa called Kate over, but she was too busy being fucked in both holes by Scott and Joe. The room was now filled with steam and groaning and everyone was nearing to a climax. The girls eventually got to their knees side-by-side and the lads stood in front of them whilst receiving oral sex. Eventually, all the lads climaxed at the same time as shot their loads all over the girls’ faces. The girls looked at eachother and started to lick eachother’s faces.
Just as it was coming to and end they heard someone enter the house. It was Sarah’s auntie, Kelly, who was obviously asked by her parents to check that Sarah was okay. Before any of the teens could move Kelly entered the room. To say that she looked surprised would be an understatement! After a moment of silence, Kelly sat down on the couch and then began to smile and told the teens of her desires. She told the teens that if they did not tie her up and give her all the sexual satisfaction she asked for, she would tell Sarah’s parents exactly what she saw. They went upstairs to Sarah’s parents large bedroom, and when Kelly came out of the bathroom they tied Kelly to each bedpost and began to perform everything they could think of, She was pounded in all three holes by the guys, the deep throat she enjoyed the most, whilst she ordered the four circles to make a circle on the floor and eat eachother’s pussies.

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   Kelly started to scream and the girls got up to look at what was happening. After Joe and Scott had shot their loads over Kelly’s sexy body, Dan started to pound her harder than ever as the other girls masturbated around her. It all cam to a climax where all five females squirted everywhere and screamed the house down. The girls then licked all the juices off eachother. After everyone had caught their breath they all climbed onto the huge bed and lay down with eachother in eachother’s arms. They slept together for the whole night.
The next morning they all woke up and went downstairs. Still extremely happy from what had happened last night, they looked at eachother and became instantly aroused again. Kelly then walked in and said bye to the teens as she was going back to the house. As she was going through the door she turned round to the teens and said, “Oh, by the way, Michael’s away on business tonight, so if you want to come over, feel free”. The teens looked at eachother and couldn’t believe that their next chance would be so soon. Dan looked up to Kelly and said, “Sure, we’ll come over, in more ways than one!".