Survivors, Ready! Part 1


We were sitting around, watching the tube one day, when all of a sudden, Vick said, "Hey! We should sponsor a Fuck Contest, Survivor style. "
"Yeah, Man. " Wayne said, toasting him with a beer. "That’d be great. "
But the thing about Vick is that he has the time, the money and the opportunity. His Daddy set him up big time. He works downtown in one of those high rise offices, and most days he doesn’t even have to go to work. He’s lucky that way.
Well, I guess we all thought he was just blowing smoke, bragging about how he might get a team of girls together. We’d all fuck them, he said, and there’d be elimination rounds. I said, yeah, but what if the girls all started voting off the best fuck, because they were jealous? Like they do on the show. Vick said, that’s where we’d come in. We’d be in charge of the challenges, and we could grant immunity to the chicks we wanted to keep in the competition.
We laughed and joked about it for awhile, but I figured that’d be the end of it. That was until one day the following week. Vick called me on my cell at work.

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   "Hey, Man," he said, "look in the classifieds. "
I flipped to the back section of the city paper, and sure enough, there it was, in bold print:
Nude female models wanted for the time of your life. Winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Burmuda. Contact JJ at 555-7923.
I called him back. "What’d you list my number for, Man? What am I supposed to do?"
"Screen the models. Give them the initial interview, that sort of thing. Make sure we have a variety of chicks. A redhead, a brunette, a natural blonde. . . Make sure they’re the types who are a little desperate for money so we can talk them into the contest. "
"We’re really going through with this, huh?"
So I started taking phone calls. And these girls sounded hot. Vick had me reserve a conference room at the Hyatt.

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   Wayne and Vick met me there for the interviews on a Saturday.
I’m a manager in the home electronics section at Best Buy. I borrowed some recording equipment and brought my camcorder. We didn’t have the girls get naked there at the Hyatt or anything. We mostly wanted to find girls who would think we were filming this for a reality show to air on Spike, the men’s channel. Wayne said we should just go to a strip club and find our models there. Vick and I vetoed that idea. If a stripper ended up in the contest, that’d be fine, but we wanted some "girl next door" types, and I didn’t think we’d get a good sampling of regular girls at a strip joint.
Girls were lining up. Vick decided that he’d pay each one for each "episode. " The first girl to get disqualified would get $200, the last girl would get a grand. And the trip to Bermuda. We told them that we’d be doing most of our work here at the Hyatt. We’d reserve suites and send them on shopping sprees as part of the contest. Vick said he’d foot the bill.

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   He knew how to write most of this off on his Daddy’s expense account anyway. We were going to have the time of our lives.
I set up the camcorder. We told the women to come to the interview wearing casual clothes. We wanted to see what kinds of chicks they were when they weren’t too dolled up. We’d have time later in the contest for that kind of thing. For the most part, we wanted to see which girls wore bras, and which ones wore skin tight outfits. We also took turns taking them out after the interview for drinks. Vick wanted to make sure they could loosen up a bit, and that they had at least a little personality. He wanted to go on the trip to Bermuda with the winner, and he wanted to ensure that she could carry her part of the conversation.
Not that he was that great a catch. He just had that big an ego.
I had a blast filming the interviews. We’d told the girls that there’d be nudity in the actual filming, but for that day, I just enjoyed seeing chicks hiking up their skirts to flash me a little ass, or leaning over the table showing off some cleavage. I guess they figured that would get them some extra points, and from the hard-on forming in my pants, I can assure you it was working.

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   We ended up with a big pile of folders, one for each of the likely candidates. We took plenty of numbers and told each of them they’d hear from us by the end of the week.
There was one woman who had my attention right off. Her name was Courtney. She came in wearing a little black dress. It flowed around her like it had a mind of its own. It was cut as a halter top, and her breasts were firm. Her nipples were erect, saluting me under the fabric throughout the interview. Her eyes were blue, and her hair a sandy blonde. She had a captivating mole on the side of her mouth, just like Kirsten Dunst. There was a lot of chemistry going on. Her blue eyes flashed, "I dare you" when she looked at me. She laughed a lot, but not so much that it got on your nerves.
Even though we weren’t purposely looking for "sluts" we were going to have to find some pretty open-minded chicks. I mean, the contest was for the Sole Survivor who could Out blow, Out lick, Out fuck.

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   The girls we found were going to have to be open to doing a lesbo scene, a lot of sex, and ultimately, an anal scene. I don’t know how Vick was going to make sure that the women were all okay with that, and I was leaving that part up to him. After I interviewed them, shooting a couple shots and filming part of the question/answer period, Vick would take each of the real potential candidates out for a drink. He wanted to get an idea of how far each girl would go. I think one chick had a drink too many and offered to blow him right there in the bar! Her name was Katherine, but she told us to call her Kitten. That’s what her friends called her. She got her folder moved ahead as "Very Likely. "
One girl, Tatiana was a very hot-looking black chick. She had full, pouty lips and hazel eyes. She wore a bright yellow top and low-rider jeans, those kinds with the distressed bleach marks to highlight her curves. And boy did she have curves! She had one of those asses that only black girls have, it just didn’t quit. When she bent over in front of me to pick up her pen, my boner about burst through my zipper. She told us she worked retail. When I looked through her application afterwards, I called to verify her employment. The gal who answered the phone said it was a "Lover’s Package.

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There were a couple girls we ruled out right away. One said she was Mormon. One said she worked at an elementary school. Wayne was pulling for me to move her ahead because he said he was always ‘hot for teacher,’ but I told him that we were more or less playing a game, and if anything ever got out about this, she could lose her job. I don’t think I gained any points for having ethical considerations, and she was damn cute, but I just didn’t want to take any chances. Something like that could end up in court, you know what I mean?
I left that afternoon, and I thought we were pretty much going to have to do some more interviews. Then Vick called me that Wednesday and said, "You on for Saturday? I’ll fax you a list. Call them and tell each of them to come in, wearing something tight, and bringing their favorite sex toy. Don’t be more specific than that. If they ask questions, just repeat, wear something tight and bring your favorite sex toy. Tell them it’s a chance for them to be creative. "
Now it probably would have been more crazy if we would have rented an island or something, like the network does, but that wasn’t practical. And as we got going, it only made sense to do the contest in different hotels. That way, we didn’t have to have a cleaning or decorating staff, and after each "episode" we’d give further instructions as we went. Plus, we were definitely after Material Girls and I didn’t think they’d go for the island theme.

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There were ten girls on the final list. I really didn’t have any idea what Vick had told them, so I just phoned, and said what Vick told me to, that line about the tight and the toy. I have to say, I had to wait until evening and call them from home. Thinking about what toy they each might bring in about had me busting a nut. I had my thing out, and I was stroking it while I called through the list. I have to say I saved Courtney for last. She didn’t sound trampy at all, just as sweet as could be. Was she even legal? I checked her file and it said she was twenty one. So I just beat my meat, and when she giggled in her cute little way, I lost a load in my palm. Oh my. How was it that such a cute, sweet girl was also into hot, wild sex? Or maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she was in over her head. Time would tell.
End of part 1

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