Swingers Convention


Kelly and I had enjoyed swinging for sometime and were members of a local swing club in our town.   We were good friends with the owners so the approached us about representing them at a national swingers convention in Cleveland Ohio.   We jumped at the chance to go.   We don't live that far from Cleveland and it sounded like a great time.
We took the day off on Friday and headed out with great anticipation of the events to come.   Neither of us had ever been to a national convention before so we weren't sure what to expect.   We got there around 3 in the afternoon and checked right in.   It was at a hotel in downtown Cleveland.   They had rented 3 or 4 floors of the hotel.   Right away we could tell it was going to be an exciting evening.   The moment we checked in, one of the guys at the table, we will call him chuck, looked at Kelly and told her how hot she looked and wanted to see more of her tatoo.   She has a tatoo just above her left tit.   She had a low cut shirt one that was easy to pull down.   She immediately pulled her shirt down so he could see her tits and the tatoo.   We did not even have our name tags yet and she was starting to undress.   Needless to say, Chuck said he would escort Kelly to the room while I got all of the paperwork completed.

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    And with that they were gone.   I got the paperwork done and turned around to find a very large chested blonde stairing at my ass.   She said she wanted to feel my ass and would it be ok.   Who was I to turn down an invitation like that.   She walked over and grabbed my ass and stuck her tongue down my throat.   She then slide down on her knees and unzipped my fly and started sucking on my cock.   I was still in the hallway about 10 feet from the check in table and I was getting my cock sucked.   I was in heaven.   She looked up at me and said that more would cum later and then kissed me again.   I grabbed our bags and headed to the room.   I got to the room and I could hear moaning coming from inside.   I opened the door and found Chuck fucking Kelly from behind.   She was standing bent over the bed and he was slamming his cock hard into her.   As I walked in Chuck slowed down and I looked up and said man don't stop now, she looks like she needs it.   Chuck began pounding away at her pussy until he felt like he was going to cum.

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    Kelly told him to cum in her mouth so she turned around and sucked his cock off until there was nothing left.    She stood up kissed Chuck and told him there would be more to cum later.   He told me thanks and left.  
I told Kelly about the blonde and she got even more excited.   She said that Chuck had his hands up her shirt before they had gotten to the room.   As soon as they stepped inside she slid down and pulled his cock out and started sucking it.   It had been a long trip and she had not been fucked that day so she told him she needed it.   Needless to say, Chuck was a willing participant.
We decided to take showers and get ready for the evening.   After about an hour of getting ready, we stepped out into the hallway.   The check in was over and people were milling around the hallways with there doors open.   We heard some commotion coming from one room.   We walked down and saw three women sitting on sybians.   They had drawn a crowed and as each woman came another woman would step up and sit down.   Kelly looked at me and said she wanted a REAL cock and we could try this later.

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    So we walked down the hallway until we came to a room that was setup like a lounge.   There was a mini-bar with drinks and some appetizers on it.   We fixed ourselves a drink and just stood in a corner and watched.   We each struck up a conversation with a separate couple.   Drinks began to flow more and more.   Kelly is horny as hell and she does not take long to get a couple on a bed and the two women start sucking this guys cock.   Kelly is licking on the guys cock as the woman slides her hand up Kelly's skirt.   Next thing I see is that Kelly is sitting on the woman's face as she is sucking this guys cock.   Her ass is sticking up in the air and while this is happening another guys comes up from behind her and slides his cock inside her.   She is getting eaten out, sucking on a cock and getting fucked by another guy.   I am watching and listening when I feel someone pulling me toward the bed.   It is the guy who is fucking Kelly's wife.   She pulls me onto the bed and pulls out my cock and begins sucking on it.   I have a raging hardon and and this chick pulls off her clothes and jumps on my cock.   She starts slamming up and down on my cock.

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    I look over at Kelly and she is barly able to suck on the cock because of the sucking and fucking that is taking place.   She is screaming in enjoyment.   I am now slamming my cock into this chick when another woman comes over and asks if she can play.   Who am I to deny a willing slut.   She climbs onto my face and I begin sucking her off.   I hear Kelly tell the guy to cum on her ass and then I hear him scream.   He must not have cum in a while because he shot his load almost 5 feet away with some of it hitting me on my stomach.   The two women that I am with both lean forward and begin sucking it up.   Kelly continues to suck on this guy until he can't take it anymore and he cums in her mouth.   She then starts 69ing with his wife until they both cum.   I get up and put both of the women I am with on the bed on their knees with asses facing me.   I take turns fucking each one from behind.   I am in heaven and not paying attention to Kelly.   She now has pulled a very large black guy onto the bed and has his cock in her mouth.   This guy had to be between 10 and 12 inches long.

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    He is loving Kellys mouth but wants to fuck her.   He pushes her back and dives in.   Kelly is screaming "FUCK ME" as this black stud pounds the shit out of her.   I am still taking turns fucking these two women when I feel someone walk up from behind me and start playing with my ass.   I look around and another woman is wanting to join in.   She does not say a thing but instead slides her head between my legs and starts licking my ass and balls.   I am now struggling not to cum.   I pride myself and being able to go all night long without cumming.   But this was almost to much for me.   I tell her to slow down or I am going to explode.   Kelly hears me say this and tells the black guy to fuck her from behinds so she can watch.   Kelly is now facing me with the black guy fucking her from behind.   She is telling me to cum.   The three women that I am with are also telling me to cum.   I could not hold back.

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    I pulled out of the woman and started to shoot my load on her back.   I shot so hard I actually hit Kelly on the cheek.   One of the girls I was fucking licked it off of her cheek.
      Kelly leaned forward and licked the cum off of the other girls back.   The girl that licked the cum off of her cheek crawled between her legs and started playing with her pussy.   Now she could not handle it and came like a wild woman.   The black guy could not handle all of this and shot his load deep inside her.   We all fell down on the bed in sheer exhaustion.   What a start of the evening.   It was still fairly early and no one was ready to call it an evening.   This room had a very large shower and so a number of us got in the shower together and cleaned up.  
    Once we got out of the shower Kelly and I walked around the floor to see what we could find.   There were so many people fucking and sucking all over the place.   We just stopped in the hallway and watched as people were going at it everywhere.   Kelly told me she had to go to the bathroom and walked back to our room.

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        I was watching a few couples when the blonde I met earlier came up to me and wanted to know if I was read to continue.   I told her what had just happened and she said she had watched.   She wanted me now more than ever.   I told her I needed to go tell Kelly what was going on, but she said not to worry about her.   She pulled me into another room and got down on her knees.   She started sucking on my cock until it got hard again.   She stood up and bent over and told me to fuck her in the ass.   I was not ready for her to say that but I was game.   She grabbed some lubrication and slide it over my cock.   I slide my cock inside her ass and began fucking her slowly.   She leaned back and told me to fuck the shit out of her.   I started to slam my cock harder and harder into her ass.   She was screaming that she was going to cum and to not stop.   I fucked her until her knees buckled and she fell forward.   She looked up at me and said thank you and that we could get together again later.

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        I was kind of hurt because here I was standing in a room with a raging hardon and she was done.   I walked into the bathroom, cleaned up a little and went looking for Kelly.
    Kelly was sitting on a couch with a woman's face barried in her pussy.   Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was getting ready to cum.   She screamed and then exploded.   Kelly is not normally a squirter but this chick did it to her.   She squirted all over this girls face and on the couch.   When the girl moved I noticed that she had a butt plug in Kelly's ass.   Kelly was in heaven.   She and the girl curled up on the couch making out passionately for about 5 minutes.   They got up and grabbed my hand and took me back to our room.   By now it was getting late.   It was about 2 or 3 in the morning and we were getting tired and a little sore.   The girl, we will call her Carly, was a little bit butchy, but cute.   She was definately more into girls than men, but did both.


        We got back into the room and immediately hit the bed.   Kelly and Carly sucked on my cock and then Kelly crawled on top of my cock.   Carly slide around and sat on my face.   Kelly grinded my cock and I sucked on Carly's pussy.   I made both of them cum at almost the sametime.   The crawled off of me and I said I wanted to fuck Carly.   She said that she was more into Kelly and said maybe some other time.   She said she wanted to help Kelly make me cum though.   Kelly loved to get fucked from behind so I got behind her while Carly crawled underneath her.   They were 69ing while I fucked Kelly.   Carly reached up and placed her finger in my ass as she sucked on Kelly's pussy.   Kelly was screaming as I pounded my meat into her.   Carly and I made Kelly explode.   I could not take it anymore and I screamed I was going to cum.   Kelly pulled off of me and she and Carly beat my cock until I exploded all over their faces.

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        They kissed and licked the cum off of each other's faces.   Kelly then layed Carly down and eat her until she exploded in her mouth.   We all three layed down in the bed and fell fast asleep.  
    This was just our first night and what a night it was.   I will finish the next two day and nights which include a dance.   Hope you enjoyed this.  

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