Take No Prisoners


Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
Barett was 25 years old. She was born and raised in California. She’d become a corrections officer because, in the California area, it paid much better than any other job that an inexperienced woman in college could get.
Barett had been doing a lot of soul searching over the last few months. She was a horny young woman. She had been having a ridiculous amount of fantasies and she’d been doing a lot of logical thinking.
For example, everyone knows the fantasy about the sexy, female corrections officer who gets fucked by her inmates. On the logical side, she had been thinking about her sexual desires and what she enjoyed the most. She knew she liked cock in her mouth, ass, and pussy, so she started wondering how it would feel to have them in all three holes at the same time. It seemed logical that it would feel good.
She spent many nights fantasizing about it. She would imagine a half dozen hardened inmates sliding their deprived cocks in her mouth and fucking her tits.

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She wanted to live out one of her favorite fantasies. She wanted to have her first gangbang and do it with the inmates. She wanted to do it so bad that the thought of it would make her wet the whole time that she was at work.
She wanted to feel their hard, nasty cocks reaming her holes out. The only thing she didn’t want was to lose her job over it so she went to the warden first.
She worked out a deal very easily. The warden was a pervert with a liking for white woman, especially voluptuous white woman like Barett. She had a flat stomach with some big tits, blonde hair, and an ass like a ghetto girl.
It didn’t take much to get him to agree to let her fuck the inmates. All she had to do was take care of him first. It was a win-win situation.
The inmates were confused and pissed off. One day, for some reason that they couldn’t figure out, the warden let every prisoner out at the same time, but he made a handful of inmates stay behind. Even odder, he took all of them out of their cells and put them in a neutral cell.
There was a lot of bitching going on in that cell.


   They remained alone for about a half hour. At that time, they had gotten all of the complaining out of them, so everyone sat down and pretty much stared at the floor with huge frowns on their faces.
Some had just about fallen to sleep out of boredom when they were startled by the sound a billy club hitting the bars. They looked up. They recognized Barett because she was female and all of the female C. O. ’s were very popular around there because everyone wanted to fuck them.
She said, “Okay you bunch of fucking maroons. I’m in charge down here. ”
One of the inmates laughed and sarcastically said, “Yeah, you are. ”
The others couldn’t say anything. They’d noticed two things different about Barett.
The first was obvious. She was wearing her uniform the wrong way although nobody was going to complain about it. She had her shirt tied in a knot in front.

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   It showed off a lot of cleavage.
The other thing took a little bit of observation skills. It was the way she was carrying herself. The way she walked was sexier. There was a switch in her hips. Her facial expressions resembled those of a horny slut and the way she talked to them was controlling, but seductive. It was like an S & M mistress speaking to her slave.
After the smart-ass comment made by one of the inmates, Barett said, “Oh, you guys think I’m playing?” She lowered her billy club and said, “Well, why don’t you step on over here?”
The inmate, a tall, white man with short, brownish-blonde hair, walked up to her grabbing his cock and shaking it at her as he made rude remarks. This was normal behavior towards women, and on any other day, it would have gotten him an ass kicking, but this was his lucky day…or at least it would be after she put him in his place.
You see, Barett did want to get fucked, but she still wanted to be in control of the situation. The inmate turned his head around to smile at his friends while he was egging her on.
That was stupid. Barett grabbed a handful of cock and started squeezing for all she was worth.
The inmate’s laughs ceased. A guttural cry of pain replaced it.

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Everyone else cringed at the sight too. Some of them crossed their legs as a reflex. It looked so painful.
When she let go, he collapsed to one knee. She said, “You will respect my authority. ”
Some were still getting smart with her. There was a cute black guy lying next to the bars. His name was Lex.
The person next to him was Blade. He had the biggest mouth. He was known as a brawler who had a proclivity for dishing out pain as well as taking it. He made it clear that he was a bad man and he needed her to teach him a lesson.
She was expecting that. She told him to come to the bars.
He insisted she come inside.

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   She needed to come down to the level of the boys.
Then he pointed to her billy club and said, “See that thing you’re holding?” He pointed to Lex and said, “He’s bigger. ”
Lex was known around the prison as The Three Legged Man. His cock was huge and he sometimes walked around naked just to show it off. Everyone knew of his reputation, so everyone got a good laugh out of the joke.
Even Barett had to smile. “Oh, yeah?” she said.
“They put him in jail for assault with a deadly weapon,” he joked. There were a few chuckles.
Barett stepped closer to Lex. She was looking at him like he was candy. She stuck her leg between the bars and used her foot to stroke Lex’s leg.
Lex reached out and started touching her leg. His dick was getting hard.
“She’s a horny bitch,” someone said.

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   He was right.
She continued trying to play the tough role, but by now, the guys could see right through her. They were all from the streets. They knew how to read people well. They knew they were about to get fucked.
“Your blouse is open. I can see your tits,” someone said.
“That’s not proper uniform. ”
“That’s not really right for a prison,” said another.
Barett opened her shirt some. She said, “It’s part of a new plan the warden was implementing. Today’s your lucky day. Due to overpopulation, we’re supposed to raise your morale. ”
“Now you’re talking. ”
“I’m not happy about this job, let me tell you—”
“We can make you happier,” interrupted a prisoner.

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“—but it’s gotta be done. ”
The guys watched as she took her jacket off. They didn’t know if she was telling the truth about the morale thing, but none of them really cared. They just wanted sex. They were dying for sex. It had been so long since any of them had had sex…or I should say, had sex with a woman.
Her blouse came off next. She was raising a lot more than the guys’ morale. Cocks were rising too, and fast.
She took her time. She wanted them to yearn for her before she gave up her body. She went so slow it hurt. She let them gawk at her melons squeezed away behind her black bra.
One of the guys had already pulled his cock out and was standing at the bars waiting for her. His eyes were wide and bulging, his mouth dropped to the floor.

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None of them ever made eye contact. Their eyes were glued to her body scanning it up and down like they were making a mental motion picture.
Pete, a short, stocky white man, had unsnapped her bra and opened it wide. His cock was pulsing in his jeans as he groped her every which way he could. It had been so long since he’d felt a woman’s fleshy tits in his hands.
Now that she was topless, the rest of the boys walked up to the bars. They knew she was serious. They wanted some of what Pete was getting.
She took her bra completely off and there were rough hands feeling all over her. Someone else asked her to open the doors.
She was going to, but she liked teasing them. She turned around and closed her eyes. The guys were still grabbing her. It felt so good.
So many hands.

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She stepped back and leaned against the bars.
Still so many hands.
Steve, the man who already had his cock out, was pressed against the bars as well. Some of the men had lifted Barett’s skirt. They were grabbing ass too.
Her hand accidentally touched Steve’s cock. She liked the feel so she grabbed it and started rubbing it against her ass. It felt so good and Steve immediately felt a rush of tingles burning through him.
She started stroking his cock. She faced them. She took her hat off and tossed it aside. The guys had nearly stripped her skirt from her. There was just enough left to make her look more like a slut than she already did.
She grit her teeth and dropped slowly to her knees. Her hand came up to grab Steve’s dick.

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   Her face came forward and his dick disappeared down her deep, soft throat.
All the guys voiced a response to this sight. Cocks were being pulled out of jeans right and left, and her right and left hands were grabbing for them, stroking them, getting them hard for their turn when she was finished sucking on the juicy dick in her mouth.
They all lined up across the front with their cocks poking through the bars. Considering it was her first group sex, Barett was doing a great job sucking cock and using both hands to masturbate the guys. She had them all swollen like steel poles in seconds.
She eventually made her way to Lex, The Three Legged Man, the only black guy in the bunch. “Ooh, you guys weren’t lying,” said Barett. Lex had a long and thick cock. It was the biggest she’d ever seen.
She stopped for a moment. She leaned with her back against the bars again, and once again, there were a swarm of hands feeling her up.
She had hands on her ass, on her pussy, in her pussy, all over her tits, legs, stomach, everywhere. She loved it.
“All you dirty fuckers want me to come in there, huh?”
There was a symphony of Yes calls and hoots.


“Come inside. ”
“Please come inside. ”
She opened the door and locked it behind her. She got on her knees in the middle of the room. It seemed like someone had turned the lights off because the guys had surrounded her and were blocking all the light from getting to her.
She took turns sucking every dick that was put in her face. She felt like the nastiest whore on earth.
She was having so much fun and she really loved it each time she got to Lex. He stretched her jaws to the limit. It was so erotic having him in her mouth.
There were just so many cocks. When one of the guys got tired of waiting his turn, he lifted Barett’s beautiful ass in the air.
He was so excited to see that sight. Barett had a nice ass. The meat on the cheeks was just fat enough to give it a succulent appeal.

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       The pussy lips were pouty and meaty. There were traces on pussy juice all over it.
    It’s no wonder that when he put his cock head on the hole and pushed, his cock slipped in without any friction at all. Juice spilled all over his cock. The squeeze was unbearably good. He thrust into Barett’s soft twat for all he was worth.
    The other guys grew just as excited as he was. They were cheering him and growing more eager to get their pricks in her as the smell of her horny pussy filled the cell.
    “Oh, yeah, you little slut. Who you guardin’, baby?” asked one of the inmates. “We ain’t goin’ nowhere, baby. We ain’t goin’ nowhere, not as long as we got this trim to fuck. ”
    They took turns fucking her while someone else got his dick sucked. Barett kept her eyes closed whenever she could. She liked not being able to see who was fucking her.


       She liked using her sense of touch during sex.
    She enjoyed the feeling of a big cock sliding out of her and being replaced by another cock and not knowing whose cock it was. It was cheap and that’s what made it so exciting for her.
    The only time she knew who she was fucking was when it was Lex because his cock was bigger than the rest and everyone got so thrilled when it was his turn. You’d have thought their favorite athlete had made a big play in a big game or something.
    They switched off so much that it went on for hours. Nobody could cum when they were only spending a couple minutes in her pussy and mouth before somebody else went in. Everybody got to fuck her five or six times and they covered just about every position known to man.
    They fucked her hard and slow, deep and not too deep, made her pussy cream and spasm as she shouted screams of passion that were muffled by huge cocks in her mouth. She would ride them for a while as she sucked the cock of the man standing in front of her.
    Someone decided to stick it in her ass and that became a part of the circle of sex. Now the men had three holes to bury their horny cocks in—six men with six dicks with three deep holes to fuck.
    Barett’s lower region was totally soaked with pussy juice. It had spread everywhere and had her crotch area slippery and shining like new wax.
    The dick in her ass had decreased the space in her pussy by a lot.

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       It was a tighter fit all the way around and it was driving her insane.
    She was screaming at the top of her lungs. She had cum repeatedly.
    “Ohhh, yeaaah, fuck both my holes! Ohhh! OHH! Fuck meee! Ohhhh!!” she kept yelling. “Yes, yes… yeeess!”
    “Yeah, fuck her!”
    She was too much into it to suck a dick because she was gritting her teeth as she screamed. If there would have been a dick in her mouth she would’ve bit it off.
    “Oh, yeah! Yeah! Fuck yeah! OOHHHHH! Fuck me! Oh, fuck yeah, yesss!!”
    Doggie style had been her favorite sexual position until now. She’d never felt so alive. She’d never felt such an intense tingle like this or had so many orgasms in such a small amount of time.
    As she felt a cock pulling out of her ass and another man shoving his cock in, she knew she would have to have at least two men fucking her at the same time for the rest of her life. How could she go back to one man after experiencing something like this? She’d couldn’t. It was beyond amazing. It was immaculate.
    They pleased her well, and it would have gone on longer if it weren’t for the fact that her pussy was sore and the guys had had enough. They wanted to cum.

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       They fucking needed to cum. It had been too long.
    One by one they pulled out and stroked their cocks in her face. One by one, hot spunk spot from their pricks and landed all over her face and tits.
    She loved the heat she felt as it landed on her skin, the heavy feel of it just before it melted against her skin and dripped down her face. She loved the smell of it and its bittersweet taste in her mouth as she smacked on it.
    Steve was still fucking while they did it. He had her tits shaking and jiggling. That made it so much more erotic.
    Steve said, “I’m gonna cum for you. ”
    “Yeah!” she replied.
    He thought about cumming in her pussy, but decided he’d leave his seed in the same place as everybody else’s.
    He pulled out and crawled around to her head. His cock was burning like fire. Cum was making its way up his shaft.

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       It started shooting free just as he pointed it at Barett.
    “OHHH!” he moaned as he emptied his balls on Barett’s face.
    Her mouth was drenched with a coat sticky white cum as Lex, the last of the six, knelt between her legs and eased inside her pussy. Everyone was quiet except for Barett. Her pussy was sore so she let out a scream when she felt his monster penetrate her.
    Luckily, Lex was so close to having an orgasm that it only took two or three strokes to send him over the edge. He pulled it out almost as quick as he put it in. He climbed up Barett’s body and put his dick in her face as multiple ropes of nut plastered her face, making more creamy and gooey than before.
    There was so much that she’d have choked on it if she hadn’t swallowed a little. It was bubbling up all around her mouth. Her face was soaked in it. She had to wipe some out of her eyes before she could open them.
    “Oh, that was fucking great, you guys,” she said.
    Her eyes were still closed. The cum was blinding her.

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