The BIG Game


The SuperBowl is Sunday and every year go out and watch the game with my best friend Bob.   For Christmas his lovely wife Cheryl bought him a Big Screen Tv.   He asked me if I care to watch the game at his place?  He told me to bring my wife Missy, cause Cheryl was planning on joining us.  Later at home I told Missy our plans.   She wasn't really wanting to listen to us yelling and screaming during the game but said sure if Cheryl is there I will have someone to talk to.   Like guys want to talk during the game anyways.  
It was Sunday around noon and we are to meet at Bob's at 2:00, so we started getting ready when I asked Missy to wear her black mini skirt for me.   She knew I liked the way she looks in it.   She didn't know that Bob and I discussed this yesterday and he mentioned how hot she looks in that outfit.   Missy had no problem with my request because it is one of her favorites.   She wore it with a real tight top that shows off her ample tits(D cups).   We arrived at Bob's and when Missy answered the door wearing those short shorts showing off her sweet ass, I thought I was getting a hard on when I heard my wife tell me to close my mouth and whipe my chin.   Missy laughed and said she doesn't blame me Cheryl has a hot bod.   It was the truth but her DDs didnt hurt either.   Cheryl told me that Bob was downstairs shooting pool.   I told her thanks and gave her a peck on the cheek.

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    I went down the stairs and her Bob talking to someone.   To my suprise the person he was talking to was his neice Samantha. Sam was 19 years old.   She said she'll be 20 next week.   Sam was blonde with hair to the middle of her back.   He could pass for Cheryl's younger sister.   All the parts are in the right places.   Nice tan Sam.   She told me that shes been tanning a lot lately.   Okay enough chit chatting lets shoot some pool.   Yeah after we make some drinks first.   We shot a few games letting Sam take a shot now and then.   Bob yelled upstairs to the women and asked if they were coming down?  Missy yelled back we are in the kitchen be there in a sec.    We continued to shoot until they came down already carring drinks.   Looks like we all started early didn't we?  Yep all except Sam.

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    1 more year left she yelled.   Lets make this game go faster Bob says to me.   Why what do you have in mind?  giving him a wink.   He tells the ladies whenever you make a ball you can make another player take a drink from the shot glass.   Everyone agrees and says sounds fun.   Sam says well guess I'm outta here.   and started to go up the stairs.   No Sam you can get in on this too your considered an adult hell i'm considered an adult and I still laugh at farts.   Everyone started laughing and said yes come on back.   Bob made the first shot and had Missy drink then it was a while before the next shot was made and Sam had me drink.   Then it was a longer break before the next shot was made when I made a new rule.   If you miss a shot you have to drink.   That made thing interesting.   Sam was on her fourth drink and already buzzed.   Missy said someone turn on the A/C its hot in here.

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    I said I'll do it and ran up to turn it on but switched the thermostat to Heat instead and turned it up.   After I got back I told Bob what I did.   He chuckled and said great idea.   It was getting hot when Bob and I pulled our shirts off.   Thats not right ! Men always can take off their shirts but women can't.   That when Bob and I said go ahead we wont care.   I don't know if it was the heat or all the drinks they had but Missy looked at me and I said go on its ok with me.   She pulled her top off and was showing her bra.   We looked at Cheryl and she said ok but I don't have a bra on.   Thats when I started whistling and said show me the honey.   Cheryl took her shirt off and out plopped her big girls.   They are beautiful tan domes.   I think she knew I liked the view because the bulge in my pants said it all.   Bob tells Missy to lose the holster and free yours.   She took hers off and we all looked at Sam and said your next.

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    Sam was eager to join in and took all of her clothes off.   Damn this was hot.   She was slimm and tan with D cups of her own.   A strip of hair leading to her little pussy.   Okay next to make it does whatever they want to to anyone.   I made the first and walked over to Samantha and kissed her breast and sucked on them.   Bon made it and did the same to missy Missy missed and I told her to pick someone to do something she picked Cheryl thinking she will do something to us.   But to her suprise she went to her and told her to spread her legs and started licking her clit.   Missy hasn't been with a woman before.   But you couldn't tell that from the moans and groans Bob and I looked at Sam playing with her pussy and decided we would tag team her.   She got on her knees and started sucking Bob's hard cock.   I got on my knees behind her and stuck my dick in her juicy hole she was squirming and moaning at the same time.   I know Bob enjoyed the mouth vibrations.   Thats when I heard Missy scream Don't stop bitch eat me, make me um.   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA!!!! That was all Bob could handle and started cumming all over the face of sweet Samantha I lubed my finger and started fingering her ass as I slammed her hole with my swollen cock.

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    She started to cum hard and fast.   I can't hold it any moreI shot my hot cum deep inside of my friends neice.   All 3 of us laid on the floor watching Miss take her turn on Cheryl now.   She was going at it like a pro when Cheryl grabbed Missy's head and held it tight as she cummed and Missy licked her clean.   Samantha saw that I was getting turned on again and started stroking my cock and before you know it my dick was in her mouth.   She was moaning when I looked up to see Bob was fucking her in her tight ass.   It didn't take as long as I thought for me to shoot my load down her throat.   Bob continued to thrust her butt harder and harder and then started cumming in her ass.   We all 5 fell asleep on the floor.   Needless to say we never did watch the game.   I guess we are the only people who missed Janet Jackson's boob at halftime.   I must say it was worth it.
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