The Idea


The Idea. How it all began. It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake. Our first customer. Within a week, we had our first contact. She was 23 yrs old, worked as a nurse and we will call her Sandie. 5 foot 10 inches tall with sandy brown hair, a figure which was best described as petit but looked top heavy with, I found out later 42 DD bust. Basically her fantasy was to make love to a patient in a hospital ward, but knew if she did so she could be fired and blacklisted. This caused a major problem for us, where were we going to find a hospital ward or look alike that was available for discrete filming. Other problems included finding a mutually acceptable patient.

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   Just then I remembered a friend of mine who always bragging about his sex appeal and where he worked. I can not mention where he worked because it’s still there and as he is still working there he could be sacked. Never the less lets just say it’s a world wide known venue. I phoned him and asked if he would be interested in becoming a star stud for a night, I explained the scenario and told him I would need time to find a suitable venue. He was all for the filming and asked “How much”. “How much what” I asked. “How much would I have to pay?” I told him he would pay nothing but could receive expenses only for his time. As the conversation went on, he asked “what’s the problem with the venue?” I explained that we needed something that resembled a hospital ward but could not be the one where Sandie worked. He surprised me when he said “No problem?”I asked him what he meant “No Problem”. He went on to explain that where he worked they had an entire floor that was turned into a studio by a TV filming company and they were in the middle of filming a drama about an orphaned child ending up outside a hospital. So the set on the fifth floor was made to resemble a hospital ward. As the film crews always finished their filming by 5 pm, we could move in around 7 pm and work until 5 am if needed. I immediately arranged to visit him, for two reasons. One to check out the location and two to take his picture to show to Sandie, for her approval. Sandie agreed and even provided an arrangement of hospital paraphernalia.

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   So filming was arranged for the Saturday night. Mick and I used the remaining time to practice our twin camera filming techniques. One camera for panoramic shots and one for the close ups. By Friday, I was confident that I could not only manage the filming to a high standard but with the two practice attempts found the mixing and editing of the films reasonably easy. Saturday evening arrived; we met up with Sandie, and journeyed to the venue. She seemed excited but calm eagerly anticipating her debut on film. When we introduced her to her leading man there was a shaky handshake between the two. I led Sandie off to a side room where she could change from her slacks and tee shirt to her nurse’s uniform. Meanwhile Mick led off Bob to a room where he could change into the hospital gown provided by Sandie. We quickly set up the fixed camera position and I arranged with Mick that I would take the hand held shots. With Bob in the makeshift hospital bed, the use of the film company’s lighting rig allowed us to light the area properly. Two further Security officers had agreed to pose as other patients, not much persuasion was necessary as they were going to see all the action live. Sandie entered the ward and after pausing at the foot of one of this spectator’s bed, looked at a clipboard and asked if there was anything he needed. To add realism we got him to ask for a urine bottle, which Sandie duly fetched and passed to him. Next she walked past Bob and asked the other spectator if there was anything he needed.

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   He declined and she turned to Bob. “Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked. He replied “I have a pain just above my knee, and it goes numb at the top of my leg. ” Sandie turned and said “I am sure I can help you out there”. With that she fetched some lotion and stood beside Bob’s bed. Folding back the blankets, she applied the lotion to her hands and said “raise your gown up for me” Bob did so exposing far more than his leg, she blushed when she saw his semi erect 8 inch penis. As she applied the lotion to his leg and began rubbing it in, she made several contacts with his prick, all seemingly innocent, but each time the touch lasted slightly longer. His prick jumped at her touch and continued to harden, reaching its fully glorious 8 inches. “Oh dear, we will have to do something about that!” Sandie said. She placed her hand on his prick and slowly began to wank him off. Bob closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He then slid his hand down the side of the bed until he made contact with the edge of Sandie’s uniform. He began stroking her leg beneath the uniform. She did not try to stop him, so he slipped his hand beneath her uniform and slowly tickled his way up her leg. Sandie merely turned slightly towards him, allowing him easier access to between her legs.

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   Further up he felt, until he came upon the tops of her stockings. “Sandie, Do you know why they call this a giggle band” He said as he touched the stocking tops. Sandie replied “No why?” Bob then slid his hand up to her panties and said “because when you past it your laughing” Sandie let out a little chuckle as she pressed her groin into his probing hand. Suddenly she stopped, pulled away and turned to the two other patients and said “If you promise not to say anything about this, I will ease your hardons as well”. Both eagerly agreed. With that she said “Ok then let’s get busy” She began unzipping her uniform saying “Don’t want to mess this up” Stepping out of her uniform she now stood there in here flat shoes, stockings, panties and bra. The bra seemed to be struggling to contain her large breasts. Next she put her hands behind her back and unclasped the bra hook, slowly she lowered her hands allowing her tits to swing free. All three patients audibly gasped. Sandie then slowly peeled down her panties, allowing them to see her shaven pussy lips. Turning to Bob, She said “Time for your injection!” as she stepped out of her panties; she stepped up onto Bob’s bed and began to rub his prick along the groove of her cunt. Once his prick was wet with her cunt juice, she held it at its base and lowered her cunt lips over its head. She was now breathing much quicker and as each inch of the rock hard prick disappeared into her cunt he squealed her delight. She looked at Bob as she said “Now we must keep this up until you have received the required dosage”. Bob could only nod.

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   As she rode his prick Bob placed his hands on her great tits, squeezing the flesh until his fingers found the rock hard nipples. He began pinching them lightly between his forefinger and thumb. Sandie began to ride Bob’s cock in earnest and began emitting low groans from deep within her throat. As her pace increased so did the vocal levels. Suddenly she plunged down and shuddered as her first orgasm overtook her. Bob kept thrusting into her, and her orgasm slowly subsided. Only for her second to overtake her with far more force than the first. “Oh yes, oh yes fuck my slutty cunt, finger my arse please make me come again and again” she screamed. Bob slipped his finger onto her anal ring and began to thrust it into her. “Oh my God, harder, harder, I am going to cum, I’m Cummmmmmmming” she cried out. Bob joined her calls saying “I can’t hold off any longer I am going to shoot up your sweet slutty cunt, you Bitch”As she felt his first spurt of cum, she rose and the second hit her bald cunt, The third arced on to his stomach. As his spurting ceased she dismounted him and promptly licked up the sticky white goo of his stomach. She thanked him for such a wonderful fuck and turned to the other patient by his right side. Quickly throwing back his covers, she found his hand wrapped around his rock hard 5 inch cock. “Here let me” she said as she bobbed her head down to begin sucking his shaft.

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   He quickly began to shoot his spunk into her mouth, where she pulled his prick from her mouth and directed the remaining shots over her tits. Once he was spent, she simply rubbed his spunk into her tits as she made her way round to the left side of Bob’s bed. As she approached, the occupant shed his own blankets and presented his 7 inch prick to Sandie. She smiled as she set about bringing her third patient off. As she used her mouth, he began to play with her tits, pinching her nipples and causing her to moan. Bob quickly dismounted his bed and came around behind Sandie, he then began to finger her cunt and smear the juice over her anal ring. Sandie never missed a beat as she concentrated on sucking off the patient. Seeing this as acceptance, Bob eased his hard cock towards her sphincter muscle. He slowly eased his prick into her arse. Soon the pace of his fucking increased, causing her to thrust forward swallowing more of the prick in her mouth. Both these patients then began to increase the pace of their fucking as they spit roasted the sexy nurse. Both patients seemed to cum at the exact moment, Bob flooding Sandie’s cunt, as the other patient flooded her mouth. Small traces of cum leaked from the corner of her mouth. As they both withdrew, Sandie could not thank them enough for bringing her fantasy to being. After we had cleaned up we escorted Sandie home.

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  She invited both Mick and I to join her as she said “you two have worked so hard and have missed out on all the fun!” “I am sure I could handle another couple of hard pricks tonight!” she added. Did we Join her? Now that would be telling. Besides it would be mixing business with pleasure. Two weeks later we presented Sandie with her draft Fantasy to Reality DVD, as she watched it she could not resist slipping her hand inside her slacks to play with her pussy. She could not thank us enough, She said “I will treasure this DVD for the rest of my life. ” I then explained “This is only the final mix, your own copy will be ready within 24 hrs” She promised to pass our name on to a couple of her friends, she knew would be interested. Our second Customer. Katie was 19 years old, 5’ 5” tall slim build with small 34a breasts, long blonde hair and a desire for the wicked. Her fantasy was to be raped by four guys in a park. This took quite a lot of working out. Most of the Parks in London are locked up after dark so we needed to find somewhere that would accommodate. A chance meeting with a park Ranger solved the problem of a venue. We told him we wanted to carry out some night time filming for an amateur horror film and asked how we go about it. He told us off the record that for £75. 00 he would arrange a side gate to be left unlocked so we could use this very park.

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  Scouting round the park we located an idea copse of trees, where the main action could take place away from prying eyes. The three guys from the first film were interested in repeating the fun, so we were just one man short of the crew needed to complete this DVD. I suggested to Mick that he take part as his fixed camera position would not need to be altered. Reluctantly he agreed. Eventually everything was in place to allow us to film Katie’s fantasy. So at 5 pm we were at the arranged gate, paid the man the money and set off to set up a set of portable lights and other equipment at the copse. Everything was set up and ready by 6. 00pm so I wander off to the gate to meet Katie. The plan was that I would walk behind her some 10 yards filming her walking through the park, when she got near to the copse the four villains would capture her and drag her of in to the trees. Mick and Bob surprised Katie as she nears the clump of trees, grabbing her they inserted a ball gag between her lips and tied her hands behind her back. Dragging her into the copse, she was confronted by the other two villains, sitting on a spread blanket. Quickly they rose and carried her to the centre of the blanket. Bob slid his hand on to her ankle and whisphered “perfect, absolutely perfect, I am going to enjoy exploring such a delicate little body and you will be begging to be fucked before too long. Everything was going fine until around 6. 30 pm, when suddenly I spotted a pair of lights traveling towards us through the park.

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   I immediately recognized them as being the parks patrol. Telling everyone to remain calm I walk towards the lights and spoke to the two officers. “Good evening officers” 2We have permission to be here filming” I said. “OH yes and from who have you permission?” one of the motorcyclists replied. “The local park ranger gave permission for us to use this copse for our amateur filming” I volunteered. “Do you have it in writing?” said the second officer. “No, I did not realize I needed written permission” I replied. Just then Katie came out of the trees and said “Leave this to me, Ray, I am sure once I explain these two fine men will oblige?” Quietly she spoke to the two men and with in five minutes she said to me “It’s all right they have agreed to take part in exchange for turning a blind eye, they know what is expected” So Mick stood down from the role of acting and was replaced by these two park patrol riders. So This time, the two park patrollers came out the trees and grabbed Katie, dragging her back to the blanket where three men now waited. Quickly they gagged her and began to strip her naked. As each bit of flesh was revealed, was roughly pawed by five pairs of hands. First as her skirt was removed, hands grabbed her legs and thighs pulling them apart. Her knickers rolled up into the crease of her cunt, “Wow a shaven cunt slut” said Bob. Next her blouse was ripped from her body, she trembled in the cool night air as she stood in only her bra and knickers. One of the patrol men said “Bah, not much in the way of tits” his colleague replied “Yes but as they say, more than a mouthful is a waste” Next her bra was cut between the cups and quickly discarded, two of the men then stretched her arms out, preventing her from covering her tits with her hands.


   Bob and the two patrol men stepped forward and began to run their hands over her small breast mounds. “look the bitch is getting turned on” said Bob as he pointed at her hardening nipples. “bet she can’t wait to be fucked by all of us here” he added. She stood there unable to move, just shaking her head from side to side, pleading with her eyes to be let go.
    One of the Patrol men unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers and withdrew a massive 10 inch cock. “We will let you go, once you have satisfied all of our needs and taken my small prick all the way into your cunt” said the patrol man. Katie’s eyes grew wider as she saw the size of this monster cock. “On your knees, bitch” he continued. He then walked up to her and said “If I release the gag, you promise not to scream after all I would really hate to hurt you. ” Katie knew she was beaten and simply nodded. He released the ball gag and ran his prick end around her lips, “open wide, you cock sucking whore, make room down your throat for my prick” he said. Meekly she opened her mouth and began to lick the head of his prick. Meanwhile the other patrol man used his knife to slice the side panels of her knickers, leaving her stark bullock naked. He went behind her as Bob stood to one side, then together they pushed their hands towards her arse and cunt. The patrol man slide his finger into her arse, just as Bob slipped his into her cunt.


       They made a big deal of feeling each others fingers through the membrane between her arse and cunt. Katie went glassy eyed for a moment as her hips gave an involuntary jerk. “Hey look the bitch likes it” remarked Bob. By Now the first patrol man’s prick was as hard as steel. He nudged the two men holding Katie’s arms and suggested they lay her down on the blanket. “wait” said Bob “lets all get undressed before we go any further. Whilst the two men held her up, the other three quickly undressed. Once all three were naked, the swapped places with the two others who also undressed. Bob lay down on the Blanket and said “Bring the fucking slut over here and sit her on my Prick” The two patrol men carried her over to where Bob was laying, they parted her legs and lowered her onto his prick so she was facing Bob. Bob’s prick found its home, up to the hilt up her cunt. One of the other two men moved to her head and stuck his prick in her mouth. Realising it was pointless to struggle, Katie eagerly began sucking his 8 inch prick. The First patrol man then knelt between her legs and guided his prick towards her already full cunt. No matter how patient he was, there was just no room for his 10 inch thick cock up alongside the already inserted 5 inch cock, a small adjustment left him pressing his way into her anal opening. Despite the pain of this 10 inch thick cock prising its way into her arse, Katie was unable to scream with her mouth stuffed full of an 8 inch cock.

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       The other patrol man and the last security officer wrapped Katie’s hands around their cocks. At the same time they began pinching her erect rosebud nipples. Just then Bob lurched beneath Katie as he shot thick wads of cum deep inside her cunt. Almost immediately afterwards the prick in her mouth shot forth its seed deep in her throat. Meanwhile The patrol man up her arse began slapping her hard across her arse cheeks saying “Keep going your fucking whore, I am nearly ready to drench your anal canal in spunk” He thrust forward and held his ground saying “Take that you fucking slut”Bob was quickly replaced by the second patrol man while the second security guard sunk his into her arse, the first patrol man walked to her face and thrust his dirty cock into her mouth and said “Bitch you dirtied my cock with the shit from your arse so you should clean me up, you cock sucking bitch!”After the two remaining men had deposited their loads in her arse and cunt, we said farewell to the patrol officers and help a bedraggled Katie over to her spare clothing. She said “That was awesome, but is there somewhere close by where I can get a shower?” I told her I lived not 10 minutes from where we were. So she came back to my home and took a leisurely shower. I allowed her to view the footage we had taken before any mixing and editing. Two weeks later, I knocked on her front door to deliver a draft final version. She told me to come in and make myself comfortable. She slipped into her bedroom, returning ten minutes later wrapped in a dressing gown, explaining “if this makes me as hot as I was the night it was filmed, I want to be ready, willing and able to ease my horny feelings!” “besides you have already seen me naked so there is no problem there!” she added. As the DVD started, I watched as she unwrapped her dressing gown to reveal a powder blue sheer teddy negligee, powder blue self supporting stocking and nothing else. She was heavily into wanking herself as the film hotted up and she managed to cum three times by its ending. She thanked me for the excellent results, and offered me a drink to seal the deal. I explained I had stopped drinking some 20 years before, but don’t let me stop you having a drink.

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       She got up and poured herself a drink, returning to sit beside me on the settee. Running her hand over my semi erect cock she purred “Seems I am not the only one the film has had an effect on!” I replied “actually it was watching your reaction to the film which I found far more erotic. ” She smiled and said “Well why don’t we make you more comfortable and let’s see if I can cure your stiffness?” I told her I don’t mix business with pleasure normally. ” “it usually complicates matters!” I added. “You never know it could lead to a double bonus for you and another memory for me!” she remarked. I don’t know why but I agreed to join her in her bedroom, where she asked me to fuck her up the arse as that had been an unexpected and unplanned pleasure, which she said she was keen to repeat. I took the offered condom and slipped my prick into her arse. Suddenly she pulled a large black vibrator from under her pillow and started to lube it up with her cunt juice before inserting it up her cunt. I felt the added pressure on my prick as she thrust the black monster in and out of her cunt. Very soon I was shooting my cum up her arse. When I pulled out, she turned and removed my condom full of cream before tipping the whole contents into her open mouth. 24 hours later, she was in possession of her personal fantasy to reality DVD, in fact she came back to us 2 weeks later asking if we could produce another two copies of her DVD. I explained that we do not keep any of the files which made up her DVD, but if she had brought her copy with her I could duplicate it for her. She asked how long would it take to complete these two copies, I replied about an hour, why. She then asked if she could return in an hour with the two friends she wanted to give the DVD’s to.

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       I replied “no problem”As she turned to leave she asked “do you sell adult DVD’s by any chance. I told her that as a rule I did not but I did have some for personal use. I ended up lending her three titles a week for the next six weeks. In return she gave me several of her own titles to add to my collection. When she returned with her two friends, she introduced them to me. This is Tina, who is dying to see the outcome of my filming and as already said she is interested in doing a lesbian movie together. This is Carol, Carol’s thing is big black men the more the merrier and is also interested in having a session filmed. But they are another set of stories. .
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