Two young girls - two older men.


I was 14 and my friend Sue asked me if I wanted to make some big money. I said sure but what do I have to do. She said you know how you and Dan have had sex. I said yes but only a couple of times. Sue said if you do it with this guy he will pay you $100 for an hour of fucking with you. I said no way – that’s being a prostitute. Sue said I have done it twice now and I get $100 for fucking and $100 for sucking. He wants to bring his friend but I don’t want to have to fuck two of them. – you know what its like and you only have to lay there and let him fuck you. He is really nice and I actually enjoy it with him now. He wears a condom so you wont get pregnant. I said how often have you done it. Sue said three times – the first time it was just sucking him, the second time he fucked me and the third time we did both together the same night. I have made $500 – He gave me an extra $100 because I sucked him and swallowed him the last time. I actually enjoyed it now I can swallow his cum.   The first time I made him masturbate it out when he got close and he put it all over my face.

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   It was really fun. I said who is he. Sue said just a man – I cant tell you his name – he is married and he just wants me to wear my school uniform and we fuck.   After a while he undresses me and we are both nude and we fuck like that. I have let him fuck me without a condom on for a while but he promised not to cum inside me and hen he is ready he puts the condom on and fucks me till he cums and it is all goes into the condom. When I suck him he cums in my mouth and I just swallow it. It was pretty hard to do the first time as I didn’t like the taste of his cum – but now I have done it a few times I am used to it and I don’t mind when he cums and I just swallow it and its fine. I said are you sure its ok. Sue said I am positive – we have done it four times now and its just great. Where do you do it I asked?In a motel – he books a room and I hide in his car until he parks and gets the room open. Then I sneak in and we just stay in the room doing it. When he is finished we both have a shower and we go. Why do you want me to do it with him, I asked. I don’t really want you to do it with him in particular – he has a friend and wants to bring him but he says we have got to have two girls and he said if I can bring another girl he will give me another $100 for bringing you – I am prepared to split it with you if you will do it – its no problem we just fuck and suck and then he drops me near home. I said I am not sure – what would happen if we both turned up and he did it to me while you were there.

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  Sue said no way – I want it – it wouldn’t be the same watching you with him. I said well who is this other guy. Sue said look - if you like – you can do it with the guy who has done it with me, and I can do it with the other guy – I am sure he wont mind – he is only interested in the sex and not me in particular. Its not like we are in love or anything – I am just like a prostitute – we fuck and he pays me. I said well ok – I will try it once. Sue said have you sucked Dan off before. I said no – I have played with his cock but I have not sucked it. Sue said well I will go and get my dildo and we can practice – the only thing is it feels different when his cock is in your mouth because its warm and its skin, I will show you what it tastes like if you like. Also the cum tastes funny at first and it’s a bit strange with it in your mouth – but if you swallow it down its easier until you get used to the taste and the way it feels. I said how. Sue said just lets practice first then I can show you.  Then Sue said not for what it feels like in your mouth and then she took her pants down and said ok now you can kiss my cunt and it will feel the same. I said no way – I am not a lesbian – that’s what they do. Sue said no its being bisexual if you do it to girls and guys. A lesbian only does it to girls.

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   Look she said slip your pants down and I will show you. I said no way – you want to kiss my cunt. Sue said I can do it – I have done it once before with Loretta – you know her – it was her who got me involved with this guy – she is into it as well but she works in a brothel and gets more than $100 each time she does it because she is so young and they guys are prepared to pay more for a young girl. She wanted me to go to the brothel with her but I draw the line there – I don’t mind it with him but not a stranger and three or four different men a night. I said Loretta is a prostitute. Sue said and very good one evidently – she can make $500 a night and the brothel woman gets as much I believe. I said shit – I wouldn’t believe she was a slut – she seems so nice. I didn’t think she would be old enough. I said she is 16 but has false documents to say she is 18. She even looks 18 when she is dressed up.   When she works there she looks like a 12 yo – that’s what makes her attractive to men – some evidently love fucking young girls and pay bigger money for them. She evidently has a few men that only want her. She said they give you the clothes and all you have to do is let them take them off you and fuck you. If they rip them off and tear them – they have to pay the brothel. One guy gives her pants to wear and after she has wet them and worn them after he cums in her he takes them home.

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    Some guys are a bit kinky but she says she is prepared to do it and she feels safe in the brothel. She gets extra for letting him cum in her – its not allowed she says but she does it if they pay. If she has to let another guy fuck her after that they have to wear condoms so they don’t realise she has been cum in. Sometimes they flush it out with a special hose or something. She is really into it. By now I was getting a bit worked up after talking about Loretta and what she does – I said to Sue I cant believe she is like that. She is so small but I can see why men like her – they possibly think they are fucking their own daughter. Sue said well do you want to learn how to suck – I am willing to show you how on me. I can put the dildo in my cunt and make it look like a cock and then you can taste me which is the same as a cock tastes. I said let me see first – somehow I am not really keen on this. Sue got her dildo out and she showed me how to suck it. It was pretty easy and she showed me how to hold their cock while you sucked and stop them from deep throating you – that’s putting their entire cock in your mouth and it goes down your throat and you gag. Then she put the plastic cock into her cunt and made it look like a guy. I laughed as it looked funny sticking out her cunt and she had no balls. I took the plunge and tried.

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    Once I got down it was fairly easy and not as bad as I imagined – but it was only a plastic cock. How I would handle a real one I have no idea. I said this is crazy – how will I know if I am doing it right. Sue said don’t worry – they all like having their cock sucked any way you do it. The thing to remember is not to suck it too hard – it makes your cheeks sore so just do it gently and rub your lips up and down it and up to the top of it and lick around that bit – they all like that. Also they seem to like you stroking it with your hand as you suck it, like they masturbate. Try it with me and you will see what I mean but remember their cock has soft skin and it moves up and down really easy so you can do both. Before I tried it she shoved the plastic dildo cock right up into her and it came out all wet and she said it will let your hand slip easier. I often lick my own fingers when I masturbate and sucking the cock thing after it was up her tasted the same. I did it for a few strokes before it dried off but she said that was exactly how to – you learn fast. She said I have wanked a couple of guys off before so I know what it feels like so I think I will be able to. Do they think it will be ok for my first time?Sue said they all love it and if they know you havnt done it before they will probably get you to do it the way they like it. Also being a virgin sucker will possibly get you a better tip – it will be the first time you have swallowed cum too so they will be really keen to see how you handle it. God I said you sound like a pro already. Sue said I have enjoyed it and I think you will too.

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  I said I am not sure about swallowing cum. Sue said don’t worry – we all have to do it the first time once and it will be a bit of a shock but its ok – its not horrible just a bit unusual – one girls said it is like having snot in your mouth and it is a bit like that so don’t worry. It cant hurt you. Ok I said I will do it. You organise it and I will do it but you have to be with me. She said I don’t know if they will want to as all to be in the same room but I will be next door if not. I will tell them to be gentle with you and not expect too much to begin with but seeing you have been fucked before it will be easy for you – just do it the way they want and you will enjoy it – they don’t get rough or anything. Just being nude with them is usually the hardest thing at first. Remember they are men not boys and will probably have some body hair on them – more than the boys do. The big thing is their cock is bigger – but I didn’t have any problems getting it in. Its not a problem it just looks and feels a bit different when they are on top of you. After a while you wont notice anything you will be enjoying the sex – I know I was scarred for a minute the first time with him, but I was cool once we started. You will be the same. Don’t be afraid if he has a big cock – it doesn’t hurt.
Two days later Sue saw me and said its all arranged.

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   They will pick us up in town and take us to a motel and we will do it with them and they will take us back to town after we have done it. I couldn’t sleep that night think about what I have agreed to do – I was going to be a prostitute and have sex with a stranger for money.

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