When Opportunity Knocks Chapter 2


WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKSChapter 2I jumped at the sound of the male voice and found myself looking for something to cover myself with but there was nothing available and my clothes were still lying on the floor downstairs. “Honey, you’re home early”“Trista, this is my husband Jake” Heather said, introducing me to her husband. “Honey this is my new friend Trista”“Very pleased to meet you Trista” he said as he held out his hand to me. I was frozen in my spot for a moment, I knew if I was to reach out and shake his hand I wouldn’t be able to cover both my breasts with one hand, but to not shake would have been rude, so I slowly reached one of my hands towards him. He took it so gently, but instead of shaking my hand he brought it to his lips and gently kissed it. His lips were so soft and it sent a jolt of electricity through my body right to my groin. He was around six foot with light brown hair and a gorgeous shade of blue eyes that sparkled when he smiled or looked at you. I would find out later how nicely built he was also. “I guess I don’t need to ask you two ladies what you’ve been up to” he said “From what I could see you were really enjoy getting acquainted with each other. I felt like I wanted to die on the spot from the embarrassment. I think Heather could see how uncomfortable I was feeling.  “Nothing to be shy about here honey, Jake knows I like the taste & feel of a woman every now & then”. She ran her hand through my hair moving back the left section that was draped over and covering my breast then she ran her fingers down my shoulder until she reached my breast that my hair was covering, then her fingers lightly ran along the underside of my left breast making their way to my nipple, which was swollen and hard from her touch. “Ummm, Ummm. Honey your new friend sure does have everything nice in all the right places. ” Jake said “I sure wouldn’t mind a feel of her myself”.

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  “Yes, she does. That’s why I couldn’t resist touching & tempting her on the bus earlier” “Maybe if you’re real nice to her she might let you slide your hands along her body also. ”I didn’t know what to think or do or even say at that moment, so I just kept my head down. When I did look up again I noticed the rather large bulge testing the strength of the zipper on his pants. He noticed me looking so I quickly averted my eyes to something else. Heather moved her mouth to my nipple and flicked her tongue on it a few times. Their pink color was now turning to a lighter shade of red from being so swollen and excited from her mouth that was now sucking on it. “I think Trista needs something a little stronger to drink than whatever is in these glasses here. ” Jake saidStopping for a moment to answer him she said “Yes honey that sounds like a nice idea would you mind making us something?”“Not at all” “Trista do you have any preferences we have a fully loaded bar?”“Ah, no whatever you two are having is fine thanks”So Jake headed down stairs to get the drinks and Heather went back to driving me crazy. I pulled back for a moment and looked at her. “You never mentioned you were married. ” I said to her“Is that a problem?” She askedI thought about it for a moment and couldn’t come up with a very valid reason to give her since I was unattached and her husband didn’t seem to mind, so all I could come up with was, “You should have at least mentioned it so I wouldn’t have been scared half to death when a man came into you room, watching us being intimate. ”She chuckled and said “You’re right I should have said something, but Jake isn’t usually home this early and in the heat of the moment I wasn’t thinking about him coming home early and walking in on us. ”“Don’t worry Jake is fine with it. He even brought home a friend of his once cause he wanted to see another man fucking me.

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  ”“I have a question for you” she said “Are you okay with him watching or maybe even joining us?”“I, I don’t know, I wasn’t prepared to think about that, this has all happened too fast for me. ”“Well,” she said “Relax, have a drink and go with what you’re comfortable with, if you start to feel uncomfortable than just say so and we stop. ” “Sound alright?”After a brief pause I said “That sounds reasonable” “Good, now start to relax a little okay”I smiled at her just as Jake appeared carrying three martinis in his hands. He handed us each one and took a sip of his. I never tasted a martini before and when I did I really liked the taste. “Ummm this is really good” I said“Glad you like it” Jake replied “Does it taste as good as my wife’s pussy?”I turned red and Heather just laughed “Honey you’re bad” she saidHe looked over at me smiling and, as if waiting for an answer, so I told him they were both as good just in different ways. “Good answer!” said HeatherJake held his glass out and said “To new friendships”We clinked glasses but as we did some of Heather’s spilled on my chest. Heather, not missing a beat scooped down to lick it up, she took her time licking everywhere to be sure she didn’t miss a drop. “Um, ah, I think you got it all Heather” I pointed out“Ohhh, but I have to be sure and I am so enjoying making sure”‘And I am sure enjoying you making sure as well’ I thought to myself. I then tipped my glass a little over myself to give her more to lick up. This time it ran down the center of my chest, to my stomach and slowly made its way down to my wet pussy. Since I kept myself smooth down there, the cool liquid seeped down to my puffy pussy lips. Needless to say Heather was soon between my legs licking the outer part of my lips; all over, not missing a spot. Jake grabbed my glass as I slowly sank backward onto the bed, opening my legs wider to give her easier access. With a quick unintended glance at Jake I saw that the bulge in his trousers had reappeared.

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   I closed my eyes and sank the rest of the way back as I reveled in the wonderful feeling Heather’s tongue was giving me. My lips parted as I spread my legs for her and she soon had her tongue in between lapping up some other dripping’s. When she reached my clit I let out a long awaited moan. Now my pelvis was starting to squirm a little. Jake was enjoying the show and soon his hand moved to the crotch of his trousers to give his cock a rub. He was so hard and it was soon getting really uncomfortable. The more I moaned the more turned on he got. He slipped his hand inside his panted to readjust himself but soon that wasn’t enough either. He needed to free himself of his restraints. He unzipped his pants and hooking his fingers inside his underwear and pushed both down past his ass. His large thick cock sprang straight out, happy to be free. He grabbed hold of it and gave it a few slow strokes. Heather spread my pussy lips as wide as they would go and teased me with her tongue. Every once and a while she’d lightly bite down on my clit making me yell out. Her teasing was driving me crazy and I wanted so much to feel her tongue inside me.

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   She stuck two fingers up inside me as she nibbled my clit. “Ohhhh yes, yes, Ohh fuck that feels good”Finally her tongue pushed its way up inside me as far as it could go while her fingers moved in and out at the same time. I let out another loud moan and started grinding my pelvis downward to meet the rhythm of her fingers. “Ohhhh gawd that feels so good, I love the way you eat my wet pussy.
    Jake couldn’t’ stand it any more and started undressing. His clothes lay in a heap at his feet & then he moved towards the bed. He kneeled beside my face. I opened my eyes and his big throbbing cock was starring me in the face. Precum was seeping out of the perfectly shaped head of it. I turned my head towards it a little more and stuck my tongue out to lick up the juice. As soon as he felt my hot tongue touch him he felt a shiver travel his nerve endings and his cock lurched up and then back down onto my tongue. I swirled my tongue all around the head. Jake pushed forward, shoving more of it in my mouth. ““Ohhhhhhhh, ya, suck him. ” “Please I need to feel you suck him.

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      ”I looked into his eyes as I wrapped my lips around him. “Ohhh fuck ya, ohh” he moanedI kept eye contact with him as I slid him in and out of my mouth. I didn’t know it at the time but this turned him on even more. Heather looked up for a moment to see her husband enjoying my mouth on him. They made eye contact and she gave him a little smile. I knew I was going to cum at any moment. And when her fingers started thrusting in and out of me faster and she started licking my clit fast I couldn’t hold back. Jake’s cock popped out of my mouth as I screamed and thrust my pelvis hard at her mouth. It was a long orgasm and I was out of breath by the time it subsided. Heather’s mouth was smeared with juice when she lifted her head up to me. “Did her pussy taste good honey?” Jake asked“See for yourself” She repliedThen she started kissing him. When she pulled away her body crawled its way up my body when she reached one of my breasts she rubbed her pussy across my nipple. She was soaked and it felt so erotic. . She bent over a moment and took Jake’s cock into her mouth for a quick suck.

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       I started rubbing my fingers on her pussy. With no effort I had a couple of fingers inside of her. After a few moments Jake pulled away and said “I wanna taste more of that pussy”. As he was making his way between my legs Heather straddled my face. She rubbed her pussy on my lips just before I stuck out my tongue to lick her juices up. I teased her with my tongue as she had done to me. “Umm, you sure do have a nice pussy” Jake said to me “And it tastes incredible, just like the one you’re eating”He sucked and nibbled on my clit while a couple of his fingers thrust in and out of me. He sure was talented in the area of pleasing a woman with oral sex. His fingers kept hitting my G-spot and I knew I was about to cum at any moment. I was practically grinding my pussy on his face and moaning like crazy while I continued tonguing Heather. I guess she liked the vibrations; she soon started grinding herself on me like I was doing to Jake. She yelled out as I felt her warm juice’s flood my tongue. When she was finished she started kissing me. She reached for my nipples and started to pinch & twist them lightly. That was all I could take.

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       My body started to convulse in a wonderful orgasm. I didn’t have much time to calm down when I felt something hard trying to spread me open and I knew what that something was. Jake was so hard it almost hurt and he had a long string of precum dripping from the end of his cock. I wasn’t use to a cock the thickness of his and it had been quite some time since I was intimate with anyone so when he started to push himself in me my pussy needed some coaxing to open up enough to accommodate him. It hurt a little but that hurt soon felt delicious. I felt so full (and I was). He started out slowly till I got use to his size and being so wet sure helped. He told Heather to back up and position herself so that her pussy would be above mine, (only in the doggy-style position)He fingered her pussy while he fucked me but after a number of thrusts in me he would pull out and put it in Heather’s pussy. It drove me crazy because he would bring me to a certain point of pleasure and then he’d pull out to give it to her. This continued for a while. I was amazed at how long he could last. I played with Heather’s nipples while he fucked us both. He would bring me so close to orgasm that I was begging him to leave it in me a little longer because I needed to cum. But my pleas didn’t make a difference; he’d just smiled and kept on driving me into becoming a crazed pleading maniac. When Heather started yelling that she was going to cum he started pounding her hard until her orgasm subsided.

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       She swung her body around so that her head was pointing down at my pussy so I started to finger her pussy. When I looked down I realized why she turned around. When Jake would pull out of me she would suck his cock till he would pull away and put it back in me, but now he stayed in me for longer periods at a time and I knew I was headed over the edge of my cliff. I started screaming “Yes, Oh, gawd, fuck me. ” “Fuck me hard. ” Ohhhhhhhh, Yes,”Heather started encouraging him also, saying “Ya, honey give it to her, shoot that love juice up inside her  pussy”Between listening to my begging and Heather’s encouragement, Jack started groaning loudly and started fucking me like there was a motor in him. Just as I felt the first shot of his cum hit my cervix my flood gates opened up and I had the longest and most intense orgasms I could ever remember having. I thought I was going to pass out but luckily I didn’t. Jake flopped on top of me and Heather beside me with her arm around both of us. I don’t think anyone spoke for at least 10 minutes. We just breathed hard and tried to calm down. I was reflecting back on my day and what it would have turned out to be if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to follow her home. “Damn that was good” Jake finally said “I really need to come home early more often. ”Heather and I both chuckled, looked at each other in agreement and said “Uh, ha”I knew by the look on her face there would be more opportunities with them. Comments welcome 

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