Buffy Brandon White Goddess First domination


Buffy Brandon WHITE GODDESS- First Domination
By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo. com
Black man lies on a dating site gets him in trouble(Racial domination)

Warning- intense Racial Domination. White girl using racial slurs. Purely a fantasy, no real racial hatered. Buffy is not a real person…any relation to a real person is purely by accident

Ted was online. I been a long time sense he had got laid. He spent most of the time jerking off to Hentai (anime Porn) and search for pornographic picture of comic book girls.

His room was a den of various porn. Tonight was going to be different, cause days ago he sign up to a site for white girls who into black guys. The first thing he did was actually search for nude picture of black men. This was so he could find the biggest most massive, intimidating cock he could find and put it in his profile. He got the screen name, the Black Giant on the site and got a year long membership. He said he didn’t like to show his picture because he on parole and he not supposed to use the computer. He also said he was balling when it came to cash. The back-story is that he was in for slinging rock.

He did what he had to do to survive in the hood” Ted wrote.

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  In reality he was from the suburbs. He was only only 5. 8 even though he said he was built in his profile. Months passed and he didn’t get any bites, so he figures his plan didn’t work, that was till he got a hit and it was a doozy.

Her name was Buffy Brandon. She was 6. 2. withkiller long legs and very tone body. She said she worked out all day and that gave him a flat stomach that had a bit of muscle. Her body was not bodybuilder but more of a fitness models with some porn star feature. While her arms and legs looked cut like marble, her breasts were huge. Two firm balls of flesh that could bury most people heads in. They seem very natural and were some of the biggest he ever seen. Her nipples were pierce, and she had a tattoo of a sun over around her bellybutton. She had a tramp stamp over her ass that said princess.

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   Her ass…well was a work of art. It was a biggest ass he ever seen on a white girl. Her don’t think he could even hold one cheek with two hands. In the picture she had it oiled up and was looking at you with her deep blue eyes, giving her a come here look. . . Her hair was down to her shoulders and blond. She had a Denis Richards looked to her. She was simply stunning.

At first he thought she was a scam. Some spam company convincing nerdy guys to sending money to her, or buy her webcam. So he talked to her and soon found out she was for real. She never was with a black guy before. Apparently her parents were racist hillbillies who wouldn’t have that. Her dad would threaten to kill a black guy if she brought them to his house.

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   Apparently he was crazy, real trailer park guy. She eventually moves out a got a job modeling, stripping and making cash doing odd jobs. She did well for herself and made quite a penny putting her body on the net. Her parents long sense pass and she was ready to meet a black guy. She said she wanted a rough neck, someone to fuck her hard till she couldn’t stand.

Ted wrote how he was her man, telling how he was going to tossed her over the bed and just take her, make him her bitch. He said he was going to fuck her little white hole with his massive black cock and said she couldn’t handle it. He said he made Blackzilla look like a 2 year old. All the trash talk Ted could think of her wrote down. To his surprise she went for it. They then started talking on the phone. He tried to butch his voice up as much as he could. She told him he sounded different then she thought. His hands were shaking and his heart was beating faster then it ever beat. He thought he was going to have a heart attack.

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   He said that he speaks softly. . But he hard where it counts. She giggled at this. She had a sultry laugh. . . but warm like smooth milk. After a couple of time talking she assisted on meeting him. He wanted to fuck him, have her first black guy.

The Night of the meeting.

He was at some sleazy hotel, with some condoms, lube and some pills. He popped them in, because he wanted to be rock hard for her. He soon became bigger. Not nearly the size he claims to be but bigger then normal.

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   He took off his glasses and hid in the drawer. He drank a little bit to calm his nerves.

He heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”


“Come on in”

She walked in; she was wearing tight Daisy Dukes, showing bits of her ass sticking out. She had on high heals, with her toes pointed out. Her toes nails were painted pink and she had a hint of Jasmine in her perfume. Her shirt was a tight, pink that said Diva, in sparkle. She had shades push up on her forehead, and red lipstick. Her eye shadow was blue, and she had her nails on her hand painted pink. He could see her belly, and tight and strong abs. They look like they were made of solid steal. She carried a big pocket book.

Her face from joy to anger. She saw Ted, holding some roses. She towered over him.

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   She closed the door.

“And YOU are” She Said with a sneer

“T…t. . t. . Ted”

“T…t…Ted” She mocked “You suppose to be tough Thug from Jail…you look like fucking Urkel”

“Well I may have change over the year, being free from Jail can do that to a person. Think it’s the smell of freedom that does it. It lightens you. ”

“Oh you got to be shitting me…you got to be shitting me”

“Come on I brought you some ros. . ”

She grabbed the Roses and tossed them against the wall. She slapped him across the face sending him down on the bed. Buffy grabbed him by the hair. He was shocked and tried desperately to fight back but she was to Fast. She slapped him again and again.

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   She change into to back hand, and back to palm again and again, till he weld up with tears. She pushed him down and kicked him in the ribs. She stood in front of him and showed him her ass. She pulled it down to give him a peak. ”

“You crying, you bitch, letting a little white girl beat you. You fucking nigger. You think I let a little dork like you handle these tits. You think a little fucking punk ass nigger like you could really even attempt to handle and ass like this…this is an ass for REAL MEN…not little bitch niggers like you. That right bitch…called you a nigger you little porch monkey, what you going to do about. You going to teach me a lesson, fuck me tight pussy raw. Hu. . You suppose to be Jail house, give me that big fat dick of yours. Get up or I beat the shit out of you. ”

He was about to get up and saw her clench fist.

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   He put his head in hands.

“That what I thought you punk ass nigger bitch. Should have never fucked with black guys, my mom was right, you weak willed koon. . . no wonder you were so easy to take over. Tell me the truth if you like to me I smash your face in”

She put her hands on her hips and taps her foot while she waited

“I lied…I am not from Jail…from the suburbs. . Barely got a parking ticket…hasn’t had sex in so long. ” He whimpered

She laughed. She was starting to enjoy this

“Well these tits…you got to pay for. I only let you black bastard touch these tits if you slipped a few dollars down my Bra. These tits are PEFECTIONG nigger…not for little guys like you to touch for free. Maybe if you were a real black man. .

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  A rapper, a baller, I let you touch but no…you’re paying…give me you fucking Wallet”

He tossed it. She didn’t catch it

“Bring it to me, with your teeth faggot” She Said “Crawl”

He crawled over and grabs it in her mouth. She stuck her hand out. And took it. She counted the cash and put the whole wallet in her bag

“Better not cancel your accounts…I am going to wipe it clean. . As well as your paychecks for the next 2 months…Hope POPPYES chicken got a discount, because I am going to be spending it on me and my girls. But I think you lying. . think you got more let see, if I was a dumb koon where will I hide my money”

She looked in the drawer, and saw more money. She saw some glasses too.

“Figures. . Nerd”

She tossed it to the ground and stomp on it.


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  have no gas money”

She kicked him again

“Is that my problem BITCH” She Said “Take off your clothes”


“Want to see that so called big dick of your, take it off, shirt and all…do it unless you want me to slapped you around some more fagot” Buffy Said

He did as told slowly slipping his clothes off. Despite his fear, he was rock hard from being abuse. He always had a submissive side. She stood him up and slapped him on the bed.

“Black. . and don’t even have a BIG dick. . Shame” She Said “What that lube for…. is it sure your boyfriend could fuck you…cause I know you don’t think you need it to fuck me. . . with that little thing…its like a tick tack”

She pushed him down again and stood over him. She pulled down her daisy duke, revealing no panties. Her pussy was shaven and dripping wet.


   She started to finger her clit, parting it to show the pinkness

“What were you thinking nigger, you thought I PERFECT PINK pussy like that would be satisfied by a little black raisin like you. You were jerking off to much porn Geek. These creamy white legs a work of arts. This thick ass right her (turning around) is a black mans DREAM bitch……you should be honored to look at it”

She pulled off her shirting revealing her amazing breast. She started to squeeze them together and sucked her nipples. She did one at a time, stretching them with her teeth. She looked down at him and spit on his face.

“Bet you like to TIT FUCK me faggot…well if you a good little monkey. . I might let you but we do it my way”

She went into her bag and pulled out a video camera.

“Was going to film you fucking me DOGGYSTYLE. . we both know that aint happening, so we got to change the script” She Said

She bent over on the bed.

“Crawl over and worship my ass” She Said “Kiss it”

He crawled over kissing her ass. She stuffed his face in making it hard to breath.

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   He was suffocating

“Lick it, lick it deep” She Said

She continued smashing his ass.

“Licking it, get it nice and wet” She Said

She passed gas

“Opps. . sorry koon. . much of had to much Chilli…opps did it again” She laughed

His face was in her butt cheeks.

“Cant believe your getting hard from this your pathetic nigger” She Said “No wonder my parents didn’t want me dating you pathetic little koons…go crazy over a thick white ass don’t you. Not like those overweight black ghetto bitches you guys go after, this if find superior race ass koon” Buffy Said

She was getting off from the power, feeling alive. Loving the taboo off it. She told him to lie on the bed. She sat on his face, placing her ass cheeks on him. She started to finger herself in front of the camera. She plunge 2 finger, then 3, then and entire hand. She let out a scream as she pressed her ass down hard. She sprayed her pussy juices, some hitting the lenses, squirting all over.

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“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shit”

She looked down and saw him passed out from lack of air. Buffy laughed. She open him mouth and hover over him. She squeezes his mouth open and let out a stream of piss in his mouth, and splashes it on his face. He gagged but she forces his mouth open making him swallows.

“Slurp it all up. Got to clean your mouth out, my ass was pretty dirty nigger, now I want you to take the big watermelon eating lips of yours and lick my pussy”

Her pussy lips were hanging down, and her clit was nice and big. She stat on his face, wrapping her well muscle legs tightly around him. She held him like a vice, slamming down on top of him. Her body was dripping with sweat and she put her head back and gave a smug smile. She was guiding where she wanted him to go.

“Listen you dumb nigger, going to say this as simple as possible cause I know you people slow. When I tap your head twice. . .

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  want you to lick faster, when I tap 2 times, SLOWER. When I 3 times, higher, 4 times lower. When I move my hips, that pathetic tongue better move with me. I'm not going to draw you a fucking map of my pussy. Now Lick. . deeper fuck yea”

She controlled his head, and squeezed his balls tightly when he did it wrong. Soon she got a hang of it, even though it was hard to breath. She gave him just enough air not to pass out.

“Yea back and forth. . mmmmmmmmm shit…shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Mmmmmmm cumming, drink my cum faggot…drink it drench your face. Give my pussy a smell. This is your god now…you pray to this pussy”

She grabbed the lube on the by the nightstand, and lubed her hands up.

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   She started stroking his cock, up and down. Her hand was expert hands, turning his cock to puddy, hitting ever pressure point. It was the greatest hand job of his life but it was also. His cock was made extra sensitive. He brought him close to cumming then cruelly stopping when he got close.

    “Your not cumming let nigger, not let you…cum when I say, and as many times as I chose, can keep you from cumming for ever, or make you cum 100 times a one nigh…shit are you crying…you fucking bitch. Your not a man…your aint even a boy, you’re a fucking baby” She laughed “No way you can handle this pussy you slut”

    She stroked faster

    “Mercy…your asking for mercy…shut the fuck up you dumb nigger” Buffy laughed

    She moans as she felt another climax coming. He tried to get her off him but she had him on down tight. His dick only became more sensitive ass she jerked, she added more and more lube, fisting his cock.

    “Ahhhhhhh poor baby…what…is that?”

    “Please slower…can’t take it” He moaned

    “Couldn’t quite hear you but going to assume you said faster and faster” She Said

    She stroked and mold his cock, teasing the head. .

    “Mmmmm FASTER obey my instruction slave, or I rip your balls off. Good mmmmmmm. You tears feel so good on my pussy. Your cries like a fucking vibrator…still might not be as good as a REAL dick.

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      . But a good distraction” Buffy smiled “Mmmmm think going to make this a habit, going to dominate every nigger I seen, you created a monster. Yea going to tear through them, breaking them, and beating them up taking their money. Going to spend it on a nice plantation to keep my slaves. Women, and men. . You’re going to be the first nigger. KEEP LICKING!!!”

    She put her arm down and grabs a beer from the bucket, and took a drink.

    “Mmmmmm raping niggers, make you work up a sweat” She laughed.

    Hour passed. His face was drench with cum, his mouth was overflowing. She lost track of how many times she came. She held his hair.

    “Drink up…yellow nectar”

    She let another stream of hot piss in his mouth. It was long and more nasty then the last due to all the beer.

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       She let it flow laughing all the way. His knees and arms were weak.

    “Time for a show” She Said

    She grabbed him off the bed and twisted his arm. She held her hand on his neck and squeezed him tight choking him. She had him a in a tight grip. He was too weak to fight back. Buffy let go off his arm and held jerked him of while she stood him up. She nibbled on his ear.

    “Say you’re a DUMB nigger” She whispered in his ear.

    He whimpered. She gripped his balls

    “SAY IT!!”

    “I am a dumb nigger”


    “I am a dumb nigger!!!”

    “Louder koon” She said jerking faster

    “I AM A DUMB NIGGER!!!” He said

    She laughed licking his tears. He felt pathetic and broken

    “Your worthless…Who the best pussy. . answer me nigger”

    “White pussy”

    “and Black dick worthless. .

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      Say it”

    “Black Dick is worthless”

    “I’m you white goddess. . right. And you’re my nigger say it”

    “You’re my white Goddess. . I AM YOUR NIGGER!!!”

    She laughed

    She gripped his neck harder. She pressed her breast into his back.

    “Make monkey nosese”

    “Ooook oooeeek” He Said

    “Stop you weakling…sing…a negro spiritual. . want music while I jerk you”

    “Oh Dannny boy…”


    “That Irish. . what kind of black man are you…. sing sweet chariot”

    “Swing Low…(crys) sweet chariot. . coming for to carry me home”

    “LOUDER” She said nibbling on his neck

    “Swing low…sweet chariot….

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      coming forward to carry me Home!!!”

    She laughed and continued kissing him neck as he sung. He felt like he was about to cum. This time she let him. He had to most intense orgasm of his life, but it didn’t stop. Soon another shot of cum shot out of him, then another minutes later.

    “Yea shoot that nigger Juice” She Said

    His arms and legs went limp. She put her cum soaked hand to his face and made him cleaned the cum off her hand. She gave him a big kiss, tongue him. He whimpered as she held him.

    “Shhhh poor baby, your know who race the superior race now right”

    “White race” He said totally broken

    She laughed. She pushed him down on the bed. She finger fucked his ass, getting him hard as she kissed him. She slipped his cock in her tight pussy and rode him to bliss. He screamed, cried, begged her to make him cum, and then begged her top stop. He was way too much for her and she knew it.

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       She didn’t stop. She just buried him in her tits and held him down. She spit on his face.

    “You’re MIND BOY…manifest Destiny” She Said

    His body was lifted up every time she slammed down. His whole body seems to be one be part of one big climax that seems to never end. She grabbed him sucking his nipples and squeezing his ass. She slipped her fingers deep in taking him. He was no more then a dildo to her now.

    “Your NOTHING, your going to clean out ever bit of cum from my pussy, your going to eat my shit, your going to be my toilet. . Going to DEGRADE you like the KOON you are. ” She Said

    4 hours passed.

    She took a shower with him in the bed unable to move. She already went to the Bathroom twice. She smiled and got dress.

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    “Been fun nigger” She said

    She bent down to him

    “Ahhh still crying…guess your kind of sad. . cause your betrayed and disgrace your race for a little white tail hu. Would give you a kiss. . but figure sense I shit in your mouth it may not be the best idea. Well I got to go koon. Be calling you. Got the tapes. Going to send to all your friend and family and show what a pathetic little koon you are if you don’t do whatever I say, when ever I say it. You’re going to be my little servant, wash my clothes, and clean my house. Do errands. . Where going to have a lot of fun. Of course the no masturbation rule in affect for now on, so I got to get you a little chastity belt.


       Oh you know what may send the tape out anyway so I can have a house nigger all to myself. Ta Ta for now nigger”

    She spit on his face again and slowly walked out laughing. She shut the door.

    His life as he knew it was over.

    The end

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