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In small city of India , there lived a beautiful girl whose name was Dipu. She is 19 years old fair brunette and likes to take snap of her in every way in her mobile, she like to chat naughty on internet. We can say that she was online slut. She used to share her naked pics or video chat(face hidden) and do what ever guys Or girls tell her to do. She was just 19 and acting like a pro… She has fabulous body figure 32-26-30. Her 32b size cup was making everyone go crazy. Her cousin brother Amol visited her during his vacation. He is 25 years old , strong build up. He was witty funny guy and always used to flirt and talk naughty with Dipu. They used to share everything what they do and what they lust for but Dipu never shared her mobile and her work on internet. Amol was fond of her tits and he has told her many times that he likes her tits and told her to show him but she refuses for that. Morning:

One day they were watching TV and she had to go to pee, she went for pee keeping her mobile aside and warning her brother dare he touch her mobile, so Amol agrees with that he will not touch her mobile. But as soon as she gone inside, he surf her mobile and found that she had her own naked pics and some videos, soon he sent all those stuff to his mobile and he also found that she was chatting naughty on internet and doing cam show as she had written in her mobile as if mobile was her personal diary.

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   He saw her Facebook Id with the name she is doing and her email address so he note her Facebook link which was “http://www. Facebook. com/anushkashah32” and her email address also which was “anus322630@hotmail. com” and kept her mobile as it was before she comes back. Afternoon(same day after lunch):It was scorching hot outside and they both were in their room, both logged on to the internet and as always after lunch Dipu used to have naughty chat on internet she started her fantasy, now Amol was also known what she was upto so he created a new id with name Alex and find her and add her as friend, she accepted her friend request and she chatted naughty with him without sharing any pics or cam show. Later on he asked for her email address and it was the one he noted down. He sent those pics which he took from her mobile to her email address and told her while chatting that he has sent her some sex naughty pics on her mail and told her to check it now. She was shocked that those were her own pics and many of them were those pics which she hadn’t share with any one on internet while chatting. So she suddenly asked him how he got those pics mentioning that those pics were of her and asked him where he lives and Alex(a. k. a. Amol) told her just a room beside her room. She was shocked and went in her room. She locked the room and showed her tits as he was demanding but this time he told her to get naked but she refused. He told her that he would tell her parents what she is upto.

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   She agreed and undressed herself, looking at her hot body Amol told her that you are so grown up and move closer to her and started moving his hands on her hot body. She shivered and moved back as she had never done anything like that with guy in real. Amol told her to relax and sit on her knees and told her to unzip her pant and she had to do and told her to hold her dick in her hand and stroke it. Now his dick was quite hard and big,looking at thi s hard dick Dipu was shocked and was worried so she looked up at his elder brother. He moved his hand on her head and make her feel relax, after that he asked her to take that in mouth and lick it, she was feeling good doing this all as till date she had just seen all this in porn movies and now she was doing that all in real.

    He lifted her and took her to the bed and spread her legs and saw that her sister is fresh cherry and told her” Sister! wow u got a gr8 pussy, I like virgin pussy” now he started licking her pussy and fingered her pussy. She was cumming by only this. Now he told her that he would shove his dick in her pussy and she would have pain and would might bleed to but u will enjoy later on and started stroking her pussy gentlly and all the fear she was having was gone as Amol was talking to her while he was taking her cherry and she started enjoying and he fucked her so well that she was cumming again…. After sometime he told her that he is also going to come so he took out his dick from her pussy and told her to stroke and lick and she did as he said and as he was going to cum he shove his dick in her mouth and told her to take it all in whatever comes out and she drank all of her cum and they slept hugging each other that afternoon

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