A Caring Sister


I looked at her, speechless for a moment before speaking. "Yeah, I kinda left early. Skipped Psychology and came straight here. "She smiled broader. "Wonderful! Mom and dad are out for a while and won't be back until later, so we'll have plenty of time to catch up. "A dumb nod was all I made as she led me to the living room and sat me on the couch. Then she went to the kitchen to get a couple of drinks, coming back to sit down a few inches close to me. "So how's Sharon?""Uh, she's ok. I guess. " Momentary hesitation. "We broke up. "She fell silent before leaning over to hug me again, lingering for a few seconds to give me a bit of comfort. "Oh James, I'm so sorry!" Almost involuntarily, my hands fell onto either hip. The second they touched her skin, it was almost electric as to the response. We sat and talked for a good twenty minutes, holding each other and caressing lightly. After falling silent, we simply stared at each other.

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   That was when I lost my head. Leaning forward, my lips met hers. She kissed back, not passionately until her lips parted and her tongue met mine, caressing it. My hands moved from her hips to her back, gently rubbing her skin as her arms wrapped around my neck. She broke the kiss, breathing heavy as she stared at me. "James. I. . I've wanted to do that for so long. Oh my god! You have no idea how much I wanted you!"For the second time that day, I gaped at her before offering her a smile. "Me too. " Her smile returned and she leaned forward again to caress my lips with hers, my hands undoing the bikini top. Lowering it, my head fell down to her breasts, gently taking each nipple into my mouth as I suckled on it. Her hands ran through my hair, soft moans emitted from her. "Oh James! Keep going!" My tongue flitted out around her nipple, cajoling each moan of pleasure out.

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   She pushed me back onto my back, reaching down to pull off her bikini bottoms as I removed my shirt. She then reached down and unbuckled my shorts, pulling them and my boxers off my legs to expose my eight inch penis. Like lightening, her face lowered to my shaft, taking it in her small right hand pumping it gently as her tongue licked around the head of my penis before totally emmersing it inside of her hot mouth. Her head bobbed down as she sucked and licked, moans issueing deep from my throat as she continued her loving attention. From base to head, she sucked and stroked. My hips rocked, forcing myself deeper inside of her mouth. I moaned again. "Val, I'm about to cum. " Instantly she moved her head, crawling up my body until her clean shaven pussy lips touched my cock. "I want you to fuck me hard," she whispered before lifting her hips up, her mouth seeking out mine. Straddling me, her hips were brought forcefully down, the head of my cock impaling her to the hilt. I had never felt anything so hot and tight and from the scream that was muffled by my mouth, I knew that her hymen had been torn. Wrapping my arms around her, we rolled over in place so that she was on bottom. Slowly at first, my hips began to move in a pistoning motion, pulling out of her to the head and then forcing myself deeply inside of her to the hilt. Her eyes were glazed in lust as her hips moved in perfect rhythem.

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   Faster and harder I fucked her, elliciting moan after moan and she herself was bucking her hips faster against me. My lips left hers to lick and kiss the right side of her neck, continueing to slam my cock into her pussy. Wave after wave of ecstacy rocked her body as she came repeated times on my cock. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME, JAMES, FUCK ME HARD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I'M CUUUMMMMINNNNNGGG!!"My cock penetrated deeply inside of my hot sister when finally I felt the beginnings of a climax. I groaned in pleasure. "Valerie, I'm going to cum. " She just nodded and came once more, setting me off on the hardest cum ever in my life. My load shot deep inside of her, spurt after spurt shooting into her womb, my dick penetrating her to the hilt as we both moaned in ecstacy. Finished, I collapsed on top of her, kissing her deeply before turning her hot and sweaty form so that she was resting on my chest. She leaned up, reaching down to stroke my half-limp cock. Her smile radiated at me. "I love you, James. " I kissed her again, reaching down to gently spread her labia, slipping my left index finger into her and slowly finger fucking her. "I love you too, Val. " Kissing once more, she laid back on top of me, a contently smug tone to her smile.

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  I was twenty years old and she was sixteen when this happened. We spend every chance we get to show each other how much we truly care for each other. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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