A Change In Tradition


This day so far was no different than any other year. Once they dove in they quickly swam to the dock in the middle of the pond and played a game of chicken. In other words they would remain in the water and taunt each other to be the first to go back to shore to the comfort of a nice warm towel. Like usual they stood on the bottom rung of the latter that still kept them immersed in the water to their shoulders. Only a foot of distance seperated the two. Alex noticed that Natalie was shivering quite a bit, and opened his mouth to egg her on into swimming to shore. The loser had to make the winners bed for the entire summer. Alex hated making his bed. He was surprised when he looked at her with those large blue eyes of hers and her bottom lip somewhat matching her eye color. He couldn't bring himself to taunt her as he usually did. Instead he found himself staring at her, and felt himself growing very warm. He tried to shake the feelings going on inside him but his sister innocently enough turned her back to him and pressed her bikini clad bathing suit to his body. "Alex, please hug me, I am so c-c-c-cold. " "Uh, ah, . . .

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  . . okay. " Alex retorted and hesitantly paced his arm around her waste and accidently brushed across one of her nipples standing swollen and erect from the sheer coldness. He hoped she had not thought anything of it and also hoped that she would not notice his own erection growing in his swim trunks. His wish was too late as she had felt a sensation that she really liked when he brushed her nipple and then felt his bulge poking her in the back. Alex tries hard to fight the feeling and swims away from the latter. "Where are you going Alex? she asks. "Oh, nowhere, just moving around to stay warm. Why?" "Because Big brother I hate to admit it but it felt good and you were keeping me warmer. Please come back to the latter and help me get warm before I concede to you and swim in. " Alex slowly swam forward towards his sister and tried to convince himself that he could not give into his lustful feelings he was having for her. Although he thought to himself that his baby sister was not such a baby any more and if she could give him an erection like he had, how would other guys react? He wasn't sure he liked the thought of other boys fondeling those beautiful mounds cupped in that tiny bathing suit. What Alex did not know was that when she felt the excitement in Alex's swim suit, she knew that she had caused it and wanted to investigate further. Her neighbor Janie who was 15 had told her all about boys.

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   Nat thought Janie was the smartest girl when it came to sex. She had four brothers all who were older than her and still living at home. Janie had once told Nat how nice it felt to have a hard cock inside her fucking her. By now she had already been passed around from brother to brother by all four of them for over a year. Janie told her that the oldest, Tom had been the one to take her virginity. It was the best she said. Natalie had been curious about her brother ever since that converstation with Janie. even as far as thinking that she wanted Alex to be the one who took her virginity when she was ready. Neither of the two had any idea what the other was thinking. Alex neared the ladder again and put his arms around his sisters nearly naked body. this time he brushed against her nipple on purpose and thought that he heard a moan from her. As Alex held her so close to him, he could feel her flesh next to his body. It felt nice he thought and his hardon began to throb and throb. Nate could feel his excitement continue to grow and she decided to tease him a bit and rub her buttocks up and down against his erecton. Alex knew he was in trouble and from experience knew that the tightening in his scrotum meant that he was nearing an orgasm, and he knew it would be unavoidable.

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   Natalie might have been his youngewr sister, but he began to sense that somehow she was more aware of what was happening than he originally thought. In the interest of fun, he decided to play along. Thinking she would back off when things became to heavy. "Hey sis, come closer, I don't want yo to be cold," Alex snickered and wrapped his arms tighter around her waist. Alex leaned his head forward and Nat could feel his warm breath on her neck. Natalie was doing some of her own thinking and wanted to toy with her big brother, but was unsure how he would react. "How's this?" he asked her quietly, while pressing his cheek against hers. Nat's butt cheeks continued to grind and tease hard against alex's hard on. "Great, Alex you are making me very warm. Your a good brother, Alex. I Love You. " Nat was really laying it on, unaware too even herself just how much truth that statement held. "I love you too, Nat. Turn around so I can hold you closer. You'll be warmer.

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  " Alex said to her thinking this is where it would probably all end, and secretly wishing it wouldn't. To Alex's surprise she did not pull away. Instead she turned and scooted towards her brother until there was not any room between their bodies. still liking the effect she was having on Alex, she continued to rub her hips into his erection. Sometimes Alex would flinch as it sometimes was too much for such a wanting dick. He reached up and grabbed both her hips and pulled up to slide his erection below to her spread legs, nearly providing a perch for her to sit upon. By now Alex realized that this was not a game and he wanted more. He knew before his parents would return home that night he would have supped on his baby sisters virgin pussy and claimed it as his own. That thought alone sent him shivering as a load of his warm spunk shot into the lining of his swimming trunks, only momentarily giving his cock a moment to breath before it swelled back up, to claim the prize that awaited it. Alex threw caution to the wind and dove in, no stopping possible. His baby sister would be a woman before they had ended what once was a game. PartII--The Beginning Alex bent down to allow his mouth to meet his sister's who openly invitied him in as he began to compassionately kiss her. It was the longest kiss he had ever had. He reached down and untied the tie to her bikini and pulled the small piece of material from her and sat it on the dock. He then ended the passionate kiss and began to kiss her neck then continued down until he was sucking in her nipples that stood firm and erect.

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   She moaned in pleasure,as the cold water hightened the effect his lips had on her. She was growing so warm by now, she no longer wanted to leave. "Oh, Alex that feels so good don't stop, please Alex don't stop. Suck my nipples Alex, suck them hard. " Alex granted her reguest and sucked all he could into his mouth. "Nat, your mounds are beautiful, even better than some of the girls at school. I love sucking them. Please say I can suck them when ever I want. " Alex begged of her. "I would have it no other way big brother. They are yours for as long as you want them. " Alex sucked in the right breast again then the left before backing away with the intention of fingering her pussy until she shuttered with an orgasm. He reached into her bikini bottoms and rubbed the palm of his hand over her smooth mound. He had never felt one so smooth. Not that he had, had many.

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   He had lost his virginity to the very girl who introduced his sister to the fundamentals of the birds and the bees. It had only been a few months. Alex wanted badly to put his finger into her snatch and take her over the edge but the thong bating suit was inpeding the process a bit so he put his fingers in the waste and pulled them off her and placed them on the dock with the top. Alex thought that this would be a first time experience for her, but he did not know many things about his sister. She had never had the pleasure of a cock in her but she had been under the direction of Janie, inserting her finger into her pussy for some time now. Not knowing this Alex began very slow, as he inserted his finger into her waiting snatch she moaned and began to meet every thrust of his finger pleading with him. "Faster Alex, faster, I want it faster, Alex, make me cum all over your finger. Alex could not beleive the words flying out of his sister's mouth. He could barely keep from shooting a second load of cum into his trunks. He began to move his finger faster then he inserted a second finger, and nat began to ride his fingers as though she were on a bronco. It was not long and she bellowed in an earth shattering orgasm before collapsing into her brothers arms. Alex continued to probe momentarily allowing her to enjoy the orgasm for as long as she could. When Nat had gained her composure she pleaded with him. "Alex, I want you to fuck me, I want your cock inside of me. I have ever since Janie started telling how her brother took her virginity.

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   I have wanted you to be the one to have mine. Please Alex, please?" "Okay Nat, I want you too, but not out here. If you have chosen me as your first I want it to be right. Something you will remember. " "It already is a day I will never forget. Thank you alex. " Alex gave her another passionate kiss and she swam away. Alex, watched as she pulled herself on the shore and grabbed her towel. "Hurry Alex, I want you bad. " I'll be along shortly, take a warm shower, I'll be waiting for you when your done. " Alex looked down at his once again throbbing cock and knew he would not be able to swim to shore in this condition and quickly fisted himself until a second load of jism entered his trunks. He knew the sight of his hot 12 year older sister would not fail him and bring him to another standing ovation. He knew fucking his sister's tight little cunt would be the best he had ever had. As Alex swam to shore he made a pact with himself and later would with Nate. From now on their Tradition had changed.

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   For many years to come even through College the two would come back and take a heated dip in the chilly pond. Note to my readers: I have many more ideas for this story line and I hope you have liked what you read, if you didn't my sequels may not be for you. If you did, I hope you will be delighted with the next Chapter. ALEX AND NATE THE UNVEILING OF A VIRGIN SISTERChapter 2 posted by 11/8/02More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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