A Daddy's Dream Pt.1


 A Daddy’s Dream: Part 1
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It has been a month since my wife left me cause of problems we have been having for the last few years and I decided just to let her have the dam thing and three of my five kids didn’t want us to break up and get a divorce but two of my three girls said it would be better that stay there and fuss all the time. My oldest daughter who I will call Sharon a 25 year old with long strawberry blond hair and sort of on the chubby side after having five children of her own and pretty as a doll. I remember when she was around 10 years old, when my ex-wife wanted me to go to the store, Sharon would always ask to go and when we went she would always tell me that she would go in and get what we needed and she would and she was a smart child for her age and knew everything about counting, that was 15 years ago and now a woman with five children and a ex old man that wouldn’t treat her right either, so I was home one day on a Saturday and she called and said, daddy would you like to come and have supper with us? And I said I guess I would if you really want me too and she replied, yes I do and I though to myself this is a Saturday and I always go out on the weekends just to get away to clear my thoughts but something in my head told me that I could just give up one weekend and then it came to my mind, what if my ex was over there or something like that then it would cause trouble and then I ask Sharon would Betty be there and she said no way daddy cause I know you two can’t get alone so I ask she what time should I be there and Sharon said she would have supper done around 7 and that I could come over anytime I wanted and I said ok I’ll be there so we hung up and I sat down in the chair and though to myself again, why give up a weekend, ridding and maybe just go to a bar and sat and listen to the band to get my head straight but I said I need the money and I love my kids and all and I wouldn’t won’t to lie to any of them. I went to sleep in the chair and I looked at the time and it was 6:45 pm and I knew I wouldn’t have time to shower and shave and get dressed so I called Sharon and told her and she said, daddy, just bring you cloths over here and you can shower and get dressed here cause supper is just about done and I told her I better just put it off till next week and she replied, daddy I fixed supper and you are going to come over and eat with me or else I will come and drag you in the car and make sure you come and I said ok, Sharon I will be there after I get my things. After I got to my daughters house I got out and went to the door and knocked and Sharon opened the door and I don’t think I have ever seen her looking that beautiful in a log time. Sharon had on a long blue dress that buttoned up the front and her hair was long and pretty and she gave me a hug and I could smell the perfume she had on and it was the same type that my ex-wife used and
Sharon said does my perfume smell good? I replied, yes it sure does and she said I went
and bought this last night cause I knew you loved it on mother and I said that stuff sure
make’s it seem like I’m back with her. I noticed that it was quit here and no one was in
the living room and I ask Sharon where were the kids and she said that her ex came over
about an hour ago and said he wanted them to spend the weekend with him and they were
going to his mother for the night and I knew you wanted to see them but he wanted them
so I let them go. Sharon fixed the table and I ask if I could help and she said I’m just
about done and then we can eat and talk. After supper, we went into the living room and
sat down and talked about when she was little and how we used to get alone with one
another and how much I paid attention to her more that the rest and I said to Sharon that
you were the only one who would do anything for us without asking for money or any-
thing like that and she said I just knew better. Sharon stood up and said that she better get
the dishes done and I told her I would help and she replied, no Daddy I will put them in
the dishwasher and I will be right back. I sat still in the chair while Sharon went and done
put the dishes in the dishwasher and I was so full and sleepy that I dosed off to sleep like
I haven had any sleep in months and Sharon work me up and said, Daddy, it’s late now
and you dosed off to sleep and I just didn’t won’t to wake you and I looked at the clock
and it was 10:30 at night and I got up and told Sharon that I better get going on home and
she said you can stay here tonight and sleep in one of the kids room and I said I better not
and she told me to get onto bed and I said ok Sharon but I don’t won’t to be a bother and
I will get up in the morning and leave before you know it and Sharon said just sleep till
you wake up and don’t set the alarm and go and get in bed and rest. Sharon went into her
bedroom and I went into the boys room and I took off my pants and shirt and shoes and
I got into bed and tried to fall off to sleep but after taking a nap earlier I just couldn’t
go to sleep and then I got up and there was a bathroom in this room and so I went to pee
and after I put my dick back in my shorts, all of a sudden I got this hard on that I haven’t
had in over a week so I put my pants back on and open the door and I walked into the
kitchen real slow not to wake Sharon and I got three paper towels to use and I went back
to the bedroom and climbed in bed and I didn’t cover up and then I pulled out my cock
and started going up and down on it real slow at first and I started beating it faster and I
closed my eyes and dreamed I was in bed with a beautiful woman and then I heard the
door open and there stood Sharon and she was wearing this short see thru night gown
and I noticed her breast and her nipples were sticking thru and they were hard, I could
tell and her gown was so short that it was up to the top of her hips and Sharon said,
Daddy what are you doing? I said nothing Sharon and she said, I know better than that
daddy cause there is a camera in this room I forgot to tell you and I saw what you were
doing and I ask her what was she doing, spying and she said no I have it in case I hear
one of the kids and I said ok and I got up and my cock was sticking out of my shorts
and I reached for my pants and Sharon said, daddy, where are you going? Home and
she said daddy I know how it is alone by yourself and I know how you and mother
always had sex every night and every day and how you both use to do when you would
use to stick your hand up her pusssy and up her ass and she would suck your dick and
swallow all your cum and you would fuck her in the mouth just about three times a week
and do other things also. I ask Sharon how she knew all these things and she said, daddy
I found one of those tapes you took of you two and I have watched it over and over again
till I know all your moves. Sharon started walking over to the bed and she said, please
take off your shorts and while she was saying that she reached up to her gown straps and
pulled them over her shoulders and as she walked the gown fell to the floor and I notice
her large breast and how they were pointed at the nipples and then I looked at her pussy
and saw her hairs that looked like they were trimmed and she look so nice all over and
she reached the bed as I stood there and I though to myself, what’s going on, I’m in her
house in her children’s room nude and my oldest daughter right here in front of me all
naked and my dick was sticking out like a bat and as she got over to me she rapped her
arms around me and she put her lips on mine and we kissed like a husband and wife
and not like a father and child should do and Sharon said, Daddy I want to sleep with
you tonight and always and I want you to fuck me like you did mother and do all of
those things you two done, no matter what and let me be your wife tonight and every
night, ok and I gave her a big hug and I kissed her this time and I placed my hand on her
breast and squeeze them one by one and I heard her moan and then I stopped the kiss
and ran my hands up and down her body and I could feel my insides all trimble and I
turned her around and picked her up and I laid her on the bed and she opened up her
legs wide as I got in bed and I said, Sharon, I’m going to stop calling you by your name
and just start calling you honey just like we are married and I’m going to treat you like
I’m your husband and Sharon said, yes Daddy do everything you want with me, anytime
you want and you don’t have to ask me. I lowered my head down to her pussy and started
licking her cunt like hell and I bit on the lips her pussy and she moaned out loud and I
started fingering her pussy and I remembered Sharon telling me to do anything I want so
I’m going to do it and I had two fingers inside of her hot pussy and then three and so on
and then I had all five inside her fucking her pussy with my hand and then I started to
put my whole hand inside her and she screamed out loud with pain cause no one has
ever done this to her and I started fucking her pussy fast with my hand that she started
begging me to go faster but I’m a older man at 51 and she’s 25 and it’s hard for me to be
like I use to be but I tried my best.

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   After I fisted her pussy I told Sharon to roll and she
did and I told Sharon, Honey this will hurt you real bad and Sharon said, Daddy I don’t
care how bad it hurts me, just do everything to me and don’t ask or tell me what you are
going to do and I will obey everything you say and please daddy don’t be so gentle with
me and treat me like you just came in and raped me and be rough with my whole body
even if you bruise me all over so after Sharon rolled over I took my right hand and put
one finger inside her ass and so on and I forced all my fingers in her ass to my knuckles
and it was so tight that my hand was hurting but I just kelp on forcing my hand in her
tight ass until I could no longer see my hand and I started fucking her ass hard with my
hand and I noticed blood running out of her ass and I told her she would be all right and
she replied, that’s ok I don’t mind bleeding for you daddy. I removed my hand from her
ass and it was covered in blood and I got up and went in the bathroom and washed my
hands and took a rag and I got back to the bed and sat down and I washed the blood from
her tight ass and as I was wiping the crack my hand slipped back in her ass and I noticed
that her ass wasn’t as tight as it was before I got thru and the hole was big now that you
could slip a big bottle inside her. I rolled Sharon over and I pulled her legs apart and I
looked at her sweet pussy and I laid down beside my daughter and kissed her breast on
the nipples and I told her how much I loved her and she said, I love you also daddy and
I always will and I never in my life have ever though that this would ever happen to me
but I’m glad that this happen and I never want this to stop between us. I rolled over on
top of Sharon and I told her that I was going to fuck her and she said, yes fuck the hell
out of me with your dick. I put the head of my dick between her pussy lips and when I
started to enter her, she hunched back up at me and my dick slipped inside of her and I
could feel the warmth of her and I started fucking her as she moaned and her head was
moving from side to side and I just kelp fucking her and all of a sudden I felt the head
of my dick swell up and then I started cummin inside of my sweet daughter’s pussy and
I told her that she had the best pussy I have ever fucked. We feel off to sleep all rapped
up in each other’s arms. End of Part 1