A Day With Mother In Law


I popped in the movie and since I was going to be alone for so long I stripped down naked and closed all the blinds. It was only 5 minutes into the movie before I had a hard on and was ready to cum. It had been so long since I have had sex or masturbated I knew it wasn't going to take long. But that was ok, I knew I had plenty of time for a second, third and maybe a forth time. I was getting closer and closer to climax, sitting there naked watching the beautiful woman in the movie get fucked by some nice looking guy. Right as I knew I was just about there I heard keys in the door lock and then door opened just as quick. I didn't know what to do. I was petrified. My wonderful hard on went completely limp and I had no time to do anything. I stood up and must have looked like a deer in headlights. The door opened more and as I just stood there completely naked with the porno still on in front of me I noticed it was my mother-in-law. What was she doing here? She never comes by the house. "Mom, what are you doing here?" I said in total panic as I tried to cup my manhood with both of my hands in front of me. She looked just as good as she always did. She was much skinnier than my wife. She probably only weighed about 125lbs.

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   She was thin and petite. She aged well and had small but nice looking breasts and a nice little ass that you would rarely notice from the old outfits she always wore. "Oh my God! What are you doing Paul? Oh my God!" she cried out as soon as she saw me and realized what I was doing. If I didn't' know her better I would have thought she was going to have a heart attack. Then maybe, I thought I was going to have a heart attack as well. I have never been more humiliated and embarrassed in my life. My face was beet-red and I was shaking already from my nervousness. "Oh. . I. . uhh. . . um.

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  . was just about to change clothes when . . . . . um. . . . I noticed that the tv was still on. I uh, I have no idea how that got on their. It must have been a mistake somehow. " I tried my best to come up with the best excuse as possible. I knew she didn't believe me.

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   It was the stupidest story I have ever heard in my life. I instintly knew that she didn't believe me. "Oh really?" she said as she started to smile, which only made me more nervous because I had no idea what was so funny about this whole situation. She took a few more steps toward me and turned her head to the movie that was still playing. You could hear the moans and screams as the girls were still getting fucked hard. You could hear the slaps as their bodies met. As hot as the scene was. I was still way to embarrassed to even think about getting a hard on by it. She turned her head back towards me and didn't say anything. She still had this evil smile which made me sweat and shake nervously all over my still naked body. She looked me up and down as if she was checking me out and then took another step forward and stood only about 3-4 inches away from me. I could smell her beautiful scent which was sweet and sensuous. It smelled so good. She looked me at eye level as I tried not to look at her. Looking at her made me even more nervous.

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   She placed her hand around my chin and moved my head so I was looking at her in the eyes. There we were, standing there, me completely naked and her only inches away from me. She left her hand there as she looked over my shoulder at the movie again and smiled as she turned her head again towards me and looked me in the eyes again. "It looks like you were having some fun here. " she finally said. Right as I opened my mouth she stopped me from speaking by putting a finger over my lips. "Well, I came over here to see if I could use your computer to look up something but it looks like maybe we could help each other out here. "Her eyes never left mine. She stood in total confidence as if the situation didn't bother her at all anymore. I was more confused than ever and I had no idea what she was meaning, it didn't really click in my head as to what she was talking about. "I uhh umm I don't know what you mean. " I replied back to her. "Listen" she started, as she looked down at my hands that were still trying to cover myself as much as I could. "I know that my daughter hates to have sex. She has told me that several times over the years.

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   She must have gotten that from your father-in-law. He hates it too. " She smiled again and ran the back of her first finger all the way down my chest to right above my fingers. "Like I said sweetie, we could really help each other out. " It finally clicked in and I had an instant hard on that I couldn't hide with my hands. I was shocked, but at the same time I knew that tonight, right here, right now, I could have sex with my sexy mother-in-law. It was an incredible fantasy I have dreamed about several times and told no one about. I looked down and noticed Mom looking down at my hard on that sprang up in only seconds after what we could be helping each other out with. She moved my hands my grabbed my wrist and directed my hands around her as she drew me closer to her. She ran her hands behind me and massaged the cheeks of my ass as our eyes met again. I gave her a smile as if to tell her that it was exactly what I wanted as well. At this point it was obvious where this was going but I didn't want to rush it. It was an incredible and erotic moment that I later figured out that both of us had wanted for a long time. She was only about an inch or two shorter than me so as we looked into each others eyes it was really nice. She bent down her head and started licking at flicking her tongue at my neck.

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   I lost my breath and gripped her sides harder as the sensation ran all over my body. My legs almost went out as she ran her tongue from one side to the other and then up to my ear. She caressed my ass cheeks behind me as she massaged the inside of my ear with her tongue. Her slight moan right at my ear drove me wild and I knew then she could do anything to me. Finally, she looked me in the eyes again. No words were really necessary at this point. We didn't have to say anything at all. She kissed my lips and then stuck her tongue as far down as she could. I was so caught up in the moment I forgot about all my surroundings. I put my hand behind her head and brought her as close as I could. I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could and as continued, rubbing each others tongues with the other. I felt behind her and unzipped her blouse and she untucked it and it instantly fell to the ground. I grabbed her ass as hard as I could and she jumped and drove herself closer to my groin. She felt my raging hard on and pushed her as close as she could and kept our bodies there as we continued to make out as forcefully as we could. I unzipped the back of her dress and pushed it a little and it fell to the floor.

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   She took herself off me and pushed me down to the couch behind me. She kept looking at me in the eye as she reached down and from underneath her slip she took off her panties and with her feet kicked it up to my face. The scent was so arousing. The silk felt so good up against my face. I took in a deep smell and looked up as she undid her bra. Her bra dropped to the ground and all she had on was her slip. "Tell me you want me" she commanded me. Her confidence and commanding voice drove me even more wild. She completely had me. I was so turned on by our erotic moment that she could do anything, say anything and I would do it. "Yes, I want you. I have wanted you for so long," I answered her. "Good, she said. She placed her hand on my chest and moved me down so I was laying down across the couch. My naked body laid there as my raging hard on stood up straight at full attention.

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   She bent down and raised up her slip and strattled my face. "Now, eat me out and make me cum. I want you to taste me when I orgasam in your face. " she instructed. And I did just that. I started licking at her pussy lips. I never would have realized how incredible she tasted. For an woman who was 25 years older than me, she sure knew how to turn on all my buttons. Her taste was almost sweet and tasted better than I have ever tasted on a woman. I licked her up and down and stuck my tongue as far up her as I could. She grinded my face as she tried to get closer and closer to an orgasm. I knew she was loving this. She moaned in pleasure and enjoyment. She grinded my face harder now as I licked inside her as fast as my tongue could go. She was moaning louder.

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   "I am almost there, don't stop" she told me. The fact that this was turning her on so badly almost made me cum myself. She all of the sudden gave out a burst and stopped grinding my face. "Stop, don't move" she said to me. Then I felt her muscles shake and tremble. She gave out another yell and I started licking her again. I could taste her sweet orgasm now in my mouth. It tasted so good. I tried my best to stick it all up and eat her out. I sucked out every juice from inside her as I could. She then stood up again and let her slip fall to the ground. Now I could get a good look at the already wet and ready pussy that I was just eating out. "Did you like that?" she asked. I didn't have to say anything. I was still pretty speechless from this whole experience coming true.


   I simply gave a smile as I tried to find the right words to say. I think the fact that I was speechless amused her and she gave a slight chuckle. She got down on her knnes in front of the couch. I tried to sit up but she placed her hand again on my chest to stop me. "Just lay there, your in for a very wild ride my boy. " she expressed in such an erotic tone that my hard on started pulsating. She placed her left hand on my chest and brushed across my chest and pinched my nipples slightly. The slight pain felt incredible. She brushed down to my stomach and teased me by brushing around my fully-attentioned dick but not touching it yet. She gave a smile, she knew this was driving me crazy. She knew that I would do anything she commanded me. At this moment, she was my master, and I was her servant. She finally got her head closer to me and started to get her lips closer and closer to my penis. She sucked in a big breathe and blew softly on my penis, only inches away from it. I didn't know how much longer I could take this.


   I had to get inside her. I wanted her too badly. My penis was throbbing harder and harder from neglect. I moaned as she did this over and over, blowng softly and arousing me with her hands going around my penis but never touching it. After awhile of this I knew I couldn't handle much more of this. I knew she wanted me. I knew it was only a matter of time before I could get inside her. I eventually gave myself the idea that I would start to be in charge. I would start commanding her at this point. I brought my hands that were behind my head the whole time and grabbed the back of her head, gripping her hair. She gave a slight yell from pure shock and disbelief. When she did that, with her mouth open, I pushed her head down and her lips and her mouth engulfed my swollen penis. She moaned and tried to yell as I pushed her all the way down my penis. She gagged a little and then finally started sucking on it. The fact that I was in charge now drove her crazy in pleasure.

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   It was something that she never experienced before. With me gripping her hair from the back of her head I started lifting and lowering her head on my penis. I was in total control. I lowered her faster and faster as her hands started to roam. She cupped my balls and massaged them. Then she massaged the area between my asshole and my balls. Then finally she stuck the tip of her finger in my ass and my whole body convulsed. It was a pleasure I never experienced. She wiggled it a little as she twisted it and played with the hole. I couldn't last any longer and finally I knew I was going to cum. I started to moan louder and louder and she knew it was going to be really soon as well. I couldn't hold it back any further and she wouldn't let her lips off my cock and her finger was still inside my asshole. She wiggled it harder and then finally I shot my load. It shot deep in her throat and she had no problems swallowing it all. She sucked harder now to get every last drop from me.

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   I let go of her hair as my whole body went limp and she took out her finger from my asshole. She didn't say a word. She smiled again with that erotic look she has been giving me all afternoon and she knew that this was going to forever be remembered and treasured. She stood up and put on her slip that was below her feet and started to look around for her bra. She found it near the chair and she faced away from me as she started to put it on. I was gettin gall my feelings back in my body and I couldn't believe this was already over. No, I refused to let it be over. I quietly stood up and went over behind her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and started to give her a massage. "Where do you think your going? We're not done here. I whispered to her from behind her as she felt my hard on again between her ass cheeks. "Oh, were not huh? What do you think we're going to do next? she asked me not moving from where she was. I refused to let her leave without really fucking her. If this was my one chance to be with my hot mother-in-law. I knew I had to get some balls and take charge of this moment.

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  I pushed her away from me and she bent over the chair. Her slip was still on and I didn't want to take it off. I simply lifted it up and stuck my penis between her legs, not penetrating her yet. "I'll show you what is next" I answered her as I pulled back and stuck the head of of penis inside her pussy. She moaned with excitement. I felt her muscles tighten as I slid it slowly inside her. Then I left it fully inside her for her to feel. Just so she knew how it felt. Then, I started to go in and out as hard as I could. The slaps against her got her to yell and scream in pleasure. She loved the hard and rough sex that I was giving her. I guess it was something that she never expereience with her own husband, my father-in-law. I never really had an experience like this myself. I never felt so dominating and daring. Sex with others was always just the same, with her, my mother-in-law, I felt like I could do anything and everything with.

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   I pounded her harder and harder as she just stood there taking it, yelling in pleasure bent over the chair with her legs as far apart as she could get them and still be standing up. She orgasmed twice as she drew tears from the amount of erotic pleasure she received from my still hardened cock. Then, just to shock her I stopped pounding and pushed in my cock as far in her as possible. Pressing my cock against her I got another urge to try something else. Anal sex. I wanted to do try to for so long and never have, no other girl has ever let me even try. And since she liked the wild ride so far I had the idea of not telling her. "Do you want more?" I asked her as if I knew already she ws going to say yes. She was out of breathe and was still trying to catch her breathe when she answered me. "Oh son, I don't know if I could handle anymore. I have never had such an incredible ride like that before. I'm going to be so sore tomorrow. ""One last thing and we can call it quits, I think you might like it" I answered back to her as my cock was still engorged inside her. She had no idea what I was talking about and finally gave me a simple ok. I slowly took out my cock from inside her and placed the tip of my penis above her butthole.

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   "Oh God, I can't, it will hurt she said to me. I knew she was going to say that and I ignored it. My penis was well lubricated and she was already wet from the juices leaking from her pussy down between her legs. I slowly pushed forward until the whole head of my penis was inside her ass. She screamed from pain but never told me to stop. "Ok, go deeper" she finally told me. And I did so. I slowly pusheddeeper and deeper. The tightness was amazing. I pushed farther and farther as she continued to scream, not sure if it was in pain or pleasure and finally I was all the way in. "Oh God, this hurts so bad. I don't know if I can take it anymore. " she told me as she was panting from exhaughtion. I ignored her once again and started to slowly fuck her ass. She was yelling and screaming in pain and I was loving it.

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   She finally was calming down and I knew she was finally starting to really enjoy it herself. I kept fucking harder and harder, our bodies slapping in a rhythm. She was moaning now in pleasure as sweat dripped from both of our bodies. She stood up from the chair, still fucking her ass she placed one leg on the armrest of the chair as if this was some hot scene from the prono that was done playing from earlier. She was pushing towards me as I was thriving towards her. Her ass was loosening and she was in pure extasy as the mixture of pain and pleasure went through her whole body. "Please, fuck me harder, fuck me as hard as you can" She said to me. I gt a second wind and had a sudden burst of energy. I thrusted harder and harder as our bodies smacked louder and louder. The thick erotic scent of sweat and bodily juices filled the air as our bodies continued. Finally, I knew I couldn't hold out any longer and I had to shoot my load. I started to slow down and finally I quickly took out my cock and placed in between her butt cheeks. I pushed up and down a couple of times and I shot a huge load all the way up in her hair and another on her lower back. I shot a couple more as the sweat created lubricant for me. Eventually, after a long nap together naked on the couch we got up and got dressed.

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   She kissed me again as passionately as she did when we first kissed. "Give me a couple of days to recooperate and we can do this again. " she promised me. "No, come over tomorrow night and we can do it again. " I commanded her as I smiled. She had no problem agreeing and we continued our little rendevous as much as we could. .

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