A Dirty Son


Mark was a regular 13-year-old boy. He went to school, had medium grades, friends and parents that loved him.   He wasn’t a hunk but he wasn’t ugly either. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall and some muscles given his wrestling training made for a good appearance.

He did have one problem. He could be considered a bit weird when it came to sex.


Still a virgin he had started to feel the calling of the opposite sex about two years ago and soon he had realized he was anything but ordinary about it.


He had always been close to his mother. She had stayed at home taking care of him and giving her job up just to make sure Mark grew up happy and not lonely.


Although his father was his best friend too, Mark just felt something special about mom. Dad travelled a lot because of his business. He was a salesman and spent half the month away. At those times Mark and mom only had themselves. Then about two years ago Suzy came to live with them. She was his half-sister from mom’s first wedding. Two years older than him, at fifteen she had already become a beautiful sexy woman and it was at that time Mark began thinking of women in a different way.

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Soon however he went from admiring Suzy’s long legs, short skirts and huge cleavage that revealed the biggest pair of breasts he had ever seen to focus his attention on someone else.


Jamie, his mom got pregnant. As she got bigger and bigger so did her breasts. Mark had a fixation on women’s breasts and one day to his surprised he realized he had an erection because of his mother.


She was in her fifth month and it was a hot sunny day in California. It seemed like hell. It was mid-summer and of course school was out.


He went into the kitchen to get some water and Jamie was cooking lunch. She was wearing a white top that let her belly free and red shorts. As he drank he watched sweat fall from her neck to the rack of her breasts. The top was soaking and her nipples hard. Her tits moved up and down as she walked from one side of the kitchen to the other. She had no bra so they were free as a bird. They were huge now and it seemed like they wanted to come out. Of course it was because the top was too small for her but Jamie felt “normal” using some of her regular clothes.


   Made her feel thin. Mark loved it. His cock was hard as stone. Suddenly he realized she might notice it and so he left.


He thought long and hard about his growing attraction for Jamie. She was a beautiful woman with 41 years but a body of 20 in his mind at least. She had short black hair, well-rounded legs and a firm generous ass. He began to replay in his mind her body moving. That night he jacked off to her for the first time.


After that he began considering himself a pervert and fought with all his strength to stop those thoughts.


But it didn’t last long.


After she had given birth it was a matter of weeks before she became fit again. She lost every bit of extra weight except…


Well her breasts were still huge like before and they didn’t look like going back to their old size.


One afternoon after arriving from school Mark sat in the living room watching TV. Jamie was wearing a short blue summer dress.

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After fixing him a snack she disappeared and came back a few minutes later holding his new brother Jake.


She sat on a chair opposite of Mark and took her right breast out. Mark couldn’t believe his eyes. His mom was breastfeeding right in front of him.


Jake started coughing so she held him up and gently tapped his back so he could burp. All that time her breast was free for Mark to observe carefully. Milk was still dripping from its hard nipple.


His cock got hard in an instant. In fact he had never been so hard.


Her dress had gone up almost to the crotch while she was sitting. That was too much for him.


Jamie put Jake back and the baby started feeding again. At one time she squeezed the breast to make sure it was dry and right there Mark cummed in his pants. Without touching his cock he had had an orgasm. He didn’t know that was possible.

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At that moment Jamie noticed something was wrong with her oldest son.  


“Are you alright?”


Mark’s mind just blocked. He got up and ran to his room.


He was quiet as a mouse at dinner and went to bed straight after it. Of course he didn’t sleep all night thinking of what had happened.


What if his mom had noticed it? What if she thought he was a pervert?


A week went by with Mark almost not saying a word.


Jamie continued to treat him as always so after a while Mark came to the conclusion nothing was wrong and he was a happy, happy man.


Soon though his mind started troubling him again. He continued to have erections in the worst moments and hadn’t jacked off for anyone but his mom and his half sister for a while. Even if he had considered wanting to fuck his sister that he barely knew not that bad even if a bit sick the thought of having sex with his mom kept making him feel dirty and in truth a monster.


On a Sunday like any he woke up with a huge case of flu and while his family went to church he stayed home.


After a while the pill his mom had given him started to have an effect and he was feeling better. He got out of his bed and took a walk around the house to stretch his legs. When he went past his parents room his cock became alert and a thought came into his mind.


He went in and went straight to the room’s private bathroom.

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   And there it was. On the floor a pair of used panties. He picked them up and tasted the sweet smell of pussy. He was so lucky he even found a hair, a black thick hair. So she didn’t shave at least completely.


He used his tongue to taste the panties. They were black and simple but sexy in his mind. After licking them he took out his cock and taking a deep breath started fucking them. He rubbed them on his hard organ and felt in heaven. He just let his mind go and before he knew it a load of hot cum sprayed his hands and the used panties.


Not knowing what to do he went back to his room and shoved the panties under the bed.


Again his fear troubled him. What if his mom noticed the panties were gone?


But again she gave no sign of it. A week went by and everything was normal.


Suzy decided to spend the weekend with her new best friend, Michelle Roberts the most popular girl at school.

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   Mom let her of course. She could no anything she wanted.


Dad was also gone that weekend. So Mark and his mom were alone.


Unfortunately Jake had chosen to spend the whole Friday night and Saturday morning crying. At about 2 pm he finally went to sleep and Jamie sat on the couch tired.


She was wearing a huge white t-shirt and black shorts. Casual and comfortable.


“I couldn’t get a minute’s sleep Mark. Jake will kill me if he keeps this up. ”


Mark went over to her and started massaging her shoulders.


“God your tense mom. ”

“I know sweetie. I’m so tired”.

“Why don’t you get some sleep now?”

“Maybe I will, I don’t know.

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He kept massaging her and she closed her eyes enjoying it.


“I know. Lay down and I’ll give you a massage. I’ll put you right to sleep. ”


It wasn’t the first time Mark gave his mom a massage. He was doing it for years. The only difference now was his sexual attraction.


“Ok but lets do this the way it’s meant to be done. ”


Jamie got up and went to her room. She called him over a few minutes later and as he came in he saw her lying on the bed belly down and completely naked. Only a towel covered her ass.


Mark slowly went over and climbed to the bed. He started massaging her by the neck and going down to her spine.


“God that feels good. ”


He kept performing his task, concentrating but soon he was as aroused as when he had cummed on his pants.

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In any case he decided to take as much pleasure as possible from this.


“You know this would be better with oil!”

“Oh there’s some in the bathroom”


Mark ran to the room’s bathroom and got the baby oil. He got his t-shirt and jeans out.


“What are you doing?”

“I’m just getting comfortable mom. Is that ok?”

“Sure honey but hurry, my back is still killing me. ”


Mark put some oil on his hands and soon her back was shining and smooth as silk. He slowly used his hands looking for the areas that needed more care. Jamie moaned but otherwise stayed silent.


Then he began working on her arms too. Her neck and her shoulders were the subject of special attention too. At times his cock would touch her but he was careful to stay away.


“Oh you’re an angel Mark. ”


After about half an hour he decided to take his chances.


“Want me to work on your legs too? They look bad!”


She took a few seconds but said yes and Mark began massaging from her feet to the middle of her legs. He could see a little bit from her ass bellow the towel.

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   God that was great.


He felt the soft flesh of her legs and took his time going up and down with his oiled hands. Without noticing he started going higher and higher and suddenly he was right at the towel. He looked at Jamie but she seemed to be asleep. He called her but she didn’t answer.


He reached for her ass but as he was as near as it could be without touching he pulled back and left the room.


He went his bed and jerked off twice. Then he went to sleep too.


After a few hours Mark woke up with a kiss on his face.


Jamie was sitting on the bed with her hair wet and a towel around her. She had just got out of the shower.


“Wake up silly. Go take a shower before dinner. ”


Mark smiled and then scratched his leg. As he did it the sheet rolled to the other side uncovering his penis.

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   He didn’t see it at first but as he followed his mom’s eyes he realized what was going on.


“Shit I’m sorry mom!”


“It’s Ok baby. I’ve seen you naked before. ”


“Yeah but now I’m an adult. ”


“Well you’ll always be my little baby. ”


Jamie kissed him on the face again and messed up his hair laughing.


“Stop it mom!”


Jamie got a pillow and started hitting him with it.


“Stop it. ”


They fought a little bit and she fell over him. When she stood up her towel was almost falling and her right breast seemed to be about to pop out. She fixed it and looked at Mark that noticed with horror that he was hard again.


Jamie smiled uncomfortably.


“Well that’s a natural thing. ”


“OH GOD. ”


Mark covered his penis with his hands since the sheet had rolled to the floor with the struggle.




“Look you don’t have to be embarrassed. ”


Mark got up and ran to the bathroom. He took a nice long shower and tried to forget what had happened. When he went back he saw that it wasn’t possible,


This time he was with the towel and his mom was now wearing a short red summer dress. She was sexy but that wasn’t on Mark’s mind now. He was scared.


She held the pair of panties he had jerked off with a number of times in the last weeks. They were of course filled with dry cum.


“What’s this?”

“I don’t know. ”

“It was in your bed. ”


He couldn’t say a word.


“These are mine. ”


“No they’re from a girl at school. ”

“That’s a lie. ”


A minute of silence went by.

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   A tear ran through her face.


“Mom I love you. ”


She sat on the bed and Mark sat next to her and put his face on her shoulder.


“I love you mom. ”


He hugged her and she let a few more tears escape.


“I love you too Mark. ”


They stood there for a few moments with Jamie hugging him softly.


Slowly Mark put a hand on her leg and started to feel her.


“It’s going to be alright. ”


He started kissing her neck as she repeated those words. Then he lowered his hand and got it between her legs. Now that it was all out he was going to try his luck. He was doomed anyway.


“No baby, not that, stop!”



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