A Family Circle


the Chapter a family circle
 It had been agreed that Candy would return her brother’s van keys when our trip ended and she eagerly counted the days until it finally arrived. I envied Candy’s task as she walked up the porch of her brother’s house that early morning. It opened at her approach and he stepped out to hold the door for her as he invited her in, he waved to me as he stepped back into the house and closed the door. While on vacation Candy searched for appropriate clothing to wear for this occasion and was wearing the shift she had chosen and no undergarments (just to be on the safe side). The minutes passed and it wasn’t long before my curiosity got the best of me and I followed Candy’s path to the door and quietly let myself in. I could hear ragged breathing as I entered and followed its sound to the back of the house. I peeked around the corner to see Dave’s robe was open as was Candy’s shift. Candy’s hand grasped Dave’s cock jerking on it, as his fingers worked there magic in her pussy. They were kissing. Candy shrugged off her shift and knelt to take her brother’s cock in her mouth, she smiled broadly up at him as she did so. Dave’s hands rose to either side of Candy’s head and grasped it to draw her mouth further on his turgid cock as his hips began to sway in tempo with her head. Dave began to groan softly and Candy giggled at the ease she had in arousing him. “You always were good at this,” Dave remarked, groaning yet again. My hand darted up my sundress and I began to massage my now leaking cunt through my white cotton panties. Watching these two was really turning me on.
 Dave bent to grasp Candy’s shoulders and pull her to a standing position.

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   He embraced his sister and kissed her again, his hands cupped her ass to draw her close. I heard Candy giggle and say teasingly, “Something you want big brother?” She put one finger to her lips and the other in her dripping cunt as she struck her coyest pose for him. Laughing, Dave scooped up Candy in his strong arms and carried her to the kitchen table. Candy’s leg spread to greet the approach of his man meat but was disappointed when he knelt between her legs. Disappointment dissolved into joy when his tongue darted out and lapped along the length of her vagina. Candy gasped and grabbed her brother’s head, whispering hoarsely; “Eat my pussy, brother. ” My breasts ached for someone, anyone’s touch. So I pulled my arms out of the sleeves of my sundress and jerked the elastic neckline to my waist. I grasped a breast in each hand and lifted them to my down turned head’s mouth. I licked each nipple and than tried to suckle my own breast drawing a groan of frustration out of my chest. I stepped back afraid I might have been heard but when I peaked around the corner a few moments later I saw they either hadn’t or didn’t care which excited me even more. Candy was licking her own ample breasts as Dave’s tongue danced around her clitoris bringing gasping moans from the back of her throat. My hand returned to rub my crotch as Dave stood to insert his rod. Candy had lifted her head with a broad smile on her face to watch her impalement. “Stick that beautiful cock in my pussy brother!” she lustfully demanded.

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   Dave readily did as he was told and rammed his cock into Candy’s aroused pussy.
Candy’s eyes opened wide in lustful joy as her hands shot out to the sides of the table to anchor her body. Dave lunged again and Candy let out an ecstatic groan; “That’s it Ram it in me!” God how I wished it was me that boner was impaling, as one hand worked furiously at my soaked white cotton covered crotch the other groped my breasts.
 I froze as I felt firm hands at my hips grasping the waistline of my panties and the elastic chest line of the sundress to whisk both to the floor leaving me naked. “I found it works better this way,” a familiar male voice whispered and I turned to see Jimmy (Candy’s younger brother) standing naked behind me. He took me in his arms and kissed my eagerly willing mouth. He hugged me for a moment and stepped back to allow his head to dip to my breast to suckle it as the fingers of his other hand wedged between my legs to rub my wet pussy. I shuddered and groaned, “God that feels so good! Please don’t stop, Jimmy. ” My hand reached down and I was pleased to find his cock was rock hard as I took it in my grasp. It had grown several inches since our last encounter but not much thicker (ten inches long and maybe three inches in girth). I wanted his cock in me right now so I placed my arms around his neck and jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist. His dick slid in me easily and I began to bounce on his lap. Jimmy walked me in the kitchen and laid my body next to Candy’s on the kitchen table. Candy was lost in the pistoning of Dave’s cock and I was enjoying Jimmy’s. Jimmy’s head turned to Dave and said; “Went just like you said, Bro!” “Yea, I know her pretty well;” came Dave’s annoying reply.

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   Both men pounded their cocks into us for many minutes and it was only when their was a pause in the action that Candy’s eyes fluttered open to see Dave’s cock slide into my willing pussy and turned to see Jimmy’s as it slid into her. The men pounded away at our eager pussy’s switching partners twice more before we came. Jimmy’s orgasm came first triggering mine and than Dave rocketed his cum into Candy triggering hers. I sat up and wrapped my arms around Jimmy’s neck kissing him full on the lips deeply and Candy followed my lead with Dave.
 I saw a movement in the doorway as Jan (Dave’s Wife) walked in on our “family meeting” and the startled look on her face as she froze trying to assess what she was looking at. I saw the tears begin to flow. I spoke in a clear voice to the others; “Look in the doorway!” All heads turned to see the diminutive figure of Dave’s wife standing stock still, like a deer at the headlights of an approaching car. Dave withdrew his cock from his sister and said while walking over to his nightgown-clad wife dripping a path of cum juices from his saturated cock the entire way, “I’ll take care of this. ” Jan’s eyes were fixated on his dick and she kept wringing her hands as Dave talked at her shaking head. Dave grasped her shoulders to emphasize the seriousness of his words. Still Jan shook her head no. Jimmy helped Candy and I off the table and we stood awaiting the outcome of this conversation. Dave’s hands dropped from Jan’s shoulders and he began to shake his finger in her face and gesticulate toward us. Jan lifted her head and her eyes locked on our little group as she slowly nodded her head yes. Dave stepped behind her diminutive figure and placing his hands on her shoulders he led her to us.

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 “Debbie, Candy, Jimmy, you know my wife, Jan;” Dave said. To our amazement Dave lifted off her nightgown revealing her petite naked form (Jan stood four feet eight inches tall and eighty pounds soaking wet. She had been a cheerleader in high school and college she had an hourglass figure with aa-cup breasts and tiny nipples). “Jan would like to know each of you better,” Dave stated. Jan smiled self-consciously as Dave’s hand cupped her breast saying; “Ladies if you would please. ” I immediately understood and stepped forward to hug her. Jan’s body trembled against mine. Candy understood and stepped behind her to do the same. Gently, I lifted her chin that I might kiss her lips, lightly at first and then more deeply as I felt her arms encircle me. I could feel Candy’s hands run up Jan’s hips to cup her tiny perfect breasts. Jan’s body began to positively shake. I felt her lips open and her tiny tongue ran across my lips and into my mouth. Candy’s long dexterous fingers had searched out the pearl of Jan’s sexuality nested between her thick labial folds. Jan gasped and her hips began to rock to the tempo Candy’s fingers beat out. I stepped back so that I might admire this auburn haired woman’s beauty.

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   Her face was consumed with the passion of the moment, her mouth slightly agape as she tried to catch her breath. I bent to suckle her breast and was rewarded with her hands grasping my breasts. Jan’s climax thundered through her shuddering body releasing a torrent of juices from her impassioned pussy. Jan had a short fuse, which would trigger the first in a series of increasingly more powerful orgasms. I understood why Dave married such an outwardly timid girl.
 I glanced over at the boys to see they were thoroughly enjoying the show. I slinked over to Dave reaching up to pull his lips down to mine while reaching for his turgid cock. To my surprise his hand enclosed mine and placed it on Jimmy’s cock. I searched his eyes questioningly and he winked at me and said, “Guest’s first,” and I understood. I turned and knelt before Jimmy, looking up at him with a smile as my mouth welcomed his manhood. His cock needed little attention before it was fully erect again. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Jan had been placed on the kitchen counter, her legs resting on Candy’s shoulders as her shuddering bent form embraced Candy’s head. Candy’s head made slow loops as her tongue worshiped at Jan’s pleasure center. Dave approached the pair lifting his wife’s head to kiss her lovingly on the lips. Jan’s arms shot around her husband’s neck as he scooped her form in his arms to carry her quivering body from the counter to the kitchen table.

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   Dave laid Jan on the table stepping to one side while grabbing her ankle, Candy had followed Dave and grasped the other ankle each bent to suckle her breasts while lifting and spreading her legs. Jimmy took his cue and stepped up to Jan’s exposed vaginal canal to insert the head of his now blood engorged tool. Meanwhile I walked to the other side of the table to place my hands on Jan’s shoulders to brace her body as Jimmy drove his rigid cock into her. Jan’s body froze at the intruder’s entry but only for a moment. Jimmy drove his cock into her and she squealed in delight. Jimmy’s frenetic piston like movements were soon matched by hers in the dance of creation. Dave’s head motioned to me and I reached out my arm grasping Jan’s ankle and bending to kiss her now writhing form. I felt the table begin to shake oddly and looked up to see Candy’s bent form arms outstretched, hands clutching the table’s edge as Dave rammed his mighty cock into her ass. Her face was twisted in a state of agonized ecstasy as Dave drove his cock into her with whip-like precision. Candy groaned, as she gasped for breath. Jan begin to whimper than demand, “That’s it, That’s right! Keep doing that! Don’t Stop!” to Jimmy. Candy began to cry out, “Oh, God!” with every thrust. Through the doorway behind them I could make out two teenage forms watching in rapt attention as our family orgy unfolded before them. Kyle’s robe hung open allowing Kelly’s (his sister) hand to grasp his rigid cock jerking it to and fro. Kelly’s nightgown was hiked around her waist, her legs slightly spread to allow her brother’s fingers to insert themselves between her lightly haired pussy and stroke her elusive clit.

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   Her hips jerked as they found their target. Jimmy came first, followed by Jan than Dave and finally Candy. Gasping for air both Dave and Jimmy withdrew from their partners and helped Jan to stand on shaky legs. Dave motioned with his arm toward the Media room and breathlessly said, “Ladies don’t you think you should clean up?” That momentary distraction gave the duo a chance to escape my gaze and they were gone when I looked back.
My attention returned to the matter at hand as I intuitively understood Dave’s meaning and took Candy and Jan by the hand and led them into the Media room. I knelt to the exquisitely carpeted floor pulling Jan and Candy down with me. I had Jan lie flat while spreading her legs and told Candy to kneel over Jan’s face. Tentatively, at first, Jan began to lick Candy’s dripping sluice. On all fours, I crept between Jan’s legs and began the enviable task of lapping up her brother-in-laws spunk. Jan’s already aroused body leapt at each swipe of my tongue spewing fluid from her birth canal in a carnal flood which I eagerly sucked up. Candy was moaning and grinding her aroused cunt over Jan’s face. Dave and Jimmy stood as spectators to our sport. It was not long before Jimmy stepped forward and grasped his sister Candy’s head and turned it toward his oncoming cock. Candy’s mouth eagerly encircled Jimmy’s cock to lick Jan’s sweet bodily fluids from it and Jimmy’s soaked ball sack. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dave kneel behind me and I shifted my legs to allow him rear entry to my body.

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   To my surprise he pushed on the small of my back indicating he wanted me to bend further and I felt his prick poke into my quim. I gasped as his body bent over mine that his hand might reach between my labial folds to rub my clitoris. Each piston like stroke of his cock was matched by the rubbing of his talented fingers on my clitoris. I soon felt the approach of the avalanche of emotions and feelings we women call an orgasm rushing to fruitation. Under my talented tongue Jan’s body was now being wracked by muscle spasms as one orgasm after another rippled through her tiny frame. Jan shrieked her approval over and over. I felt Dave’s thrusts, slow and deliberate as his cock head swelled to spew its hot load into my welcoming body. I lifted my head to see Jimmy’s cum leaking from around Candy’s welcoming lips and onto Jan’s chest.
 Exhausted we all began to rise, Candy and I helping a still shaking Jan to her feet. Jan immediately stepped forward and locked me in a lover’s embrace as she kissed me deeply. As our lips parted I could look into her shining eyes and beaming face as she gushed, “You were wonderful!”  As our embrace ended I turned and walked toward the room I left my clothes in so very long ago. As I reached the kitchen I felt a hand at my wrist and turned to see Jan had followed me. I looked down at her mischievously smiling face as she said, “I believe you have something that belongs to me,” as she poked me in the chest and backed me to the kitchen table.   She placed her hands on my hips indicating I should lift my ass onto the table. I did so with a questioning look on my face.

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   I was puzzled until she spread my legs and dove her head into my pussy to lick furiously at my gash, arousing my passion yet again, to a fevered pitch. Jan paused to lock her lips around my puckered orifice and sucked so hard I thought my heart would be drawn through it. She sucked her husband’s juices from my body with gusto. She brought me to a shuddering climax.
 I lifted my head to see everyone else had vanished. I heard the sound of hushed voices and laughter coming from the Media room. Jan had retrieved her nightgown and put it on busying herself in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I left the room to retrieve my clothes and returned to the kitchen pulling on my dress. Jan offered me a cup of coffee and I motioned toward the Media room. “What do you think they’re doing,” I asked Jan.   Jan answered solemnly, “ You should see for yourself but I don’t think you’ll like it. ” My curiosity aroused I set down my coffee and ventured into the next room. As I entered the room I noticed Jimmy, Candy and Dave were fully dressed staring at the wall. Dave had some kind of remote in his hand and kept lifting it and pointing it at the wall hugging flat screen. I heard my voice saying, “What about your wife and kids?” and his answer, “Their asleep upstairs, so I guess we’ll have to be quiet.

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  ” I turned to face the wall was shocked to see on its sixty inch wide screen my clothes slide from my body. I turned to look at the open cabinet next to the screen, containing row upon row of tapes and DVD’s with dates and names inscribed on them. I understood what Jan meant. I turned to Dave as he smiled and bragged, “State of the art and Hi-Definition!” I stepped closer to the cabinet to read names, dates and places on the storage cases that rang familiar in my memory. Several were labeled with addresses I had both lived and worked at. I felt Dave’s body push me aside, to close the cabinet. He smiled and said, “We can discuss this at a later date. ” It dawned on me that perhaps Dave had an unusual hobby.        


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