A Father's Nightmare Part 3


Over the next two weeks I didn’t have a moment to myself. Whenever I wasn’t at work my “daughters” were constantly calling me to run errands, buy them things, and of course come over for sex when their parents weren’t around. Cindy was giving me “riding lessons”. And of course Sarah was the worst of them all.
She loved to grope me and mess with me even when my wife was in the house, sometimes in the same room. Once she sat down on my lap and hugged me like an ordinary affectionate daughter. What my wife couldn’t see was that she had her hand down my pants stroking my dick. When she got up I hid my erection as quickly as I could but I was pretty sure my wife got a glimpse of it.
She also liked to surprise me in the shower. She’d just slip in there with me and always give me that superior smirk and say the same thing. “Do exactly what I say, Daddy. Or I’ll scream for Mommy. ”
And they had taken more “sperm samples”. And made more videos where it looked like I was forcing myself on them. I had no choice but to cooperate. I didn’t know how I was ever going to get out of this.

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My phone rang. It was Sarah.
“Hello, Mistress. ”
“Hi Daddy. Where are you?”
“I’m on my way home, Mistress. ”
“Well, Mommy’s gone for a while so all your daughters are here waiting for you. You’ve got ten minutes to get here or you’re getting your ass beat. ”
“Yes Mistress. ”
I stomped on the gas, instantly filled with anxiety. My ass was still sore from the last beating. I could get home in ten minutes. I hoped.
I always had a few welts and bruises from the girls these days. I hid these injuries from my wife. It would seem that they were the proof I needed but as Sarah explained to me in her superior and maddeningly brilliant way a pervert who took advantage of all the girls in the neighborhood could easily go to S&M clubs as well.

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I pulled in and dashed into the house. The girls were all in the basement.
“Hello Mistresses. ” I tore off my clothes as I spoke. This would probably be very comical if I wasn’t terrified.
“Hi Daddy. ” They chorused as I knelt.
Sarah looked at her watch. “You’re a little late, Daddy. ”
“I-I’m sorry Mistress. ” Maybe I was late, maybe I wasn’t. I had been pretty close and with Sarah timing me who knows?
“Bring me your belt, Daddy. ”
I pulled the belt out of my tangled pants and handed it to her then leaned over the couch as she instructed. I almost never wore a belt before but the girls like having it handy.
“You were twelve seconds late, Daddy.

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   So we’ll each give you twelve strokes to help you remember to be on time. ”
Oh god, sixty. Sarah started enthusiastically whipping my already sore ass. She made me count out loud and say “thank you, Mistress. ” when she passed the belt to Katie.
By the time Tina was taking the final strokes tears were streaming down my face and I was digging my fingers into the couch cushions.
I thanked her and then knelt waiting to see what torment they had planned for me today.
Sarah came up in front of me. “As you know, Daddy, when I was little I always wanted a dog. But you wouldn’t get me one. ”
That wasn’t true. Her mother was very allergic to dogs. But I knew better than to correct her of course.
“But I’m getting one today. You.

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She pulled out a dog collar and fastened it around my neck. All the girls giggled. She pulled me forward so I was on my hands and knees and petted my hair and then put her hand down by my mouth. She left it there for a moment then slapped my face.
“Bad dog! Kiss your Mistress. ”
I licked her hand. I should have thought of that.
The girls all stepped forward and started petting me all over my naked body. I stood there on hands and knees. How humiliating.
“A good doggy rolls over so his Mistresses can rub his tummy. ” Tina said.
I obeyed. Of course “rub his tummy” mostly consisted of groping my dick and balls. As usual my dick involuntarily grew hard in their eager young hands.

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“Okay, puppy. Get up. Time for training. ” Sarah said.
They started out with the “sit” command. This was more difficult than I would have thought for a human dog on his hands and knees. They wanted me to lean back with my ass on the floor and my hands on the floor between my knees. They corrected me with Cindy’s riding crop til I got it right.
They went through “roll over”, “shake”, and “speak”. They all laughed hysterically when I barked and made me do it again and again. And I thought the things they’d done to me up to this point had been humiliating!
Then they put a leash on me and trained me to heel. This was especially hard and every time I bumped into their legs or moved too slowly I got whipped.
Finally they were satisfied and took the leash off me. Then they brought in a stick and started making me fetch, whipping me when I wasn’t fast enough. They were really enjoying this game and I was getting exhausted scurrying around on my hands and knees.

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I dropped the stick in Katie’s lap for the third time but this time lay my head in her lap and cuddled against her legs.  She petted me and gave me her hand and I immediately started licking.  I whined like a dog eager to please. Yes, I was trying to talk her into sex in the only way I could. This was unbearably humiliating but I kept licking. Anything to get out of this dog game.
“He’s a great licker. ” She giggled. She started pulling down her shorts. “Come here, puppy. That’s a good boy. ”
I started licking Katie’s sweet young pussy. This was heaven after what they’d just put me through. Except that she kept petting me and saying “Good boy. ”
I felt a hand reach between my legs and start stroking my dick.

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   I couldn’t see but I knew it was Sarah. Katie was moaning now and squeezing me tightly with her slim, sexy thighs. Sarah was pumping my dick faster and faster. I drilled my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy as I came.
“Oh what is this, you filthy little mutt??”
Sarah whipped me, making me whimper with surprise in Katie’s pussy and her body convulsed one last time.
    Sarah grabbed me by the collar and hauled me out.
    She thrust her hand, covered with my cum in my face. “What is this?? Bad dog!”
    She smeared it on my face and then slapped me.
    “Ew! It’s all over my shoe!” Katie said in mock disgust.
    “You clean Katie’s shoe!” Sarah ordered.
    I crouched down and licked my cum off the shoe, getting a few more strokes on my up thrust ass. Then Sarah dragged me across the room to the dog cage. Well, I knew I was going into that thing eventually.
    She shoved me inside. “This is where bad doggies who make messes in the house go!”
    She closed the door and put a padlock on it.

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    I was in the cramped cage for a couple of hours. The girls talked and watched tv and mostly ignored me. Occasionally one would pet me through the bars or let me lick their hand.
    I sat there miserable, tired, hungry, and needing to piss.
    “What the hell is going on down here??”
    We all jumped and I turned to see my wife coming down the stairs. My first thought, absurdly, was to be embarrassed. But my second was glorious relief. There was no way they could deny this! I was locked in a cage covered with welts here. And the belt and crop were sitting right there on the table!
    “Sarah, what is going on?”
    Sarah was white as a sheet. “H-h-he, m-mommy, he raped us! A-all of us. He taped it and he said if we tell-”
    “That doesn’t explain why he’s in the cage, dear. ”
    Tears were streaming down my little bitch daughter’s face and her friends looked even worse.
    “Girls?” My beautiful wife looked at each of them in turn. They couldn’t even speak.
    “So, I’m guessing you’ve got something pretty big on him to be able to do this to him.

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       And knowing your father I’m sure it’s something you tricked him into. ”
    Oh how I loved my wife! Whatever problems we had could be worked out. Just as soon as we send our sick daughter and all her pervert friends to juvie.
    “Girls, I’m impressed. ”
    “What?” Sarah whimpered.
    “That was very clever of you. ” She chuckled. “I wish I’d been that wicked when I was your age. Well, you can have him as far as I‘m concerned. I‘ve found something much better. ”
    Sarah gave a nervous smile.
    I finally found my voice. “Jill, come on! You can‘t-”
    She kicked the cage so hard it fell over on it’s side.
    “You shut up! You’re not a man! You can’t even stand up to a bunch of teenage girls! You belong to Sarah and her friends now. And if I hear you’ve been giving them any trouble I’ll take care of you.

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    She turned back to Sarah and the other terrified looking girls and smiled. “I’m going out now, honey. I’ll leave you to have fun with your friends. I won’t be home til late. Then in the morning we can talk more about this situation with your father. Have him make us waffles. ”
    “O-okay Mommy. ” Sarah stuttered.
    Jill turned and walked up the stairs. I broke down and started to cry on my side in the cage. How could this possibly get any worse?
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