A Long Lonely Weekend:


Topic: A Long Lonely Weekend:A Long Lonely Weekend:      It was Thursday night and I knew that I was in for a long lonely weekend with my wife going out of town for her job. We were married when we were just out of high school at eighteen years of age, and are now thirty-four years old. We both found good job that have made us quite wealthy. My name is Brian and my wife is Caroline, we have two beautiful children. Susan is the older at fifteen; she stands five foot nine inches tall with strawberry-blonde hair and a 32c-30-32 figure she likes to run and swim in school. Toby our son is thirteen and likes to wrestle at his school so he is constantly working out as well.  
     Anyways back to the weekend, like I said Caroline was leaving in the morning to go to her conference and would be gone all weekend. Toby was going to go camping with one of his friend’s family, and Susan was going to spend the weekend at a friend of hers who was having a weekend slumber party to celebrate the coming end to school for the summer. I woke up early Friday morning and after sending the kids off to school I said goodbye to my wife and wished that she wasn’t on her period right then so that I could have a goodbye fuck before she left.      I left work early so that I could get things ready for my lonely weekend. I was sitting down after planning out my days off when Susan got home from school. I made a quick snack for her while she got her things together to go to her friend’s house. Toby had his stuff already packed and at his friend’s house so he wasn’t coming home from school. Susan was taking a long time getting her things together so I went to find out what was taking so long. As I neared her bedroom I saw Susan come out of the bathroom naked, as she had just taken a quick shower. Susan quickly tried to cover her naked body but didn’t do to good of a job of it.

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       I turned around so that she could get in her room without me seeing too much more but Susan just stood there and asked me if I needed something. I told her that I just thought that I would come and help her get her things down to the front door so that she could eat her snack before leaving. Susan ran up to me and asked me to turn around so that she could hug me for being so thoughtful. I gave her a good hug pulling her in as close as I can to my body. When I finished hugging her I went back down to the kitchen so that she could get dressed, dropping her bag by the front door as I passed it.      After Susan left the house I decided to get comfortable, so I went to my bedroom and changed into a loose pair of shorts with no under shorts under them. I ate a nice dinner and settled into my easy chair with a good porno in my video player, and my shorts around my ankles so that I could beat off while watching the porno. It was around nine PM when I finished my dinner and got settled into my chair. I was really going to town and almost didn’t hear the key in the back door until it was to late. I did manage to get my shorts up and the video stopped before Susan came walking back in the house looking sad. Susan came in and jumped into my lap saying that she needed to be held. I finally got her to tell me why she was at home instead of at her friend’s house. Two of the other girls got into a fight so the friend’s mother, whose house the sleep over was at sent every one home.      I asked Susan what she would like to do over the weekend and was told that she just wanted to watch a movie right now. I let Susan pick out a movie so that I could go and have a quick hand job while Susan was supposed to get ready for bed.

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   My wife and I are pretty liberal around the house when nobody is around to see how any one is dressed so I figured that Susan might put on her short nightie without any panties on. When I returned to the living room I saw that Susan hadn’t changed her clothes at all so I told her that if she didn’t want to change before the movie that I hoped she didn’t fall asleep as that would mean that I had to carry her to bed and put her in her nightie myself. Susan said that all I had to do was wake her up and she would go to bed herself.      We wound up watching three movies that night and Susan fell asleep like I knew she would. After trying for ten minutes to wake her up I decided to just carry her to bed. While I was carrying her to bed my shorts started to slip down my legs so I let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. I finished carrying Susan to her room and put her down on her bed. I then unsnapped her p[ants and worked them down her legs and off of her. Susan woke up at that point but I told her to just lay there and I would finish putting her in her nightie. I slowly pulled her panties down as Susan lifted her hips to make it easier to get them off. I pulled her to a sitting position after I unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, I then reached around her body to unhook her bra. At this point my Cock started to grow hard again so I laid her back not realizing that I was as close to her as I was, leaning over to ease her down I felt my Cock head rub across her naked slit causing Susan to moan slightly. I reached down and took hold of my Cock and rubbed it across her slit again and again pressing it into her slit spreading her labia enough to allow my Cock to rub across her now engorged clit.      I took the time to see how Susan responded to what I was doing and she cried out don’t stop that feels so good. I picked Susan up and carried her to my bed where I knew that there was more room and laid her down.

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   I climbed onto the bed with her and moving down between her legs I slowly started to kiss my way up each leg stopping at her virgin Pussy. I asked Susan if she wanted me to continue and she moaned out yesssss Daddddddddddyyyy please don’t stop it feellllllls so goooooooooddddddd. When I pressed my mouth to her virgin Pussy Susan started to squirt her cum in my face and I loved it. Susan tasted so sweet and pure that I couldn’t get enough of her virgin Pussy juice. I slowly slipped a finger inside of her to stretch her out in case I got to go further with her. I quickly brought Susan to three more orgasms as I increased the number of fingers inside of her tight Pussy. When I had all four fingers inside of her and was taking her to her eighth orgasm, I started to move up her body to get to her young breast, I kept stroking my fingers in and out of her young Pussy and started to lick around her left nipple as I brought my left hand up to her right breast. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth as I crooked my fingers inside of her tight Pussy and finished bringing her to another orgasm.      I quickly pulled my fingers out of her Pussy and grabbed my Cock to line it up with her opening. I pushed into her while she was still in full orgasm. When Susan came down from that orgasm she realized that it wasn’t my fingers inside of her anymore, but she was to caught up in the pleasure until I pushed through her hymen. Susan cried out in pain at the rupture of her virgin barrier but she was soon moaning again as I started to pump in and out of her. Susan started to thrust back at me as I pumped in and out of her and soon we were moving together at a nice full pace. I wanted to get deeper inside of her so I reached down and took hold of her legs to raise them up to her shoulders. I was now getting so far inside of her that I could feel her cervix as I tried to push through it.

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   I still had another inch of Cock to get inside of Susan so I started to go harder to push through her cervix. I knew that if I kept up the pace we were at that I wouldn’t be able to hold back my cum but by then I didn’t care I just wanted to get all the way into her womb and send my seed directly into it. Susan’s cervix finally opened up and let me bottom out inside of her just as the first stream of semen shot out of my Cock, causing Susan to fly off into the biggest orgasm of the night.      When we both finally came down from our mutual orgasms I started to kiss her passionately pushing my tongue into her mouth. My Cock started to get soft and so I rolled us over to lie facing each other. That is how we fell asleep that night and in the morning I woke up with my usual morning hard-on still pressing into Susan’s Pussy so I pushed forward and entered her again waking her with pleasure. We continued to fuck all weekend and didn’t think anything about condoms, or the fact that my wife and daughter are opposites when it comes to thier periods, one will be on while the other is ovulating. Needless to say three weeks later Caroline was asking if I thought Susan was sexually active. I asked why and Caroline said she thought Susan might be pregnant since she hadnt started her period yet.
     The doctor confirmed that Susan was indeed pregnant, and so we told Caroline everything that happened over the long lonely weekend. Now we have to wait and see what Caroline decides to do about our folly, but that will have to be for another story.

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