A Mother Love - Part 2


A Mothers Lover – Part 2

My son was now almost eighteen and our relationship was closer than ever. He’d had a few girlfriends but nothing serious, he said it was because girls of his age were too immature. I could understand that, he was used to a woman not a girl. Secretly I was quite pleased as I knew this would mean more special times for us, but I did also want him to find the girl of him dreams.

As time went on our sexual appetite was defiantly increasing and we becoming bolder in trying new things. No longer was it confined to the bedroom nor was it just kissing, cuddling, touching and then love making. It may surprise you but I’d never given him a blowjob or had he gone down on me, both of us had wanted to, well I’m sure he had wanted me to suck him off, and I know I’d wanted him to lick and suck my clit. Funny as it sounds but that didn’t seem right when we first started, don’t ask me why I don’t know. It was ok for him to get his cock in me and cum and for me to orgasm on his cock. I think it was because we never had oral sex from the start and as time went on it just hadn’t happened. That changed, I can remember the first time he cum in my mouth. I was on a period so there was no chance of intercourse. I lay with my head on his lap as he stroked my head and fondled my breasts, I could feel his cock getting harder and I knew we wanted sex. I pulled his cock out and began to play as he watched TV. I kissed his cock and began to suck, I could feel his hand on my head stroking my hair as I rubbed up and down the shaft while sucking until he cum. It filled my mouth, it was warm as I swallowed, some trickled down his cock as his cock left my mouth, so I put it back in and sucked it clean before putting it back in his boxers.

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“That was good” he said,
“Have you ever had that done to you before” I asked
“Yes, once, but she didn’t swallow and stopped before I’d finished cumming” he replied
“So Mum the best then” I replied
“You’re the best at everything” he said

I felt good, something else I’d done for my son, I’d given him his first proper blowjob. Next time we were in bed together he slipped down the bed and got between my legs kissing my pussy. It felt so good, my young man licking and kissing me, I moaned as he licked, I pulled my lips apart.

“Suck on my clit, it will make mummy cum” I said
As he licked and sucked I started cumming.
“Quick, quick, get inside mummy” I groaned

He kept sucking and licking and made me cum before getting inside me and bringing me to orgasm again and then cum inside me. From then on oral sex was a permanent part of our special times, sometimes we would make love and he would make me orgasm before I finished him off in my mouth, always swallowing his cum, never spitting or stopping short. I even quite liked the taste of my own juices on his cock as I sucked him off. I think we tried everything in all positions including anal, I did draw the line at sucking him after anal though. We were really confinable with our situation, it seemed perfectly natural, well to us it was. We had quickies just like any other couple, sometimes he would come in from school. I’d be in the kitchen preparing tea, he come up behind me and fondle my arse, slip his hand up my skirt and rub my pussy, pull my knickers down to my knees, I’d bend forward resting my arms on the worktop as he took me. After I just pulled them back up, his cum dripping in to my knickers and carry on making tea. Other times it we would kiss, cuddle and have long love making sessions.

We’d been looking on the net to see if there were other in the same situation as us, we knew there must be, but obviously they weren’t going to be open about it on the net. Mainly everything lead to German porn, they seem to go in for family porn, Mothers and sons, Fathers and daughters, as they say “Incest a game for all the family”.

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   Obviously it was fake but we both enjoyed watching it together and looking at the pictures. We did find a site for “Young and Old Swingers”, there were some good pictures of young men with older women and young girls with older men. Mainly it was same age couples either looking for older couples or younger couples to play with. We talked about it, we both liked the idea of group sex, and even if they weren’t related we would still have something in common with them. Remember I was only a young woman when I got pregnant so hadn’t really experienced life, and my son now a young man wanting to experiment.

We joined the site putting our status as an unmarried couple, Him 22, I know he isn’t but 18 does seem a little young, straight and me as 38, bi curious, and safe sex only. We took some pictures of us together but blocked out the faces even though they were family type snaps, and said other pictures were available. We were both a little worried about anyone recognising us, but you had to be a member to see the pictures and we didn’t think there was much chance of anyone we knew being a member.

We soon had several replies, we weren’t going to pick anyone local, and thought for a first meet we’d like a couple like us, young man and older woman as it was something we were comfortable with. We picked a couple that were about an hour drive from us, he was 23 and she was 44 and mailed back. We thanked them for the reply and the sexy pictures they had sent, we also sent some pictures of us, the family type ones without the faces blocked out, and some of us having sex but without our faces in them, and asked if they were still interested to mail back with a number we could call them on. Later that evening we checked our mail again, they had replied with more pictures and a number, saying they would love to meet us. We were both excited and nervous at the same time, we decided to leave it until next day to call them. We went to bed together and as we cuddled up we talked about the meeting them before making love and going to sleep.

Next day I called, the two boys talked briefly, before me and her made the arrangements to meet.

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   I said it would be easier for us to come to them if that suited them, that would be fine she said and we arrange to meet the following Saturday night. We were going to meet for a drink first not far from where they lived and then go back to theirs if everyone was still happy.

Saturday soon arrived, this was it, I was going to see my son with another women and I was going to have another young man. We got ready, it was ok for him he just needed to dress smart, I didn’t know what to wear. Should I dress smart, sexy, casual, I wasn’t sure, my son said you’ll look sexy no matter what your wear, why not wear that nice blue dress with white underwear, then you could either wear stockings and suspender or self hold up stockings. If he found it sexy then I’m sure the young man would too, so I went with the stockings and suspender. We were off, it was either going to be great fun or the worst disaster we’d known in a long time. We’d come up with a story of how we meet, how long we’d been together and what we would say if it got difficult. As they were much the same as us we didn’t foresee any problems and besides we were there for the sex. I couldn’t help wonder if they were mother and son too or whether they would think we were, I thought I would know if they were or not.

We meet as planned, introductions were made and after a few awkward minutes we started to relax. We had a drink and after about half an hour she said we’re just going to freshen up, maybe you’d like to talk about if you would like to come back to ours, it not a problem if you don’t but if you’d like to we’d love you to. They clearly had already decided they would like us to if we wanted too. As soon as they left the table we looked at each other, and after a quick chat decided we would. They came back to the table, “As you still here I guess you’d like to come back with us” she said, “We’d love to” we replied.

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Ten minutes later we were back at theirs. It’s our first time so it might be best if you take the lead we told them, as it happened the boys took the lead. Her lad kissed me, as my son kissed and undressed her. Before long I was just in me stockings and suspender, both boys were naked with hard cocks and she was kicking her knickers off. My son went down on her as I sucked her boys cock, it wasn’t long before I was getting licked and sucked. It felt good, I hoped my son was giving her a good time. Condoms were put on and cocks were in us, I could see my sons bum going up and down and could hear her groaning and moaning as she cum. Her boy took me from behind, as I knelt on the floor bring me to orgasm before cumming himself. Over all it was a good time everyone had cum, then came the awkward bit for getting dressed and leaving, we didn’t want to leave to quick but didn’t really want to stay now the fun had been had. So while having a drink after I said we should go as it was an hour drive home.

On the way home we talked about our experience, we both agreed it was fun but not as good as just the two of us, but we’d try it again but with a different couple. Over the next year we had older couples, younger couples and some where there was an age gap like ours, some were really good fun and other were at best ok. We even got brave enough to start inviting couples to ours, we had to make sure photos and anything that might give away we were mother and son was hidden away. Until one day we got a mail from a couple where the man was about my age and the girl was my son’s age. She wasn’t the prettiest girl and a little on the chubby side but there was something we both liked about them.

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   We invited them over for a drink and a chat, and said we could take thing from there which was how it worked. It’s one thing seeing someone you would have sex with but there still needs to be a bit of a click for a good time.

When they arrived we sat chatting for a while about times we’d all had, we seemed to click more than any other couple we meet. We’d gone from wanting to find couples like us, and I guess understand why our relationship worked for us, to having sex with just about perfect strangers for the excitement of it. It came to the point where it looked like they wanted to play, even though we all knew we were together to have sex it’s still not the easiest thing to say. I mean, do you just say who wants a shag, but on this occasion nothing needed to be said. We just ended up laughing and talking and before any of us really knew it we were having sex, and more to the point good sex.

Over the next few months we got to know them well, they would come over to us or we would go to theirs. I could see my son was forming a bond with her and I must admit I started to feel it was more than just sexual between me and him. My son and I still made love regularly and our love was still as strong as ever, but they became more a part of our lives. We got to the point where my son would take his girlfriend out and we would stay in together. Looking back I realised they had never said much about their relationship apart from they weren’t married they just lived together and we’d never told them much either. I guessed no one wanted to rock the boat as we were all having great sex and a good time. All four of us would have sex together, my son would have sex with me while he was having sex with her, they would take turns giving us oral as we did to them, think of any porn film and that’s about how it was apart from the ending, we didn’t go in for all that cumming on faces and tits.

One night my son had taken her out for the evening and her man had already left me to go home.

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   He usually came home by about 1. 00. That nigh it was nearly 3. 30 when he woke me up getting into bed with me. We cuddled up and he said I’ve got something to tell you, in a nervous way, the way he would talk to me when he was small and didn’t want to own up to have done something wrong.

“You haven’t got her pregnant have you” I said
“No, nothing like that” He replied
“Worse” I said
“Yes, No, No not really, don’t worry, it’s ok”

I was now fully awake, I wanted to know what it was.

“She knows”
“Knows what”
“You’re my mum”

This was my worst nightmare, it had always been in the back of my mind that one day someone would find out. I couldn’t say anything for a minute or two.

“I told her”
“Why, for Gods sake why”
“It’s ok, it’s ok” he assured me
“How can it be ok and why did you tell her”
“Because he’s her dad”

I was stunned, shocked and in panic, I had a hundred question going through my mind at the same time, are you sure? How do you know? Is she going to tell anyone? How do you know it’s true? The list went on, I felt sick in stomach.

“You need to explain, I don’t understand” at that point I couldn’t have understood anything, I don’t think I could have even added 2 and 2. “Let’s get up and get a drink and talk about it calmly” he said. We got up went down stairs and I poured us two large drinks.

“Right, tell all about it”
“Well we’d been out as you know, I was driving her home and we were talking about the future and she called him Dad. At first I thought it was just her term for him and thought nothing of it, but she realised what she had said and tried making excuses for calling him Dad, then she started crying”

“Ok” I said
“That’s when she told me, he really was here Dad”

At first I felt sick, how could he, she was his little girl, what kind of man has sex with his daughter. Then reality hit home, I was doing the same but with my son, and I couldn’t see anything wrong with what we’d been doing, we both wanted it, and I’d never made him do anything he didn’t want to do.

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   Then I thought of all the times he’d instigated us having sex and knew he was not only willing but wanted it as much as I did.

“So I stopped the car and took her in my arms and told her it was ok I understood. She told me how it all came to happen, she was only just 16 too, it was very much like us, and that’s when I told her you’re my mum”
“How did she take it?” I asked
“She was relived and I don’t think very surprised, she said she could see we had a special bond, not like the couples they used to see before they meet us”
“So what happens now and is she going to tell her dad?” I asked
“I’ve asked her to come over with him tomorrow night, and no she’s not telling him we hoped you would as he should understand better from you then us”
“Ok, I’ll talk with him and when I feel its right I talk to him about it”

After talking some more I felt happy with the situation and we went to bed, although I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell him I knew she is daughter and the person he thought was my lover was also my son.

They both arrived, we had coffee in the kitchen everything as usual, my son suggested they he went to get a takeaway for us all and they left. We talked for a while and then I just came out with it.

“I know you’re her dad”
“I’m not, what would make you think that” he went very red and almost started to get angry
“It’s ok, you’re daughter told us”

I could see he was feeling just how I had felt last night, and I still didn’t let on about ourselves. He started asking the same questions I’d asked.

“You must think I’m some old pervert” he said
“No, but I would like to know how it started” I asked
“Are you going to call the police?”
“No, no police, I just want to talk about it, I know what she’s said but I want to know from you”, even though I didn’t.

He went on explain, when she was 12 her mother left them and he brought her up from then on. They grow closer, and she withdraw from friends and started putting on weight. She used to get picked on at school and had no luck with boyfriend and was unhappy. She would come crying to his room in the night and end up sleeping in the same bed. When she was 15 we woke up one morning and I’d ejaculated, it was on her night dress and she’d got in on her hands. She knew what had happened, she said I’d been restless so she’d snuggled up to me and that’s when I cum. He told her she was getting to old to sleep in his bed but she’d said she wanted too and didn’t mind if he cum it made her feel grown up.

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   He insisted she didn’t even though he didn’t want to upset her. It was ok for a couple of weeks but she was soon coming back to his room. He started masturbating before going to bed to see if that would stop him getting aroused in the night, but found still himself getting erect as he lay next to her. One night a month or so before her sixteenth birthday he said he awoke, his hand we between her legs and he got an erection, he pulled his hand away but she held on to it saying don’t stop it feels good. He cuddled up next to her press himself against her as he kept stroking her soft pubic hair and puffy lips, she was wet and the more I stroked the more she liked it pressing herself on to my hard erection as she cum, it felt good and I cum on her leg. In the morning I had to talk to her about it, you know what we’re doing is wrong I told her even though I really liked it. She said I know but I like it and don’t want us to stop sharing a bed, but what if it goes any further or I try doing more than just touching in my sleep. Its ok, I’m going to lose my virginity some when and I want it to be with someone I love and that will be gentle with me. It was then she started taking the pill and it was going to be a matter of time before we made love. Over the next couple of weeks we would go to bed, I’d cuddle up behind her my hard cock pressed against her bum as I played with her, sometime I’d put my cock between her legs so it rubbed between her lips until we’d both cum. The one night as I was between her legs she moved so I could get inside her. I gently pushed and I was in her. Holding her tight and with short slow strokes I took her virginity. From then on we had sex regularly.

“Ok, but why did you start swinging?” I asked

She was still having no luck with boyfriends , she was still on the large side and thought nobody would fancy her.

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   We only really join a site to see who would reply, but when we got replies we thought why not. We used to look for couples like you where the woman was older and the man younger or young couples. Most people that mailed us were either older couples or single older men not really what we were looking for. Then we saw your profile and you seemed perfect for us, she would get a young man and I would get someone of my own age. We love having sex with each other but I know one day she will want a young man of her own, and I’ll be left alone, so it seemed the answer. Selfish in some ways I know, this way I could keep having sex with her and I didn’t think she would really find someone as it was just about the sex not people looking for relationships. She’s keen on your young man he said and that’s when he asked me why I didn’t mind my young man seeing his daughter alone.

I stood up and took him by the hand, come with me I said as I lead him to my bedroom. Get that box off the top of the wardrobe I said. He passed me the box and we both sat on the bed, I opened the box and I started taking out photos. I could see the penny drop as he looked at them, they were pictures of my son growing up, I then went on to tell him about me and my son. I can see why we all get on so well he said, we’d both done what we’d done more out of love then just the sex, although we both agreed the sex was great.

About an hour later I got a call from my son, I told him it was ok to come home now and not to forget to get a take away. When they arrived home, we sat eating, no one really sure what to say, so I said we all know the past now, we’re all the same people we were a week ago and what were we going to do about it. We came to the conclusion, nothing was going to change, although we all know inside it would.

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   That night the four of us had our usually fun but it wasn’t quite the same as before, I think we all done it just to see if it would be. Later that night after they’d gone, I lay in bed with my son, as we cuddled up he said to me you know I love you mum but I think I want to make a go of it with her. I understand, I always knew one day this would end and I’ve only ever wanted the best for you. We then made love for what was to be the last time, it felt special the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one in our lives. I would be a liar if I said it was the last time we made love as there were a few occasions in the next year we did.

It’s now some years on, for us all worked out for the best. My son is engaged to be married to her, they have a place of their own and are very much in love. I sold my house and moved in with her dad and we’re both enjoying life together going to the odd swingers party or meeting up with young couples.

You may or may not think this story is true, you might believe some parts are true and recognise similarities to your own lives. All I can say is it’s for you to decide, I didn’t use names or places as even if they were changed or made up it would change what I wrote. I hope you enjoyed reading this and why some people do what they do for love.


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