A Mothers Love


A Mothers Love

If you’re reading this because you’re looking to read about a mother that forces her son into having sex with her or you’re looking for really young boys screwing their mothers then you’re going to be disappointed. This is about the love a mother has for her son that leads them into a sexual relationship.

Let me give you some background about me and my son. I grow up in a family where sex was never talked about, and I never saw either of my parents naked. Don’t get me wrong my parents loved me and I had a happy childhood. Maybe that was part of the reason I got pregnant by the time I was twenty, back then nobody really talked openly about such things as sex and contraception. The man that got me pregnant walk away soon after I told him I was expecting. My parents were not pleased but did everything they could to help me. After my son was born things changed they fell in love with him and life was good.

When my son was three both my parents died in a car accident, as an only child with on other relatives this left me at an all time low, the only thing that kept me going was the love for my son. They had left me financially sound, so that wasn’t a problem and I had a few friends that helped me through that difficult time. I stayed living in what was now my house for a couple more years before selling up and moving away. I wanted a new start and wanted my son to feel loved and protected. I made my mind up that I would be open, honest and bring him up to be a good man, he was my whole life.

I did as I promised myself, I never hid anything from him. He often saw me naked, we would share a bath together and when he had bad dreams we would come and sleep in bed with me.

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   I had the occasional boy friend, but this was mainly for the sex, I wasn’t looking for a long term relationship. My son made a few friends at his school, but on the whole we kept ourselves to ourselves.

By the time he was fourteen I would still sit in the bathroom talking to him as he bathed and he would do the same if I was in the bath. I didn’t seem strange or wrong for us to see each other naked and we still had the occasional bath together. He would sit between my legs with is back to me, I washed his back, then he would lean back his head resting on my breasts as a washed his chest. I noticed his cock would get hard and that he would try to cover it, I told him it was perfectly normal and it was a sign that he was becoming a man. I must admit I found it stimulating and would often play with myself after he had left the bathroom, and I knew he went to his bedroom to masturbate as he didn’t always close the door properly and I could see him doing it through the crack in the door as I passed. I kept telling myself it was wrong, neither of us should be getting sexually aroused by the other, but on the other hand we both loved each other and neither was making the other do anything they didn’t want to do. Although in actual fact neither of us had done anything to the other apart from share a bath together at that point.

I was a little worried he might talk to his friends about it and said to him “maybe it would be a good idea not to tell anyone else”, he said “it’s ok he wouldn’t, they wouldn’t understand and it was nothing to do with anyone else anyway, and besides I enjoyed our bath times together”.

He was now fifteen almost sixteen and been out for the evening with friends, I was already in bed watching a DVD. He came into the room and lay on the bed next to me, we chatting about his evening and watching the film that had just started. He said “is it ok if I stay and watch the rest of the film with you”, “you know you can, I’ll pause it, you have a shower and I’ll get us something nibble on while we watch it” I said. Ten minutes later he came back into the bedroom just in his boxers, I was already back in bed. I pulled the covers back and he got in, we snuggled up together eating popcorn and watching the film.

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   As we lay there I couldn’t help myself, I stated to stroke his chest, then down to his tummy, he said nothing and before I knew it my hand was on his boxers. I could feel him getting hard, my little boy was no longer a little boy but was developing into a man. I moved my hand back to his tummy, “more popcorn” I said. Neither of us said anything about what I had just done, we just watched the rest of the film. When the film finish I said “you can stay here tonight if you like, it’s been a long time since we shared a bed”. I turned the light out and cuddled up behind him like I used to when he was small. Soon he fell asleep, my naked body pressed against him. I so much wanted him, but my mind was in turmoil, he was my son and it was supposed to be wrong. I tried to think of things to make it wrong apart from the law. I couldn’t, I loved him and he loved me, no one was going to get hurt, and I wasn’t forcing him to anything he didn’t want to do, but no I stopped myself going any further gave him a cuddle and feel asleep.

In the morning we both got up as if nothing had happened, he showered and left for school as usual and I started the laundry, the boxers he was wearing were in for wash. As I picked them up my fingers felt a sticky patch, looking in them I could see he had ejaculated. This turned me on, I felt them again, with the stickiness on my fingers I wondered did he do it in the night as we lay together or had he masturbated into them for me to find to show he was a man. I’d seen the stains on his bed sheets from wet dreams and the tissues in his bin from masturbating, we’d already talked about these things and how it was a natural development in growing up. I came to the conclusion it must have been a wet dream, but I did think at one point maybe I played with him in my sleep, I knew I’d wanted to so maybe I had.

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A few weeks later the night of his sixteenth birthday, he had friends over for a small party. After they’d all left we tidied up and he went up for a shower. I locked the doors and followed him up, I couldn’t help watching him as he lathered himself up and then rinsed off. I undressed and got in the shower with him, taking the gel from him I squirted some in my hand after rubbing them together, I washed his chest and worked my way down to his tummy. The lather was running down to his cock and dripping of the end. As I washed him his cock stiffened, “its ok” I said to him as I slide my hand down, holding his cock in my hand I slowly massaged it. Taking his hand I put it on my soapy breasts, holding it on them for a moment before moving it so we was cupping one of them. Sliding his hand down my body and between my legs. “Would you like to spend the night in my bed “I said, he nodded. We rinsed off, wrapped ourselves in towels and made our way to my room.

We lay on the bed, both naked, I looked at his young perfect body, my son no longer my little boy but about to become a man. Taking his hand I put it between my legs pressing his fingers in me, then moving his hand so it rubbed me. Letting go he carried on, his finger pressing in me, I kissed him as our bodies pressed together, taking his stiff cock in my hand I rubbed up and down. “There’s a good boy, rub mummy” I whispered in his ear. I wanted to feel him in me, I rolled on to my back pulling him between my legs, “now put your cock in mummy” I said.

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   “What if I get you pregnant “he said, “its ok, I went on the pill a few weeks ago, you can cum inside me” I said. Taking his cock I guided it in, I almost orgasmed there and then, just having him inside me was enough. His bum started to go up and down, “there’s mummies good boy, there’s mummies good boy, there’s mummies good boy” I whispered. He was already getting faster, “I’m going to cum”, he said, “that’s ok” I told him as I was already cumming too. “Cum in mummy there’s mummies good boy” I said as he squirted his cum in me, and it was over. I went to the bathroom to clean up as he wiped himself dry with some tissues.

I came back into the bedroom and we both lay on the bed together cuddling. “Was that good” I asked him, “yes, but I know it was too quick for you”, he said. “Don’t worry, it was good for me too and all young men are quick to start with, it’s part of growing up” I said.

Over the next couple of weeks and months he regularly came into my room and we made love, each time it got better and better. I couldn’t believe my little boy was bringing me to such great orgasms and how much I enjoyed it. We started watching porn together and trying new things, we were more like a couple than mother and son. Even after he started dating we’d still had what we called our special nights together.

I could have gone in to more sexual detail but that’s not why I wrote this. I’d love to read your comments if you have any either negative or positive.

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