A New Thong For My Daughter


I am a 33 year old man, trying to raise a daughter by myself.   I married my wife right after high school, and started working for the government doing special jobs that often took me away from home for several weeks at a time.    Sarah my wife was already two months pregnant with our daughter Tracy whe we got married and gave birth to her while I was at homefor two weeks between jobs.   Shortly after I finished a job that got me a big promotion which would keep me at home more often, I flew home to let Sarah and Tracy know that I wouldn't be going away as often and that when I did it would only be for overnight at the most.   As I deplaned I noticed a police car on the airport tarmac and the officer seemed to be watching as we deplaned.   The officer came over to me and asked my name. When I responded he stated that he was there to pick me up and take me to the hospital.   The officer then told me that their had been an accident involving my wifes car while she was coming to pick me up, and the doctors could tell me more about what happened.
When we arrived at the hospital I was shown in to a room where my twelve-year-old daughter Tracy was asleep on the hospital bed.   A doctor came in and asked if I was her father.   Tracy had survived the accident with just a minor cut on her head and they wanted to keep her overnight for observation.   I asked him about my wife and he ushered me out of the room so that we wouldn't disturb Tracy.   The doctor said that he always hated to give bad news but Sarah had died on her way to the hospital.   He then waited for me to come back to reality and had a second bed wheeled into Tracy's room for me to sleep on in case she woke up.   Tracy did wake during the nigh and I talked to her and got her to go back to sleep.   The next afternoon the doctor released Tracy from the hospital and I took her home, and then we made plans to bury Sarah.

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Now two years later Tracy is finally starting to come out of her shell.   Tracy came to me shortly before school let out for the summer asking if she could get a Thong Bikini for the beach this summer.   I was so caught up in my own sorrow over Sarah's death that I hadn't really noticed my little girl blossoming into a young woman.   I didn't want her to etreat back into her shellso I asked her if she really knew how small they were.   Tracy said that she hadn't seen one before but all of her friends were getting them and she didn't want to be left out.   I knew that she had a pair of blue-jean shorts that were all worn out and ready for the garbage, so I had her get them for me.   I quickly cut the legs off leaving just the zipper and seam attached to the waiste band.   i gave the now barely covering Thong to Tracy and told her to put it on and look at herself in a mirror to see if she really wanted to wear that little out to the beach.
Tracy surprised me when she came into my bedroom and asked if she could use my floor-length mirror.   Not thinking I said sure honey what ever you want.   Tracy then hugged me and took her shirt off and stood there in just the home-made Thong, needless to say seeing her standing there got my Cock to swell to full attention.   Her perky little almost C-cup Tits stood at attention with her nipples poking out, as erect as my Cock was.   I watched her as she turned left and right trying to get a full view of the Thong.   I suggested that maybe she should use a second mirror to see the view from the rear.   Tracy wa quick to get me to hold the second mirror for her giving me a close up view of her perky Tits, which only compounded my situation.

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    I soon was asked what the top would look like so we sat on the bed together while I cut two small triangles out of the leg material, which I measured constantly against her nipples to get them to be just the right size to cover just the nipples.   I cut several strips from the material to use to hold the triangles together. we quickly had the strips attached to the triangles, and Tracy asked if I could tie it on for her.   Needless to say it took all my will power to keep from grabbing her and taking her cherry right there.   Finally Tracy was able to see just how little the Thong would cover and decided that if she did get one she would just wea it to swim and lay out by our pool.   I was glad to here that and told her that the bottom that I made covered more than a store bought Thong Bikini would cover.
Two days later Tracy asked if I would take her to look at new bathing suits, and off to the mall we went.   When we got to the store Tracy started right in looking for Thongs and was soon carrying three to the changing room to try them on.   Tracy came back without going in to the changing room and said that they wouldn't let her try them on unless she had a parent there to go in with her.   I walked over and asked the clerk what the problem was and she said that store policy called for the clerks to require a parent to go in with the young girls since they had so many suits stolen over the years.   I asked her if she coud go in with her for me since her mother was dead but she said that she couldn't but that since there wasn't anyone else here right now she would escort us in to the changing room.   When we got into the room Tracy started to remove her shirt and bra and then she took off her pants and panties, giving me my first view of her Pussy.   Tracy pulled on the Thong Panties and then put on the bra top.
The room had mirrors all the way around it so that she could get a full view all the way around.   Tracy was quick to remove the first Thong Bikini, but she took her time deciding which of the others she wanted to try on.

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    It took Tracy almost an hour to try on all of the Thongs, and decide which one she wanted to get, it only took her ten minutes to pick out a bikini to wear to the beach.   We then went to a restaurant for lunch and headed home.
Back at the house Tracy was quick to change into her new Thong and then model it for me.   i pointed out that she had a slight problem with the bikini, what she cried and I told her to look in the mirror at the front of her Thong.   Tracy looked and thenrealized that as small as the Thong was it left most of her Pubic hair showing around the outside of the Thong.   Tracy wanted to know what she could do to solve that problem.   I told her the only way to take care of te problem was to shave her Pubic hair down enough to hide it from view.   Tracy got a huge smile on her face and took off her Thong.   She then quickly lay down on the bed and spread her legs asking if I would pleae trim her hair for her so that she didn't nick herself andstart to bleed.
zi went into my bathroom and got my shave cream and both my electric and regular razors and returned to the bedroom.   I decided that it would be easier to shave her bush in the tub and we went back to the bathroom where she took off her top as well and got into the tub.   I ran some warm water into the tub and started to wash her bush to get it wet.   I found that the more I rubbed over her bush the wetter it got from her own juices flowing outof her Pussy.   I rubbed some shave cream into her bush and got it to lather up quickly.   I started to shave the excess Pubic hair from around her Pussy with my Cock growing by the second and straining my pants.

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    Tracy started to thrash around in the tub and was splashing me.   Tracy notice that I was getting wet and asked if I wouldn't be better off without my pants.   I looked down and realized that they were completely soaked through.   I slid them off and was just in my undershorts.   I finished with the basic trim and cleaned the excess shave cream off her Pubic area, and then grabbed my electric razor to put the finishing touches on her bush.
As the electric razor moved across Tracy's groin it caused her to have a huge Orgasm.   With the onset of this Orgasm I couldn't take it anymore and leaned in to suck her juices right out of her Pussy.  Tracy started to moan as I sucked her Clit into my mouth.   I slowly inserted a inger inside her Pussy and started to pump it in and out stretching her Cunt lips and Pussy getting them ready for my Cock to enter her.   I soon had three fingers going in and out stretching he wide.   After I brought her to another huge Orgasm I quickly rinsed her off and picked her up out of the tub and carried her to my bed.   I slipped off my undershorts letting my eleven and a half inches of rock hard man meat plop into Tracy's view.   Tracy smiled and asked if she was going to get to try my meat.   I smiled back at her and said tha if she really wanted to try it that it would be my pleasure to let her try.
Tracy moved down asI lay next to her and started to lick my Cock.

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        I told her how to give me a blowjob and she took to it like a duck to water, and soon was pumping her head up and down on my shaft.   I pulled her legs over my body so that we were in a sixtynine position and I started to lick and suck on her Pussy as well.   Tracy learned quickly and  soon she was deep-throating me and moaning around my shaft.   I quickly brought her to another Orgasm and told her that I was going to cum also and that if she didn't pull off that I would be filling her mouth with my cum.   Tracy kept right on sucking me harder and faster until I shot my first stream of jism into her mouth, andit was quickly followed by seven more streams of jism.   Tracy swallowed as much of it as she could but just couldn't handle all of it, so she let the last few sytreams fclow out into her face.   I moved her around and lay her back onto the bed.   I moved over the top of her spreading her legs apart so that I could get at her Pussy and lick it until my Cock got it's hardness back.   I slowly kissed my way up Tracy's body until I reached her small Tits and then sucked on first the right nipple and then the left.   I alternated causing Tracy to moan with each suck.   I moved on up her body until my Cock was nestled against her Virgin Pussy.   I pushed into her until the head popped into her channel.   I waited to let her get used to the feel and fullness in her Pussy.   Tracy stared to push up against me trying to get more of me into her so I pushed another inch into herand waited again.   Tracy was no longer moaning as I pushed into her now she was plain crying out in pleasure.

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        I continued into her until I felt er Hymen resist my Cock's intrusion into her Virginal Opening.   I asked her ifshe was ready and that it would hurt just a little.   Tracy begged me to stop teasing her and to ram my Cock deep into her.   I pulled out until just the head was inside her still and rammed back into her with enough force to tear through her Hymen and buried was all the way inside of her with the head pushed through her cervix and into her womb.   Tracy hardly let out a cry of pain she just started to pant harder and harder.   I started to pump in and out slowly at irst and gradually building the pace until we were both moving in unison.   I reached between us to rub her Clit as we were pumping away.
    Tracy started to cry out in pleasure and thrash around.   I let her pleasure build until it was at the peak and then backed off to let her settle down some, then I would start in again raising her sense of pleasure to it peak again.   I repeated this process for five or six times and as she neared her peak again I started to pump faster pushing into her womb with each thrust, I was soon ready to shoot my load as well.   I knew that I should pull out but I was too far gone in pleasure for rational thought and just buried my Cock in her womb where it would spray her full of my sperm and riskhe getting pregnant.   Tracy exploded in the largest Orgasm yet when the first jet of baby juice hit the back of her womb.   I filled her full and stayed hard so I kept right on Fucking my babygirl.   I was pounding away at her when she came down from her Orgasm.   Tracy matched my pace and we fucked for another fortyfive minutes or so before we were both ready to Cum again, Tracy said fill me up Daddy I want to feel your Cum in me again.

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        I was soon shouting " I'm cummmmingggg bbbabbbyyyy" Tracy screamed back " me toooooo Daddddddddddyyyy" " Oh Goddddddddd That feels wonderfullllllllllllll" " Filllllllll mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeee" So I filled her little womb again with spurt after spurt of jism.   We fell asleep with my Cock still buried in her Pussy, the next morning we picked up wherre we left off the night before and Fucked all day long.   I filled Tracy's Pussy eight or nine times over a three day two night period.   Tracy moved into my room after that only sleeping in her room when she had friends over for the night.   This all started three months ago but it was too late to get Tracy on the pill as she got pregnant the first night.   I had enough leave time accrued that I took the next six months off from work and we are going on a trip to Europe returning when it is time for the baby to be born.   Tracy says that she enjoys being pregnant but we both decided that we would wait for her to turn eighteen before we have another child together.   Tracy does want to bring one of her friends into the bed with us after we get back and she is able to have sex again, but that will be another story.   Tracy will turn fifteen in two days so we will have her party before we leave for Europe.
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