A night i never expected to happen


Topic: a night i never expected to happen  I had just gotten married to a very beautiful woman who had 2 daughters from a previous marriage. Our sex life was the best i ever could expect as she was a model a few years earlier and really knew everything on how to please a man. So my story starts here when my wife broke her leg and was pretty much confined to bed all the time.
 While never seeing either one of my stepdaughters naked i always imagined what it would be like as they too were incredible to look at the oldest was ashley who was 16, she was very petite and had 36C cup breasts(i know as i did the wash often) and had an ass that i got to see in a mini skirt one time when she bent over. from that day i could not get that perfect ass out of my mind so each time i would go in the bedroom and fuck my wife i would imagine it was my sweet daughters young ass i was fucking, which made me feel like i was on fire and could come all day.
 Anyway one night Ashley asked me if it was ok if her girlfriend spent the night, her name was jennifer i said sure it would be ok. I was in the den watching the baseball game and realized it was getting late so i better head to the girls bedrooms and give them a kiss on the cheek as i always did and say goodnight. As i approached Ashelys room i heard a low moan, i knocked on the door and did not get an answer so i was like oh shit something must be wrong. I opened the door and to my amazement i saw something that was truely a sight to see. My daughter and her friend Jennifer were in the 69 position going at it, i guess they realized i was there and it startled them. They tried to cover up and apologize and i just said what the fuck is going on!!!. Ashley said they were experimenting. I told her i would have to tell her mom as i saw this as something that should not be going on in our home. Then started to leave the room. . .

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 Ashley then called me back and said guess what??.  I said what, she said its going to be our little secret if you dont say anything and you can join in as after all youre not my real dad so it would be ok. I then tried to fight the feeling as i looked down and saw my 9 1/2" penis at full mass, i said ok but as i want it.
 I then started to suck Ashleys breasts which were so big and full as Jennifer was finger fucking Ashley, i said to Jennifer i guess you like that dont you and she said yes but would even be more happy if i let her suck my dick. I said i was wondering when you would ask.
    I pulled her head over to my dick and she was like a vaccuum, omg it was so good i had to stop her because i had other ideas in mind. I told Jennifer to get on all fours and she did, now to describe her she was bigger then ashley but still kinda cute. I thrusted my dick into her pussy from behind and she started to go wild bucking back on me so i had to calm her down by pulling her hair. I told her to slow down and start sucking my daughters pussy as i fucked her pussy still from behind.
     This went on for awaile and then i heard ashley have the loadest orgasim i ever heard and she started squirting all over the place it was like she was an ocean of orgasims. I was at that point done fucking Jennifer as i really wanted my daughter. I told Ashley to get on all fours and return the favor to Jennifer, as she did i went behing her and in one pump sank my dick into her very wet tight pussy(this was the greatest fuck i ever felt), she screamed in passion saying fuck me harder daddy. I said ok but i want that ass, she looked back and said no i cant fit that into me. I said dont worry i will fit it into you one way or the other. I removed my dick from her soggy wet pussy and thrust it into her ass.

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       Now this was the absolute best feeling in the world as it was the tightest place i ever inserted my cock, i was going so super fast and was not stopping as all 9+",s of my cock was in her slapping my balls along her ass on each stroke. Then i felt the feeling comming on and i said im going to cum and she gave a wink back and i shot it all in her ass. more to come in part 2  let me know what you think.
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