A night with my wife's cousin, Part 2


A night with my wife’s cousin, Part 2
   This is the continuing saga of my affair with my wife’s cousin Stacy and again these are 100% true events that happened around fifteen years ago.   Also these are the first stories that I have ever written so please bear with me.
   The following morning (after Part 1), Stacy and I acted as though nothing had happened, business as usual and no one ever did become suspicious of anything.   Considering that I could have gotten Stacy pregnant (especially at 14) I was also genuinely counting my blessings.
   About month later though my in-laws had a large family get together which included Stacy and the rest of her family over for an afternoon cookout.   Aside from occasionally joking around and a few smiles exchanged in secret, we pretty much kept to ourselves.   Walking around all day with her in one of her standard elastic tank tops hugging every curve of those perfect D cup sized breasts was certainly starting to wear me down in the temptation department.   I couldn’t help but remember our night together and now watching how her body moved while running around playing Frisbee with everyone in the back yard I guessed pushed me over the edge.   I started innocently joking around with her more and secretly smiling at her more often where no one would notice and then had yet another moment of inspiration.   With everyone out in the back yard socializing I asked Stacy if she wouldn’t mind doing me a favor and retrieve a lawn “jarts” game from out of the basement.  With people coming and going in and out of the house for various reasons I didn’t think anyone (prayed that no one) would notice the two of us missing for a short while.   Also with the only entrance to the basement being located in the bi-level addition occupied by my wife, my son and I, and no one else really having any business for venturing there I figured no one would inadvertently discover us unless they were deliberately looking for us.   I also knew that the jarts game was on the top shelf up above a large chest freezer and that it would be difficult for her to reach it.   I waited about a minute and then went down to the basement “to help her out” with getting the game down.   When I came through the basement door I was greeted with a truly erotic sight.   There was Stacy reaching over the freezer trying to get a hold of the game and being bent slightly over the freezer her ass was absolutely inviting, and with her tits jutting out from her chest as she was reaching shoved me down the path of no return.

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    I quietly closed the door and walked up behind her and said “I thought that you might be needing some help down here” and positioned myself directly behind her and started reaching for the box with my groin pushing into and rubbing up against her ass.   Stacy simply stood there and chuckling said “doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to reach it either”.   By now I was getting harder which I know she had to be feeling it too.   I then pretended as though I were loosing my balance and gently fell against her wrapping my right arm around her waist and catching myself on the freezer with my left arm as though trying to catch my balance.   We just laughed for a minute or two and then I just stood there and held her.   Feeling my cock hard as steel nestled in her ass with my arm around her I guess said all that needed saying at that point and with that Stacy cupped my right hand in hers and drew it up to and cupped her right breast with it.   Fondling her breast through that soft silky elastic material was incredible and soon I felt her small nipple pushing desperately through the material looking for attention.   I also began gently kissing the nap of her neck and then with both hands lifted her tank top along with her bra up and over her tits freeing them.   Cupping and fondling both of her naked 14 year old D sized tits with her small nipples grinding into my palms, kissing her neck, and grinding my cock into her ass against the freezer was getting both of us incredibly worked up to say the least.   I slowly and gently slipped my left hand past the elastic of her waist band down inside her panties and gently began messaging her clit and vulva.   She was already incredibly wet and in a very short time was already getting ready to cum so with both hands I opened the front of her shorts and slid both her shorts and panties to the floor where she slowly stepped out of them.   On the way standing back up I opened my own shorts letting them drop to the floor and wasted no time mounting Stacy from behind.   Stacy simply bent over a little further over the freezer and after a few strokes over her opening and vulva getting my cock wet I slipped my raging hard on half way into her with Stacy letting out a short gasp.   I just held her there taking in the view and feeling up her absolutely flawless ass.   Stacy began slowly moving around drawing more of my cock into her and I began slowly gently moving in concert with her until my cock was completely buried in her, she was so incredibly tight around my cock.

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    Feeling her ass nestled tightly into my groin cupping and gently fondling her large, full, firm tits with the view of this piece of forbidden fruit out in front of me is an experience that truly transcends words.   Without a word being spoken I gently grabbed a hold of her hips and slowly began pumping my eight inch cock in and out of her.   Stacy let out soft moan after moan with each stroke, determined to make her cum first I just methodically kept pumping her and pumping her for about 20 minutes until I felt her again tense up and begin spasming, milking in earnest at my cock and with a few shudders and wimpers feeling her orgasm flood over her.   With her climax out of the way I really began fucking her in earnest.   Watching her incredibly firm ass bounce with each slap as our groins came together, with her tits swaying back and forth with each thrust, and with her cries growing in tempo and volume all became to much.   I in another lapse of sanity and in total abandon pulled and nestled her ass as tight into my groin as I could and blew my load into her with a large grunt of my own.   To this day I still don’t know what it was that was possessing me to cum in her, especially with all that was at stake but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself it felt so incredible filling her with my seed.   Having her pinned against the freezer I gently pulled and stood her up still coupled to her and gently held her occasionally feeling my cock twitch and spasm in her, feeling her cunt reply by gripping and milking at my cock some more.   With my sanity again returning I apologized to Stacy and said to her that as beautiful and wonderful as she was, and because I did have deep feelings for her I simply was unable to help myself when around her and that I was most likely very screwed and certainly going to end up in prison.   She responded by saying that she deeply cared for me too and didn’t want to see me in prison or see my son without a father and that no one would ever know.   Stacy then also mentioned that she loved having a college boyfriend though knew that no one could ever know, not even by accident.   Deciding not to screw with her fantasy I hugged her tightly and then slowly drew myself out of her and said that we needed to get back before anyone came looking for us.   She slipped her shorts back on and her top back in place, smiled at me and went upstairs to the bathroom.   I collected my clothes again praying that I didn’t knock her up and went to my bedroom to get cleaned up, got dressed and returned to the back yard gathering.   With so many people present no one seemed to notice that Stacy or I were missing and 10/15 minutes later Stacy returned herself as though nothing had happened again behaving business as usual.

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    We enjoyed the rest of the evening and Stacy left with her family later that night.   I went to bed again that night praying that I wasn’t completely fucked swearing to myself that I would never allow it to happen again.   I wish that I could say that I had succeeded, but again that’s a different time and a different story. .

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