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This is a 100% true story that happened to me with my wife’s cousin almost fifteen years ago now.   I had just turned 21 and had been married six months earlier going to school full time living with my in-laws’.   My wife (who’s an only child) and I along with our 2 year old son were living in a new bi-level addition which did sort of give us a little bit of privacy but the truth of it was that we were still living with the in-laws.   My mother in-law’s sister was one of those types of sisters were they did everything together and knew every sorted detail of each others lives and her sister also had two kids of her own that were more like siblings then cousins to my wife for all the time that they spent together.   The older cousin of the two was a girl that was fourteen (almost 15) years old named Stacy and she was truly a sight to behold.   Stacy had blossomed into a knockout of a young women with curves in all of the right places and endowed with the firmest perkiest D cup sized breasts that ever graced a 14 year old female form.   My wife wasn’t bad either with nice C cup sized tits though having already had a child and nursed him did leave her a little on the saggy side and not as inviting as Stacy.
   From the first day that I was introduced to Stacy I was taken with her.   I guess that being 21, fairly attractive, in good shape, and in college made me attractive to her as she ended up with a monster crush on me that really opened the door to the rest of this story.   The tail between us started out with the customary stares and giggles from Stacy and her best friend that always seemed to be with her and I always enjoyed the tight elastic tank tops that seemed to be all that she had in her wardrobe.   Everyone knew that Stacy had a crush on me though just dismissed it as teen infatuation and I always played the responsible collected, don’t encourage it, not affected by it husband.
   On the weekends my in-laws were always going out and my wife and I liked to get out as well and do a movie and dinner, hiring Stacy to baby sit our 2 year old son.   Not getting in until usually late Stacy would always end up spending the night sleeping with my son in his bed.   One night after my wife and I had returned home from a night out we decided to stay up a little later and watch a movie.   We innocently invited Stacy to stay up and watch it with us on our bed.   Things started out innocently enough with the three of us lying on the bed with me in the middle watching this movie but my wife soon dosed off leaving Stacy and I to finish watching the movie alone.

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    Being absolutely too terrified to say or attempt anything with her for fear of being executed by my wife’s entire family we continued to quietly just watch the movie.   After a while I got bored with the movie being more preoccupied with Stacy lying so close to me wearing only panties and one of those long sleeping t-shirts I laid back and closed my eyes thinking of her and eventually dosed off.   Later that night I woke up lying on my side with my wife behind me and Stacy in front of me.   She was about half way down the bed facing away from me sleeping and I had one of those moments of inspiration.   Pretending to be asleep I innocently began moving my leg as though to get more comfortable and brought my foot up and placed the top of my foot squarely in the crack of her ass.   The feeling of my foot nestled between these 14 year old cheeks ended up giving me an erection of steel.   Soon she stirred and I simply continued to pretend to be innocently sleeping, she laid there for a moment not moving or doing anything and then amazingly she pressed her ass back against my foot and began flexing her cheeks almost like she was grabbing at my foot with her ass.   I couldn’t believe what she was doing.   Then even more surprising she reached behind herself and gently pulled her t-shirt up past my foot so that all that remained between my foot and her ass was her panties.   The warmth and firmness of her flesh was incredible, after a while she simply got up and went to bed.   I was so painfully hard that I had to get up and get off in the bathroom dreaming of fucking that incredible ass.   Thankfully the next morning she acted as though nothing had happened and neither did I.  
   A couple of weeks later as usual my in-laws went out and my wife decided she wanted to go out with some girlfriends.   I didn’t have any plans to go anywhere but had another moment of inspiration.   I told my wife that I had some last minute plans to go out with some of my friends and that we would need sitter.

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    Not thinking anything of it she simply called Stacy and as usual she was available and went out and got her to baby sit and I left to spend some time at a local bar.   After about an hour I went back home and as expected found Stacy home alone with my son sleeping in his room.   She was watching television on our bed with the lights off and I told her that I was unusually tired and needed to turn in.   I told her to feel free to finish watching her show, changed into some loose shorts and took up my usual spot in bed which happened to be lying facing her.   I also told her light heartedly that she might not want to get to close to me because being as beautiful as my wife I might mistake her for my wife and couldn’t be accountable for anything that happened while asleep.  She laughed it off and continued sitting on the bed facing me watching TV over my shoulder.   I didn’t waste any time acting as though I was dozing off and laid there with the sheets turned down just in my shorts with one arm under my head and my other hand out in front of me resting on the mattress between us.   After about 20 minutes she lied down herself facing me with her head propped up on one arm as though to continue watching TV and her other hand out in front of her next to mine.   After about another 5 minutes she placed her hand over my hand and let it rest there.   The touch and warmth of her hand was arousing to say the least but then she scooted a little closer to me so that our hands were right up against her right breast and very slowly began caressing the back of my hand with hers.   Then almost unexpectedly she gently picked up my hand and cupped her right breast with it.   I was actually in pain I was so hard.   Still pretending to be asleep and stirring a little I mumbled “I love you too sweetheart” or something as though talking to my wife half asleep and gently began fondling Stacy’s D sized breast through her sweeter.   Her tit had to be the fullest, firmest, breast that one could ever hope to get his hands on.   I eventually moved my hand to her left breast and continued my fondling of her and was pleasantly surprised to feel her small nipple swell and harden in the palm of my hand.

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    Feeling bolder I slid my hand down her side to the base of her sweeter and as I began to slip my hand under her sweeter she reached down and pulled her sweeter up allowing my hand to slid up her incredibly soft and smooth skin and once again cup her left breast over her bra.   I continued to fondle her until eventually she reached up and grabbed my wrist and pushed my fondling hand even tighter against her breast until I could feel her all of a sudden stiffen up, shutter, and tremble beneath my hand in an incredibly powerful orgasm.   After having settled down she gently laid my hand back down on the bed and got up and left and didn’t return.   I continued to act as though sound asleep like nothing happen and began praying that I wasn’t a dead man in the morning.   The next morning I got up and again acted as though nothing had happened the night before, and to my relief neither did Stacy.
   The very next weekend again as usual my wife and I and my in-laws decided to get out for the evening and of course my wife had arranged for Stacy to again baby sit.   Later that night after having come home I mentioned to Stacy that sometimes in the middle of the night I like to cuddle up to my son in his bed while he’s asleep and if by chance I were to forget that she was with him to please just remind me that she was there and that I’d simply go back to bed.   Stacy didn’t seem to think anything of it and told me she would if it ever happened.   That night waiting for my wife to doze off seemed like an eternity.   Eventually afterward she did doze off I got up in my pajama bottoms and went across the hall to my son’s bedroom which was very dark and gently crawled in next to my son and put my arm around him acting as though I didn’t realize that Stacy was there right next to him.   Stacy never moved or did anything and I again just acted as though I were asleep, after about another 15 or 20 minutes I again felt that now familiar hand over mine and Stacy again moved my hand to cup her right breast over her sleeper t-shirt.   Not wearing a bra this time her loose breast felt incredible through her t-shirt and I immediately felt her small nipple swell in the palm of my hand, feeling her young, full, firm, breast rolling freely in my hand was honestly enough to make me cum all by itself but I genuinely wanted to see just how far all of this was going to go.   I mumbled something incoherently and began rolling her nipple between my thumb and fore finger cupping and fondling her breast with the rest of my hand all the while doing this over my sleeping son between us.   After a while of doing this Stacy again tensed up and another powerful orgasm flooded over her and she then laid my hand back next to my son.   I continuing as though I were still simply asleep, Stacy gently sat up and gently moved my arm from over my son and gently moved him to the back side of the bed next to the wall and laid back down between my son and I facing me.

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    I was so hard it was almost intolerable but the only way I had a chance in hell of not going to prison was to fain ignorance and innocence.   Stacy gently scooted right up to me placing her forehead against mine and moved my arm around her which landed my hand right on her ass.   I was heaven and hell (not being able to just fuck her brains out) all at the same time.    I again mumbled something incoherently and pulled her tighter to me enjoying my hand on her ass with my cock pressing tightly into her groin.   Not sure just how far she was willing or wanting to go I simply just held her and mumbled “I am so in love with you” as though still acting as though I was still with my wife and waited for her to make the next move.   After about 10 minutes of just lying there with her Stacy gently reached in and softly kissed me on the lips.   I let my lips part just a little and felt her tongue gently brushing my lips almost as though she wasn’t sure what she was doing, I then extended my tongue until it gently brushed hers and at first she just softly played with the tip of my tongue but after a while she grew more aggressive until we were gently fully sucking on each others tongues.   Acting as though I had stirred a little more I mumbled “I am so glad that you love me” and pulled her to me to gently kiss her again.   The room was almost black and I acted as though I was waking up to my wife who was wanting to make love though moving slowly enough to not inadvertently really scare Stacy.   I continued to kiss Stacy’s lips and began to let my hands roam more freely over her body, under her t-shirt along her back, I felt up her ass under her panties and eventually while feeling up her ass I moved my hand down pulling her panties down with them.   She simply drew one knee out and then the other and I flipped them to the foot of the bed and while doing this she removed her t-shirt and laid back down.   Her boldness was exceptionally encouraging to say the least.   On the way back up I cupped her breast and softly sucked Stacy’s small nipple into my mouth and continued to gently suck on it with Stacy letting out a few soft quiet little cries.   I then flicked open the 2 snaps holding the front of my pajama bottoms together and gently slid them off and pushed them to the foot of the bed with my foot, facing her as before I again put my arm around her.   She again placed her forehead against mine and the feeling of her naked 14 year old youthful body, her absolutely perfect youthful breasts with her hard little nipples tightly pressed against my chest, and my eight inch cock of painful steel very gently nestled in her pubic hair was beyond what words are capable of describing.

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    I began softly gently kissing her again and began letting my hands roam about her body taking my time to be gentle with her allowing her to warm up to what hopefully lay ahead.   Eventually my hand came to rest gently on top of her pubic mound and I slowed my movements down considerably so as to not potentially scare her.   I gently began probing her pubic hair with my fingers to which she replied by lifting her leg giving me better access to her cunt.   Eventually I allowed my forefinger to come to rest on her clit and ever so gently began working it, she was incredibly wet almost sloppy wet, I soon had to stop though as I could sense another impending orgasm building and I didn’t want her to finish and then have second thoughts about going all the way.   I also stayed away from her opening so as not to inadvertently hurt her and thereby scare her, my cock would be the first thing to venture into her cunt figuring that she would be expecting some pain from my taking her virginity anyway and be a little more excepting that way.   By now she was breathing much heavier and she was slowly grinding and wriggling her body against mine continuing to gently kiss me.   Fortunately the time was right for me to mount her and a good thing as I was almost to the point of having to rape her I was so worked up.   Still gently kissing her I slowly rolled her onto her back at the same time rolling on top and above her and very gently eased my legs in between hers and she slowly parted them.   I moved in a little closer and reached between us grabbing a hold of my pulsating cock which was excruciatingly hard by now and began gently rubbing the head against her opening and up through her vulva over her clit just enough to keep her worked up and get my cock fully coated with her juices.   She began persistently pushing her cunt up against my cock and figuring that she was as willing for me to fuck her as she was ever going to get, I found her opening and gently nestled the head of my cock into her entrance, and then with one long push I drove my cock about half way into her before I stopped to let her adjust.   She quickly drew in a large deep breath and held it while at the same time biting her lower lip with a grimaced look on her face and let out a short soft whimper.   I have to say that I was biting my lower lip as well trying desperately not to blow my load into her right then.   After a minute or two Stacy’s face relaxed and she began to ever so slightly move beneath me pushing her cunt up farther onto my cock.   Her cunt had the tightest wettest firmest grip on my cock that I had ever felt, along with the feeling of this 14 year body, with 14 year old D sized tits beneath me was almost overwhelming.   I so wished that I could see more of her underneath me.

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    After having allowing her time to adjust and time to collect myself from blowing my load I slowly began drawing my cock in and out of her, she was so incredibly tight.   I had enough sense to know that I would probably never have this opportunity again and that if I didn’t somehow make myself savior this moment that I would probably never forgive myself later and if I was going to end up in jail that I would have to kill myself if I didn’t make all of this worth it.   I continued slowly drawing my cock in and out of her feeling her cunt enveloping and grabbing at my cock with each stroke, she never said a word only letting out soft little cries every time I pushed my cock into her time after time.   Soon she had finally loosened up enough where as I was able to fully sink all eight inches of my cock into her feeling our pubic bones finally coming together.   Stacy was also by now apparently getting past her discomfort as she was again getting wetter and starting to move around herself more, and again started breathing much heavier.   Now after 25/30 minutes of actually slowly fucking her, Stacy was well on her way to another orgasm and I began to feel more comfortable fucking her with longer harder strokes until eventually our groins were freely coming together.   Stacy was also by now getting a little more vocal with louder cries with each thrust and soon after I felt her again beginning to tense up, shutter a little, and tremble beneath me only this time on my cock coming again in another powerful orgasm, having conquered the challenge that I had set for myself of getting her to come first I began fucking her in earnest with total abandon.   Stacy reached up and pulled herself to me and held on to me, and with each stroke her soft cries got a little louder as I continued on fucking her, feeling her clinging so tightly to me with her tits bouncing up and down brushing against my chest and with her making it more difficult to draw completely away from her I had a moment of complete insanity and thought to myself “Oh Fuck It!, I’d love to be the one to knock her up” and buried my cock into her as far as I could sink it into her and blew my load so hard that it hurt.   We just stayed like that with her clinging to me and my cock buried in her, pulsing jet after jet of cum into her and her cunt rhythmically milking me of every drop.
   I then gently lowered myself onto her and again kissed her gently feeling our sweaty bodies coming together.   We also then noticed that we had woke up my 2 year old son which we promptly laid back down to go to sleep, and with my sanity fully returning I looked at Stacy and playing stupid and said “Oh my God, Stacy it’s you.   What have I done?!!”.   I slowly drew myself out of her and Stacy immediately began crying and started apologizing profusely for taking advantage of me.   Acting all serious I told her that this should never have happened and that I would most likely end up in prison now on account of this, if not dead when the family found out.   Stacy emphatically promised that she would never tell a soul not even her best friend, or would lead on that anything had ever happened.

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    I told her that we’d be lucky if she didn’t end up pregnant and she just sat there and continued to cry.   Really feeling bad for her (especially knowing that this was actually fully my fault) I told her that I have always genuinely really cared about her, even loved her.   But to have anything to do with her would certainly land me in jail.   I also told her that being with her was incredibly special and that I didn’t regret it on account of it being her that it had happened with, but also that it could never go any further.   Stacy agreed and picked up her clothes and quietly went to the bathroom while I proceeded to change and dispose of the sheets and get my son back to bed.   After a short while Stacy returned and I again told her how special she was and how special our time together was and kissed her goodnight on the forehead and went back to bed myself.  
   The next morning I woke up honestly really wondering what was going to happen and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was as though nothing had happened at all, business as usual.   Fortunately Stacy never did end up getting pregnant and over the next four years I did end up having sex with Stacy a few more times though those are different stories for another time.    
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