A Sick Day Home From School With Mom


Greg could not get up this cold Tuesday morning and he knew how bad he felt yesterday in school and did not want to face another day of sweating in class. He told Mom that he felt very hot and she confirmed his condition by taking his temperature, it was 101. 2
Kristin let Greg sleep until 10:00 AM and she was sure that he would need to see a doctor. She had recently suggested that Greg should start seeing her doctor, a women and stop seeing his pediatrician. Greg was 13 now and well on his way to adolescence and he had the body to prove it. Kristin had been surprised by Dr. Kenner’s comment that he was developing very nicely; she did not know exactly what Dr. Kenner meant but she had known Lisa Kenner since she had opened her practice 10+ years ago and had a great doctor patient relationship with her along with a few extra benefits.
Kristin was very candid with her doctor and she and Lisa Kenner shared a special relationship. As a doctor Lisa was first rate but she also had taken a special, holistic interest in Kristin’s physical and emotional health since her husband had left her for a 24 year old executive assistant. Kristin had shared all of her emotions with Lisa and they had what could best be described as a semi intimate relationship, but more about that later
Kristin went to check in on Greg at a little after ten and he was awake but a bit groggy. Kristin felt Greg’s fore head as she always did when he had a fever and decided to take his temperature with the ear thermometer. Greg’s temperature had dropped to 99. 5 and he seemed to be feeling better.
Kristin gently rubbed Greg’s neck and shoulders and kissed him on the forehead. Greg blushed and said that he was getting a little too old for his Mommy to be kissing him like that.

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   Kristin was amused by the hint of sarcasm but also felt a slight tingle in her pussy and a swelling of nipples. This sensation was odd yet familiar to Kristin, she had felt something similar when Lisa Kenner had mentioned Greg’s “nice development”
Kristin teased Greg and said I am your mother and I can and will do as I please until you are 18 and you will have to accept that. Besides who else is going to take care of you better than you Mom can. Greg sensed his mother’s mild hurt feelings and reached his head up to kiss her cheek.
Kristin felt a warm rush and stretched out next to Greg on his bed to briefly cuddle with him. She reached down along his left side along his hip and thigh and pulled him near her. Kristin tried to move her hand across Greg’s stomach but was surprised by a very large and stiff protrusion near his waist, her tingling intensified significantly.
Greg squirmed frantically to conceal his stiff cock and to hide his embarrassment. Kristin was stunned but quite aroused herself. She sat up abruptly and asked Greg what he was ashamed of. Kristin told Greg that what was happened to his penis was quite normal and that it was common when lying near a female. She went on to say that she would be flattered if it was her being near him that caused it.
Greg said that it had happened before but he was not always sure why. Kristin while asking Greg if it was ok to have closer look reached under his sheet without waiting for his response. She located his raging hard on with her right and then slipped her and under his underwear and gently pulled it down.

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Greg was both flustered and excited as his Mom pulled off the sheet and stared at his 8 ½ cock. Greg’s balls were not yet covered with hair and they sat loose and floppy from his fever.
    Kristin could not resist her urge to reach and fondle his cute heavy balls with her other hand while gently stroking his huge cock.
    Greg protested saying that this felt very strange and wrong. Kristin reminded him that she was his mother and that she would never hurt him. Kristin had seen, sucked and been fucked by cocks this size but none had been hairless like this one. Her cunt was on fire and she felt that she was going to lose control.
    Kristin stood up and shifted so that she could sit on the bed in a way that she would be along side Greg’s waist, she need to get close to her son’s cock and dangly balls. Greg shuddered and Kristin knew that he was scared but excited too. She reached under Greg’s ball sack and lifted them and gentled juggled them. Kristin could see a glistening of pre-cum oozing from Greg’s pee hole and she need to taste it.
    She leaned in and flicked her tongue across Greg’s cock head and picked up a string of pre-cum with her hot tongue, she stretched out to what seamed 8 inches then swallowed it back to the hard boy cock. She tongued his shinny cock head and descended down the shaft, her flapping tongue leading the way.
    Kristin was no sooner halfway don Greg’s cock with her warm mouth when he exploded with rapid hot thick loads of cum that filled her mouth and throat. She could feel her pussy throb, she was both out of control and she wanted every drop of her son’s hut cum.

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       Greg moaned with pleasure and squirmed to get his cock free.
    Kristin slopped all of the cum she could up into her mouth being careful not to swallow it all. She had not sucked a cock in some time and wanted to savior the thick rich load of her son. Greg stared at his Mom as she licked her lips and stored a large wad of cum in her cheek cavity.
    Greg she said please forgive me but I just lost control when I felt your beautiful cock. I know that you are going to make many girls very happy with your adorable cock and balls, I am going to teach you how to pleasure, yourself, me and the luck girls that you will meet in the next few years.
    With Dr. Kenner’s help Kristin and Greg were going to get a lot of pleasure from each other. Greg smiled not knowing what to say, he was exhausted and need to sleep. He knew that what had happened was quite unusually but he wanted more. Kristin kissed him again on the forehead and told him to take a nap.
    Kristin’s pussy was a raging inferno and her nipples were hard as rocks. She swirled the thickest part of Greg’s cum in her mouth as she went to undress and lie on her bed. She too needs rest to prepare for lesson two.
    To be continued.

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