A Taste of my Cousin


When I was younger, my brother, sister and I would spend at least a couple of weeks at our cousins' house in Massachusetts every summer. Last summer, however, was the most eventful. I had just turned 17, and in a year or so I would be well on my way to college. My two cousins were getting older as well. The youngest, Matt, was a little closer in age to my brother and sister, so they pretty much played together. However, the older of the two, Alycia, had just turned 14. She was very excited to be starting high school in the fall, but simultaneously sad that her summer was nearly over.
Alycia and I didn't always get along. I was a timid person who was strong in academics; she, on the other hand, was preppy and popular. She had soft, long blonde hair like strands of morning sun, big blue eyes, athletic build and a nice pair of C tits. She wasn't above using her body to her advantage, and had my brother and Matt running around like a pair of slaves. Unfortunately for her, I was a little wiser, and wouldn't toss my pride for a pair of freshman boobs.
 Still, she was devilishly persistent. One night, we decided to go for a swim in her pool. After a rousing game of marco polo, we went inside to watch scary movies (as we usually did). I quickly grabbed the best spot on the couch and settled into the suspense.

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   Alycia walked over and sat next to my brother, and much to his enjoyment, she was still wearing her bikini top.
 "Matt, can you get me a soda?" she asked. Her brother leapt up to grab one from the kitchen, and my brother followed, muttering something about getting the last root beer. Alycia paused the video and forced out a shiver.
 "Wow, it's cold in here. "
 "Well, maybe you should change out of that wet bathing suit," I responded. She stood up and gave me a little grin, and skipped off to her bedroom to change. Meanwhile, Matt and my brother came back upstairs, sodas in hand.
 "Where's Alycia?" asked Matt.
 "She went to go change," I replied.
 "Well, tell her to hurry up! I wanna restart the movie!"
 I got up and walked down the hall to Alycia's bedroom. Her door was ajar, but no one was around. I peeked in and announced that we were going to restart the movie. Still no response. I walked inside, only far enough to make sure that the room was empty.

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   I was wrong.
 The door closed behind me, and Alycia jumped out on to my back. Her smooth, tan legs wrapped around my hips, and her wet top pressed against my shirt. We wrestled for a bit, but eventually I peeled her off my back and tossed her on her bed. We laughed and caught our breath.
 "What the hell was that for?"
 "Oh, I just wanted to see how you'd react. "
 "Yeah, well, you got your wet bathing suit all over my back. "
 "Oh, you know you loved it. "
 "Excuse me?" I wasn't surprised, but a little aroused. I tried to regain control of the situation.
 "You heard me," she said. "You. Loved. It. I could feel the way your hands grabbed my thighs.

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  " I blushed a little. Yeah, I'd been a little rough with her.
 "You wanna feel it again?" She tugged on her bottoms, exposing her firm ass. I was definitely getting stiff at this point. "Oh, maybe you want. . . "
 She started with her bikini top, turning around so that her back faced me. She tugged on the string slowly, letting the straps fall seductively to her sides. She held the thin fabric there for a short while, then dropped it. Her tits were every bit as gorgeous as I'd hoped they'd be, and I was slightly ashamed that I was enjoying this as much as I was.
 "C'mon, Mike.
    They won't bite," she moaned, pressing her chest against my shirt. I pulled my shirt off, feeling the heat of her nipples against my chest. She guided me over to her bed, where she'd been setting up for our little encounter.

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       On her nightstand were a jar of vaseline and a tin of altoids. With some difficulty, she managed to pull off my shorts, exposing my rigid boner. She took the jar of vaseline and dipped her fingers in generously. She spread it around her palm before wrapping her fingers around my six incher. It wasn't long before my penis was nice and slippery. She then took my hands and dipped them into the vaseline. She guided them to her breasts, and she helped me massage the jelly into her tits. Once they were slick, she leaned forward and pressed her boobs around my dick. Slowly but surely she pumped up and down, getting a rhythm going. I was in ecstasy, both physically and mentally. It was like a fantasy.
     Unfortunately, she didn't plan on letting me explode on her chest. She let her tits fall down as she leaned back and grabbed the altoids. She took one out of the tin, and after a moment's pause took out two more. She told me to get ready for a wild ride.

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       She popped the mints in her mouth, and tenderly began to swallow my cock. She started with just the head, playing around the rim with her tongue while the mints melted in her mouth, coating my member in a sweet and tingly sensation that was heavenly. She forced more of it down into her throat, and the mint juice began to seep into my urethra. It was stunning, chilling and warm at the same time. She let her hands roam around my lower body, caressing my thighs and massaging my balls. Eventually, I managed to work a hand down to her slippery tits, which were still radiating heat from being fucked earlier. She moaned as I played with her nipples. Soon, I reached the my limit, and I whimpered, "Alycia, I'm coming. "
     She felt my dick grow inside her mouth and pursed her lips. A surge of ecstasy rolled through my body, followed by several others. Alycia gulped it down, getting a little drip out of the corner of her mouth. She proceeded to tease my balls again while she gently milked my penis with her lips. When she was finally done, she smiled and licked some stray drops of spunk from her mouth. I laid back and let out a huge sigh, and she dragged herself on top of me.
     I won't ever badmouth freshman sluts again.

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