A Thursday Night


Now I wasn’t bad looking for 27 years. I had dyed jet black hair at the time. I have green eyes and stand around six-foot-two. I was wearing a black suit with a maroon long-sleeve button-up shirt underneath. I had dress shoes on and black socks. As she approached me just the sight of her luscious body and the movements of her tits made my cock stiffen hard. I was sure she would see it from her angle but I did nothing to hide it. Her eyes focused on my tool as she undressed me in her mind. I could tell from the expression on her face she desired it. ‘Yes Nicole?’ I said attempting to break the silence. ‘. . Yes sir. I am here to discuss the meeting we have in about forty minutes’ she replied softly. I noticed she was wearing a red lipstick, a darker shade. ‘Well you already know what I need you to know Nicole’ I replied knowing that she was more focused upon me now than the meeting.


   Now I am very blunt with my employee’s and that is why they respect me. I always express myself and my position and if needed confront them. Nicole’s silence was beginning to grow on me and her constant gaze at my crotch continued to catch my attention. ‘You know Nicole if you want it all you have to do is ask…’ I said softly as she continued to stare at the bulge in my pants. ‘…Sorry sir…’ she said, catching herself. I offered another smile and continued my work for the day as she exited the office. It was difficult to make it through the rest of the day as my mind constantly drifted back to those shortly lived minutes. I wanted to go home and masturbate. My work was finished and I decided to return home early, order some pizza, pop in a porno and jack-off. It was already 7:30p. m and I usually leave around 8p. m but I am the owner so I decided to take the rest of the day off. I left the forty-story building and moved into the garage to pick up my Toyota MR2-Spider, the most beautiful car in existence. Along the way as I entered Denver I decided to stop by Alec’s home to buy some bud. It took me about twenty minutes to reach his home and about another ten to do my business and leave.

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   It was beginning to rain again heavily. It was a Thursday night and I had just purchased an ounce of really good marijuana. I was driving home from my dealer’s apartment. It had been raining all day and it had not lightened up in the least. Rain pelted my windshield as I drove through the slow crawl of traffic on the freeway. My cock throbbed and my mind raced about events earlier in the morning between me and my secretary. I pulled into the drive-way at my home around 8:28p. m. and noticed another vehicle. It was my cousin’s Mustang. I had heard from my family she was going to be in town sometime this week and offered her my place to stay. I however did not expect her here as of yet and hadn’t cleaned or done anything to make the house ‘presentable’. As I stepped out of my car I noticed the rain had stopped. The soft sounds of dripping water did nothing to ease my mind. I shifted the growing tool in my pants to make it less seeable although it was to vein.

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   I pulled my brief-case from the passenger side and closed the door. I sighed heavily before making my way to the front door. I stepped inside and my eyes widened. My house was not as I had left it. In fact it was the complete opposite: clean. The aroma of a home-cooked meal scented the air. I inhaled deeply savoring the smell. I made my way to the office and opened the door setting my brief-case just inside the door and closed it. I stretched and yawned and made my way to the kitchen to see what was cooking. I paused in my tracks as I entered the dining room. Ashley was standing over the stove stirring what appeared to be Stew. She was wearing a short maroon dress which paused just short of covering her knees. It formed to her body perfectly shaping her beautiful ass and formed nicely around her luscious breasts. Her blonde hair was hung loosely down stopping at her lower-back. She wasn’t wearing any shoes which was alright with me because it exposed more of her sexy legs.

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   ‘Hey Ash’ I said using her nickname; after all, she’d earned it when she was a teen. Her head tilted and her eyes lighted up. I could clearly see her blue eyes and I believed myself dead as I starred into them. ‘Dustin!’ awoke me slightly before being hugged awoke me fully. Almost instantly I felt myself growing hard and I am sure she could feel it. She pressed her body more fully into mine and I groaned in my mind. ‘I’ve missed you so much!’ she said, almost ecstatic. ‘Yeah… I’ve missed you too doll’ I replied, and eagerly hugged her back. She stood around five-foot-nine; about three inches shorter than me. I could smell the perfume she was wearing, a lavender scent. Ashley then pulled away from me offering a large grin and a sweet smile. ‘So how have you been Dustin?’ she asked as she went back to stirring the stew. ‘Doing well actually. I found a triple digit job finally and purchased an ounce. Put the stew on hold and come smoke a bowl with me.

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  ’ I said softly, my eyes drifting to her beautiful breasts once again. ‘Sure!’ she replied, quickly turning off the stove, grabbing my arm, and literally tugging me to the living-room. ‘You have to see this Dustin! I bought it yesterday in Miami, Florida’ she said in a child-like voice; again playing a game. I followed; more eager to smoke a bowl than to see some trinket. Sitting on the sofa as I watched her dig through her bags; I reached under the sofa and pulled out my beautiful water-bong which I had appropriately named Avalon. I loaded the bowl slowly, at moments drifting over to the opening in her dress between her legs. She had taken a seat across from me on the other couch as she shuffled through her bags. After a few moments I passed the bong to Ashley and offered her the lighter and the first hit. She looked at me, as if paused, and took both. I watched as she quickly adjusted her position after realizing I had a clear view of her covered sex. Momentarily I had a clear view of her womanhood. She was wearing a pair of black panties, almost transparent. She pressed her luscious lips to the bong and lit the bowl. I watched as she inhaled and the movement of her tits. Part of me wanted to just brutally fuck her and another part of me said not to.

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   I wasn’t one into incest and in any other case I wouldn’t be thinking like this however the mere thought of her was enough to turn me on. I couldn’t figure it out. A few moments passed and I must have drifted off into my own thoughts because I was yelled at twice to take my hit. I accepted the hit and took it, still looking at her. ‘I’ve had enough. That shit is strong Dustin’ she said grinning and making her way back to the kitchen. I had a nice buzz going and decided to go take a shower and jack-off. I placed the bong and bag of bud under the sofa and made my way into the kitchen to tell her to wait on eating for me as I wouldn’t be long. She agreed and I could tell by the expression on her face she had something on her mind. I made my way to the master bedroom and closed the door. I proceeded to strip and make my way to the shower. Entering the bathroom I turned the water in the show on and waited for it to warm to my liking. I stepped into it and slowly began bathing. It took me about 5 minutes to bathe and for some reason I had the urge not to jack-off quite yet. I wanted to wait for Ashley to go to bed so I could watch some porn first.

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   I dried off and slowly made my way out of the bathroom nude to find something to wear. To my surprise Ashley was laying on my bed in only her bra and panties, looking at me. The bra she was wearing was nearly see-through as well as her panties. You could barely see her womanhood but her nipples were quite apparent to be hard. ‘. . Ashley… What the hell…’ I said in more confusion than anything else. ‘I saw you staring at me as I went through my bags Dustin. I’ve wanted to do something for quite some time and decided tonight is the best time. ’ She replied in a sensual voice. ‘Oh is that for me then?’ she asked softly, looking at my growing penis. For a few moments a fight raged on in my head. The sensible side lost the battle and desire overcame my will. I crawled onto the bed with her and instantly she pinned me to the bed. She was quite strong actually.

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   Her left hand slowly snuck down my stomach and wrapped around my cock. It had grown to a full 8 inches in length. Ashley began to move her hand up and down giving me a hand-job. I groaned softly but was soon cut off as she pressed her lips to mine. We kissed passionately, our tongues dancing and fencing with one-another. She broke our kiss and looked deeply into my eyes. We traded thoughts for a moment, both lost in both desire and lust. She sat up on my lap and slowly removed her bra. As she tossed it to the ground her breasts were exposed. They shaped her body perfectly. They looked to be a B-Cup. My hands moved up to her breasts and rubbed them gently. I offered a slight squeeze and began to roll her hard nipples between my fingers. She moaned softly before sliding off of me and pulling her panties off. As she stood on the floor, I had a clear view of her.

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   She was shaved bare and I could already see her swollen cunt-lips. ‘Sit up’ she demanded and I did, sitting on the edge of the bed. She almost instantly fell to her knees and took my cock in both hands. I offered a slight moan and braced myself. She gently licked the cock-head and then took it into her mouth. Now from earlier talk, I noticed she had a tongue ring. I had questioned how that would feel and now I would know. As her tongue danced around the head of my cock, I moaned a little more. She then took it all the way down her throat. I moaned again as her tongue did wicked movements upon my dick. I rested my right hand on her head and gently ran my fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down. Ashley pulled away from my member for only a few moments to jack it off before returning to devouring my cock. She seemed to be an expert at cock-sucking because within a minute I was already close to an orgasm. ‘Ashley… I am… I’m going to cum…’ I moaned softly. This did not deter her from the task at hand and she proceeded to milk my cock with her talented tongue and mouth.

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   I came moments later sending my seed down her throat, groaning.
    She swallowed every last drop and pulled away from my twitching cock, licking it clean. I reached down pulling her back onto the bed and onto her back. I pressed my lips to hers kissing her. As our tongues traded, I could taste myself. I broke away from the kiss to bite softly at her neck and work my way down to her tits. I took the right one between my teeth, gently biting the nipple and pulling upon it. Ashley moaned as I slowly traced my tongue around it, sucking at it. My left hand moved down and easily parted her willing legs. I rubbed her inner-thighs for a few moments before letting my hand caress her womanhood. She was so hot and wet it was unbelievable. I broke away from her tit and moved down, kissing her perfect stomach and licking around her naval. I then went the final step down and breathed in her scent. It was intoxicating. I slowly extended my tongue and ran it across her slit.


       She groaned and pushed her pussy back towards my face. My hands slid under her ass, slowly squeezing her cheeks and spreading them. I licked her pussy once more, allowing my tongue to penetrate her once. It slid effortlessly in and her juices flowed into my mouth. I began sucking at her clit, biting it gently. I used my tongue for added friction. Ashley moaned loudly as her hands moved onto my head pushing me deeper into her. I brought my right hand up and traced my fingers along her slit as I continued to stimulate her clit. I slid two fingers into her easily. She was tighter than most women I have slept with and I knew I would truly enjoy the rest of the night. As I slowly moved them back and fourth I continued to lap at her flowing juices. Her juices were beginning to flow more and by the moans she was making I could tell she was too nearing climax. I slid a third finger into her and continued to finger-fuck her honey-hole. Ashley groaned again, screaming she was going to cum. I sucked eagerly at her cunt and pulled my fingers from her.


       I reached behind her and slid one of the lubricated fingers into her ass. She came flooding my face with her juices. I sucked hungrily at them, swallowing as much as I could. I continued for about a minute after her climax subsided and slid up once again pressing my lips to hers. We kissed once again, our tongues trading flavors. As we kissed she reached down with her left hand and wrapped it around my prick. Delicately she moved her hand up and down until I was fully hard again. She then rolled onto me breaking the kiss, kneeled on her knees above me. She held my prick in place as she slid down on it. We both moaned together. ‘Yes. Fuck me you sexy little whore’ I whispered as she began to slide up and down my rod. I rested my hands on her hips as she rode me. ‘Oh god you’re so tight Ashley. .

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      . ’ I moaned softly pulling her down. Her breasts rested against my chest as I kissed her. She continued to move her hips up and down. I wanted more and I rolled her onto her back. I looked deeply into her eyes and pulled her legs up onto my shoulders. ‘Yes… Fuck me like the little slut I am. . . ’ she whispered. I was going to give her what she wanted and I began to pump back and fourth. I groaned with each thrust, each being harder than the last. With each thrust, Ashley would groan. ‘Harder Dustin! Harder! Oh GOD!’ she yelled. I felt her pussy spasm and clamp down up my prick and I knew she was cuming.

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       I continued for a few more moments before pulling out of her and standing on the edge of the bed. I reached down pulling her to the edge of the bed and turning her onto her stomach. ‘I’m going to fuck your ass Ashley. You are a little tramp and I am going to treat you like one. ’ I said with a firm voice. I positioned myself to enter her ass and slid in slowly. She was so tight I just waited for a few moments enjoying the sensation. Suddenly Ashley thrust her ass back against my prick, reaming herself. I moaned as she did. ‘I’ll fuck your tight ass and then I am going to cum all over those pretty little tits and that pretty little face of yours bitch’ I said as I impaled her again with my rod. ‘I don’t think you’re man enough boy!’ she said. I quickly shut her up by ramming her again, moaning. I slowly picked up momentum and within moments was moving in and out of her tight ass. Ashley was moaning with each thrust I made. I reached out and pulled her long hair towards me.

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       She responded by lifting herself backwards. Her back pressed against my chest as I continued to ream her tight ass. My hands moved to her breasts squeezing them softly. She moaned again and squeezed my cock with her ass. I quickly slid out of her and pushed her to her knees on the floor. Moving up in front of her I proceeded to jack my rod. Within moments I sent a spray of cum across her face and across her tits. My cum rolled down her left breast and circled the nipple. She placed her lips around my cock and proceeded to drain my balls. After a few moments and after cleaning me up I lifted her back onto the bed, kissing her. I could taste myself once again in her mouth as I pressed her cum covered tits to my chest. I pulled away laying next to her, looking at her. We were both breathing heavily and covered in sweat. ‘So Ashley… When do you have to go home?’ I asked, looking at her. She sat up and wipe the cum off her face with her fingers.

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       She licked them clean and then looked at me. ‘I can stay for about a week Dustin’ she replied in a seductive voice. I offered a smile and thought about the days to come. ‘Maybe tomorrow I can show you the Genie outfit I brought with me’ she whispered into my ear before snuggling up close to me. I covered us with my sheets and blanket and we fell asleep almost instantly, exhausted. .
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