Aaron's Aunt Sue


Aaron kicked his tire in his frustration. Damn! Only four more days before the new semester started and his car has to decide to die seven hours from home. The mechanic said he could get it running again, but had to order a part, which wouldn't be there until later the next day. He had enough money for a bus ticket home, but then he wouldn't have enough to pay for the repairs then. Sure, he could ask his old man for a loan, but damn, he'd have to listen to his lecture about spending without a thought to saving for just such emergencies. Oh well, he also didn't have the money for a motel room, so he guessed he'd have to bite the bullet and call home. The phone rang about ten times and Aaron was just about to give up when he heard his sister Allison's voice say "Hello. " Aaron explained his dilemma and asked when their dad would be home. "Sorry Aaron, but he and mom are gone until late Sunday night. But hey, you say your in Modest? What about Aunt Sue? She lives there. Why don't you call her? I bet she'll put you up until your car is fixed. " Aaron copied down the number Allison gave him and said he'd see her as soon as he had his car up and running. Then he dialed his Aunt Sue's number. The phone was answered on the second ring. "Hello" a soft, feminine voice answered. "Aunt Sue, this is Aaron.

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  ""Aaron! Well my goodness, how are you. Is everything OK with your family? No one is ill, are they?" Aaron couldn't blame the sound of panic in her voice. He'd never voluntarily called her before. He reassured her that every one was fine then explained his problem. Aunt Sue asked for his location and told him she's be there in ten minutes. She told him to look for a black Mercedes that need a paint job. Sure enough, ten minutes later an older black Mercedes badly in need of a paint job pulled up in front of the garage, an older woman with graying auburn hair leaning out of the driver's window and asking "Aaron?" "Hi Aunt Sue, thanks for agreeing to put me up for the night. " Aaron climbed into the passenger front seat, then leaned over to kiss his Aunt Sue's cheek in greeting. During the drive to his aunt's house, Aaron answered a few questions from her about the family. "And is my brother still the same old pontificating stuffed shirt he's been all his life. " Aaron laughed, but didn't answer the question. He found himself studying the woman next to him. He knew she was his father's sister, older than his father by three years, and had been widowed for ten years. She had a daughter and son, both married and living in other towns in the state. She was an average height, and Aaron knew she had always been a heavy woman.

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   He could recall one argument, from when he was about thirteen years old, between his Aunt and his father about her weight. His father accused her of having no self-control or self-esteem to let her weight get so out of hand. Aaron realized that was the last time his Aunt had visited his family, keeping in touch by phone, and cards for birthdays and holidays. Aunt Sue showed him to her guest room, make himself at home and told him she's be out in the kitchen fixing them a lunch. After washing up and stowing his things in the closet, Aaron found his way to the kitchen and sat down, as instructed, at the table while his Aunt fixed thick sliced ham sandwiches and taking potato salad from the refrigerator. Aaron watched her casually as she busied herself getting their lunch ready. She was dressed in gray slacks and a gray knit sweater that showed off lush curves. Her waste was full, her stomach round, and, as she bent over to reach for mustard in the refrigerator, he admired the wide flair of her buttocks. "Whoa, wait a minute here!" Aaron thought to himself. This was his Aunt, his father's older sister, and a big woman. How the hell could he be getting turned on? But the truth was, he was getting turned on, as his suddenly aroused cock was demonstrating. Maybe it was just fatigue; what ever it was, he forced himself to make small conversation with his Aunt as they ate their lunch, then excused himself, saying he was tired and would like to take a nap. Aaron lay on the king-sized bed after stripping off his clothes and tried to erase the stray thoughts of his Aunt's queen-sized body from his mind, but he found his body reacting once more and began stroking his cock as he wondered what she would look like without her clothing. He wondered what it would feel like to thrust his nine inch cock into her fifty year old pussy. His stroke became faster and harder.

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   His eyes closed as he allowed his imagination to run wild. He was so engrossed that he failed to hear the light tap on his bedroom door or see as the door opened and his Aunt Sue walked into the room. He missed the embarrassed flush on her face, suddenly replaced by hot lust as she watched quietly as he worked his hand up and down on his burgeoning penis, marveling at its length and girth. Just then Aaron opened his eyes and saw her standing there, the source of his sexual hunger. "Aunt Sue" he moaned. She heard the raw, naked hunger in his voice, the pleading in his eyes and felt herself moving towards the bed, her eyes never leaving his hand as it continued to stroke his cock. Arriving at the bed she sank down on it next to him, bent down and took his cock into her own hand, pushing his off his manhood as she did so. She watched her hand as it stroked the length of his cock, watching as his foreskin covered the smooth penis tip as she stroked up and the uncovered it as she stroked down. She licked her lips as she contemplated the first uncut cock she had seen. She lowered her head to his penis and took it into her mouth. She stretched her mouth wide to accommodate the width of his member, taking the first four inches into her mouth, bobbing up and down on the shaft, flicking her tongue along the head as she did so. Aaron thrust his hips up to meet the downward movement of her mouth; his hands clenching and unclenching as he enjoyed the sensations he was feeling. The mounting tension in his body forced moans of pleasure from him as Aunt Sue's other hand wrapped around the sac beneath his penis, squeezing it, then stroking a finger from the sac to what her husband called his "tain't", that area between his cock and his asshole, massaging it with her fingertip. She was working more and more of his cock into her mouth as she continued sucking and licking, her mouth making slurping noises as she savored his texture and taste as the first drops of precum leaked onto her tongue. She worked her mouth and hand harder as she prepared to take his ejaculation into her mouth, ready to swallow all of it.

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   Aaron felt his orgasm nearing; tension building throughout his body; pleasure burning through him as suddenly he thrust hard into his Aunt's mouth pouring his cum into her eager mouth as the first spurt leaped from his engorged penis. She swallowed quickly knowing he was not finished. Aaron tensed again and shot another load into his Aunt's mouth. Aaron laid back on the bed, his breath panting, his mind still beyond rational thought as he basked in the lingering experience of his Aunt's blowjob. Aunt Sue was laying on her back, next to him, one hand still wrapped around his cock. Aaron struggled to come up with something to say, but when his mind failed to come up with anything, he simply leaned over and kissed her on her lips. She opened her mouth to his probing tongue, allowing it to tickle the roof of her mouth, stroke over her tongue, inviting it to search and duel with his own tongue. Aunt Sue was still dressed as she had been earlier that day and Aaron ran a hand under sweater, seeking the fullness of her breasts, still encased in her bra. He kneaded one breast through the cotton of her bra, feeling the nipple tighten into a hard pebble as he tweaked it between his thumb and index finger. Unsatisfied, he pulled the front of her sweater up and over her head, freeing her bra-clad breast to his gaze and leaving her arms still imprisoned in the sweater's sleeves. The bra hooked in the back so Aaron impatiently pushed the bra cups up and off of the breasts without removing the bra. Her breast were huge and her aureoles were as round as a silver dollar, nipples long and extended in passion. Aaron squeezed them together and buried his face in them, sucking and licking first one, then the other. As he sucked he could feel his cock responding, growing and hardening again. He straddled his Aunts rotund torso and began to fuck his cock between his Aunt's fat, full breasts, sweat breaking out over his body as he felt an other orgasm building.

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   He fucked faster and moaned in pleasure as a great gob of cum shot from his cock, first one then another, hitting his Aunt on her chin and some splattering on her mouth and nose as he continued to pound his cock between the titty-made pussy. His spent body collapsed atop of her quivering body; he lay there regaining normal breathing, basking in the pleasure he had just experienced. Finally he rolled off of Aunt Sue's body. He felt her struggle to sit up and heard her voice as if from far way ask him to help her out of her sweater. Sitting up slowly he watched as she squirmed, trying to free herself from her sweater. Aaron helped her take it off and unhooked her bra in the back while he was at it. He watched as Aunt Sue stood and unzipped her slacks, pulling them off and standing before him in her white cotton panties. Her breasts sagged down, age and gravity pulling down the biggest breasts he'd ever seen. He felt his cock stir with interest again. "Take them off," he said, indicating her panties. Aunt Sue complied, then stood there in all of her naked glory, allowing him to take in all of her, from her tousled gray-streaked auburn hair, her splendid breasts, her round, full belly that over-hung her gray/auburn hair covered labia. "Turn around for me," he commanded in a husky voice. She slowly turned, and he caught his breath as he was awarded his first sight of her unclothed ass; wide, sagging some in the seat, but beautiful to his eyes. His cock sprung to complete life again, all nine inches raising from his groin as he savored the site of her beautiful big body. He reached for her, pulling her back onto the bed, cuddling up to her wonderful womanly body, fitting his into the welcoming folds and valleys of hers, smelling the musky scent of her perfume co-mingled with her perspiration and his male scent.

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   His hands stroked over her lush curves, loving the feel of her warm, satiny skin under his fingertips. Aunt Sue responded to his touch, murmuring her pleasure as he skimmed the palms of his hand over her belly as his other hand worked its way slowly up her leg, smoothing its way across a thigh to the apex of her sex, gently combing through the thick curls there. He heard her moan, her shaky voice asking him to touch her, to give her the relief she need,A single finger parted her, circling over the nubbin of her pleasure. Another finger entered her, stroking deep, in and out, drawing up her moisture, spreading it over her clitoris, intensifying the sensations for her. Aaron could feel her response to his fingers, could tell she was close to her release so quickly positioned himself between her thighs, raised her legs high and spread them wide as he thrust into her. She was tighter than he had expected, and he wondered if she had taken any lovers after her husband had died. It took several long hard strokes, but he finally had every inch of himself buried deep in her moist, hot, quivering pussy. He could feel her muscles clamping down on his cock as he stroked in and out of her. Suddenly she shuddered, her body strained upwards, her eyes closed and a loud moan escaped her, her body accepting the thunderous climax that raced through her. Moments later Aaron exploded in his own orgasm. Aunt and nephew lay together, clasped in each other's arms.
    Neither said a word for a very long time, each content to bask in the after glow of their forbidden sexual encounter. Finally, Aunt Sue spoke. "Well Aaron, I guess you don't hold your Father's views on women of size. " Her eyes sparkled, her voice was low and seductive as she tracked a long fingernail across his chest and lightly grazed a male nipple.

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      Aaron had never thought about a woman's size when it came to attraction, at least not consciously. But now that he thought of it, the girls his friends chased after had never really appealed to him. The girls he dated were a bit fuller figured, but not really heavy. Yet he could never remember being more turned on than he was right this minute. He could feel his cock again quickening with interest as he thought of his Aunt's big round ass. He had laid awake many a night wondering what it would be like to force his long thick cock into a woman's tight asshole, stroking in and out, feeling the tight muscles squeezing his cock. Aaron shifted his body until he was positioned with his head between Aunt Sue's heavy thighs. He spread her neither-lips with his fingers and buried his face in her, enjoying the musky scent of her womanhood, still coated with his cum. He sucked at her pussy, licking his tongue in and out for several moments before his tongue traced its way to her clit. He licked it, circling around it before sucking it into his mouth. He could her his Aunt's moans of pleasure, feel her body's reactions to his mouth's play. As she writhed in pleasure, he could tell that she was getting close to her orgasm, so he backed off a little, sucking and licking her pussy, only occasionally running his tongue over her clit. He inserted a finger and began fucking it in and out of her, enjoying the pleading from her as she begged him for her sexual release. "Not yet," he told himself. He wanted her wild and desperate, ready to do anything for her release.

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      She was wet, oh so wet and he loved the taste of her juices on his tongue, but now he wanted something else from her. Still fucking two fingers in and out of her dripping snatch, he positioned himself on his knees between her legs. Removing his fingers, he raised her legs high and spread them in a deep "V" shape and plunged his cock into her. He moved slowly, inching into her until he was buried completely, then stilling, holding himself there as she clenched around him, urging him to fuck her, to give her what she needed. But Aaron was not ready yet. He pulled out slowly, then slammed into her again, quickening his pace until he knew she was almost ready to explode, then he stopped his strokes, hearing her whimper in protest. His cock was slick and shiny with her juices. He pulled her legs up higher, raising her wide hips and ass off of the mattress, exposing her brown asshole. He pulled his cock out of her quivering pussy and positioned the glistening tip at her asshole. Aunt Sue realized his intention and tried to struggle away from him, protesting that she didn't want that; telling him she needed to have him inside her pussy, drilling it with his huge cock until she could explode. But Aaron's mind was on just one thing, burying himself in her ass, feeling his cock push into her. He pushed slowly but steadily as he got past her tight opening and could feel the resistance of the tight ring. Aunt Sue was whimpering in pain as he forced his way past the last resistance to his plundering cock. Once inside he stopped, allowing her body to get used to his massive cock before he slowly began moving in and out of her, working more and more of his cock into her tight ass. Her whimpers had changed now, from cries of pain and protest, to moans of pleasure and encouragement.

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       Aaron draped one of her legs over his shoulder, freeing his hand to again pleasure her went cunt, two fingers fucking in and out of her in rhythm to his cock moving in and out of her ass. His thumb rubbed her swollen clit. Placing her other leg over his shoulder for support, he leaned into her, grabbing a nipple and pulling on it, rolling its bud between his fingers. Her cries grew more frantic and she began calling out "God, I'm coming! Don't stop, please don't stop!" Aaron had no intention of stopping this time as his body too was nearing its own climax. Aunt Sue convulsed around his hand, her ass tightening on his cock, forcing his own explosive climax as he ejaculated deep into her ass, pulling and pinching her nipple, making her call out even more as her body rocked in pleasure. Aaron pumped into her until the last of his cum had emptied. Then he pulled out, watching as his fluids began dripping out of her. His fingers stilled on her clit once he was sure she was through the last spasms of her own orgasm. They laid together, not speaking, just basking in the afterglow of their session of passion. Finally, Aunt Sue faced him, her fleshy hand laid across his chest. "So, when did you say you had to be home?" Aaron chuckled. "School starts in three days. But I don't have to be home until the night before. I guess I'll just have to call the folks and tell them it's going to take a little longer to fix my car. ""While you're at it, you might tell them I am planning a visit, soon.


       It's time I made peace with my brother. " She kissed him passionately, with the unspoken promise that making peace with Aaron's father was not going to be the only reason for her visit. And they still had a few days here to explore their new Aunt and Nephew relationship. .
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