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This is a true story about my mom and me. I am 18 years old now, but I was 16 at the time of the story. My mom was 38 at the time. She is 5’2" 135lbs curly red hair with 36c breasts. I am 6’0" 240lbs very strong and athletic. I am an all-conference football and baseball player. I have an average size cock, about 61/2" not that wide, but I really know how to use it. My family consists of my mom and dad and my sister. My dad is always doing something so he isn’t around a lot. This story is completely true so I hope you enjoy.
My name is Steve and I was 16 when this took place. I ran inside my house after an incredible baseball game. I hit the game winning home run to send my high school team into the playoffs. I saw my mom in the kitchen washing the dishes when I ran in and told her the story. She jumped into my arms and went to give me a kiss on the cheek when I turned and slipped her the tongue. I really didn’t mean to do it, but I was so happy I couldn’t control it.

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   The weird thing was that she kissed back. We stopped and looked at each other in a weird way. I left the room as fast as I could. I went up to my room and slammed my red face into my pillow. I was so embarrassed. I never thought about my mom in the way that I did that day. After thinking about it I called myself a weirdo and that it was sick to think that way about my mom. After even more thought I figured that if I jerked off I wouldn’t think about it anymore. That effort was futile. Every girl’s picture I saw on the Internet turned into my mom. I thought to myself and said my mom was too pure of a person to do anything like that. I finally got the thought of my mind and took a nap. My mom and me were alone for the entire weekend because my dad and my sister were in California, so there was no way of avoiding my mom. I cleared my mind and started to take a nap. I was just about asleep when my mom came into my room.

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   I didn’t wake up at first, but when I did my mom had her hand up my boxers on my cock. I pulled away at first, but when my mom continued to stroke I let her go ahead and do what she wanted to do. Since I was already masturbating earlier it didn’t take me long to cum. My mom was just about to put her lips on my cock when I exploded all over her face. After apologizing a million times she wiped the cum off her cheek and licked her fingers and swallowed my cum. Seeing that made me soo hard again. She started to suck my cock to clean it off. After swallowing the cum that was on my cock she turned around and put her pussy in my mouth. I was reluctant at first but then I couldn’t resist, I went at her pussy like a wild animal. Within seconds my mom was cumming. The scariest thing that happened was that my mom’s pussy squirted on my face. At first I thought it was piss, but after tasting it I realized that it cum. It had a very sweet taste to it. We simultaneously cummed in each other’s mouths. She rolled off my chest and laid down next to me.

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   We talked for a little bit. She told me that when I kissed her her pussy got wetter than it has ever been. She told me that she never came that good in her entire life. I would like to think that I was that good that she cummed soo much but I think it was the situation.
Saturday started out like any other Saturday, I got up took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. It was very different when I went downstairs. I went into the kitchen where my mom was cooking dinner. After looking closer I saw that my mom was wearing anything except for a very short skirt. I got hard instantly. Her pussy was sticking out and glistening. I walked up behind her and jammed my hard cock into her pussy. Her pussy was soo wet and warm. She screamed until she realized that it was me behind her. She made a slight moaning noise and slammed her pussy as hard as she could on my cock. The blow knocked me backwards and out of her pussy.

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   After that most of the day went my with no sexual activity. At about 2:00 p. m. she had to make a conference call to her work. She sat down at her desk with no pants or underwear on. She had her suit top on, but nothing on the bottom. Before she sat down I hide under her desk until she sat down. She didn’t notice me until she kneed me. She couldn’t do anything about it except for let me stay there because she was on her video conference call and if she got up they would have noticed that she wasn’t wearing any pants. I started fingering her pussy, by the end of her video conference call I had 4 fingers in her pussy and she had cummed on my hand and on the chair about 3 times. As soon as she turned off the computer she pulled me out from underneath her desk and started to yell at me. I felt very bad about what I did. I was sitting on the back porch on the 3-seater swing. I started to think about what I did and at first I felt bad but then I started to get hard. She came outside and saw me on the swing.

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   She looked at my cock and said, "Damn do you ever not have a boner. " I responded as quick as I could, "I don’t have one when I’m not with you. " She started to blush. It was a beautiful summer night in Chicago. All of our neighbors were outside, but I had a blanket over me so my mom got under the blanket and started to stroke my cock. I was soo hard. My mom got all the way under the blanket and got on top of my lap. It seemed like my mom was always wet. She sat on my cock and moaned very loud. Suprisingly the neighbors did not hear. She rode my cock soo hard until I came in her pussy. She wasn’t mad that I cummed in her pussy because she could not have anymore kids after she gave birth to me and my sister. She got off my cock and walked back into the house dripping cum all over the porch. My mom went and took a bath until about 1:00 in the morning.
She got out of the tub and went into her room.

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   My mom moisturizes her pussy so I could hear her putting lotion on her pussy moaning. I knew she wasn’t masturbating because I have heard her do this before. Despite my lack of sleep I went into my mom’s room and grabbed the lotion and started to rub her back. I used my entire body to massage her. I spent a lot of time massaging her pussy and butthole. I made sure I used a lot of lotion on her pussy and ass. I tried to scoot up on her back, but my cock accidentally slide into her asshole. I pulled out immediately, but she grabbed my cock and slammed it back into her asshole. She screamed "fuck my asshole you little pervert, fuck it hard. " I did what I was told. As I was fucking her in the ass I grabbed the camera and started to take pictures with our digital camera. I took at least 30 pictures of me fucking her in her pussy and ass. One last thrust into her asshole I cummed very deep in her ass. I pulled out of her asshole and laid down next to her. We kissed and masturbated each other until we feel asleep.

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   I got up at about noon and cleaned up and tip toed into my room. We cleaned up all the evidence and went to sleep. My dad and my sister got home around 1:00 which was close to when my mom and me were done. We finished the day normally, except for the fact that when I kiss my mom I always get tongue.
On Wednesday my sister used the camera to take some pictures of our dog. When she looked at the pictures she found the pictures that mom and me made. After confronting me she decided to blackmail me. She gave her demands…. To be continued.
My continued story is called Blackmailed by my sis, so check it out if you are interested in bestiality, toys, etc… Remember all my stories are true so if you don’t like true stories or are offended by things that aren’t normal my stories aren’t for you.
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