Accidental Incest


When the phone rang, Kathy was looking down the street from her living room window, at the teenaged boys carrying beer into her neighbor's house. "Is Jeff home?" "No," said Kathy. "Is this Randy?" "Yea," said the voice on the phone. "Randy, I thought Jeff was with you. " "No, he said he was going to Kurt's house. " After Kathy hung up the phone, she thought, "Jeff is going to Kurt's house! Kurt's house is the one down the street that the beer went into! My teen-aged son is going to a party with drinking!" She looked down the street at the line of cars in front of Kurt's house. The party had been going on for hours now. Kathy started to fume. Not only did she not approve of her son drinking, she didn't even like him associating with Kurt and his friends. Kurt grew up on this street, and he was always a snotty smart-alec kid. He never behaved when he came over, he just talked back. Kurt grew up with that same insolent little sneer as his dad, a spoiled upper- middle-class kid. She remembered the humiliating time a few years ago when Kurt was over playing with Jeff, and she was undressing in her bedroom, and he just opened the door and leered at her in just her panties, staring at her naked cone-shaped breasts. She remembered how angry she was, and yet perplexed at finding that her panties were wet. Kurt's friend Mike, who lived behind Kathy's house, was just as bad. He was a big bully, loud and arrogant, just like his father.

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   Only last year, Mike was in the back yard with some friends when Kathy was pulling weeds, and as she bent over, Mike groaned and made some comment in front of his friends. She went inside in disgust, but again was surprised to find that her panties were soaked. Kathy wished her husband wasn't out of town on business. He's gone so much! And now she will have to handle this alone. Kathy decided to go get Jeff. She stepped into some shoes, and stopped in front of a mirror to brush her shoulder-length blonde hair. She looked at herself sideways in the mirror, in a light blue tank top and beige denim shorts over her still- trim 5' 4" frame. Her breasts weren't large, but they jutted out nicely. Her legs still looked good and her stomach was pretty flat for a forty-one year old woman. She walked deliberately down the street, and knocked on Kurt's door. A teen-aged boy she recognized but didn't know by name opened the door. He had a plastic cup of beer in his hand, and his eyes were slits. Kathy stepped in and asked, "Is Jeff here?" The boy just shrugged. Kathy looked down the hall that led to the family room. The hallway was filled with loud, drunk teen boys.

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   She recognized many of them from Jeff's school. Not seeing Jeff, she began working her way down the narrow hall, having to press her fanny and her boobs against the boys. Some of them said "hi," other just smiled. Several hands brushed against her body. The family room was filled with more boys, but she didn't see Jeff. She noticed Mike standing next to her, and she asked where Jeff was. "I haven't seen him," he said. Kathy didn't believe him. She stood in the doorway getting jostled by boys for a while, and then moved back down the hallway. As she inched her way down the crowded hall, she felt a hand on her butt. She couldn't tell whose hand it was, but as she pushed onward, she felt other hands on her body. Some kid said, "Hey, honey, don't leave yet!" Kathy could barely move as she pushed through the gauntlet. Another hand squeezed her butt, one was on her thigh, and another grabbed her crotch. When someone blatantly grabbed her breast over her bra, Kathy finally said, "Stop it!" A hand was reaching under her shorts, working under her panties and touching her bare butt. Another hand reached into her tank top, and Kathy squealed as it forced its way into her bra and touched her bare breast.

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   More hands were pulling the shoulders of her tank top down, and one was trying to unsnap her shorts. Soon her top was pulled down below her bra, along with her bra straps, and her small white breasts and pink-brown nipples jiggled out. Kathy cried out, but her voice could barely be heard above the party noise. Kathy looked up to see Kurt standing in front of her. He was still slightly shorter than her, and still had that dirty smirk. "Hi, Kathy," he said, disrespectfully calling her by her first name. "Jeff's not here, but you can stay. " Mike was now behind Kathy. He pressed up against her, reached around with both hands, and grabbed her exposed breasts. "Hey, Kurt!" he called. "Her tits look just the way you described them. " "Yea that's the way I remember them. " So Kurt bragged to the boys about seeing her topless! Kathy was dragged back into the family room. She looked down to see that her shorts were unzipped and her white panties were exposed. As someone pulled the shorts down, she glimpsed a wet stain at her crotch.

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   Her shorts and panties were pulled off of her, and her top and bra were yanked off. Standing naked, she was being felt up by countless hands of the loud, boisterous drunken boys. Her tan legs and arms contrasted to her white torso. Her thick dishwater blonde bush had a hand on it that was trying to work a finger into her. As it slid in, Kathy realized that the finger belonged to Kurt. She also realized that she was very wet. "Hey, the horny bitch is soaking wet!" Kurt announced, and others laughed. Kurt grabbed her hair, planted a kiss on her lips, and forced his tongue into her. With fingers tweaking her hard nipples and Kurt's finger in her vagina, Kathy felt herself close to orgasm. She started squirming, moaned between Kurt's lips, wrapped her legs around Kurt's hand and shook uncontrollably. "Shit, she's having an orgasm!" Kurt yelled, and the others howled and laughed at Kathy. Kathy fell weakly back onto a couch, sitting next to Mike. Mike unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard dick, grabbed Kathy by the hair, and said, "Suck it, Kathy. " Kathy tried to resist, but eventually pressed her lips against his penis head. Mike thrust up, and his dick slid between Kathy's lips.

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   Kathy meekly sucked on Mike's dick as he fondled her breast. Kathy felt someone spreading her legs and looked down to see Kurt move his head between her legs and start to lick her pussy. Kathy tried to protest, but as Kurt's tongue touched her clit, she squealed and spread her legs wide. Kurt continued licking as Kathy felt herself getting close to another orgasm. She wrapped her thighs around Kurt's head, thrust her hips forward, and shuddered and shook. Someone else said, "Hey, look, she's cumming again!" Mike slid his dick out of Kathy's mouth, knelt between her legs, and worked his dick into her wet pussy as she sat back on the couch. Mike pumped quickly in her as several boys felt her tits. One boy leaned over and sucked on her nipple. Kathy squealed and cried out as she again was close to orgasm. Mike came first, and as he pulled out, Kathy cried out, "No, don't stop!" A lean, muscular boy sat on the couch and made Kathy kneel in front of him and suck his dick. Someone else knelt behind her and slid his dick into her. The boys watched Kathy's ass quiver as the teen pounded into her pussy doggie style. Various hands felt her hanging breasts. As soon as he came, another boy took his place. Soon the dick that she was sucking exploded, and as she pulled her head back it shot cum onto her face.

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Jeff walked into Kurt's house. He said "hi" to a few guys in the hallway that he recognized. Jeff had been at another party, and worked his way over to Kurt's late. Most of the boys were very drunk, almost in a stupor. Word quietly spread that Jeff was here. Kathy was in a dark corner of the family room, where Kurt sat on a chair getting a blowjob from her, as another boy fucked her from behind. Some boys slithered away fearing trouble, but many boys suppressed giggles, wanting to watch the reaction of Jeff seeing his mom getting fucked. Mike grabbed a blanket from the couch and covered Kathy's head and back with it. Jeff immediately noticed the sex action in the corner of the dark room. He grabbed a beer, and studied the scene. The teens were pretty quiet now, most of them having been fucked or sucked by Kathy once or twice. A stereo was playing at a medium volume. Jeff quietly asked someone who the girl was. He just smirked and said, "Just some older bitch. She'll fuck anybody.

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   Get in line and you can be next. " Jeff couldn't see much of the woman with the blanket over her. She didn't look like a teenager, but he got a hard-on looking at her bare ass shaking as a classmate of his banged into her. Jeff was a virgin, and not proud of it. He was desperate to lose his virginity, but wondered if he would have the courage to fuck some slut in a roomful of other guys. He gulped down his beer, and moved closer to the action. The guy fucking her from behind finished and pulled out. He could see her hairy bush between her legs. When nobody else immediately jumped on her, Jeff walked over behind his mom. He pulled down his pants and his underwear to his ankles, and his hard dick sprang out. He believed that his dick was pretty big, so he wasn't embarrassed about exposing it to others. He knelt behind Kathy, aimed his dick at her pussy, and slowly worked it into her. He slid into her warm slippery twat and started to pump. "God!" he thought, "This feels great!" He started pumping slowly as he got the hang of it. He grabbed her hips and thrust hard.

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   He looked up at Kurt, who was still getting blown by Kathy. Kurt had a big grin on his face. Jeff reached under Kathy and fondled her hanging breasts. A crowd was gathering around them, some were suppressing laughs, but Jeff wasn't paying attention to them. Kathy's mouth and jaw were sore from sucking so many cocks, but she had had more orgasms in one night than she'd gotten in the last year from her husband. Her original feelings of fear, humiliation, anger, and eroticism were still present, but mostly she was numb and in denial about her situation. Now she felt another cock pumping into her. This one felt bigger than the others. And the hands massaging her breasts were more gentle than most. She started getting close to another orgasm. She wondered which boy this was, but she couldn't look back because she was blowing Kurt. Kurt exploded into her mouth. At last she was able to swallow it down without choking or having some dribble out. Kurt stood up and walked away. Jeff, enjoying his first-ever fuck, pumped harder and faster.

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   He knew he was going to cum soon. Kathy moaned, "Don't stop, I'm cumming. " Kathy turned to see the boy fucking her, and the blanket fell off of her as she turned. As she looked back, Jeff, near orgasm, locked eyes with her. Kathy gasped loudly and yelled, "Jeff!" Jeff only half registered that the woman under him was his mom. "Mom?" he said, but kept pumping hard. Kathy was also cumming now. As she shuddered she cried, "Jeff, Nooo!" Jeff didn't react. He kept thrusting until he finally shot his load in his mother's pussy. As Jeff finished, the reality of the situation finally hit. "MOM! What??" The boys in the room burst out with loud laughter as Jeff pulled his dick out of his mom. Jeff stood up, his cock still sticking straight out. Kathy also stood up, and Jeff stared at her naked body for the first time. Kathy, embarrassed and in shock, looked at her bottomless and erect son for the first time since he hit puberty, and said, "Jeff, what were you doing?" Jeff pulled up his pants and replied, "I didn't know it was you! What are you doing here?" Kathy stammered, "They made me! Help me find my clothes!" Kathy walked around the room naked looking for her clothes. She found her shorts near the couch, and one of the boys threw her top to her.


   With no sight of her bra or panties, she quickly and awkwardly put on her shorts and shirt in front of the still- howling boys. "Jeff, let's go. " Jeff and Kathy skulked down the hall past the last of the laughing drunken boys, and walked down the sidewalk. Jeff, in the quiet early morning darkness, said, "Mom, what were you doing?" Kathy whispered, "I went there to look for you, and they made me do those things. " Jeff replied, "I didn't hear you objecting. " As they entered their own house, Kathy said, "We'll talk about it in the morning," and went up to her bedroom.
As Kathy finished her shower in her bedroom bath, she could hear the shower running in the main bathroom. She laid down on the bed, still in shock, and tried to sleep. After a few sleepless hours of reliving the night's events, she went downstairs in her short summer robe in the morning light and made some coffee. Jeff also had slept little, and as the alcohol wore off, he heard his mother downstairs. He looked at the clock. It was 6:30. He got up and went downstairs shirtless in his sleeping shorts. As he entered the kitchen his mother looked at him, and he gave her a little sheepish smile. To his comfort, she gave him an embarrassed smile back.


   She poured him some coffee, and she motioned for him to join her on the couch in their family room. Jeff started the conversation. "So they made you do that?" Kathy looked at her coffee and said, "I went over there looking for you. They were all drunk and started feeling me and yanking my clothes off, and then they made me have sex with them. I didn't know what to do, it was like I was paralyzed. " Jeff said, "But you said you were cumming. Honestly, did you enjoy it?" Kathy said, "I, uh, in a way, at my age, I don't know, I guess in some way I did. " Kathy paused and looked at her son in his shorts. "Why didn't you stop when you saw that it was me?" Jeff said, "I was close to cumming. I didn't know it was you until then. I just saw a chance to have sex with a good looking girl, err, woman, and it was my first time and I couldn't stop. " Kathy asked, "You mean I was your first? Oh my God! I hope I didn't turn you off of sex completely. " Jeff looked down at his mother. Her feet were on the coffee table and he stared at her bare legs as her short robe fell open. He thought he could see her now-clean pussy hair.

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   The top of the robe was hanging open slightly, and he could see her white breast and her pinkish brown nipple. He was starting to get hard, as he had been much of the night. "No, I, uh, liked it. I'm glad I lost my virginity to a pretty woman like you. " Kathy looked at her son with a surprised but flatted look. "Well, thank you. " She looked down at his shorts, and could see the head of his semi-hard penis start to stick out of the leg. "You know, you were the biggest one there. " Really?" "Yes, it's long and thick, the biggest I've ever had," she said proudly of her son. Kathy stared at his penis getting harder and bigger. She smiled and put her hand on it. Jeff didn't move it away. "Did it hurt you?" He asked. "No, it just made me more wet. Kind of like it is now.

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  " "Really?" As his mother slowly stroked his hard dick, Jeff reached over and opened her robe and looked at her naked pussy. When she didn't object, he said, "Let's see", and put his hand on her crotch. He inserted his middle finger between her pussy lips. She was, indeed, very wet and slippery. Kathy spread her legs and let her son move his finger in and out of her pussy. She leaned over and kissed him on he cheek. He turned his head and kissed her on the lips. They slid their tongues inside each other's mouths and passionately kissed and fondled each other. Jeff kissed down her neck and sucked on her nearest breast. Kathy slid off of the couch and knelt between Jeff's legs. As she pulled his shorts down, he lifted his butt off of the couch to allow her. Now his big cock and swollen testicles were completely exposed. Kathy lowered her head and began to lick the purple dick head. She stretched her lips over his thick cock and slid down the shaft as far as she could go. Jeff moaned as he watched her wide-open mouth, and felt her blonde hair tickle his thighs.

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   In not even a minute, Jeff squirted jism into his mother's mouth. With all of her practice of the previous night, she was able to catch it all and swallow it. Kathy sat on the couch, completely removed her robe, spread her legs, and said, "Jeff, can you lick me?" Without a word, Jeff got on his knees between his mom's smooth legs and began licking her labia. He buried his face in his mom's hairy muff. Kathy threw her head back and panted as her son ate her pussy. She was close to orgasm already when his nose rubbed against her clit, and Kathy squeezed her son's head between her thighs and had an orgasm. Kathy looked down at Jeff, who was still hard. Jeff sat next to her. "Mom, what are we going to do about last night? It's going to be tough facing anyone around here. " "Your dad wants to take that job in Kansas City anyway. It might be a good time to move away and start over. " Jeff asked, "You said that you kind of enjoyed yourself. You don't want to see those guys again?" "You know that I never liked Kurt and Mike. Maybe you can set me up with some of your nice friends" Jeff laughed, "Are you serious?" "Well, sort of. And I know a few older women that would love to have a nice well-hung stud like you.

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  " Jeff liked that idea. "That sounds good. As long as me and you can still do this. " "Well, your father will always travel. We haven't been intimate very often the last few years. " Kathy took her son's hand and said, "Let's go upstairs. " Kathy led the way, holding her robe in her hand. Jeff followed his naked mom up the stairs, watching her bare white ass jiggle, and seeing her wet pussy hair glistening between her legs. Kathy led Jeff to her bedroom, where they stood and faced each other. They hugged and kissed as Jeff's hard cock pressed against her stomach. Jeff put both hands on his mom's bare butt cheeks and squeezed them. Kathy reached around and groped her son's naked ass. Kathy laid on her back on her queen-sized bed, and spread her legs. Jeff climbed between her thighs, and, with Kathy's guidance, worked his cock into her pussy. At first he thrust awkwardly, but with his mother's instructions, got in the right position and got into a good groove, and pumped her fast, hard, and furious.

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   His mom squealed and thrashed and dug her nails into Jeff's back. She shouted, "Oh, honey, I'm cumming!" and nearly bucked him off. Jeff was cumming, too, and shot his jism deep into her pussy.

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