All Alone With My Brother


"James, why don't you go up to your room and pretend you are a patient, and I'll be your doctor. . . . When I got to his room only minutes later, he was in his bed pretending to be asleep. I could see his cute, slender young body outlined under the sheets. "Well," I said, pretending to go along with My suggestion of playing `doctors'. "I hate to wake this young man so I guess I'll just examine him, and try not to wake him up. "I pulled down the sheet, and James was naked! I reached out and started touching his soft skin. his dick was hard. I started running my hands further down his body to his very little hairy little balls. When my hand touched his dick, James shivered a little. I couldn't believe it! I had had fantasies of being naked in bed with a boy like james, but I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I took off my clothes, and got in under the covers with him. he cuddled up to me and ran her own hands over my body. I reached between her legs and began stroking his ten-year-old dick.

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  James said he wanted to touch my Tits, and reached up and started touching them. "Hey! You're my sister! We aren't supposed to see each other naked. ""Well, I guess I'd better stop doing this. " I replied. He stopped to think about that for a moment. He said OK, and she pulled down the sheet. Then I stood up, facing James, who started right away, rubbing my tits. he seemed fascinated by it, and wanted to stroke every damn inch of it. Then I felt his finger between my buttocks, and pressing into my asshole. The little kid was actually fucking my ass with his fingers!As if it was the most natural thing in the world, ten-year-old James knelt in front of me and wrapped her hot little mouth eatting my pussy out. He was sucking me off right there in the bath, I couldn't believe it!I stood up and rubbed up against James. His cock began to rise again as my brother. He inserted two fingers inside My hot, hairy hole and frigged her gently. "Wanna fuck them?", I whispered into his ear. "Are you sure, Kimmy?" he asked,"What do you think?", as i grinned nodding towards him.

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  I was fingering my little cunt with one hand while the other one worked two tiny fingers deep into my own hairless young pussy. I suggested that we go into my room, so we could fuck and suck in comfort. I told me to get down between my legs and lick my little cunt to get it nice and juicy for his cock. He didn't need to be asked twice. James got on his knees next to the bed and spread my creamy young thighs wide apart. My plump, hairless little cunt opened like a ripe peach. He finger-fucked my tight little hole for a bit before lifting My legs over my shoulders and then scooted my butt down towards the edge of the bed. He buried my face between his legs, licking in circles around my moist little fuckhole darting my tongue in and out. Once My cunt was good and wet, He got up, and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down along my tiny cuntslit. Then I started pushing into my tight, hairless, twelve-year-old pussy. He pushed forward until it was half-way inside My tight, twelve-year-old twat. My hairless little cuntlips bulged out obscenely around my shaft but he seems only interested in getting me to shove more of his cock up inside me. "Fuck me, James!" I moaned, wrapping my skinny legs around his waist. "Fuck my cunt as hard as you want! I can take it!"He started rolling my ass on it and humping up at it. His cock buried three-quarters of the way inside me.

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   I could feel the head of hiscock press against the very back of my cunt. He had hardly been fucking me for more than a minute before I began to buck and squeal under me, grinding my hairless, bulging little mound up against the pumping thickness of his dick as I orgasmed loudly.
    "Am I hurting you,?", he asked me. "No, I'm okay", I said. "Push harder, James! I want you to fuck me!"With that, He drove a little harder, pushing my tiny little ass deep into the bed as he drove into me. I gave a little squeal, followed instantly by loud moans of pleasure as his cock sank into my hot, clinging little cunt to the balls. His cock began sliding in and out of me. It felt so good be fucking my brother. I offered my cunt up to him. I was straining not to shoot too soon. I wanted this to last. . . for her, as well as for me!I shoved three fingers inside my cunt. "Ram that cock up my cunt and fuck me!" "I want to cum all over that beautiful cock of yours.

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       I wants you to fuck me good and hard. "Ooooh, yes, James! Fuck me, please fuck me!" I begged. "Okay, baby, you asked for it. Hang on!", I grunted. He pumped faster, hiscock throbbing and straining. My cunthole was extremely tight yet well lubricated. It made squishing, slippery noises, He must have fucked my tiny pussy for a full ten minutes before he finally came, bucking and screaming on the shaft of his cock. I also did other things with other people, andall my dreams were about to come true to fuck other people. I am sorry, but these are other stories! You can email me at younggirls69@hotmail. com :)More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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