Alone for the weekend


He thrusted into her cunt faster and harder as he was approaching climax. She was on all fours while the dark haired man behind her had her hips and drilled her with his prick. She moaned loudly. He began to hump her quicker and then he uttered his only line "Ugh, I'm going to cum. " Jessie then changed the channel. It was a horrible nighttime sex show. You hardly saw anything. It was just flashes of humping. It had Jessie questioning the possibility of someone just staging it. Her legs were spread towards her television completly naked. Her pussy glistened with wetness but she was not fully aroused. This was Jessie's chance to have the night to herself. She almost wished she had someone to spend the night with to have sex until dawn. Jessie's parents rarely left the house. She had a father who had short hours and a mother who was constantly at home more than ever since they just moved into a new town. She also had a brother who was only two years older than her but still lived at home.

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   So someone was constantly there. Since she couldn't think of anything else to do she decided she would go in the shower and wash up and well a little down. She ran through the hall naked knowing her brother, who was a senior in high school, would be out partying with his new friends and not home for hours. She sat her butt on the cold porcilan edge of the shower and turned the knob. She then got into the shower and began to wash her body caressing every part with her foamy loofa. Jessie was sixteen and gorgeous but since she's in this new town she hasn't really put herself out there to meet friends or to meet guys. Her brother who was already eighteen was going out every weekend with his new friends from school. Josh was a jock and popular every girl in school always fell in love with his look and his personality. He was a guy's guy. He played football, partyed, and liked girls. Jessie on the other hand has found it hard to find friends and guys. She rarely ever goes out to party and drink. Jessie is a fun, cute girl that has never displayed her true self to the world. Her true self, well, it's a curious type perversion. Underneath the clothes that she wears she's a hot teenager with hormones that make her want to fuck anything.

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  . . anything. She has a few of her favorite porn sites she's traveled to containing incest, beastiality, and other know taboos. For the most part, the online curiosity is a bit new to her and adding in that she's now found the goods in masturbation has made everything perfect. The water was falling down on her and her body was warm. She began to slip her hand down her waste and then she began to massage her clit. Besides her nipples her clit was her favorite thing to play with. She felt her own moisiture coming down too meet her hand and she grabbed one of her nipples and played with it. Her nipples were a bit big but they fit with her 36D breasts. Jessie trys to finger her pussy but nothing really ever feels as good as her clit. She begins to quicken her pace her fingers flying over her engorged button and meshing with the juices flowing from her pussy. She quickly starts to feel the muscles tighten in her legs and questions why she chose standing in the shower and not laying in her bed. Her body takes over and she quickly sits down in the tub and begins to cry out a little. She sticks her finger down to her cunt and gets some more of her juices and begins to rub it more on her clit.


   Jessie finally tightens up all of her muscles in her body and starts to shakes in orgasm and she quickly removes her hand from her tender clit. She gets out of the shower drys off with a towel and throws it on the bathroom floor. She casually walks from the bathroom at the end of the hall towards her room at the front of the hallway near the living room. She hears a noise coming from the living room and assures herself that it's just her being like this because she's by herself. Jessie then decides to get something from the kitchen and now coming back to her room she hears something coming from her brother's room. She walks to the door and cracks it open looks to her right and she sees no one but the light is already on. Could he be home? She walks in and looks around a bed, dirty laundry, and well his computer desk. Jessie peers over to the desk and notices that his computer is on. She decides to sit down and give her curiousity a spin at what her brother's looking at. Her ass touched the cold wood of the chair which made her realise that she was still naked. She decides to ignore it she's alone. It's nice to be alone. She takes ahold of the mouse and peers in the history. There's a few sports sites, football scores, and well of course porn. Jessie questions if she should go further, "would I want someone going through my things?" she thought.

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   Although the thought crossed her mind at that point her curiousity already ook hold and she moved the white arrow over the link and clicked. The site contained young busty blondes sucking and fucking normal guys. She cruised the site looking around the free tour that they usually give you. She exited out of the site and then decided just to forget about the night and retire to her room. She returned his computer to normal, arrose from her seat and then turned to notice her brother all 6'0 180lbs of him standing right there. She gasped and tried to nervously say something then noticing the naked state she was in, she dove for his comforter to cover up. All the suddenly Josh grabbed it before she could. "Josh! What the hell! Give me that!" she exclaimed. "No, Jessie what the hell are you doing in here, on my computer. " Josh asked. She couldn't say anything her embaressment had overwhelmed her. Jessie began to dart towards the door, until her drunken brother stopped her. "I asked what are you doing in here. " ". .


  . nothing. I was just, nevermind, let me leave!" "No. " "Josh c'mon. I need to get my robe" "Exactly, you're not leaving. " Josh paused staring down at his naked sister, "How could I have never noticed you?" "Josh! I'm not kidding!" Jessie tried to cover herself as much as she could, lightly fighting to get out the door as her brother began to look at her lovely figure. Josh finally grabbed her to settle her down. Jessie looked up at him, she began to see that Josh was drunk. She looked down, and noticed Josh was also obviously turned on with a tent in his pants. Josh stopped the awkward silence with "You're so hot Jessie, seriously. I can't believe I never noticed you before. " Jessie couldn't lie to herself, she was definitly turned on by everything her brother, wait! Her brother! She began to think of everything that was happening. "I'm naked, Josh is drunk, has a hard on, and just confessed that I, his sister, is the reason for the i assume 8 inch rod in his pants is sticking out at me. Wow" She then realised that she was staring. She looked at Josh, his hungry eyes were staring down at her, he wanted her.

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   "Josh" Jessie said curiously, "What are you getting at?" Josh grabbed both of her arms with them smashed to her sides and kissed her. Jessie returned his kiss just very slowly. Everything she read and saw online never opened up her mind to the possibility of her actually acting on anything. "I want you Jessie. " Josh began to lay Jessie down on his bed. She was confused but she wanted him, she wanted him sexually. She wanted his naked body pressed up against hers. She wanted her brother to ram her with his prick like nothing else before. Her pussy was wet and she well she couldn't help herself with this amazing opportunity she has. Jessie hadn't had sex with anyone since she lost her virginity to her next door neighbor, Jake. Jessie's experience with Jake was hardly an experience. It was two young kids doing what they weren't suppose to be doing. Josh began to undress taking off his shirt revealing his young toned muscles. It was as if he was straight out of a teen girls magazine. "I've never noticed you before.

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  " Jessie uttered, as she began to realise just what her brother meant. Her heart began to race and her breathing began to quicken. Josh was inbetween Jessie's legs his throbbing cock in the threshold of her wet pussy. "Josh, please don't tell anyone. " Jessie began to whisper. "Jessie I want you. " Jessie sighed and shook her head in acceptance as Josh began to rub the tip of his cock up and down her slit. He found the wet opening and begin to push in with his body weight. Jessie closed her eyes and pressed her lips together as her brother's large dick began to fill her. Josh had one hand on his headboard and his other hand on Jessie's right breast. He was massaging it and gripping her nipple between his fingers. Josh started to thrust in and out of Jessie's cunt slowly. Jessie looked up and Josh and kissed him lightly. She looked into his eyes and let out a moan. "Bite it.

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  " Josh then bent his head down and licked her nipple lightly nibbling on the fleshy mound. Jessie began to moan louder and as her brother straightened back up she slid her hand down to her clit. She flicked her finger wildly around her clit. She could feel her cunt tighten around her brother's dick. "Oh, Jessie. You are so fucking hot. " Josh moaned in between thrusts. "I'm going to cum Josh, please don't stop. Please. " Josh started to thrust faster and harder into Jessie. She began to reach her climax with her body tightening and her moans becoming louder. "I want to cum on you. " Josh pumped a couple more times and then pulled out to wank it one more time as he squirted his cum on her stomach. They then both fell asleep to the next morning. .


  . . . PLEASE comment. this is my first story i should have been cleaning my room and writing a government paper but i did this instead, odd huh. Thanks. .

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